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Bay of Kotor Guide Map

This map is kind of personal. I have been visiting Kotor Bay for ages and return to the area for a few months every year, exploring this region in depth.

Over this time, I accumulated a long list of local highlights, top recommendations for places to stay, eat, and see, and some epic (but secret) experiences that I am happy to share now.

Inside the map, you’ll find 175 activities (and this list will be increasing once I check out other places and you’ll have that updated too), but they are not just spots on the map, they include very detailed descriptions with helpful tips. Here is exactly what you get:

  • All the best highlights
  • Hidden gems & lesser-known spots for different seasons
  • Personally verified locations
  • Unique activities with details on how to join them
  • Top restaurants & cafes and specific suggestions on what to eat in each place
  • Unlimited access with free updates


It is exactly designed to do so. By having all the best spots for stays, dining, and different experiences in one place you will be able to build your own itinerary or go with the flow slowly knowing where to stop.

The guide map is powered by Rexby, an online guide app that you have to install on your phone and it will be with you at all times, even offline.

This app is free and easy and my maps there will always stay up to date (when I make changes, you will have that updated automatically).

I prefer Rexby for my guide maps because it also allows me to upload my own photos that give a better presentation of a place.

The map includes all my personal recommendations on highlights, cafes, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, a couple of camping sites, many hikes, museums, and hidden gems of the Kotor Bay Area. There are some top tour recommendations as well and other helpful tips.

Note, all recommendations on the map are my own experiences accumulated over the years. I spend a few months every year in Montenegro (particularly in the Bay of Kotor) and discover it in depth.

Yes, and it is coming soon!

I mention some of these highlights on my blog but they are scattered across multiple articles. You are welcome to read all my posts about Montenegro if you feel like that’s a better option.

However, this guide includes so much more and in one place. You just get access to it and can see all the locations and activities on one map!

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