• renting a car in Georgia country

    Renting a Car in Georgia: Everything You Need to Know

    When I decided to rent a car in Georgia for the first time in 2019, many people were telling me not to do it. They were saying that Georgia was notorious for its aggressive drivers, roads were bad and there was no driving culture. But as I wanted to get out of Tbilisi and go to places that couldn’t be…

  • Kazbegi Georgia

    Guide to a Georgian Military Road: 18 Best Things to Do & Stops to Make

    The Georgian Military Road in the north of Georgia is recognized as one of the most beautiful routes in the Caucasus. And for a reason. A 208 km long highway that connects Russia with Georgia is a real historical route full of unique churches and fortresses, emerald meadows and snow-capped peaks, hot springs and lakes hidden behind the mountains. Many…

  • traveling in Georgia country

    11 Things No One Tells You About Living & Traveling in Georgia

    Seeing icy peaks of the mountains touching the clouds. Trying great food and wine. Hearing songs, watching dances, and never-ending celebrations. That was my mental image of what traveling in Georgia be like. Yes, all of it exists in Georgia country. And I definitely experienced all of it on my travels. Yet after spending some time here as a tourist…

  • Georgia

    Tbilisi Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs, Pubs, Wineries & Disco

    Tbilisi is one of the most vibrant cities in the Caucasus. Here, you’ll find a mixture of Caucasian traditions and modern lifestyle, old pretty houses and communist-era buildings. It seems that the capital of Georgia lives by its own rhythm, and to be able to feel it in full, it is not enough to explore the city during the day…

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