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Welcome to my Turkey Travel Guide!

Who is My Turkey Page For?

Are you planning a trip to Turkey? That’s amazing because there is so much about this country! I hope with my Turkey travel guide, you’ll be able to answer all the important questions and get the most of your trip.

I decided to create a separate section on my blog dedicated to Turkey to bring you the best information about life and travels here.

Together with my husband, I am living part of the year in Turkey and traveling extensively around the country. I want to share my first-hand experience of living in Turkey as a foreigner, buying a property, and of course, discovering the country from one corner to another. And to tell you the truth, there is a lot to explore!

I hope this guide will be useful whether you are already living in Turkey and planning to explore a new region or if visiting Turkey for the first time.

First Time in Turkey? Start With These Guides

I have more than 150 posts about Turkey on this blog where some of them are personal stories or itineraries, others are food and travel guides, detailed cultural insights, and different tips to make travel easier!

All of them are organized into different categories depending on the region of Turkey, season, and type of travel.
If you don’t have time to go through them all now, bookmark my page and come back later!

Plan Your Turkey Travel in Advance

Here are just a few of the travel resources that I personally love and use every time I am in Turkey!

Car Hire

This is the website I use most of the time to rent a car in Turkey (see more of my tips on car hire below)

Find a Car

Local Tours

I never miss a chance to go on a free tour in Turkey. And I often use this company for booking private tours

Best of Istanbul

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this recourse!

Car Hire

This is the website I use most of the time to rent a car in Turkey (see more of my tips on car hire below)

Find a Car

Local Tours

I never miss a chance to go on a free tour in Turkey. And I often use this company for booking private tours

Best of Istanbul

Spark your interest before a Montenegro trip even more with
this recourse!

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Most Popular Destinations in Turkey


Istanbul, although not being a capital, is one of the most famous and popular cities in Turkey. It is considered a cultural and commercial center of the country which is also a very special place with an endless list of things to do. Besides an amazing heritage of art, culture, history, and architecture Istanbul is also a culinary hub.

You can visit Istanbul on its own or when on a trip around Turkey

But my main advice to you is not to be in a hurry. One or two days here is never enough. I recommend planning to spend at least five full days in Istanbul and explore the city at a slower pace. During this time you will be able to visit all significant tourist attractions, see vibrant life on  Asian and European sides, get acquainted with Turkish cuisine, and even venture to some lesser-known spots.

romantic places in Bodrum


A lot of travelers from Europe add Bodrum city to their itineraries when visiting Turkey. And no wonder why.

Bodrum is all about tangerine gardens, the purest Aegean Sea, beach clubs, a light breeze even during the hottest months, yacht cruises, romantic bars, and discos. Its architecture – narrow streets, low white houses, gardens, long embankments – reminds Greece. Bodrum is like no other city in Turkey.

During the holy month of Ramadan, there is practically no free space there – all of Turkey strives to go to Bodrum.

It doesn’t have any huge hotel complexes as Antalya, and the sea here is incredibly crystal clear and clean. The wind blows from all sides of the peninsula, so even at the height of summer it is never too hot here.

This destination is great for anyone who loves active vacation, nightlife, live music, rich restaurant scene, endless outdoor terraces overlooking the sea and history. Yes, there are quite a few historic places to visit on the Bodrum peninsula.


Cappadocia is the eighth wonder of the world in Turkey. This is the place with countless breathtaking panoramas and where the biggest number of hot air balloons in the world take off at the same time.

Cappadocia is not a city or a resort. It is an area and a region that unites several cities and towns.

There are many reasons to visit Cappadocia, not just to fly in a hot air balloon and take stunning photos.
Let me show you here what to do & see in Cappadocia, where to stay and how to have the best experience ever!

The season in Cappadocia lasts all year round, so you can definitely plan a trip for any time of the year!

December in Antalya Turkey


Antalya is the heart of the Turkish Riviera and the administrative center of the province of the same name. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the airport and numbering almost 2.5 million residents. Reaching Antalya is easy from pretty much anywhere in the world both during the “low” and during the “high” season which lasts from early May to November.

It has a well-developed infrastructure with hotels for various budgets, restaurants, cafes, shops, nightclubs, and many types of entertainment. Together with nearby towns of Kemer, Side, Alanya, Belek, Göynük, Beldibi, and others, Antalya offers excellent conditions for recreation, beach holidays, excursions, day trips, hiking, entertainment, and shopping. In winter, Antalya is a wonderful destination for skiing and cultural travel.

Every type of traveler will find something to his liking here. All-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, finest beaches, nearby mountains, waterparks, zoos, canyons, and more. The sea is clean and beaches regularly receive awards of a “Blue Flag”.

But besides the fact that Antalya has everything for an excellent holiday, it is also a great destination for couples on their romantic honeymoons, digital nomads, retirees, and everyone who works remotely.  

Renting a Car in Turkey – How to Have the Best Experience

Are you thinking of renting a car in Turkey? I have a separate post about car hire in Turkey where I discuss every single question that you may think of on this topic, including the best rental car companies, and what’s required when you are renting a car!

Fethiye to Pamukkale by car

More Car Hire Tips Depending on the Region

See Other Regions of Turkey

Western Turkey

What is Western Turkey? It is that part of the country that is washed by the Marmara and Aegean Seas. Western Turkey is famous for clean beaches, pine forests, ancient ruins and legends, thermal springs and balneological centers, and beautiful cities.

But besides them, Western Turkey also has ancient settlements, small port cities, historical shrines of different religions, both Christian and Muslim, wineries, cheese and olive oil farms, beautiful mountains, and much more. 

Some cities from Western Turkey have their own category on this blog (like Bodrum, for example) but there are many more places to visit, so I include them here. 

Places to See in Western Turkey

Custom Itineraries for You

Need an Itinerary?

If you need help customizing a Turkey itinerary personalized for your needs, send me a message, and I’ll send you my prices. 

Eating & Drinking in Turkey

Eating & Drinking in Turkey

Turkish food culture is amazing. It is diverse and local, simple and wholesome. You can travel here only for food and that will keep you busy for a while.

Turkey is one of seven countries in the world that produces enough food to feed all of its citizens and export some of its agricultural products to other countries. And Turkish cuisine is famous all over the world. It is one of the three best cuisines (after French and Chinese) and is famous for its diversity and antiquity.

Food plays an important role in the life of every Turk. Dinner can last for several hours and breakfast on weekends even longer!


26 Typical Turkish Breakfast Ideas: What to Eat For Breakfast in Turkey

What & Where to Eat in Istanbul: 29 Amazing Restaurants, Cafes and Terraces

Moving to Turkey

Thinking about moving to Turkey? I hear you! 

Relatively in the recent past, moving to Turkey was a real gamble. Those who decided to immigrate had a lot to overcome. Today, this process is much easier and Turkey as a country offers different opportunities for foreigners to become permanent residents or digital nomads. 

In this section of my Turkey travel guide, I’d love to share first-hand information and tips about the actual process of moving to Turkey, mistakes not to make, how to apply for Turkish residency, find housing, a job and how to make friends. More posts on all these topics are yet to come…