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7 Magical Places in the US That Have Snow All Year Round

Last Updated September, 2020

If you are traveling around the US in the summer and looking for spots where to cool off, take a look at this post about some stunning places that have snow all year round.

When you live at higher altitudes or in northern regions where colder conditions prevail throughout the year, you definitely won’t be thinking how to extend your winter when summer comes. I get that. Most likely you will be dreaming about how to escape winter destinations and travel somewhere where it’s warm enough. The majority don’t really think about summer skiing or snowboarding if their winter was long and cold.

However, there are people who enjoy cold more than anything else. They feel at ease and enjoy life in full when a street thermometer shows a temperature outside of no more than 55 degrees (12 degrees Celcius.) The lower the better it is. This is how Mark thinks. He believes that an ideal summer should be cool and breezy.

Even though I have a totally different opinion, I’ll still admit that I don’t need to be a winter lover to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful season. No that sloppy slushy winter season that can give you depression. You know the one when on a daily basis you have to battle the front door of your home because it is blocked by unreal amounts of snow. Or when you need to scrape ice off the windshield early Monday morning (just like in Kentucky in winter) or try to hide away from slush waves that chill your bones.

No, the winter I am talking about is the one with beautiful sunny but frosty days, with crispy fresh air and snowflakes on our lashes. That winter when on a sunny day you are warm without a jacket but the snow doesn’t melt. 

Winters like those exist. And, surprisingly, you can experience them not only during the winter but in summer too. 

We got a chance to visit some absolutely magical places in the United States where winter lasts well into summer. These snowy holiday destinations are great to visit year-round but especially unique they are in the summertime.

So if you are looking for the mountains with snow all year round or wondering about summer snowboarding options, check out this post!

Amazing Places in America That Have Snow All Year Round 

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington

places that have snow all year round
Can you believe this picture was taken in early July?
Snowy Holiday Destinations
Not bad as for the road condition high up in the mountains in the summertime

Visiting Mount Baker-Snoqualmie national forest last July turned out to be a complete surprise.

We drove to Lake Ann Trailhead with a goal to hike all the way into the wilderness to get closer to Mount Shuksan but instead confined ourselves to walking in the snow near the parking lot.

There was so much snow in July that most of the hiking trails were closed and, for the most part, people were skiing. It was so interesting to watch skiers wearing shorts and tanks while spending hours in the snow. And the fact that people were skiing in July didn’t resonate with us. Noone ever got cold! The sunset over snowy peaks was gorgeous and we had a blast, but regretted a bit we didn’t put a snowboard in our car.

If you take Mount Baker Highway (Road 542), there are plenty of activities along the way. Getting to the Artist Point area will open up a winter wonderland for you. Anything before that reminds more of blooming spring than summer.

Inyo National Forest, California

Snowy Holiday Destinations
In some places, summer fun looks just like this. This hill of snow was right next to the parking lot. No need to go far, just to get out of a car and have fun.

What we always loved about California when we lived there was the diversity of the state. Look to sunbathe in the morning and hit the slopes in the afternoon? Visit wineries, rent a campervan, and drive one of the legendary roads, go to a volcanic area, or desert? Or perhaps you are looking to swim in a lake and enjoy the mountains? No matter what your heart desires, California has it all.

Inyo National Forest, in the eastern part of California in the Sierra Nevada, which is part of Yosemite (one of the best national parks), keeps attracting skiers and ice climbers year-round. Simply because it is all year round skiing destination.

To be able to see and enjoy snow in summer, head to Saddlebag lake, walk around it (less than 3 miles) or take a boat to get across and hike to North Peak. You’ll be getting more and more snow while hiking up to the peak.

If you would love to ski or snowboard, keep in mind that slopes are rather challenging and suit more for backcountry skiing. Be careful in late summer. Snow turns into ice what makes it a bit dangerous.




Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

places that have snow all year round
A couple of times we were pretty reckless when wearing snickers while hiking in the snow. And no, it was not cold at all!

Driving two and a half hours away from the largest city in Oregon will bring you to winter fairytale, which is probably one of only a few places providing year-round access to snow.

Most of the ski descents there are steep and only experienced skiers or snowboarders should be conquering them. But you can drive to Mount Hood area to get a breath of fresh crisp air, play snowballs and drink a cup of hot chocolate in Timberline Lodge restaurant overlooking the snowy peaks. By the way, if you are looking for places to ski in the summer in the US, Timberline Lodge offers summer skiing if weather permitting.

It is a perfect getaway in Oregon when lower elevations are hot. However, snowstorms sometimes come as a surprise!

Among other things to do in Mount Hood National Forest on a chilly breezy day are a visit to a Cultural Center & Museum and drive on Mt. Hood Scenic Loop

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

places that have snow all year round
The beauty of Crater Lake. Trying to walk around it, oh we were so naive.

Crater Lake National Park is magical year-round but in summer it is especially beautiful. And did you know that winter in this park usually doesn’t leave until the beginning, sometimes mid-summer?

We didn’t know this fact and last June when we visited Crater Lake for the first time we were pretty disappointed. When we arrived fully equipped with hiking gear at the beginning of summer with hopes to go hiking, instead we learned that the main road was closed because of the snow.

The snow in Crate Lake National Park often doesn’t melt until the mid of July. Rangers at the park told us there were years when snow in summer never went away completely making winter in that area a year-round season. So get ready and check the park’s website for more information before your trip. 

If you would love to stay overnight, a historical Crater Lake Lodge is welcoming guests year-round. It is overlooking the lake and offering lots of history. Comparing to lodges in other national parks, Crater Lake Lodge almost never sees too many people. If you are a hiker, check some awesome Crater Lake’s hiking trails here.

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

Didn’t expect to see one of the states on the East Coast? Among all the places to see in the USA, New Hampshire is rarely on the list. But I highly recommend adding this part of New England to your itinerary. And there is a chance you can still see winter in White Mountain National Forest sometime in July.

Choosing this place for a holiday getaway in winter guarantees there will be a lot of snow.

But in case you didn’t get enough winter fun, visit in spring or even summer. Tuckerman’s Ravine, in the Mount Washington area, is a spot for a spectacular backcountry adventure.

If you do visit in summer, to be able to see snowfields around the park you have to hike. It will take up to two hours to hike one way into the base of Tuckerman’s Ravine. The area every year gets blessed with much snow well into summer, so besides a great workout, you’ll be witnessing winter wonderland.

For more details, go here.



Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

On the way to conquer the mountain

Mount Rainier is probably the only place that many people know about not only in the U.S. but outside the country. It is a popular training ground for those who are getting ready to trek higher climbs in Himalayas and Alaska. Thus this peak keeps attracting climbers from across the globe.

It is such a grand place. And it can be a great vacation spot if you love being in nature away from hustle and bustle. 

No, you don’t have to go trekking to the top of this mountain. But you can visit to ski, play in the snow or walk in the wilderness.

Depending on a trail, you may need to get a pass, as well as some special equipment. But there are always some easy and moderate hikes when nothing is required.

If somehow in the middle of summer you find yourself in Seattle or anywhere near it, and suddenly start missing the snow, head to Mount Rainier National Park to experience winter one more time.

One of the trails to snowfields starts from the Paradise parking lot towards Muir Snowfield. You don’t need to hike all the way up to feel colder temperatures and get to the snow. Of course, it depends on the year, but very often there is still enough snow right near the Henry Jackson Memorial Visitor Center until mid-end of July. If not, hike in a direction to Mcclure Rock, and very soon you will be approached by winter.

Professional mountaineers or those who hire a guide should look into Anvil Rock and Gibraltar Rock slopes.

If you would love to visit in summer, Mount Rainier National Park is an amazing choice. Just being there and walking around helps you to disconnect from the entire world.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

places that have snow all year round
I didn’t have a clue Grand Teton gets so much snow at the end of spring and sometimes even in summer

Some of the most splendid scenery in Wyoming is in Grand Teton National Park. The solitude and majesty combined in one place keep attracting more and more wildlife and nature lovers each year.

And I really believe that Wyoming is one of the best places to go in the USA in the summer. It is so incredibly beautiful. 

I visited in May and oh my gosh, there was so much snow! I can only imagine how astonishing this place gets in the wintertime.

Most likely you won’t be visiting just for the snow. And why would you? There is so much else to experience – hot springs, glamping, hiking, camping are just a few of those experiences. But in case you have an urge for playing snowballs while touring Grand Teton in summer, there is a place in the park where you can find that.

Be ready to put your boots on, hike a dirt trail, and get a little bit muddy.

Lupine Meadows Trailhead, which is usually flooded with visitors, is a gateway towards winter wonderland. Don’t worry, the trail to snow peaks gets rarely crowded. The majority of hikers prefer other trails that also take their beginning from Lupine Meadows Trailhead. You need the one towards Nez Perce. The farther away from the trailhead you walk the more winter wonderland you get to see.

Check the map for details on how to get to the trailhead. And one more here.

You can find so many beautiful lodges, hotels and Airbnb not far from Grand Teton National Park. If coming with a family, take a look at Teton Club lodging. Each room is spacious with a full-size kitchen and private balcony. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Teton Village where all the shops and restaurants are within walking distance, and right next to the slopes. Still, it is very quiet.

Have you been to any destinations that snow all year round? Not necessarily in the US, they can be anywhere else in the world. Share in comments, please, how your experience was! 

United States of America has incredibly high amount of places where you can get the best of winter. Take a look at this list of some of the best snowy holiday destinations in America. Tip: you can visit them not only in winter but during any other season and still see snow! #winterdestinations #usatravel #snowyholiday
places that have snow all year round

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