best cheap airbnbs in Istanbul

17 Beautiful & Cheap Airbnbs in Istanbul For Under $50 a Night

Last updated on July 22nd, 2023

Looking for unique and cheap airbnbs in Istanbul, Turkey? I want to share my own list of beautiful (hand-picked) apartments that have a superb location, excellent reviews, cool design, stylish interiors, and amazing vibe. 

Before finding our comfy flat in Kadikoy and settling there for months, we moved between so many airbnb apartments. Well, before that, we visited the city on a few occasions and stayed in different airbnbs too. And I have to admit: deciding on the accommodation and answering a question on where to stay in Istanbul can be quite a task, especially if you are visiting this destination for the first time.

Definitely, there is no shortage of apartments for rent in Istanbul. They range from simple studios in the heart of Beyoglu or Eminonu to fancy glamorous houses with the view of the Bosphorus or the Marmara Sea. But I wanted to create a list of cheap Istanbul holiday rentals that you can book on Airbnb. 

So in this guide, I’ll walk you through different Istanbul neighborhoods and offer centrally located and thoughtfully decorated apartments for rent. Best of all, they cost less than $50 a night. And if you need help understanding in detail what each neighborhood in Istanbul offers, see my guide to Istanbul districts and areas. Also, find out about Istanbul’s worst areas to avoid. And, about unusual hotels in Istanbul, since that list also includes a few options for a tight budget.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a booking, I may earn a commission at no extra cost for you.

How to Save Money & Find Cheap Airbnbs in Istanbul

best cheap airbnbs in Istanbul

If you use different aggregators for finding cheap holiday apartments in Istanbul, you’ll see that the choice is really big. The city has a large selection of accommodation for tourists on any budget. At any time of the year, finding an apartment for daily rent is not a problem. Even in the high season, prices for Airbnb flats start at $20 per night. However, you need to be careful since many times, unfortunately, those cheap places are not of high quality. 

It is very common to rent a cheap apartment that will be dirty or located on a noisy street. Other times, the description doesn’t fully match reality. In any case, you should remember that finding cheap but nice and clean accommodation in Istanbul will take some time and effort. And I would love to give you some tips on how to find a really decent option on a budget and not to overpay: 

1) If you are planning to visit Istanbul during the high season (like for the tulip festival, late spring, anytime in the summer or early fall), book Airbnb 2-3 months before your trip. 

2) Feel free to send a message and ask for a discount. Turkey lives by the laws of the East which means that a lot of people are used to bargaining. It is very normal to contact a landlord and ask for a discount. As a result of good bargaining, the price can easily be reduced by 10-15%.

Before we found our long-term flat, we lived in short-term rentals through Airbnb. Since all those rentals were more expensive than what we could pay, we dared to ask owners if they would be willing to reduce the price. Most of them were happy to do so.

3) Istanbul is a very busy and noisy city. Before booking accommodation, read reviews carefully and see what others are saying about the noise levels. If you have to live in an apartment with closed windows, ask the owners if there is an air conditioner.

4) If visiting for a few days only, rent accommodation near that part of Istanbul that you want to explore. Staying somewhere else will mean that you need to spend a lot of time on the road, getting places. In case you are coming to spend at least a week in Istanbul (or longer), rent Airbnb or an apartment near the metro, ferry station, or a tram stop.

5) On the outskirts, the cost of housing is 20% lower than in the historical center of the city. But staying that far doesn’t make sense if this is your first visit. Outskirts and distant neighborhoods work great for those who have already been to Istanbul and want a more authentic experience. 

6) If you plan to cook, check the description and photos of a listing. Some Airbnbs only have a kitchenette which is not enough to prepare full meals. Also, choose an apartment with a supermarket and inexpensive cafes next to it.

7) When searching for cheap apartments for rent in Istanbul, keep in mind that the best areas where you can secure a flat with the lowest price are Beyoglu (particularly area near the Istiklal street, around Taksim Square, and part of Küçükpiyale neighborhood where for example this lovely apartment is). There are also a lot of cheap apartments in Besiktas and Sisle on the European side and eastern part of Kadikoy neighborhood on the Asian side.

Beautiful Cheap Istanbul Airbnbs in Taksim Area

1. Cute Studio in the Hip Neighborhood Cihangir 

best cheap airbnbs in Istanbul
Best cheap Airbnb apartment in Istanbul. Photo credit: Airbnb website
  • LocationCihangir neighborhood, very close to Taksim 
  • Sleeps – 2 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.75*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $16/night 

I would love to start my list of cheap airbnbs in Istanbul with this basic yet stylish apartment located between Cihangir and Cukurcuma neighborhoods in the Taksim area. Cihangir is considered one of the safest and most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul where a lot of artists, celebrities, and famous people live. Cukurcuma is no less safe and dynamic place to be. So this flat is an excellent option for travelers who are on a very low budget since they’ll be staying in the most prestigious neighborhood while spending less than what they’d pay for a hostel.

I was surprised to find a flat in this part of the city for such a price. No wonder it is always booked with a lot of time in advance.

This home-style accommodation is 24 hours alive and vibrant. The lively Istiklal Street and Taksim Metro Station are just a short walk away. A lot of restaurants, markets, and shops are also nearby. The house has central heating, so it is convenient to stay here not only in summer but during the winter travel in Istanbul too.

Inside the apartment, there is a large bed, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. On the ground floor of the same building, there is a washing machine and storage room. The size of the housing is small, there is no view (in fact, it is facing the inner courtyard). But the price is low and place is neat and very nice. Suitable for short-term and long-term rent. The best part about this place is the location with easy access to most parts of the city. The disadvantage is the size of the apartment, for some people it can be too small.

The studio is designed for two. In the low season it costs as little as $16 per night, and in the high season – $36.

View on Airbnb

2. Budget Historical Flat Next to Istiklal Street

cheap apartment in Istanbul
Airbnb next to Istiklal street. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – Beyoglu, the area near Istiklal street and closer to Taksim Square 
  • Sleeps – 4 people
  • Guest rating – 5*/5 
  • Price – from $24/night 

This is one of a few cheap apartments in Istanbul that has an unbeatable location, excellent reviews, beautiful design, and surprisingly low price. Perhaps it will increase in the future since the flat seems to be relatively new but for now, even in the high season in July and August, the price is still the same. This home is a true gem for budget travelers, especially those who have a few days in Istanbul but want to see as much as possible.

This airbnb is very close to the Taksim Square subway and historical tram, so you can be really anywhere within a short period of time. Also what I think is great is the proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. Istiklal street with boutique shops is less than 5 minutes walk.

On our first trip to Istanbul, before we moved and settled in the city, we stayed in the neighborhood where this apartment is situated but closer to Istiklal street. Our place was incredibly loud due to the noise coming from all the bars. But this flat is in a much quieter spot, although it’s near the main busy road.

Painted ceiling, exposed brick wall, wooden and tiled in Ottoman style floor, and practical space make this home comfortable and cozy at the same time. The bedroom is divided off from the living area for convenience. The bathroom and kitchen are small but modern and brand new. It’s really a great deal and a wonderful cheap holiday apartment in Istanbul. Book it in advance!

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3. Airbnb Istanbul Galata With Best Views

Galata airbnb with a view
Having breakfast on the balcony with the Galata Tower in the distance. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – Beyoglu district, near the Istiklal street & Cihangir neighborhood 
  • Sleeps – 3 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.9*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $34/night 

This bright two-room airbnb rental has a very good location. It’s very close to a few famous places such as Taksim Square, Istiklal street, Karakoy neighborhood, and Galata Tower. From here, it is a stone’s throw to the Galata Tower and the pedestrian Istiklal Street. Nearby there is a supermarket, antique shops, hammam, restaurants, and cafes. An excellent choice for couples, families with little children and a small group of friends!

If you come here by car (who knows, maybe), there will be a parking spot available (although streets are very narrow). The apartment has an exit to a common terrace with an incredible view of the Golden Horn and ancient mosques. This is a perfect flat to relax, cook in the kitchen and enjoy Istanbul at sunset! You will be waking up with the view of Galata and cooking in the kitchen having even better views. So this apartment is all about the views.

This airbnb is designed for three people. In low season the price starts at $34, but in high season it goes up to $115 and it’s almost always booked. Make sure to reserve it in advance.

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4. Bohemian Flat in Cihangir Near Istiklal 

apartment for rent in Cihangir
Bohemian flat in Cihangir. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – Cihangir/Beyoglu, that part which is close to Istiklal street and Taksim Square
  • Sleeps – 2 people
  • Guest rating – 5*/5 
  • Price – from $43/night 

This beautiful large rental in a hip neighborhood of Cihangir offers a bit of luxury on a budget. Ideal for couples on a romantic getaway or solo travelers, it has a perfect location. All famous bars, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance and Taksim metro or historical tram is only a few minutes walk away.

Clean lines, high ceilings that keep the space cool in summer, hardwood floors and an abundance of natural light give this two-bedroom boutique apartment a light, calming feel. Living area, bedroom, and kitchen are drenched in character and have elegant furniture. Additionally to modern furniture and fun art pieces, there are Ottoman-style carpets on the floor that add a nice touch. A small balcony offers a view of narrow Cihangir street. 

The price of the apartment in the low season is $43 per night, in the high season doesn’t exceed $50. It’s almost always booked. Nothing can beat the central location and excellent reviews from other guests. See for yourself.

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5. Unbeatable Location – Central Apartment in Cihangir Near Taksim 

Central apartment for rent in Taksim
Central apartment in Taksim area. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – between Cihangir & Taksim in Beyoglu district
  • Sleeps – 4 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.9*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $29/night 

Another airbnb in Istanbul Taksim area is actually located very close to a previous apartment but costs twice less. So I wanted to include it on this list as well. It is a fantastic option for couples, families with children or single travelers on a budget who look to stay next to Taksim but want to be close to public transportation to be able to explore other areas of Istanbul too. It’s one of the most central airbnbs that comes at a good price. Plus, this is one of the best areas to be in to experience Istanbul culture.

The indoor space is very generous and includes a new kitchen and bathroom, washer, dining space, living room, and spacious bedroom decorated with accents of turquoise and deep blue. Ottoman style tiles on the floor and interesting design complete the layout. 

Note that the flat is located on the 4th floor and the building doesn’t have an elevator (as most of the apartments in old buildings in Istanbul). Thus be ready to climb stairs. 

View on Airbnb

6. Beautiful Penthouse With Sea View in Taksim Area

best airbnb in Istanbul Taksim area
Penthouse with sea view in Taksim. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – Taksim/Beyoglu, within walking distance from Istiklal street 
  • Sleeps – 4 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.7*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $50/night 

While this is the most expensive Istanbul flat for rent on this list, I still wanted to include it in my post since it comes at a very good price (in my opinion) for a flat of such quality and location. Being centrally located in the Beyoglu district, it provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the historical part of the city on foot. From here you can walk to Karakoy, Galata, Taksim Square, Cihangir, and even Dolmabahce Palace. Also, it takes only 5 minutes to walk to the metro stations Taksim and Sishane.

When it comes to the apartment, it is a two-level penthouse with a kitchenette, bathroom and private terrace, ideal for a family trip. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare food – a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and a full set of dishes. There is also a washing machine inside the flat.

An outside terrace of this apartment probably deserves the most praise. There, you’ll have a table, chairs, a cozy rocking sofa, and views, views, views. Sit back and admire the sea and old city quarters!

Accommodation is designed for four people. However, if there are four of you and you guys have a lot of luggage, it will be small. Plus, since it’s located on the sixth floor, it may be a challenge climbing up the stairs. In my opinion and based on reviews of many guests, this lovely airbnb in Istanbul is ideal for couples on a romantic getaway.

In the low season, prices start at $50 and in the high season at $100.

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Cheap But Stylish Airbnbs in Istanbul Galata Area

7. Cozy Airbnb in Istanbul Galata Prime Location

cozy rental flat in Galata
Cozy airbnb in Istanbul Galata. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – a few steps away from Galata Tower
  • Sleeps – 4 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.9*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $32/night 

Situated just a few steps away from Galata Tower and Galata Square this bright and modern studio enjoys a prime location. First of all, you are in the heart of the Galata Tower neighborhood and only a few minutes away from Karakoy and ferry terminal from where you can visit the Asian side of Istanbul.

Nearby there are antique shops, museums, mini markets, restaurants, and cafes for any taste and budget which is very convenient for people who don’t want to cook and plan to spend their time only on sightseeing.

The flat, which comes with a double bed and pullout sofa, has all modern amenities including air conditioning, central heating, washing machine, drying machine, and full kitchenware.

The only disadvantage here is the absence of an elevator. It is located on the 3rd floor, so you have to be in a good shape to climb narrow stairs with luggage.

This spacious airbnb is an excellent choice for couples, families with kids or a small group of friends. It is a convenient option if you want to rent Airbnb in Istanbul for a few days, maximum a week. And it may not work for longer stays since the area is very touristy and more expensive.

The price per night in the low season is $32 per night. In the high season, it costs $60-$65 per night. But taking into consideration that it’s designed for four people and you can share it with someone else, the price is pretty average among the apartments of this quality in the Galata area. 

View on Airbnb

8. Historical Comfy Apartment in the Heart of Galata

historical airbnb in Istanbul
Comfy apartment in the heart of Galata. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – near the Galata Tower 
  • Sleeps – 6 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.8*/5 
  • Price – from $41/night 

The first time I saw this lovely airbnb was in Instagram stories of my friend and it impressed me so much that I saved this location for myself. Today I would love to share it with you.

If you prefer to stay right next to the Galata Tower in a historical apartment and building, you’ll love this airbnb that dates back to the 19th century. It is an incredible find. The majority of apartments in this part of Istanbul are pretty small, but this flat is spacious.

It has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway area combined with a dining room, and another room with a wardrobe and a dryer. Old style furniture, polished wood floors, antique decor, and high ceilings add to the glamor.

Being in the very center next to Galata Tower it is surrounded by amazing breakfast spots, bars, old shops, nightclubs, and markets. Yet, the building is located on a quiet street, so you won’t hear any noise coming from outside.

In the low season, the price is $41 per night. In high season, it fluctuates between $80 and $90. Even though the price is on the high side, the flat is always booked and no wonder why. Check out the photos to see what I mean!

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9. Deluxe Airbnb Apartment in Istanbul Karakoy Neighborhood 

airbnb in Istanbul Karakoy
Deluxe airbnb in Istanbul Karakoy neighborhood. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – in the heart of the Karakoy neighborhood, a few minutes walk to the Galata Tower 
  • Sleeps – 5 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.85*/5 
  • Price – from $31/night 

Ideally positioned in the old part of the Karakoy neighborhood within a 10-minute walk to Galata Tower, ferry terminal and tram, this one-bedroom apartment combines contemporary design and thoughtful touches.

A separate bedroom sleeps three and there is room for two more on a couch in the living room. A comfy bed and sofa, a small kitchenette with fridge and stove, and a new bathroom make the space extremely liveable for a longer stay in Istanbul. There’s air conditioning and heating which makes this cheap accommodation option a good choice for summer and winter stays.

This airbnb is basic and rather simple but it is clean and nice. It is a very good choice for families and couples who plan to explore different neighborhoods of Istanbul, including Asian side, Fatih, and Arnavutkoy.  

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Cheap Istanbul Airbnb Apartments in Sultanahmet

10. Bright & Modern Studio in Old Part of Sultanahmet 

modern studio for rent in Sultanahmet
Cheap modern studio in Istanbul Sultanahmet neighborhood. Photo credit: Airbnb

Are you looking to rent airbnb in the Istanbul Sultanahmet neighborhood? Check out this modern and stylish apartment only 5 minutes away from the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sophia. We stayed here once and spent only one night but it completely exceeded all our expectations!

This Airbnb is comfortable but at the same time very minimalistic. Yet you’ll have all the necessary utilities for a nice stay and a great location allowing you to easily access some main attractions on a walk. There is also a full-size (although small) kitchen where you can cook.

Guests love the pleasant brown-and-white interiors, an elegant sofa, and a neat bathroom. The apartment has an air conditioning and heating system, so staying here is possible at any time of the year!

Accommodation is designed for two. In the low season it costs $30 but in the high season doesn’t go higher than $50 per night. This gem in Sultanahmet is perfect for people who are looking to take it slowly and relax and spend time in the historic city center.

View on Airbnb

11. One Bedroom Flat With Jacuzzi 

airbnb Istanbul Sultanahmet
One bedroom flat for rent in Istanbul with jacuzzi in Sultanahmet neighborhood. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – 10 minutes walk from Sultanahmet
  • Sleeps – 3 guests
  • Guest rating – 4.8*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $37/night 

This lovely spacious Istanbul airbnb is located in the old quarter of Fatih district less than 10 minutes walk from the old historic neighborhood Sultanahmet. The location is a bit more local, but it literally takes a few minutes on foot to immerse into culture and history.   

This flat has a separate bedroom and a living room, kitchen, and a small jacuzzi in the bathroom. The living room has upholstered furniture and models of vintage cars on the shelves. The kitchen is minimally equipped and has a stove, refrigerator, kettle, and some utensils. Yet, it is enough for making breakfast or a quick meal.

Downstairs there is a Turkish bath and fitness center. And as per the host, guests are entitled to a 10% discount at the nearby restaurant and free hot drinks.

Despite the small area, you still get enough space and feel comfortable. It is a very nice Istanbul airbnb for people who visit the city on vacation or city getaway. At the same time though, it is a convenient option for those who want to rent an apartment in Istanbul for a week, two or longer. The host is very flexible.

In low season prices start at $37 and in high season go up to $78. As with any other listing in this article, if you don’t want to miss it, book it in advance. 

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Airbnbs in Istanbul’s Old Kadikoy Neighborhood

12. Entire Loft With a Huge Rooftop in Kadikoy Moda 

apartment for rent in Kadikoy
Loft with a rooftop and view in Kadikoy. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – in the very center of the historical Moda neighborhood in Kadikoy district
  • Sleeps – 3 people
  • Guest rating – 5*/5 
  • Price – from $36/night 

I couldn’t miss my favorite (and favorite for many other people) Moda neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul. Moda is one of the most beautiful, quirky, and vibrant Istanbul areas. If I had to recommend only one single place where to stay in Istanbul, I’d pick Moda. I may be biased though since we spent 8 months there and fell in love with our new home from the first days. 

But seriously, Moda is special for many reasons. And because it is a special and unique place in Istanbul, housing costs are pretty high. They will be even higher than in Sultanahmet or Galata areas. But unfortunately, the quality of many rental apartments for that high price are well below average. Many times, hosts just rent out apartments knowing they will be in demand but don’t invest in quality.

Still, there are a few beautiful flats that are worth your money.

For example, one of them is this clean, quiet, and cozy loft with its own rooftop and a view of Kadikoy. The location here is just perfect with bars, restaurants, and store nearby. A few minutes walk brings you to the historical tram, park, and seaside where you can go for a jog or walk. 

The apartment itself is very basic. But space is drenched in character, featuring wooden floors and funky decor. It is fully furnished, has a separate bedroom, a small kitchen with all utensils and supplies, and a rooftop exclusive for the guests and homeowners of the building. 

The price during the low and high seasons doesn’t differ much, it’s between $35-$45 per night. 

View on Airbnb

13. Your Home in the Center of Moda

airbnb Istanbul Kadikoy
Cheap airbnb in the central part of Moda, Kadikoy. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – in the heart of Moda, Kadikoy 
  • Sleeps – 4 people
  • Guest rating – 4.9*/5
  • Price – from $41/night 

Stylish and homey is how I would describe this cozy flat in the old center of Kadikoy. Its location is just perfect. We lived in that area and I can tell you that this home is located on a quiet street but a few steps away from all the action. You leave the house and find yourself in the middle of a busy bustling quarter.

The balance of retro and contemporary styles in this airbnb is just right. An old vintage wardrobe in one of the bedrooms and antique decor create a vintage feel. What I personally like is that there is a desk for a laptop where it’s comfortable to work. Especially if you are staying long-term, it comes in handy. 

The apartment is fitted with an open kitchen that connects to a dining area with a table, a compact bathroom, and a separate bedroom. Four people can stay there in total and feel comfortable. There is no balcony, but there is an outside closed terrace with a table where guests can dine or relax during warmer months.

View on Airbnb

14. Airbnb Istanbul Kadikoy Flat For Long-Term Stay With Lovely Bosphorus View 

best Istanbul airbnbs
Flat for long-term rent in Kadikoy. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – Bahariye neighborhood, Kadikoy district 
  • Sleeps – 4 people
  • Guest rating – 5*/5, Superhost
  • Price – from $21/night 

Bahariye neighborhood together with Moda is the most popular neighborhood in Kadikoy for long-term visits to Istanbul. And this flat is one of the best in that area if you are looking to rent an apartment for a month or possibly more. It is spotlessly clean, luxuriously furnished, cozy, and has a fantastic view from of the strait. 

This compact, bright apartment is perfect for a couple’s getaway or trip with friends. The house has everything you need not only for a short but also long-term stay.

The apartment has a separate double bedroom with a big wardrobe, bathroom with a rain shower, comfortable living space with a couch, TV, and table. Kitchen has all the utensils, microwave, and everything you need to prepare meals at home. Look outside the window to admire the old houses and tall minarets of Istanbul.

The location of the flat is not touristy at all. Thus you get an authentic experience of Istanbul, living among locals but being close to all the historic sites. Also, it is a perfect little airbnb if you’re looking for a cozy place to come home to every night after a long day of exploration. 

View on Airbnb

Beautiful Airbnb Apartments in Other Neighborhoods of Istanbul

15. Authentic 120 y/o Studio Flat with Bathtub in Balat

Authentic 120 y/o Studio Flat with Bathtub in Balat. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – historical neighborhood Balat  
  • Sleeps – 2 people
  • Guest rating – 4.6*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $32/night 

Not far from the center of Istanbul, in the old quarter of Balat, you can rent an Authentic 120-year-old Studio Flat.

The Balat area was once home to the city’s Greek and Jewish communities that for many years lived in poverty. But it changed and today, it’s an impressive vibrant neighborhood where you get a totally different picture of Istanbul. 

This cellar is the basement floor of a 120 years old 5-story house, totally built with red bricks and wood. It’s a historical artifact that is protected by Unesco.

The kitchen corner is small but has everything you need for cooking.

The flat is incredibly cozy and is close to the street with cafes, restaurants, and small shops. Getting to the main historic sites is pretty easy. Buses run in different directions and 30 minutes walk brings you to the Galata bridge from where you can go anywhere else.

This Istanbul Airbnb is designed for two. The area is ideal for returning visitors to the city or those who want a unique experience in one of the oldest and most unique neighborhoods of Istanbul. 

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16. Spectacular Bosphorus View Penthouse in Beyoglu 

airbnb Istanbul Beyoglu
Bosphorus view airbnb in Istanbul Beyoglu. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – in Beyoglu closer to Kabatas and sealine
  • Sleeps – 3 people
  • Guest rating – 5*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $33/night 

Simple and basic but clean and charming, this airbnb is among the cheapest airbnbs in Istanbul Beyoglu district. The reason I wanted to include it on my list is its location and the view. I believe that in Istanbul, a city of breathtaking views, you should stay in a place that offers views, be it a view of the neighborhood, vibrant street, or the sea. 

If you look on the map, you’ll notice that first of all, the apartment is situated next to the tram line, buses, and Kabatas ferry terminal. With the tram or a bus, guests can easily reach Dolmabahce Palace, go to Besiktas neighborhood, Arnavutkoy, Bebek, Emirgan Park, or all the way to the Black Sea. If you are visiting Istanbul for the tulip festival, this apartment is a great choice since getting from it to any famous tulip location doesn’t take much time. Concurrently, it’s very quick to go to Sultanahmet, Eminonu, or Istanbul Asian side. Besides that, going on foot to Taksim, Karakoy or Galata is also not a problem.

The apartment has a minimalistic design that includes nordic style furniture and a small kitchenette with a mini fridge. The bathroom is very simple and small. But a private cute balcony with the view out towards the Bosphorus Strait makes it difficult to leave.

Note: minimum stay here is 3 nights.

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17. Modern Studio With Balcony in a New Building

apartments for rent in Istanbul long term
Apartment to rent in Istanbul long-term. Photo credit: Airbnb
  • Location – Sisli district, Gülbağ neighborhood 
  • Sleeps – 2 people
  • Guest rating – 4.9*/5, Superhost 
  • Price – from $12/night 

I would like to finish my list with a holiday apartment for rent in Istanbul for long-term travelers or those who come to the city for business or shopping. With this listing, I was also hoping to show you a good location where to stay in Istanbul for a few months if you are on a tight budget.

Gülbağ neighborhood where this modern studio apartment is situated, together with the nearby Mecidiyeköy neighborhood is home to a lot of new and modern apartment complexes together with tall glass office buildings. Finding a new flat for rent there is easy and prices are lower compared to historical neighborhoods mentioned above. 

This apartment is small but has everything one needs for a comfortable stay. If you are coming to Istanbul with a goal to spend time in Nisantasi, Bomonti, go shopping in one of the many malls nearby, or you’ve been to Istanbul before and want something new, this flat is a good place to stay (or other flats in the same area). And if you feel like going to a more vibrant part of the city, the subway is only a short walk away.

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Which of these cheap Istanbul airbnbs are you saving for your visit? Share in comments, I’d love to know!

Best cheap airbnbs in Istanbul, Turkey

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