best wellness retreats in Europe

10 Surprising Spa and Wellness Retreats in Europe Best For Stress Relief

Last updated on January 29th, 2024

I don’t know what about you, but I personally can’t imagine my vacation without soaking in a hot tub, getting a spa treatment, or at least relaxing by the pool with panoramic views. Well, that’s either the result of getting older or getting inspired after seeing all those incredible wellness retreats in Europe in my Instagram feed.

Not sure what’s the reason, but the number of countless resorts that practice an integrated approach, hotels that offer various mental health retreats, and spa centers that captivate with their extensive services is really big.

Europe, in particular, is full of beautiful properties in various stunning locations where planning a holiday can help not only with physical relaxation but with mental health. And going to one of those places is rather a necessity as being able to calm your mind and distress is simply vital.

best wellness retreats in Europe

After creating a post about the best places in Europe where to go to relieve stress, I thought why not quickly write another article about the best spa hotels and wellness retreats in Europe. After all, they are also perfect for stress relaxation, mental detox, and to help you stay positive.

So below, you’ll find a list of health hotels in Europe that offer unique experiences for the mind and body. Some of them are places that I visited personally while others are suggestions from other travel bloggers who personally experienced them too.

All these resorts and wellness retreats are wonderful for weekend getaways for depression, for distraction from daily life, for a stress-free weekend, or for emotional healing. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to any of them and how your experience was!

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase or booking by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you).

Unique Spa and Wellness Retreats in Europe to Calm Your Mind & Body

Borgo Tre Rose a Wine Hotel in Tuscany

wine retreat in Italy

Stress relief is essential for anyone, but particularly for weary travelers. If you plan your vacation to Italy’s Tyrrhenian coast and find yourself seeking a place to relax, recharge, and reinvigorate, consider a stay at one of the fabulous wine hotels in Tuscany. These wonderful properties combine the best of both worlds – a therapeutic setting amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany and a prime position on or next to a vineyard.  

For a secluded stay in a medieval hilltop town, Borgo Tre Rose is an excellent choice. Located on the crest of a hill in Montepulciano, this hotel offers guests sweeping views over the countryside and access to the fruits of the region in the form of wine tastings and classes. Savoring delicious wine enveloped in this peaceful setting is the perfect way to escape everyday stresses and soak in nature’s beauty.

In addition to ample opportunities to savor some of the region’s best wines, Borgo Tres Rose also includes an outdoor pool overlooking the surrounding countryside. Here, you can relax tired muscles and soak up the gorgeous landscape.

Despite its prime position in Montepulciano – one of the most renowned wine regions in Tuscany – the grounds of Borgo Tre Rose are remote and peaceful, the ideal atmosphere for stress relief.

After a restful stay, guests can make the easy 20-minute drive to the old city of Montepulciano to uncover impressive historic landmarks, underground wine cellars, and tasty trattorias. Or drive a bit farther to find more incredible spas and hot springs. While Tuscany is beautiful year-round, the optimal times to visit are mid-to-late spring and early fall, when the weather is ideal.

The Chedi in Montenegro

Chedi resort Montenegro

If you are looking for affordable 5-star wellness retreats in Europe, look at Montenegro. Particularly at its new hotel Chedi Lustica Bay, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. This new property blends in perfectly with the local landscape, with red-tiled roofs and plastered walls in harmony with traditional buildings.

Located in a very interesting place Lustica Bay (which is a new sea town), The Chedi was built to create all conditions for recreation and active vacation.

The word “chedi” means a place for meditation, a place where you can find peace and tranquility. So this is why the main message of this resort is to invite guests to pause, rediscover the joy of silence, and enjoy peace exuded by beauty and comfort.

Overall, I believe that Montenegro is one of the best countries for people on a budget who look for mental health travel, burnout recovery retreats, and wellness holidays. With a big variety of nature walking trails, stunning beaches, hiking paths through nature that heals, and affordable wellness hotels, it is possible to book a trip to this country at any time of the year to have a self-care getaway. 

With affordable Montenegro car rentals, it also makes it easy to see the entire country while being on 

But Chedi resort on the coast of the sea is one of the best hotels in the country where to get away from stress. It combines stylish design, first-class service, and hospitality of sunny Montenegro. It offers excellent opportunities for active recreation, entertainment, and meditation events. Rooms offer beautiful views of the mountains or the sea which helps to relax both mentally and physically.

Chedi has its own pebbly beach, infinity pool, spa with indoor baths, steam room, sauna and yoga room. The spa uses oriental massage techniques including Balinese, Thai, Ayurvedic or Shiatsu.

And then if you need more tips on what to see nearby and how to have unforgettable Montenegro holidays, refer to my guide to Montenegro.

Schloss Elmau Resort in Bavarian Alps

best wellness retreat in Europe

Schloss Elmau ultra-luxe resort with multiple spas, located a little more than one hour from Munich, pays a lot of attention to the psychological state of the guests. So here you’ll be able to destress and relax fully while having access to the most beautiful mountain range in Germany – Bavarian Alps.

In addition to different SPA procedures that have a beneficial effect on the body, this hotel also offers a big number of yoga retreat programs, hiking and cycling paths in the picturesque surroundings, various concerts, master classes, and lectures. Those who spend their free time reading will enjoy the world’s largest hotel bookstore and two libraries.

Schloss Elmau complex includes four SPA centers with one of them being designed specifically for families with children. All spas offer different types of massages, facial and body skin rejuvenation treatments, physiotherapy, posture and figure correction.

In winter, you can diversify your vacation with skiing. And in the warmer months, with so many activities in the area it may be difficult to choose what to do first. You can play golf, go on a scenic drive to Mittenwald, drive to Linderhof palace or Ettal Abbey, or visit nearby Leutasch canyon. Well, in the evenings, guests can dine in one of six restaurants, including one with a Michelin star.

Relaxing Lanjarón Spa in the South of Spain

unique spa hotel for stress relief

Lovely Lanjarón is located in the Andalusian foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, less than an hour by car from Granada. It is known for having the purest spring water in Spain and is the birthplace of the famous bottled water, Agua Lanjarón.

The combination of outstanding mountain water, clear air, and a perfect climate once led Lanjarón to being recognized by the World Health Organization as having the longest lifespan in the world. Thanks to its location and wealth of nature, the area is a perfect retreat for stress relief and even some physical healing. 

Since the 19th century people have been coming from all over Europe to enjoy Balneario Lanjarón (Lanjarón Spa), especially the six different mineral springs of celebrated Chalybeate water, unusually rich in iron salts.

The spa is the perfect place to unwind and relax, starting with some quality time in the hot springs and then moving on to some of the many other activities available in this luxurious 4-star hotel. From massages to muscle treatments to beauty regimens, Balneario Lanjarón is a one-stop-shop for physical rejuvenation and stress relief.

The spa is open from March to December each year but the surrounding area is most enjoyable from May to October when the weather is warmer. Besides different overnight packages, outside guests can also visit the spa for a few hours on a day pass. 

Reaching this spa is easy from any part of Spain be it by plane, bus, or car. You can even add it to the itinerary when visiting Madrid as it can be a wonderful stop on a road trip from Madrid to the Alboran Sea.

While in Lanjarón, be sure to spend some time wandering through Barrio Hondillo, the old Moorish neighborhood, go to one of the vineyards nearby, and on a clear day, the ramparts of Lanjarón Castle offer spectacular views north to the mountains and south all the way to the Mediterranean.

Healing Reykjadalur Hot Springs in Iceland

natural wellness retreat

Imagine soaking in a geothermally-heated river as rolling green hills, dotted with adorably weathered sheep, tower overhead. Sound too good to be true?

In Iceland’s Reykjadalur Hot Springs (which translates to “Steam Valley”), you can relax in this incredibly beautiful and serene setting – totally for free! To reach this thermal river, you’ll simply need to hike approximately 2.5 miles (or 3 km) from the small town of Hveragerði in the southwestern corner of the country into the vibrant green Icelandic highlands.

The hike to the thermal river is arguably just as good as soaking in its waters itself. You’ll be passing towering waterfalls, technicolor hot springs, and steaming mud pots almost the entire way. It’s the perfect place to just quiet your mind and feel totally immersed in the surrounding natural beauty.

You’ll know you’ve reached the hot springs when you see a wooden boardwalk with dividers so that soakers may have a bit of privacy to change into their swimsuits. Just change into your bathing suit (or some soakers prefer to enjoy the river in the nude!) and hop on in to benefit from its soothing waters.

The trail is best enjoyed from June through September when the path is snow-free and the weather is the most pleasant. And while Reykjadalur is an excellent place to relax in a more natural setting, there are plenty of more established hot springs in the area with full-service spa options, like the famous Blue Lagoon in the town of Grindavík or Skay Loon, which provides epic views of the North Atlantic Ocean from its hot spring.

Overall, Iceland is considered one of the best countries for mental health but planning a trip around its hot springs will ensure an unforgettable rejuvenation vacation!

Druskininkai Spa Town in Lithuania

thermal water resort in Europe

Druskininkai is a lesser-known spa town in southern Lithuania that is perfect for a burnout recovery retreat. It is one of the best peaceful holiday destinations in Eastern Europe famous for its mineral springs and mud baths.

The town has a long history of spa tourism, dating back to the 19th century. But today, Druskininkai is a popular tourist destination for those seeking to relax and rejuvenate. It has many spas, health resorts, and mineral water pools. You can take advantage of the town’s natural resources by booking a spa treatment or spending a day at one of the mineral water pools.

It’s easy to arrange a trip to Druskininkai on your own if you have the means to get to the town. The best way how to do this is to look up different SPA hotels in the area and choose the one that corresponds to your needs. There are a lot of offers for stress-relief massages, mineral water procedures, therapeutic body treatments, and sports programs.

It’s also important to check the location of the SPA hotel to match your needs – whether in the town center near restaurants and different attractions or a bit further outside, close to the nature walks in the surrounding parks and forests.

If you are ready to check out some incredible wellness hotels in this part of Lithuania and get inspired, then do not miss UPA Medical SPA and SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai.

The first one has a wide variety of therapeutic and spa treatments and its health center includes facials, massages, wraps, and other therapies. There is also a swimming pool and a sauna. The cost of the stay typically includes a fantastic breakfast. And the second, a 4-star hotel, is located in the heart of Druskininkai. It boasts an indoor mineral water pool, saunas, and a SPA with body and facial treatments.

Druskininkai is easy to reach from Vilnius either by car or public transport. And the best part about it – you can visit it at any time of the year!

Turkish Baths in Granada Spain

unique retreat in Spain

Granada is the home to some of the oldest baths and Turkish spas. Popularly known as Hammam, Granada is famous for its steam baths, which are organized at different temperatures in different rooms. Hammams and Arabic baths in Granada are a traditional way of bathing and spas.

This spa and bathing tradition is a calming and soothing process of releasing stress. It helps you reduce stress, firms the skin, allows deep skin nourishment, and provides essential vitamins and minerals to the skin. It even improves your blood circulation and offers several benefits.

You’ll be able to find a lot of Moorish spas in Granada that offer traditional spas with hot and cold water baths. These spas also offer massages, aromatherapy, and other relaxing treatments.

Hammams in Granada were usually considered the traditional gathering place in the Medieval Islamic world. That is why visiting the Arab baths of Granada is considered one of the must-do things during your getaway to this part of Spain.

The mix of hot and cold offers several benefits from relaxing the muscles to eliminating toxins. If you are looking for the best experience, get it at Hammam A Andalus Granada.

The relaxed atmosphere, clean surroundings, friendly staff and authentic Arab baths offer you the best time. If you want to get away from stress, ensure that you visit one of the Moorish Spas in Granada.

Apart from this, do visit Alhambra, Granada miradors, The Sacromonte, and attend a flamenco show. When wondering where to eat in Granada, choose Aisushi Restaurangte Arabial.

Terme Olimia Spa in Slovenia

thermal water retreat in Slovenia

Terme Olimia is one of Slovenia’s most prestigious and luxurious spas. They are located close to the Croatian border along the Sutla River. It has a long history of thermal water treatment, but it is also a popular destination for visitors seeking more than just thermal water enjoyment. Given the hotel’s offerings and the natural setting, they are an excellent choice for a relaxing vacation and stress relief.

Terme Olimia features thermal centers that provide an innovative wellness tourist concept that is distinguished by creativity and luxury in both building and service. The thermal spa has also created new trends, and they are now focusing on so-called selfless programs, which are a step forward in terms of wellness. Simply put, selflessness means doing something nice for yourself! 

Terme Olimia’s natural treasure is thermal water that ranges from 30 to 37 degrees Celsius. It is made from 520-meter-deep springs and is high in magnesium, calcium, and hydrogen

One of the distinctive characteristics of this water is its drinkability, which allows guests to refresh themselves at one of the complex’s many fountains. It helps to detoxify the body because of the low mineral content.

Bathing in hot water decreases muscle tension, enhances blood circulation, and therefore speeds up metabolism. It also boosts the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory impact, and benefits the skin. The Terme Olimia offers the best form of relaxation for a minimum of roughly a hundred euros per person.

Those who wish to de-stress here can either choose a package and come for a few days or visit only a wellness center during the day. There are a few hotels around the Terme Olimia spa complex with the most popular one being Hotel Sotelia. And for more information about the entire wellness center, check this site

STOCK Resort in Austrian Alps

luxurious wellness resort in Europe

Austria as a country in general is famous for a large selection of holistic wellness retreats, incredible health spas, and detox centers that offer different areas of treatment together with the effectiveness of procedures. At the same time, the ability to combine a therapeutic trip with walks around the city, time in the mountains, or a cultural program allows Austrian spa hotels and thermal centers to maintain their leading positions from year to year.

Sulfur springs, radon baths, therapeutic mud, and impressive landscapes combined with modern medical advances guarantee stress relief and improvement in health.

For an exclusive five-star wellness holiday in a quiet and family-owed hotel, the Stock resort in the Tyrolian mountains offers a combination of luxury, adventure, and mental relaxation. I put this wellness hotel on my list thanks to my cousin who goes here to get away from stress and recharge her senses. 

Here, beautiful nature and comfortable climate combine with an elegantly casual ambiance, a modern spa area, revitalizing treatments, and even Alpine Ayurveda. You can indulge in the surrounding mountain panorama and spend time in the hotel’s 11 water areas, head to sauna world, ladies or family spa and take yoga classes.

There is also a child’s play zone under supervision where families can leave their children for the entire day while having a stress-free wellness getaway.

While at the resort, you can also hike multiple trails, bike, go rafting, canoeing or horseback riding, go to the Hintertux glacier, ski on the slopes if visiting in winter, or involve in one of many other activities.

Stock resort is one of those places for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where to experience special luxury and the best retreat for stress relief in Austria.

Hotel Capra in the Swiss Alps

luxurious wellness retreat in Europe

This is the place for serious spa lovers and couples looking for truly sophisticated wellness retreats in the Swiss Alps.

Combining unparalleled Alpine beauty with modern luxury, the 5-star Capra Hotel offers the most luxurious spa experience in the Swiss Alps. Their packages have been created in collaboration with a team of medical and wellness experts in Switzerland and around the world for a holistic approach to restoring health through their unique method.

The Peak Health spa focuses on four key areas of health: fitness, nutrition, sleep quality, and mental well-being. Guests receive classes on how to live a healthy lifestyle and feel rejuvenated on a daily basis.

The spa has three treatment rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, steam and salt therapy rooms, a relaxation area, a sauna, a fully equipped outdoor gym, a mind-body studio and an indoor pool. Wellness treatments and products are based on the latest scientific research, taking the word “luxury” to a new level.

Have you been to any of these wellness resorts in Europe? Do you have other favorite retreats you’d recommend? I’d love to know!

Surpising SPA and wellness retreats in Europe

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