• best beaches in Bodrum

    15 Best Beaches in Bodrum (Peninsula) For Your Turkey Bucket List

    Bodrum in Turkey is famous for many things. Some people know it for its numerous bays, surrounded by gardens and pine groves, fancy high-end hotels, or an abundance of historic sights. But not many people know that Bodrum is worth traveling for the beaches alone since they are among the best beaches in Turkey. When we got a chance to…

  • Turkey

    8 Most Romantic Spots to See Incredible Sunset in Bodrum

    Last summer, when we were in Bodrum for almost two months, we drove all over the peninsula visiting amazing Bodrum beaches and quirky beach clubs, swimming in hidden coves and hiking some scenic trails. We have done and seen a lot. And this city with its gorgeous surrounding area impressed us so much. And what particularly blew our mind was…

  • Bodrum or Marmaris

    Bodrum or Marmaris: Which Resort Destination is Best For You?

    Choosing between a visit or stay in the resort cities of Bodrum or Marmaris on the Turkish Riviera can be quite a task. I know that because we were asking the same question before. If you asked me directly in conversation which resort city is better to choose, I’d probably answer right away without too much thinking that Bodrum is…

  • best boat trip from Bodrum

    The Best Boat Trip From Bodrum to Swim in Crystal Clear Blue Waters

    If you are looking for an exciting boat trip from Bodrum to a secluded spot with crystal clear blue waters, then I hope this post will help you understand where to go. During our first month in Bodrum, Mark and I have driven all over the peninsula, checked amazing Bodrum beaches, and went on a couple of excursions. One of those…

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