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Walking in Montenegro: 6 Scenic Easy Trails For Any Visit

A significant part of the relief of Montenegro is an excellent platform for leisurely walks and hiking trips. Depending on how much time you have in the country and your physical form, there is a choice of both easy and difficult walking trails.

In a few of my other posts, I have already covered some scenic hikes in Montenegro, including those in Locven National Park and Durmitor with its highest peak Bobotov Kuk.

But today I would love to share a list of the walking trails good for slow relaxing walks, a bit of history, and a lot of views. All of them are close to the seaside where you’ll be able to see old villages and fortresses, to be alone with nature with practically no people.

All trails are well marked and absolutely safe in all meanings of this word. It is easy to find the beginning and end of each trail on the maps.me map. Most of them are parts of the Primorska Planinarska Transverzala (PPT) mountain route with a length of 197 km. PPT route (so you have an idea what it is) runs through Dinaric Alps across the limestone ranges and grassy meadows along the sea coast from Herceg Novi to Bar.

So all these walking trails are interesting one-day routes that you can walk in several hours. Most of them are great for any season, even for winter travel in Montenegro. Just make sure you don’t walk right after the rain. And remember that in the off-season, all restaurants by the beach will be closed.

And almost all of them are great for nonhikers, families with kids, elder people, and anyone else who enjoys walks.

walking in Montenegro
walking trails in Montenegro

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How to Get to All These Trails

When we lived in Montenegro and when we revisit, we rent a car through a local agent to drive around. If you plan to rent a car too, you can get to one of these trails pretty much from anywhere where you are based or just add them to the itinerary when moving down the coast on a road trip.

If you don’t have a car, use a cab or local transport. Also, you can walk to the beginning of one of these trails depending on where you stay. They are all nearby main towns and cities on the Montenegro coast.

If you need more information on where and how to hire a car, see my guide to renting a car in Montenegro.

Easy Walking Paths in Montenegro Along the Sea Coast 

Health Trail in Petrovac Through the Tunnels to the beach of Perazic Do

Montenegro walking trails
Kastio castle is not far from the main walking path

If you are vacationing (or just making a stop) in the town of Petrovac, don’t miss a walk along the “Health Path” through the tunnels to the semi-wild beach of Perazic Do. The trail starts at Hotel Danica and ends by a small beach where you can take a dip. 

The walking path is asphalt with a few benches along the way which will be perfect for walks with a stroller and for the elderly. It runs through 3 tunnels in the rock with all of them being nicely illuminated. You can also go by bicycle or scooter.

walking path of health from Petrovac
Each tunnel is bright enough

It is called a ‘trail of health’ because it passes through a pine forest along the sea. And the healing scent of pine trees follows for the entire distance. We loved it especially for the smell of pines, the emerald hue of the sea crashing against white rocks, and the secluded beach where we could swim afterward. 

If you can, come early to have the path to yourself. If coming by car, park at the Voli supermarket in the center. There is also a local bus that goes from Budva to Petrovac.

What else to do? If you have more time, climb the walking path to the Kastio castle with the lovely cafe Castellana. There you can take a break and enjoy the views with a cup of cappuccino or a snack. Another option is to go down by car to the sea in Rezevici (if there is a gate, open it by hand) and walk along the coast in the opposite direction to Petrovac.

More trails nearby: one more walking trail in Petrovac runs from Luchicea beach to the beach in Buljarica. You can combine these two walks in one.

Walking Trail From Ulcinj to Valdanos Beach

walking holiday in Montenegro

If you end up traveling along the coast between Bar and Ulcinj, don’t miss an area of green Valdanos Bay. It boasts centuries-old olive groves, a small beach, an abandoned sanatorium, and the oldest lighthouse in Montenegro. In my opinion, it is a unique thing to do in Ulcinj if you have a day or two there.

The Mendra lighthouse has an attached two-story house with 6 rooms where people from Maritime Security live and keep watch to this day. There is a possibility to join a tour inside the lighthouse. But even if you don’t want to, a walk to it is a lovely route. It goes along the sea among olive trees about 800 years old to the cultural and historical monument.

The walk is light and refreshing and it ends up by Valdanos Beach with an abandoned sanatorium nearby. The beach has large pebbles and some algae. Entering the sea is not very pleasant since you need special water shoes but the water is nice.

In the past, residents of the Ulcinj Riviera loved to relax in this paradise. Today, although nature is in its pristine form, the neglected area around leaves a strange feeling. Yet, it is peaceful and seriously enjoyable to walk while breathing fresh air and contemplating lovely views.

If you see a mill or shop with a sign that it sells oil, feel free to enter. And if visiting this part of Montenegro in the fall, in October or November, come to purchase the best quality oil.

Another Walking Path From Ulcinj to Velika Plaja (Long Beach)

walking near Ulcinj

Here is another idea for walking in Montenegro if you are visiting Ulcinj. This path is also called a “path of health” since it goes through a coniferous forest as well. The trail stretches along the sea from Albatros hotel in Ulcinj to a Pirate’s bar and then merges with a road towards the longest beach in Montenegro Velika (Long) Beach.

You can start a walk from the Small beach and follow the asphalt road before it becomes a gravel path near Albatros hotel. 

Once on the road, to your right, there are small stone-concrete platforms surrounded by pine trees and facing the sea. In the off-season, no one is there, but in summer they are in great demand. People use the opportunity to hide in the shade of the coniferous forest and stay away from crowds. This part of the coast is not as busy as on the Small or Long beaches. 

On that stretch, before you reach the hotel, one of the beaches in the pine trees is Women’s Beach. Men can visit it only in winter. Besides concrete platforms, there are also a couple of fish restaurants that work from spring until the end of October. Another one, Ribarska Konoba, will be directly on the trail once you pass Albatros hotel.

After the hotel, the path turns into a classic hiking trail, very visible and trodden. There are no markings but it is impossible to get lost. All the time it goes directly above the sea under the canopy of coniferous trees, opening up views of rocky coast and blue water.

The trail ends by the Cape Derane before becoming a road to Long Beach. You can climb the ridge of the cape and admire the panorama of the beach or continue walking further.

Walking Path From Zanjica Beach to Arza on Lustica Peninsula 

walking holiday in Montenegro
Zanjica beach

Others often ask me where is a quiet place with a sandy beach and at the same time fewer people in Montenegro in July and August. While there are a few beaches in Montenegro to avoid big crowds, really quiet spots will be far from places with good infrastructure. Zanjica beach and nearby mini-villages of Mirista and Arza are just some of them.

Civilization has not reached this part of the Lustica peninsula yet (there is not even a water supply system) but do not let it scare you. The owners of local apartments and cafes pre-order tanks with fresh water.

The beaches of Zanjica and Mirista are 23 km away from Tivat airport. But it will take 30-40 minutes to get there since the road is windy. The area is perfect for people who look for a secluded spot to swim, relax and go on a few walks. In summer there will be no traffic jams, yet the road is narrow, so be careful at blind turns when driving.

A walking road (which is partially asphalt, partially dirt road) is less than 2 km long. It goes by two nice restaurants such as Ribarsko Selo and Mirista restaurant and has access to the beach.

Montenegro walking trails

The second restaurant places sun loungers on the concrete pier in the summer. They are free if you make an order in a restaurant. The food there is good, especially grilled fish, octopus and squid.

You technically can drive from Zanjica to Mirista and park your car there. Although we personally liked parking in Zanjica and then walking to Fort Arza with a stop for a swim and restaurant in Mirista. 

The restaurant is open from May to the end of September, any time outside this season will be very quiet.

More trails nearby: there is another road that starts in Zanjica and goes to Klinci and then Forte Rose. You can walk it or drive by car.

More Challenging Trails For Walking in Montenegro 

Walking Trail From Herceg Novi to Tajno Brdo

walking path in Herceg Novi

Here is the perfect hiking or walking opportunity for anyone who considers visiting Herceg Novi and doesn’t have a car. The route goes to the old military fortification on the Tajno Brdo hill above Herceg Novi where you get a fantastic view of the city and Bay of Kotor.

It is one of the easiest and most accessible walking paths in Montenegro for tourists of all levels. Of course, you’ll need to sweat a bit, but your efforts will pay off with the magnificent landscape.

The route starts from the old Spanish fortress from asphalted streets at a height of about 150 meters above the Adriatic Sea. Then it turns into the old Austro-Hungarian masonry and runs through Susici and Matkovici along private homes.

Passing a small waterfall and an old bridge, it leads first to a coniferous forest with the scent of needles and cones. Next through the place of old battles with the Ottomans, the route crosses the roadway (you need to walk about 40 meters up along it) and leads to the final section of the trail to Tajno Brdo.

NOTE: In the winter season, after rain on this route, wet masonry stones are rather slippery. Choose shoes with good soles that won’t slip on wet stones. And if you plan to visit Herceg Novi, see my guide to it with things to do.

Hiking Trail Over Budva From the Kosmach Fortress 

hiking near Budva

This hiking trail from the Austrian fortress Kosmach (850 m above sea level) to the Praskvica monastery near Sveti Stefan is a bit challenging for a simple walk. So it will be good for people who are in good shape and want to do some strenuous walking in Budva Riviera above the sea.

You can also start this trek from the monastery and walk towards the fort. But in that case, you’ll be going up all the time and the view will be behind. 

The trail starts near the fortress Kosmach next to the signs. You need to follow a path to Ogradenica, a small settlement where there is an active nunnery of St. Spiridon. It takes around 4 hours to reach the nunnery but add another hour to descent to the sea.

On the route, you’ll see a drinking fountain and later a spring, it is safe to drink water from both of them. After about half the way, the path will diverge in two with one being shorter and faster to the sea through the village of Kuljace and Przno and another one through Celobrdo to Milocer beach. If you have time, take the one to Milocer since it offers panoramic views of Sveti Stefan and Budva Riviera.

The best way to come to the fort is either by taxi or by public bus that departs from the bus station in Budva. (For bus schedule see this website). If coming by bus, take the one to Brajici or Cetinje. But if going to Cetinje, tell the driver to stop by Kosmach because he won’t stop on his own. You can also come by car but then on the way back, you’ll need to take a cab to return and pick it up.

More trails nearby. If you want a lighter walk with scenic views of the Budva Riviera, then here is another option. Go from Praskvica monastery to Rustovo monastery, then to Duljevo monastery, and then down to the sea through Kuljace. In this case, you’ll make a loop and return to the road E80 to pick up a car or hop on a bus.

Another trail nearby is a famous (and this is why often crowded) path that connects Prjno with the island of Sveti Stefan. It starts near Queen’s Beach and goes through the park with coniferous trees to Sveti Stefan.  

More Travel Resources For Montenegro Travel

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Montenegro is that country where walking and hiking are always enjoyable. These are the trails by the sea that I liked the most. Can you add any other walking paths to this list? Let me know where you’ve been and what you liked more!

Best walking trails in Montenegro

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