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Cheap Accommodation in Ubud, Bali: 6 Best Places to Stay When You Are On a Budget

dWhen it comes to cheap accommodation in Ubud (and other towns in Bali,) there is no shortage of wonderful places where to stay.

You can be traveling here on a very limited budget and still find something amazingly beautiful. Or, if money is not a concern, there are plenty of options to make you feel like a king. As a matter of fact, with so many various types of accommodation being offered, visitors to Bali have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.

We personally got totally confused when looking for a place we could rent long-term. While being in search of a home we’ve stayed in many guesthouses, private homes, and villas, and it helped us make this list. It happened that most of the rentals we were at were budget-friendly, and we are happy to share only the best of them with you.

If you are a budget traveler who is looking for cheap accommodation in Ubud, take a look at this post. All the mentioned choices are absolutely incredible and affordable at the same time. We don’t stay in hostels, so can’t recommend any of them. But to speak frankly, Ubud’s guesthouses with private rooms and privacy in many cases cost less than shared rooms in many hostels.

We highly recommend the above hostels, resorts, and hotels to stay in homes that locals owe. In this case, you’ll get a true taste of Balinese culture.

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Cheap Accommodation in Ubud Quick Look

Some of the links you find below are affiliate links. If you follow one of them and make an order, we may receive a small commission (for which we will be mega grateful) at no extra cost to you.

1. Private Rooms Under $25 Per Night

1.1. Umah Dajane Guest House – private room at $17 per night

We were staying at this guesthouse and it exceeded all our expectations.

For this price, you receive an incredibly comfortable bed, a beautifully designed room, a gigantic delicious breakfast, and a quiet environment.

The room, bathroom, and grounds are exceptionally clean and taken care of (it’s our number one priority when choosing accommodation.) The hosts are amazing people who know how to make each of their guests comfortable and welcome.

If you are not riding a bike or not willing to take a cab, keep in mind it will take you a minimum of 20 minutes to get to Yoga Barn and the southern part of Ubud’s downtown.

You’ll have to walk mainly through the neighborhood where locals live. We were on a bike, so it wasn’t a problem, but even if we didn’t have a bike we would still stay at Umah’s Dajane because of the experience. And honestly, why would you stay in the city center?

In Ubud, it is usually unbelievably loud and crowded. I know the feeling when being awake at 6 am by the noise from street traffic. Here, you won’t get any of that. The place is absolutely tranquil.


cheap accommodation in ubud

cheap accommodation in ubud

1.2. Den Den Mushi Guest House – private room at $20 per night

If you come to Ubud mainly to stay in the city’s center then this guest house is a perfect pick. Especially for only $18 per night.

Den Den house one of those few places where you can be staying right in the heart of a city but tucked away from the noise. Literally, you are going to be five minutes away from all major attractions, shops, and restaurants. But you won’t feel you are in the middle of hustle and bustle since the house is located on a side street.

The Den Den Mushi property is a representation of an authentic Balinese home. Each room here is immaculately clean and spacious enough. Breakfast is included (big and yummy one!) The disadvantage though, as some folks may think, there is no AC, only a ceiling fan. However, there are lots of trees inside the yard that create shade and rooms almost never get hot.

Side note: host of this Airbnb offers airport pickup.

On Airbnb, he was recognized as a Superhost. Every guest is loving the experience at this beautiful home, so will you, we guarantee!

1.3. Made and Putu Homestay – private room at $22 per night

Would you like to be waking up to a peaceful and stunning view of rice paddies? Or perhaps a glass of something in a flower bath overlooking a panoramic rice terrace sounds better, huh? No matter which one you are yearning for, Made and Putu Homestay has it all.

First of all, let me tell you that the location of this place is simply amazing! Once you are here, you won’t even tell this is a busy touristy Ubud. At the same time, a short (15 minute) walk will get you into the town.

All rooms here are exceptionally clean and spacious, mattresses are so comfortable that you’ll fall asleep soon after touching a pillow, breakfasts are customized and the hosts are there at any time during the day to help you have a fantastic visit.

In our opinion, this cheap accommodation in Ubud is a true gem. We paid way more money for similar-looking quarters not getting the same type of experience. Made and Putu are also super hosts through Airbnb. No wonder these guys are always booked!

Side note: bikes for rent are available at this homestay. Hosts can make arrangements for an airport pick-up.


cheap accommodation in ubud

2. Entire Private Place under $40 per night

2.1. Ketut’s Private Villa – the entire house at $28 per night

Another gem in Ubud away from tourists and barking dogs in a gorgeous neighborhood right in the jungle. The villa is set in the back of the host’s own property, thus guarantees privacy and seclusion. The owner and his wife are the loveliest people who promote their beautiful oasis as a romantic hideaway.

If you are on your honeymoon in Asia, passing through while being on a budget or backpacking Indonesia and happen to visit Ubud, this cheap accommodation in Ubud will become a true bolthole.

For this price, you get more than just a room with a bathroom. A spacious marvelous private setting comes together with an outside stone bathroom, kitchen, and patio overlooking the rice paddies and tropical garden. Breakfast is included and consists of an excellent variety of foods.

Ketut’s place is located in one of our favorite neighborhoods in Ubud. It feels like being in another world here comparing to other parts of the town. On the one side, you have fields of rice, on the other one jungle and between them the river flows.

You do need to know how to ride a scooter or be willing to get a cab. Ketut’s house is a 15-minute drive to Ubud’s center.

cheap accommodation in ubud

cheap accommodation in ubud

2.2. Sena Bungalow – private bungalow at $39 per night

Oh, Sena. He was our host for almost a month and we were so happy to stay at his bungalow! Sena and his wife Made are two beautiful souls who take good care of their property and try their best to please every guest.

At first, you may think that $39 per night is not really a budget accommodation. But it is. Taking into consideration the fact that there are 2 big bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a balcony with a mind-blowing view, then we can consider it as being cheap. Basically, Sena is offering the entire second floor on top of his own home. And it’s spacious!

Sena’s house is located in Penestanan village (if it doesn’t tell you much I’ll explain. Penestanan village is a local village with calm streets and lots of artsy souls. Not many tourists visit this area even though many expats reside here and international tourists choose it for their vacations. You should try living in this neighborhood for getting an entirely different feel of Ubud) which is a 10-minute walk from overcrowded Ubud.

On a day with good weather you always get to see the mountains and even an Agung Volcano in a distance. Every morning we followed a ritual of enjoying our breakfast with a cup of coffee while taking in the view. You’ll be astonished by it too!

If there are times when you feel like taking a dip, there is a pool in a nearby villa that outside guests can visit for a payment. Check our post about amazing pools in Ubud you could visit on a day pass.

Side note: Made can do the laundry for you for an extra fee and Sena can pick you up/drop you off at the airport.


cheap accommodation in ubud

cheap accommodation in Ubud

2.3. Novita’s House – the entire apartment at $29 per night

Novita’s house is located not far from Ketut’s Place (mentioned above) in the neighborhood that is famous for endless rice fields, astounding sunsets, and incredible peacefulness. It is a few minutes away from Campuhan Ridge (the best known Ubud trail with sweeping views,) famous Karsa Spa (you should definitely pay a visit and get a flower bath or a massage. The price is fantastic and services are the best) and 15 minutes away by bike from Ubud’s center, or by a walk through the Ridge.

The home itself has a spacious bedroom, a full kitchen, an open-air bathroom, and a beautiful garden outside. There is no AC in this flat, but it gets lots of breeze throughout the day through the windows. Still, if you know you can’t live without the air conditioner, this place is not for you. Also, there is a huge lawn with pillows and mats where you can chill or practice yoga.

Novita’s House has everything you need for a short getaway or long stay. If you don’t feel like cooking your own meals, the owner’s wife can cook for you.

cheap accommodation in ubud

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  1. Wow I just spent few hours reading almost every post you made. I like your writing style and adore how courageous both of you are to have such lifestyle. I also like travelling, but I realized that most of the time I got suspicious of many things and avoid any offers from strangers.

    If you ever want to feel other part of Indonesia, I suggest you visit Yogyakarta. It is a big city and you can feel the real people’s life, because Bali is too touristy and doesn’t really picture the life of Indonesian. Jakarta will give you the most insight, but it’s too metropolitan (it’s just similar to Kuala Lumpur). Yogyakarta will show you the perfect balance of traditional and city, and really, even Indonesians adore Yogyakarta so much.

    Anyway I enjoy your blog, good day for both of you, and I’ll stay tune for updates!

    1. Rizka, thank you so much for your kind words, hearing them is like music to my ears! You know, we do want to explore more of Indonesia and plan to return soon. I even put a checkmark on the map to visit Yogyakarta as you advise. Bali was too touristy, you are right, although we still loved it.
      Thank you for getting in touch! I noticed you also followed us on Instagram, we are happy to meet you, even if it’s through the online world. Who knows maybe one day we’ll meet you on your adventures too 😉 Let’s stay in touch!

      1. Yess that was me on ig lol. Bali is indeed amazing as the ultimate sweet escape, a break from buzzing city life, meanwhile Yogyakarta is a comfortable living place because the living cost is cheap.

        Your welcome, and of course I’ll be back to read your blog again ?

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