Guide to Beaches in Budva – Which One to Choose & Where to Stay

Budva as one of the most visited cities in Montenegro gained fame for many reasons – for unique things to do, for rich nightlife, and, of course, for a large number of different beaches. The total length of beaches in Budva is 12 km. They are sandy and pebble, some have natural shade while others don’t, some are too popular and that’s why always crowded while others are lesser-known and half-empty.

The best Budva beaches are located both near the old town walls and on the outskirts of the city in secluded bays. Budva Riviera seashore has different types of coverage, level of infrastructure, and landscapes, so it is really easy enough to choose the best beach for yourself. 

I have been to all beaches in Budva and many other beaches in Montenegro. In this post below I would like to talk in detail about what each beach has to offer and give you tips on where to stay (in case you want to plan your Montenegro itinerary and beach holidays around them).

So let’s talk about all beaches in Montenegro, including sandy beaches and even some beach clubs. And if you need more Montenegro travel inspiration, refer to my other guides at the end of the post.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase or a booking through one of my links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost for you.

Quick General Facts About Budva Sea & Beaches 

best beaches in Budva Montenegro

Budva is the most popular resort city in Montenegro. It is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and has the water of emerald color. 

The water temperature on the beaches of Budva in June on average is +21+23C (70-73F), in July the sea warms up to +25C (77F), and in August the water is the warmest + 26C (79F). In September the temperature drops but you can still swim until October and longer (depending on the year). When we lived in Montenegro, we swam in the sea almost until November.

Budva is small but it has about 35 beaches in the city and its surroundings. All of the beaches are either sandy-pebble or just pebble.

Do not expect to find a beach in Budva with fine soft yellow sand. This area doesn’t have any of them. Due to pebbles, beaches have clear and clean water and some even have a blue flag. The farther away the beach is from the city, the clearer and cleaner the water in the sea is going to be.

Beaches in Budva – What to Know Before You Go

There are a few things to know about Budva beaches before planning your trip to Montenegro. Beaches in this city (as anywhere else) divide into private and public. However, for the most part, if the beach is private, it does not necessarily mean that the entire beach area will be private. Often, the municipal authorities rent out one part of the beach leaving another one free.

Private beaches have sun loungers for rent, showers, and changing rooms. Oftentimes, beach cafes have designated areas where guests can relax on the beach with a cocktail or some food.

As a rule, in Montenegro, beaches are comfortable places to be, with many cafes and a developed beach infrastructure. In Budva itself, there are several such beaches and I am going to talk about them below. These beaches always have plenty of sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, cafes, and a wide variety of services.

In the midst of the summer season, they are often overcrowded with tourists (although not so much with the pandemic), so be ready for that. So here is the list of beaches in Budva and what each of them offers to a traveler. 

Slovenska Plaža – Main Beach in Budva

Budva beach

Slovenska plaza (beach in Montenegrin) is the main beach of Budva. While it is not the best beach, it’s very beautiful and easy to reach from anywhere in the city.

It is divided into zones which are named after the name of the beach bars that are located there. For example, Greco Beach and Azuro Beach are parts of Slovenska Beach but since the area around them technically belongs to bars with the same names, these stretches of sand got their different name too. 

This is why the beach area near the bars is private and you’ll need to pay for being there. Beach cafes, clubs, and restaurants on Slovenska Beach offer their visitors sun loungers and umbrellas for rent. The price depends on the specific location. However, a bigger part of the Slovenska beach is public where anyone can sunbathe.

This beach is half pebbly and half sandy. So if you are looking for sandy beaches in Montenegro, Budva can offer you just that. By the way, Slovenska Beach is taken care of even in winter, workers remove algae and dirt after storms and comb the sand. The entire area is full of cafes and bars and there are also playgrounds for children. 

Where to Stay Near the Slovenska Plaza

There are a lot of apartments and apart-hotels close to the Slovenska beach. Among the hotels, the most popular is Hotel Slovenska Plaza, but I think staying in the apartment is a much better deal for many people. Especially considering how many new apartment complexes popped up in that area in recent times.

So for the apartment, if you appreciate quiet neighborhoods, I recommend you to look at Mediteranska street (where this gorgeous Seaside Rest Flat is located). This is a very quiet street and the neighborhood is new, so you can expect everything to be modern and recently built. And the best part, getting to the beach takes only a few minutes.

This area is also very nice and almost all the apartments there have beautiful views but it is closer to the main (busy) street, so depending on the location of the flat you may hear some noise.

Zuplica Plaža – Blue Flag Beach in Budva

Montenegro beaches
At the end of September on a weekday some beaches in Montenegro look just empty

Zuplica Beach is a small coarse pebble beach following the Slovenska beach and meeting the Zavala peninsula. Some people consider it part of Slovenska Beach, although it is separated from it by buoys. And this particular stretch of sand and water has a blue flag.

This part of the beach like many others has sun loungers, showers, and cafe service. It is always freer and emptier than the Slovenska beach and the water is more clear. But we personally didn’t really like the large pebbles. Walking barefoot on them during the day is unpleasant and hot. Plus, there was less shade. However, the seawater is so clear and blue.

Where to Stay Near Zuplica Beach

Since the area near Zuplica Beach is very small, it won’t take much time to get there from nearby neighborhoods, including the area near Slovenska Beach. But the closest, very nice area near grocery stores and local eateries is where this charming apartment is located. If you’d prefer a hotel, take a look at Hotel POZZO.

Dukley Beach – Private Beach With Nice Sun Loungers

best beaches in Budva Montenegro
Photo credit: Dukley Hotel & Resort on Booking

Dukley Beach in Budva or as it is also called Moet & Chandon Beach (former Guvance beach) is a small private 100-meter long beach. It is located in the southwestern part of Budva, on the way to the neighboring resort village Becici. Due to its location (in the southwest), the sun shines there almost all day long which is why it is known as one of the sunniest places in Montenegro.

The beach belongs to Dukley Hotel & Resort and the exact location is here near the cape of the Zavala Peninsula. For Dukley guests, admission is free, others have to pay to get in. Although some people were complaining in reviews that security did not let them go to the beach. But I know those who got in for free at all.

If you are staying in Budva for at least a couple of days, I recommend you check this beach out. It is truly beautiful with a lot of greenery around which gives an even more picturesque look.

The beach itself is sandy with small pebbles. The entrance to the water is shallow, the depth increases smoothly. The seawater is clear and clean, and the bottom is sandy. Montenegro holidays on Dukley Beach are suitable for families with small children and everyone else who wants to hide from crowds of people.

Recommended Places to Stay Near the Dukley Beach 

Besides the Dukley Hotel & Resort mentioned above, I would love to recommend you one of my favorite (and the most beautiful) resorts in Montenegro – Hotel Harmonia. During the offseason, it costs less than 50 euros. In high season, the price is higher. 

For a more budget place, this lovely apartment, also in Zavala Peninsula, will surprise even the most demanding travelers. It has a spacious terrace in the inner yard, an amazing location (only a few minutes from the beach), and stellar reviews.

Mogren Beach – Avala’s Hotel Private Beach

Mogren beach in Budva
walk to Mogren beach

This small pebble beach is hidden between flaky rocks near Budva. Getting there will take 10-20 minutes on foot from the center of the Old Town. About 5 minutes of that time is along the coast on a 150-meter path that leads to the beach over the sea along the layered rocks. The path is very picturesque and separated from the noisy and crowded Old Town by rocks.

The beach is divided by a rock into two parts. The first part is considered the most popular where most people go and the second boasts a lot of space. To get to the second half, you need to walk through a passage in the rock with a wooden path for convenience.

The water on Mogren Beach is cleaner and warmer than in the city and the descent is very gentle.

Both of these beaches belong to the Avala Resort & Villas 4*, which is rightfully considered one of the best resorts in Montenegro. Since it’s a private beach, the entrance is not free. For now, the price is 2 EUR per person from the beginning of June to the end of August. Admission is free from the end of the season.

Besides the admission fee, visitors have to pay for a sun lounger and umbrella which cost between 15-20 EUR per person. You can also sit on your towel and don’t pay for anything else. But in the summer, it is difficult to find a free place since the beach is very tiny and resembles a bay, sheltered from the city’s eyes by rocks and greenery.

On the beach, albeit not in abundance, there are a couple of cafes and showers.

Where to Stay to Be Close to Mogren Beach

The best place to stay in this area would be Avala Resort mentioned above. It’s a beautiful resort with sea views, an infinity pool, and wonderful service. When staying in Avala Resort, guests are close to Mogren Beach, Pizana Beach (another Budva beach that I talk about below), and Old Town. Besides this resort, another place to stay (a cheap option) is The Old Town Terrace Apartments.

TIP FROM A LOCAL: Mogren Beach is ideal for couples with children and artsy souls. You can draw inspiration from the landscapes alone.

Kalipso Beach – Secluded Hidden Beach in Budva

Budva beaches

Kalipso Beach is the best beach in Budva for people who want privacy and to hide from crowds of tourists.

This small, cozy beach is located a couple of kilometers from Budva towards Jaz Beach and right after Mogren Beach mentioned above. The beach is covered with large pebbles, so you may want to have swim shoes with you.

Here you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas or come with your own one. There are no changing cabins or showers since it’s more of a wild place. But there is a cafe with the same name where visitors can order drinks and snacks. 

The only way to get to the beach is by water – by boat, kayak, or sapa. This is why there is a great opportunity to turn a trip to this beach into an adventure, rent a kayak in Budva and go explore the unknown. Nearby you’ll also see two water caves with crystal clear water to swim.

Richard’s Head Beach Near the Old Town

Richard's Head beach
During the offseason
seaside cafe Montenegro
One of the cafes on the beach

Richard’s Head beach in Budva is a small pebble beach near the walls of Old Town, the main attraction of the city. Since it has an advantageous location near the old part, it always gets popular with tourists.

The beach is a combination of pebbles and coarse sand and it is only around 100 meters long. Due to such a small area and central location, it’s always crowded. Moreover, more than half of the territory is occupied by closed areas for guests of nearby hotels. A sandy entrance to the water in front of the Avala hotel is only for the guests of the hotel or anyone else who is willing to pay 25 EUR for a set of two sun loungers and an umbrella.

Richard’s Head beach definitely looks very scenic but the seabed is a bit rough. Some travelers warn that behind the buoy-fenced area, at the bottom are stone boulders covered with slippery algae. For safe swimming and in order to protect your feet from sharp stones, it is recommended to buy shoes for swimming or dive into the water from a pontoon equipped with ladders for descending into the water.

We swam on this beach a few times and every time algae were in the water near the shore.

On the territory of the beach, there is a restroom, showers with fresh water, changing rooms, a lifeguard post, and a pier. For families with children, there is a playground. For the most part, the beach is occupied with sunbeds and it is difficult to find free space to lie down. Although locals usually put their towns on the left, near the concrete slabs.

Where to Stay Near the Richard’s Head Beach

If you want to stay near this beach, then I advise you to book an apartment in the historic part of Budva. In this case, you’ll be close to the beach, have cafes nearby, and living in the Old Town on its own is an unforgettable experience.

This modern one-bedroom apartment is within walking distance from Richard’s Head Beach as well as Mogren and Slovenska beaches. Equipped to sleep up to three guests, the apartment features an open-plan living area and a full-size kitchen. The central location is ideal for making the most of the food and nightlife scene.

Hawaii Beach – Beach On the Island Near Budva

Montenegro in fall
sandy beaches in Budva

Hawai beach is also considered a Budva beach, although it is located on the island of St. Nicholas opposite Budva. St. Nicholas is a small island only 2 km long has other beaches too but the most popular one (since it has infrastructure) is Hawaii beach.

The island is famous for its many coves, clear waters, and pebble beaches. If you plan to go there, swim shoes may be helpful as the pebbles are quite large. As for the places to eat and things to do, there are only a few bars and one restaurant on the island. Prices are twice as high as in Budva. It is better to take water with you as it is very expensive here. Food is very basic and overpriced too.

For the activities, you can climb one of the three rocks, sunbathe on the beach and of course swim. The main reason why people come here is the beach.

How to get to St. Nicholas island: Tourist boats leave from the embankment to the island in summer and the cost of a trip is around 5€. There are also shuttle types of boats but the price of those is 20-30 EUR per trip.

Pizana Beach in Budva Old Town

sandy beaches in Budva

Budva Old Town
The same beach in the evening during the sunset

Pizana Beach is a small public beach situated between the eastern part of the Old Town and the city port. Behind it there is a swimming pool of Budva.

The beach is somewhat unremarkable at first glance as it is only 50 m long and hides behind the parking lot. In the high season, it is full of people. It is partially sandy, partially pebbly and the entrance in the water is very smooth. We personally enjoyed going there on many occasions when we lived in Budva. Swimming there was enjoyable and the view of Budva Old Town was amazing. 

Where to Stay Near the Pizana Beach

I don’t think that Pizana Beach in Montenegro is worth booking accommodation around. It is just one of a few nice beaches to visit but definitely not to go to on a daily basis. 

Since Pizana Beach is located near the historical part of Budva, between Slovenska and Richard’s Head beaches, you can reach it from anywhere in Budva. 

Best Beaches Around Budva 

When I say ‘beaches near Budva’ I imply those beaches that are easily accessible by public transport (5-10 minutes by minibus) or cab. These are primarily the beaches of Jaz, Ploce, and Kamenevo. To get to the last one, for example, you don’t even need any public transportation. It is very possible to reach it on foot, even if you are coming from distant parts of the city.

I do not include Becici, Rafailovici, or Sveti Stefan beaches on this list. Why? Because they are separate resort cities and I talk more about them in my post about all beaches in Montenegro.

Jaz Beach 

sandy beaches in Budva
Photo credit:

Jaz Beach is a beautiful wide Montenegro sandy beach with a camping site, a couple of hotels, and several restaurants that are open seasonally. In the off-season, it looks pretty wild and mainly locals fish there. It consists of two parts: Jaz 1 and Jaz 2 or Jaz Veli (Big) 850m long and Jaz Mali (Small) 450m long. Small Jaz is the beach for nudists. Big Jaz has hotels and all the infrastructure. 

Jaz has a good promenade, in summer there are lots of water activities for adults and children. Nearby there is a large grocery store and restaurants. And in July, large music festivals take place. In fact, in the recent past, the beach was a concert venue for Madonna and the Rolling Stones.

The beach is for the most part pebbly, but in some places, there is also sand – both pure golden and mixed with sea pebbles. The coast is rocky, turning into large pebbles in the first part and small pebbles with sand in the second part. The entrance to the water is quite gentle and comfortable what makes it a good spot for a family holiday with children.

Jaz is located 3 km from the Old Town of Budva, but this route is not suitable for walking – the road is too busy with cars. You’d need to go in the direction of Tivat along the dusty side, because there are no sidewalks at all, and then down to the beach.

Thus, the best way to get to Jaz Beach is by taxi, bus, or your own car. If visiting Montenegro seaside in the high season (July and August), make sure to come here early before 11:00.

Amazing Places to Stay Near Jaz Beach

There are no apartments on the beach itself (there were a few places before but not anymore, maybe they stopped operating due to corona). But above Jaz beach, there are apartments in villas with stunning views. In my opinion, this area is much better for a stay than the central part of Budva. It’s very calm and quiet here and the beach is very close to.

Lighthouse Apartments 3* – the best option for budget travelers or anyone else who is looking to stay in charming accommodation in Budva for a very reasonable price. For the low price you pay (especially low for July and August), you get an amazing quality apartment and a view of the Adriatic Sea. 

Apartments Villa Sveti Nikola 3* – another beautiful and cozy well-furnished apartment complex with stellar reviews and views of the sea.

NOTE: Apartments, as well as the beach, are located between the hills. You’ll need either to have a car or call a cab. As for the car, for many reasons, I highly recommend you to hire it during the time you are in Montenegro. Please, read my post about Montenegro car hire to answer all the important questions. 

Ploce Beach 

pebble beach in Budva
crystal clear sea Montenegro

Ploce beach is the most unusual beach on the Budva Riviera. It is a very beautiful beach, unlike any of the above. Ploce is actually a rocky promontory where the shore descends to the sea in concrete cascades. It is clean, comfortable, and beautiful. 

A family of entrepreneurs rented this land and turned it into a heavenly place with all the infrastructure. On the territory, you’ll find 4 seawater swimming pools with 2 of them being for children. There are also sun loungers, toilets, showers (both paid and free), and parking. In the high season, renting a sunbed there costs less than anywhere in the city of Budva.

To get into the water, visitors need to use a ladder on the pier and it immediately becomes deep. There are also open sections of the coast where you can go over the pebbles. A restaurant, bathroom, and showers are available on site.

Parking is free, admission is free with the only condition that visitors have to buy food and drinks at the beach restaurant. 

NOTE: This beach will suit all types of travelers as far as they are comfortable swimming in deep water. 

How to get to Ploce from Budva: Ploce is located near Jaz Beach, just 7 km from Budva. You can get there either by car, taxi or bus. In the summer season, buses run from Budva to Ploce every hour and a half.

Where to Stay Near the Ploce Beach

Ploce beach is a very unique place on Montenegro’s seaside. The best way to experience it is to go there on a day trip from Budva or go camping and stay overnight in a tent. 

Since the beach occupies a narrow patch of land outside the residential area, there are no hotels or apartments around. People who are looking to stay nearby should look into accommodation options near the Jaz beach.

Kamenovo Beach 

Kamenovo beach Montenegro

Kamenovo beach is one of my favorite beaches in Budva. It is somewhat wild and untouched. There is no housing anywhere around it, so there are always fewer people and the water is cleaner than on the neighboring beaches. It is an extremely gorgeous place to come watch sunsets or just enjoy the solitude. 

A little further from the sandy beach, there is a cafe with straw umbrellas that is open during the summer season. 

My favorite way to reach Kamenovo beach is by walking along the coast through a series of tunnels in the rocks. If you don’t want to walk, take a minibus from the city center or come by car. A free parking lot is just behind the beach near the abandoned sanatorium.

Where to Stay Near Kamenovo Beach 

The nearest housing is in Rafailovici or Przno. Both of these coastal towns have a lot of apartments available for rent. But some deserve special attention.

For example, this sunny studio (relatively on a budget) with mesmerizing views in Rafailovici. Or Villa Mona in a fishing village Przno. Both of these homes have close proximity to the beach, are quiet and secluded. Both offer high service and have terraces with incredible sea views. 

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Best beaches in Budva, Montenegro

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