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Shopping in Kiev: Best Shopping Malls, Stores & Showrooms

Everyone who has visited the capital of Ukraine at least once can confidently say this is a city of contrasts. Shopping in Kiev confirms that as well. On the one hand, there are many elite boutiques where only very wealthy people can afford to shop. On the other hand, there are also many budget-friendly stores, malls, and markets where everyone can go shopping.

In Kiev, you won’t find any particular ‘shopping districts’ or shopping streets. Different shops, outdoor markets, vintage stores, and malls are located in different parts of the city. You can find them in an array of locations on both Dnipro River banks. And it will never be a problem to find what you need in this city.

If you would like to learn about the shopping centers in Kiev where locals go, here is a quick overview. There are a lot of places where to shop in Kiev. On this list, I included those spots that I personally recommend to my foreign colleagues, clients, and friends. These are the places where besides shopping you can also have a visit to a nice cafe, go to a cinema, bowling club, or a restaurant with national dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

Best Shopping Malls in Kiev

shopping in Kiev

There are more than 50 shopping malls and shopping centers in Kiev and more than 600 outlets ranging from small ones in underground pavilions to big ones manufacturer-branded stores in outlet malls. It’s definitely not a problem to find anything that you may need in this city. 

If you are visiting Kiev for a few days only or living in Kiev and need to buy clothes, shoes, electronics, decor, or food, here are my top places where to shop:

ТРЦ ‘Ocean Plaza’

Ocean Plaza shopping mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Kiev. It has 3 levels with over 400 stores of various brands. You can find here almost anything. For example, stores like Terra Nova, New Yorker, Lacoste, Timberland, Marc & Andre, Puma as well as shops of gold, leather, household utensils, and appliances are on each level.

Also, Ocean Plaza is known for its so-called “golden quarter” where you can buy watches from the most famous brands, find unique jewelry with different stones or unusual jewelry.

It is up to you how to get there – by walk from the center in 50-60 minutes or by metro (get off at Lybidskaya metro station). If you are comfortable seeing animals living in captivity, there is a huge saltwater shark aquarium to visit between shopping.

Address: Antanovycha St, 176.

ТРЦ ‘Dream Town’ & ‘Dream Town 2’

These two centers are located not far from each other and make the largest shopping area in Kiev with an entertainment venue. The center consists of two blocks with an area of ​​81,000 m2 on both sides of the Minskaya metro station. Any shopaholic will enjoy a visit here regardless of income level. And some people proclaim this is the best shopping mall in Kiev.

One center contains both budget brands and boutiques with a worldwide reputation, clothing and footwear stores, electronics and household appliances stores. Zara, Bershka, Ecco, United Colors of Benetton to name a few. Also, it has a bowling alley, a cinema, an ice rink, a roller drome, and a zoo. Another one has stores for family and home shopping (like furniture, unusual decorative items, children’s products, toys) and a water park.

The quickest way to get here is by metro since this shopping mall is located by the Minska metro station. By car or taxi, it takes less than 15 minutes to get from the center if there are no traffic jams. Many people like to come here not to shop but unwind and hang out, so some parts of the mall can be busy in the evenings and during the weekends.

Address: Obolonskyi Avenue 1Б.


Capital of Ukraine

One of the iconic malls in Kiev is located underground directly in the heart of the city. It consists of three levels and getting inside to each level is very easy. First, there is a direct exit from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station and a few entrances from outside on both sides of the fountain.

On the first level of the mall, there are fashionable boutiques where you can buy women’s and men’s clothing from popular brands, shoes, accessories for teenagers and youth, jewelry, cosmetics, lingerie. There are also cafes, several bars and a restaurant. Some of the brands represented in boutiques are Carlo Pazolini, Monton, Tommy Hilfiger, Women’secret.

The second level of the mall contains many sports stores (like Nike and Adidas) and stores with classy attire.

The third line is a real fashion shopping center that is aimed at people with upper middle income. The most popular brands here are MEXX, L’Occitane, Marc Aurel, Fellini, Antonio Didone, Swarovski, Splendore, Roy Robson, Swiss Zeit, and others.

In fact, Globus consists of two parts. One underground is considered a mall but there is also a shopping center ‘Globus’ on the opposite side of Independence Square with the entrance behind the Independence Monument. 

That part is much smaller and has fewer boutique shops. But it has a nice glass amphitheater with a famous terrace overlooking the square and a rooftop lounge. 

Address: Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 1.


This shopping and entertainment center accommodates over 130 stores, a supermarket, food court, karaoke, bowling alley, a bar and upscale restaurant. Stores like Bershka, Camper, Cropp or Springfield are at your service. In addition to cheap clothes, fashionable shoes and accessories, you can also buy children’s goods and toys, sports goods, and decorative items for the home.

Gulliver shopping center is centrally located and only a 20-30 minute walk from Independence Square and adjacent streets. 

Address: Sportyvna Square 1a.

ТРЦ SkyMall

This hangar mall is a classic example of a family type mall with 260 shops, bowling alleys, cinemas, and children’s play areas on each corner.

Here you’ll find major brands like Warehouse, Zara, Pull and Bear, or Mango, as well as Europe’s largest (according to the brochure) children’s toy store. Despite the fact that the mall is located on the peninsula, there are almost no parks or lounge zones, only roads around.

To get here, you will need a car (taxi, uber), a free bus from Livoberezhna metro station or a marshrutka (shared taxi).

Address: Romana Shukhevycha Ave 2t.


Tsum on Kreschatik Street

Tsum or Central Department Store works as a store since 1939. A few years ago it was renovated and became a new shopping space selling products of leading brands and Ukrainian designers.

The shopping area here is arranged according to the principle of a classic department store. Different groups of goods are located in specific departments. Thus, everything is “split” into floors and sections which makes shopping easier and saves time.

Goods for men and women include cosmetics, perfumery, jewelry and accessories, clothing and footwear of premium and more affordable brands, underwear, and sporting goods. There is also a section with clothes for the entire family, babies, infants, teenagers, and young adults. 

The top floor of Tsum has a gallery and lounge with an outside terrace from where you get fabulous views.

Address: Khreschatyk St, 38.

Lavina Mall

This shopping and entertainment center in Kiev is one of the newer malls. It is the perfect place for a weekend getaway for the whole family.

It has over 70 stores including Zara, Bershka, Mango, Citrus, Comfy (the store of electronics, household appliances, TV, audio equipment, laptops, tablets, smartphones), Intertop (store of branded footwear) and others.

There are also food courts (including fast food), a cinema with 3D and occasional movies in English, and the amusement park Galaxy. In the amusement park, there are not only mazes for the little ones but also roller coasters for thrill-seekers.

Address: Berkovets’ka St, 6D.

Outlets in Kiev


Manufactura is more than an outlet, it’s more like a mini town. Besides stores, it has cafes, restaurants, a pastry shop, bowling, cinema, fitness club, pharmacy, and even a hotel with the same name.

Stores offer shoppers clothes and accessories from the collection of world-famous brands with discounts from 30% to 70%. There are 75 fashion boutiques on its territory including such brands as Guess, Lacoste, Norma J Baker, Liu Jo, Herno, Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood. Popular chain stores of clothing and footwear like Intertop, Adidas, Colins are also located there.

If you go to this Kiev outlet with your children, they can play on the playground or visit the Duckland entertainment center.

Address: Obuhivs’ke Shosse 2.

Made in Ukraine – Stores With Clothing & Accessories From Ukrainian Designers 

Okno vo Dvor

Kyiv places to shop
stores in Kyiv

‘Okno vo Dvor’ is a showroom of 200+ Ukrainian designers of clothes, bags, shoes, items for the home, gifts, and jewelry. It invites visitors to see and purchase bright and soulful handmade goods.

Collections are constantly updated and expanded. Moreover, you can be sure that you have a single copy of the product in your hands. Possible courier delivery and mailing worldwide. Besides a great author’s selection, the store offers affordable prices and frequent sales. There is always plenty of cheap clothes to choose from that are of high quality.

It is also a nice place not only to shop but spend some time with a cup of coffee. 

Address: Pushkins’ka St, 21.

482 Store

100% super nice Ukrainian smart casual showroom for men and women. The name “482” is the code of Ukraine as the country of origin on the barcode of packaged products and labels. The concept of the store is to show that it contains items of Ukrainian brands only, and in total there are already about a hundred of them.

Designers who are represented here are from Kiev, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro. You can find shoes, dresses, blouses, trousers, skirts, accessories and everyday little things made of leather. There is also a line of clothing and footwear for men.

The store promotes the idea that in one shopping trip here you can find everything you need and staff members can help you find matching items. Everything is fashionable, of high quality, inexpensive, stylish, and made in Ukraine.

Address: Saksahans’koho St, 37.

Kvartira 31

Kvartira 31 is a conceptual space in the center of Kiev that sells women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, underwear, and jewelry of young Ukrainian designers. Prices start from € 10.

Trying clothes on here can be more fun for some people than actually looking for a needed item. High ceilings with stucco and aristocratic parquet flooring add up to the atmosphere and make the entire process of purchasing a T-shirt special. 

If you are interested to see what the store has on offer, check their Instagram account.

Address: Reitars’ka 8/5.

‘Всі Свої’ Store (Vsi Svoi)

In 2015, the project “Vsi Svoi ”gathered the best manufacturers of clothes, shoes, and accessories under one roof to form a single platform of Ukrainian affordable fashion. During all these years of the project’s existence, the Ukrainian mass market has become a new source of national pride. 

It started to offer non-trivial author’s collections that have their own style and endowed with a unique handwriting of the designer. All fabrics are natural and of high quality. Manufacturers closely monitor the quality of their product and meticulously select materials.

The showroom also prides itself on a variety of styles and only limited collections. Oh, and as for the designer clothes, the price is very affordable.

Vsi Svoi store offers online shopping and worldwide delivery. However, ordering online is somewhat difficult since their website is on Ukrainian only. If you are outside Ukraine and would like to shop online, get in touch with them via Instagram or Facebook.

Address: Kreschatyk St, 27.

Podval Store

Art store PODVAL has a wide variety of unique items from Ukrainian craftsmen. You can find here everything your heart desires for every taste and of any color.

Postcards, boxes, ceramics, clothes, leather goods, purses, wallets, notebooks, a bunch of sweets in gift boxes – the variety of goods impresses so much. If you need a souvenir or gift for yourself, a friend, colleague, mother-in-low, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else, you’ll definitely find it here. Also, in Podval you can have delicious coffee, a large selection of herbal teas and sweets.

The space hosts master classes and creative meetings, and the store itself is divided into two halls – Handmade and Clothes. The atmosphere is very nice and has a therapeutic effect, I’m not kidding. So you can come to Podval at any time and get inspired!

Address: Kreschatyk St, 46A.

This is it for now in terms of shopping. If you live in Kiev and can add more places where to shop, I’d love to hear from you!

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