• spain in winter

    Visiting Spain in Winter: What to Know, Why to Go & What to Expect?

    Last year, at the end of November, we spontaneously made a plan to visit Spain during the winter. The reason for that was cheap flights to Barcelona and very affordable car rental (like $18 for two weeks, it was too tempting.) So we quickly packed and went. And honestly, it turned out to be the best decision we made. By…

  • what to wear in Spain in winter
    Spain,  What to Pack

    What to Pack & What to Wear in Spain: Tips for Every Season

    A lot of people when planning a trip to Spain, especially if visiting this country for the first time, are definitely asking the question “What to Pack?” and “What to Wear in Spain?”. Most people ask these questions but not all. Why I am saying this because, before my first trip, I was actually among those a few folks who…

  • Barcelona to Valencia drive

    20 Coolest Stops to Make On Barcelona to Valencia Drive

    While Barcelona and Valencia on their own have so much to offer that you’d need to spend at least a few days in each city, Barcelona to Valencia drive is no less spectacular. The entire coast of Spain is full of cute old towns, stunning beaches, natural landmarks, cathedrals, hiking trails and much more. Mark and I have been driving…

  • Madrid in winter

    Madrid in Winter: What to See, Where to Go & What to Expect?

    Are you visiting Madrid in winter and not sure what to expect? I have been to the capital of Spain on multiple occasions and all of them were during the winter. A lot of readers, after reading my post about winter travel in Spain, asked me questions about Madrid. So I decided to write a post and share my experience. Below…

  • Spain

    Hiring a Car in Spain: Best Deals, Common Mistakes, Driving Tips & More

    Are you thinking to travel to Spain soon? This is a wonderful country that will definitely amaze you and where traveling once is never enough. Even though public transportation is well developed, renting a car in Spain will open up a totally different world for you. It helps to discover the country far beyond the well known and crowded touristy…