visiting Cyprus in spring

Tourism in Cyprus in Spring: What It’s Like & What to Expect

Spring in Cyprus changes everything. After a short Mediterranean winter, the island gets covered with flowers, sees fewer tourists, and offers wonderful temperatures ideal for tours, hiking, and excursions.

Spring is truly one of the most pleasing seasons for planning your Cyprus holiday. Not every month is equally appealing since everything depends on the goal of vacation but every month can surprise and bring lots of positive emotions.  

When I visited Cyprus for the first time, it was mid-fall but the island felt like a summer vacation country. Then I returned to Cyprus in spring and it also looked like summer, just in different colors and with increased moisture in the air.

March through May turned out to be perfect timing for exploring old villages, hiking the trails, traveling between cities, going on road trips, and even swimming in the sea. 

Thus if you are a fan of Mother Nature or you’re just thinking to escape the possible coolness of European spring, here’s what you need to know about Cyprus in March, April, and May.

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Highlights of Spring in Cyprus

spring in Cyprus

  • Spring in Cyprus actually comes earlier than March. I can confidently say that spring shows its first signs already at the end of February when valleys get covered with green carpets, slopes of the mountains bloom with blue and white flowers, jasmine and lemon blossoms, and vineyards and orchards open their doors to visitors.
  • Despite quickly increasing air temperatures, sea warms up slowly after winter. The beach season officially opens in Cyprus in May. This is the first month when you can expect swimming. 
  • Spring is not a high time like the summer months. That means fewer crowds of tourists and children. Everything is quieter and calmer. Easier to find parking in the streets and tables at the restaurants.
  • Spring weather in Cyprus goes from refreshingly chilly early on to pleasantly warm at the end of April and May. This is great for people who don’t like heat and being under the constant sunshine of the summer sun. The room temperature is very comfortable at this time of the year. 
  • Early in spring nights are usually cool and heating is required. Make sure to check in advance if heating is available since some apartments don’t have this service on offer. Some hotels don’t open until the beginning of May.
  • The cost of accommodation, rental cars, and tour activities is noticeably lower than in high-demand times. Thus spring is a wonderful time to travel for people on a budget. Even in May, prices are 10% – 20% lower even though May is considered the first month of the tourist season.
  • Spring is the perfect time for island road trips and sightseeing like Limassol to Larnaca road trip, for example. Swimming for the most part is cold but the weather is just perfect for explorations, short drives, and hiking either along the coast or in the mountains.
  • Even though at first glance Cyprus is not a large island, it preserves so much of historical and natural landmarks that can keep you busy for the entire stay and leave you more stuff to explore for the next time.
  • Larger cities in Cyprus don’t stay as empty zones waiting for tourists to come. Local people have lots of activities and festivals during the spring that are fantastic to attend. That includes parades and mass street celebrations with music, dances, and active nightlife.

Cyprus in March

Cyprus in March

As I mentioned above, the actual spring comes to Cyprus even before March. The first orchids bloom in January, almonds start blooming from mid-February when at the same time the meadows turn green. Cyprus weather in March is quite pleasant and sunny.

It still rains sometimes but far less than in wintertime. Typically you would get around 8 hours of sunshine. It is still cool in March, but the temperature is slowly approaching +19С+20C on the plains. The air in the mountains is still very cool going up to 3°С – 7°С depending on the elevation. 

Nature in March in Cyprus is at its best. There is nothing better than getting up with the sun, then enjoy a tasty breakfast, and after the cup of black hot coffee getting out to the crispy air and long countryside walks or nature trails. This month the countryside is alive with green fields and many beautiful wildflowers blooming around villages and in the suburbs of any city.

Early spring in Cyprus in general is considered a great time for road trips and tours. This time is definitely not intended for a beach holiday. Water is cold, sitting at about +17°С and there are occasional strong cold winds. But if it is not windy, it is very possible to bask in the sun and enjoy the awakening nature around you. 

Although most hotels in Cyprus open by mid-April, in March it is best to plan your holidays near the busy resort-cities of Limassol, Paphos, or Larnaca. Hotels that are open there provide the lowest rate for the season. 

Also Cyprus in March holds one of the most famous events – Limassol Carnival Festival. It’s been taking place annually since 1890 and the history of the holiday goes back to Ancient Greece. Today this carnival is a magnificent sight that will be interesting to attend for both children and adults alike. 

Cyprus in April

Ayia Napa in April

April in Cyprus is a perfect month for taking long walks, going hiking, driving around the island, or riding a bike along the coast. I personally like that there are still few tourists at this time and no crowds on the streets. 

April weather in Cyprus is very warm and pleasant. It is already not chilly and not too hot yet. Day temperature in April is approximately +22 to +25°C which feels very comfortable. At this time the whole island blooms across its fields and slopes producing aromatic spring smells.

During the day, I would dress up in a T-shirt, shorts, not forgetting to apply some sunscreen. But in the evening or at night when going for a walk, I would recommend grabbing a sweater. Because Cyprus temperature in April in the evening can get quite cool: about +11° +13° degrees.

If you hope to swim in the sea at this time of the year, you will be disappointed. The water temperature is at best +19 degrees. However, throughout the month (especially at the end of it), it is possible to sunbathe and relax on the beach. Towards the end of April, the water becomes more or less suitable for swimming.

At least the Cyprus sea in April is crystal clear. It becomes a beautiful scenery and perfect background for photos. 

April is also a month when water parks open and when it’s possible to attend another festival Tulip festival in the village of Polemi. But the main event of this month is Easter. In preparation for the bright Resurrection of Christ, locals clean their houses, bake Easter cakes, paint eggs and roast a young lamb on a spit. On Easter night, all believers participate in the night liturgy. 

April is the first month for tourism in Cyprus to start booming again for the year. There are still not many tourists around, but prices start climbing up and it’s not so easy to catch last-minute tours. Yet, lodging at this time of the year is much cheaper than in summer. 

Cyprus in May

visiting Cyprus in May
Larnaca in May

May in Cyprus is probably an unofficial month for summer. Temperatures are getting higher every day, cloudy days are rare and cold winds are on the downhill.

The air temperature during the day is stable at around 26°C, and by the end of the month in some places it reaches as much as 30°C! Near the coast, in the northern and western parts, it is a little cooler. Inside the island throughout May, the heat is already almost everywhere and temperatures hit the mark of +30°C, so in Nicosia it is better to choose hotels with a pool and air conditioning.

The water is not yet as warm as in summer, but there are all conditions for swimming. The average sea temperature off the coast gradually approaches a more comfortable level of +23°C. 

Holidays in Cyprus in May promise warm walks and lush nature. You can swim and relax under the sun or visit Paphos, Polis, Protaras and other seaside resorts of the country that are open in full. Prices for tour packages, accommodation, and car rentals slightly increase, because we are talking about the beginning of a tourist boom.

May is that time of the year when Cyprus pleases with its incredibly beautiful nature. Plants and flowers are still full of moisture and are not affected by the activity of the heat. Swimming season starts in the first week and sun stays very gentle for a long time. 

Visiting Cyprus in May is best for different activities, including family tours, visits to historic towns and villages, road trips, national park visits, and vacations by the beach. Although the sun is not strong yet, sunscreen and sun-protective wear are a must.

May 27th is the day when the island says goodbye to spring and people celebrate the flower festival in all cities, filling the streets with festive parades and flower fairs. Don’t miss a trip to Paphos which turns into a flower garden and where everyone celebrates this holiday on an incredible scale. Positive emotions and vivid impressions will be enough for you for the year ahead!

What is Northern Cyprus in Spring Like

Northern Cyprus in spring

Just like its Greek half, spring is also the perfect time to travel to Northern Cyprus. There are even fewer tourists than on the southern side and the weather is not different from the rest of the island. 

Spring in Northern Cyprus is also pleasant. Sunny warm days allow to start sunbathing early but seawater temperature becomes comfortable for swimming in the second part of May. Rains are possible, but they are short and very rare.

Everywhere in North Cyprus is equally beautiful to travel in spring but some places hold a better reason for that. Among must-visit places are Kyrenia with St. Hilarion Castle and Ghost Town Famagusta, which in some ways has a similar story to Kayakoy near Fethiye in Turkey. Also, check their hotels and resorts that operate under the Turkish all-inclusive concept.

If traveling from Southern Cyprus into the North, crossings at the border at this time of the year usually don’t take longer than 5 minutes. So it is one of the best reasons why to rent a car anywhere on the island and go on a little adventure.

You may even consider coming to Northern Cyprus for your vacation when flying directly from one of the Turkish cities. If you do that, remember that you will not be able to go to the Greek half of the island since international airport in Northern Cyprus is not considered a legal entry point into the country.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is generally less expensive while the quality and service are not lower of the standard as on the Greek side. In some cases, it is even better. 

The cuisine is great and it offers a great variety of choices, although Turkish cafes prevail which in my opinion is not a bad thing! 

visiting Cyprus in spring

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