best boat trip from Bodrum

The Best Boat Trip From Bodrum to Swim in Crystal Clear Blue Waters

If you are looking for an exciting boat trip from Bodrum to a secluded spot with crystal clear blue waters, then I hope this post will help you understand where to go.

During our first month in Bodrum, Mark and I drove all over the peninsula, checked amazing Bodrum beaches, and went on a couple of excursions. One of those excursions was this fantastic boat trip to a tiny private island with azure water that reminded more of an aquarium. In fact, I thought that the sea there looked just like in the Maldives.

The island I am talking about is Orak Island where yachts and boats do not pass without stopping. And where besides swimming, sheltered coves offer diving and snorkeling experiences. Tours to this island are pretty famous, although mainly among locals. Owners of yachts love to sail there as well.

NOTE: Just to be clear, while I recommend one particular Bodrum excursion, I paid for it on my own. This boat tour was really special and that’s why it got its very own blog post, not because someone invited me to write about it. Yet, the link to the tour is an affiliate, if you purchase it, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Is Orak Island Boat Trip From Bodrum For You?

Let the adventure begin! Sailing away…
best boat trip from Bodrum

With so many hidden bays ideal for diving and swimming and a few famous Greek islands nearby, it is easy to go on a boat trip from any part of the Bodrum peninsula.

You can find an excellent tour in almost every resort town. Bodrum City, Turgutreis, and Yalikavak are starting points for group trips while smaller towns like Göltürkbükü, Gundogan, Gumusluk, and Torba have private tours on offer.

A boat trip to Orak island suits travelers who are staying in or around Bodrum city and who besides the relaxation on a boat are looking to find the clearest and bluest water in the Bodrum peninsula.

Tours start at 11 am and boats depart from Halikarnas harbor. If you have a car, then you can easily make it from anywhere. If arriving early, go for a walk around the backstreets of old Bodrum city and sip Turkish coffee in one of the lovely harbor cafes before joining the tour.

No matter which boat trip you pick, it’s going to be incredibly beautiful everywhere. But with this particular tour, I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the swimming stops in the wonderful water.

What We Got On a Daily Boat Trip From Bodrum to Orak Island

I went on many fantastic boat trips on my travels. Some of the most epic ones were in Miami, a boat trip from Kotor, Montenegro, a boat trip in Cambodia, and one in Norway. And then this one in Bodrum was no less incredible.

The entire trip was full of pleasant moments that definitely became sweet memories. The boat was very comfortable, exceptionally clean, and spacious. Not knowing the language wasn’t a barrier since there was not much interaction. 

With the very friendly staff and lively ambiance, we felt safe and at ease. The sea excursion lasted 7.30 hours from 11.00 to 18.30.

During this time, the boat made four stops at different sheltered bays for a swim, snorkel, and lunch. One of those stops was in the bay near the Four Seasons Resort (which is still being built) and another one near the Bodrum Park Resort.

We were also free to relax, sunbathe, dance, and just enjoy nature around. The route passed near a small Turkish island Kara Ada which fit really nicely into our photos.

Bodrum boat trip
The view of Bodrum from the boat
All four stops were in beautiful lagoons with blue water. In some of them, the sea was azure like a cloudless sky while Orak island had this crystal clear greenish water

boat tour in Bodrum

best Bodrum boat trip
Looks like an entrance into the pool but that’s the beautiful Orak Island bay


– Sea cruise on a ship with stops in 3 very beautiful bays and 1 island;

– Freshly cooked lunch on the ship included a serving of chicken. Fresh-grilled fish was on the menu at an extra price but cost much less than at the restaurant. We didn’t order it but saw other people eating and it looked very delish. 

– Turkish tea and biscuits;

– Watermelon;

– Children who were up to 3 years old could enter for free. (If you will be traveling with a child of this age, it is advisable to contact the company in advance and let them know.)

***We personally booked this tour here through a third party to know our money is secure but you can always book it directly from a supplier.

best Bodrum boat tours

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What Was the Most Memorable About This Tour

If I had to give only one answer, I’d be confused. There were a few truly memorable things about this experience. Overall, this is what we received:

– First of all, the ship was very comfortable, beautiful, and big. Definitely, everyone had enough space for himself and parents could easily bring a stroller on the boat.

– Every staff member was friendly, nice, and helpful (which was very important to us).

– The stops we made in stunning bays with fewer crowds were simply spectacular.

– Lunch pleasantly surprised us. It was pretty basic but big. In fact, it was so big that we asked a staff guy to put it in the fridge and finish later. Fresh chicken and side dishes were delicious!

– The boat had a clean toilet, changing rooms, and a shower. During the trip, the bathroom was washed by the staff a couple of times. Everyone was supposed to take a shower after a swim which helped to keep the salt from the sea away.

– Music on the ship was pleasant and in fact, we had it only on the way back to Bodrum. All other times, the music was off.  

boat trips from Bodrum

The second floor where everyone could relax on pillows in shadow
Sailing back to Bodrum

Among the disadvantages, the only thing was the wait time in the morning. We had to wait for about 20 minutes for all the people to show up. But I guess in group tours it’s always like that and someone is always going to be late. If you don’t want to wait – the best suggestion is to take an individual tour.

And if you are thinking to take this boat tour with a small child, you shouldn’t hesitate. The ship is big and you can have the entire table with big benches to yourself. Just make a note in the reservation that you are traveling with a kid and need to reserve a separate space.

Tips For Visiting the Orak Island

Don’t forget sunscreen – there is a lot of shadow on the boat, that’s for sure. However, even in the shadow, it’s so easy to burn. The wind is strong and it actually lets more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate and cause damage to the skin. But please, use natural sunscreen to protect the underwater world!  

Have drinking water with you – the price for the trip does not include any water or any beverages (besides the tea). You can easily purchase a bottle of water on the boat but it costs 5 times more than in the store.

Pack medicine for seasickness if you need one. If you suffer from motion sickness, just in case pack the necessary medication with you. Bodrum peninsula is famous for winds, so once you are in the sea, it’s going to shake a lot! I am prone to motion sickness and usually get sick fast enough. On this trip, I also felt sick but it got better on the second floor.

Be on time – don’t be one of those disrespectful tourists that everyone on the ship will be waiting for. If you are late, you are wasting not only everyone’s time but your own. The boat will still return on time no matter when it departs.

Accommodation For the Tour

The boat for this trip departs from Halikarnas harbor in the very center of Bodrum. If you feel that you would like to spend a night before or after the tour, there are a few beautiful hotels in the area like this cute small boutique family-run hotel which is one of the best hotels in Bodrum old town.

Otherwise, there is also an option to choose an apartment. With flats, you have to read all the reviews carefully since a lot of them are too expensive but of poor quality. This flat, for example, is a few minutes away from the center, beach, and restaurants, and has excellent reviews. 

Even if you don’t plan to stay in Bodrum, I highly recommend devoting a day or two to this city. It definitely deserves a few days on its own. 

Final Word

I know, with the number of boat tour companies available, it may be difficult to choose the right trip. There are fantastic boat trips from Bodrum to Greek islands, boat tour to Kos, and just a pirate tour with entertainment along the Bodrum peninsula with stops to swim. Some people also choose to rent a yacht and go on their own.

It all depends on what you prefer. But again, if you are like us and look for the bluest waters, do not miss an opportunity to hop on the boat to Orak Island. You won’t regret it!

Did you take any boat trips from Bodrum? How was your experience? What did you like and what you didn’t? Share in comments!

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Bodrum in Turkey has some of the pretiest bays and lagoons with crystal clear blue water! To experience them, you need to go on a boat trip - see this post to find out which one is the best! #bestofturkey #bodrumturkey #turkeytravel

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  1. Hey Anya, thanks for this post! I have just completed this tour with my family and everyone is very happy so far, we all had a fabulous time!
    I was doubting when choosing a tour but then found this review which helped me make my mind. thanks again!

    1. So happy to hear that, Ali! We loooved this tour too and wouldn’t mind repeating it. I am seriously glad you enjoyed it!

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