• car rental in Cyprus

    Car Hire in Cyprus – Best Prices, Deals & Car Rental Tips

    If you are thinking about car hire in Cyprus, this is definitely the right thing to do since it will improve your vacation in so many ways! Public transport in Cyprus is not popular and not well developed. There are no subways, trams, or trolleybuses but only buses on a few routes. And only tourists, some elder people, students and…

  • Tbilisi to Kazbegi

    Tbilisi to Kazbegi Trip: A Complete Transport Guide & Travel Tips

    Tbilisi to Kazbegi route is one of the most popular in Georgia. And no wonder why. It provides the best opportunity to get into the Caucasus Mountains and see their greatness and majesty on a short trip from Tbilisi. But besides the mountains, everyone who travels to Kazbegi can get acquainted with the history and see one of the most…

  • walking in Montenegro - trails and routes

    Walking in Montenegro: 6 Scenic Easy Trails For Any Visit

    A significant part of the relief of Montenegro is an excellent platform for leisurely walks and hiking trips. Depending on how much time you have in the country and your physical form, there is a choice of both easy and difficult walking trails. In a few of my other posts, I have already covered some scenic hikes in Montenegro, including…

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