What to Do in Kotor: 10+ Super Cool Ideas for Your Vacation

Last Updated January, 2020

Visiting Kotor does not only imply visiting the old part of the city. It is ideal for a weekend trip or a two-week vacation, really. If you are wondering where to go and what to do in Kotor, I would love to share a list of my favorite things that I believe are great for the first acquaintance with this beautiful city. 

In this post, I am sharing information only on Kotor attractions and sightseeing. If you are also looking for more tips on Montenegro travel, check my other posts or see travel resources for Montenegro at the end of the article. 

During the time Mark and I lived in Montenegro, we have been to Kotor and the surrounding area many, many times. All the information I share is based on my own experiences. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section.

What to Do in Kotor – General Tips & Ideas what to do in Kotor

Like many cities in Europe that have a long history, Kotor consists of old and new parts. When you visit, you have to go to the old part which is surrounded by the fortress walls. It has a fascinating mix of Venetian, Austrian and Baroque architecture. Additionally, narrow cobblestone streets, marble squares, endless palaces, and churches – they make you feel like in the Middle Ages.

Along with Durmitor National Park that I wrote about in my other post, Old Kotor is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And in my opinion, it is the most beautiful old town among all the other cities in Montenegro.

So below is a list of general activities and things to do in Kotor for any occasion. I believe they are all great to experience. However, if you don’t have a lot of time, you won’t be able to cover them all. So pick what you like more and what reflects your travel lifestyle and enjoy your trip to this gorgeous city of the Balkans. 

Where to Stay in Kotor – Historical Charming Accommodation 

Depending on the type of vacation and your budget, you can find any option your heart desires. Rent a villa on the coast with a pool or private beach, an apartment, a hotel room, a room in a guest house or a bed in a hostel.

Here are a few of my favorite picks:

VARDAR HOTEL: A very beautiful hotel in the heart of Kotor in the main square. Grab a bite to eat at Galion Fish Restaurant. It has good food and a very nice view of the bay. Another win-win option is the restaurant at the Astoria hotel with an unusual interior (a huge tree grows inside) and a panoramic terrace.

PALAZZO RADOMIRI: A stunning 18th-century palace full of history and luxury has an amazing location and absolutely unbeatable views. The hotel features spacious rooms, gym, outdoor pool, sauna, private beach and offers yoga classes. If you are looking for quality time and full relaxation, take a look at this hotel.

APARTMENTS OLIVE: One of the most budget-friendly options in Dobrota. In this place, you get clean rooms and everything you may need for a comfortable stay. Even though the apartment is located a bit farther from Kotor’s old town, you can still easily reach it on foot. Each room features a balcony and the hotel has a garden.

APARTMENT PALATA BIZANTI: Fresh and clean one-bedroom apartment in a historical place in the city center. It comes with a kitchenette, washing machine, air conditioner and is close to a grocery store, restaurants, and all main activities. 

What to Do in Kotor – Cool Ideas For Your Vacation 


In front of the walls of the Old Town near the Port of Kotor, to the right of the main entrance, there is a city market. It is notable for the fact that people from all over Montenegro bring homemade products here.

This is the place where you can find fresh meat and fish, the finest fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey, bread, cheese, and other products. Local farmers living in the mountains bring here various cheeses of their own production. Montenegro is famous for its goat cheese, as well as pork ham prosciutto (similar to Spanish Jamon).

Like any market, it’s better to come as early as possible, but the usual working hours are from 7.00 to 15.00. Some sellers may come later and leave earlier. The busiest day on the market is Saturday but it is open on other days too.

If you don’t feel like buying anything, look around and sample a few products. They are so good that you’ll want to buy at least something to snack on it later. You can sample almost everything there.

kotor what to do


As I mentioned earlier (or if you read other sources), you know that the old town is surrounded by a thick fortress wall which is 4.5 km long. To get inside the Old town you need to find one of three gates:

Sea gate – this is the main entrance to the town. Most people enter through this gate. 
River gates – located in the northern part of the town near the river Shkurda. You can enter through a beautiful arch bridge.
Gurdich Gate – near the Gurdich River in the southern part. 

The fortress walls are also interesting in that way that you can climb them and walk around the perimeter of Kotor at the level of the roofs. There are passages in several places and it’s not difficult to find them. Feel free just to walk along the wall and look for stairs. They’ll bring you to the top of the wall. 


The old town of Kotor is not big, but very picturesque. It has a long and complicated history. The Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Goths, and the Arab pirates, Serbs and Bulgarians, Napoleon and the Austro-Hungarian Empire managed to invade this city. At some point, it was even burned by the grandson of Genghis Khan!

Also, Kotor suffered from earthquakes on a few occasions. In 1979, there was one big earthquake which partially destroyed the city. Soon after that, UNESCO took it under its protection.

what to do in kotor

All for all, you would need a few hours to take a short walk, gaze on history, wander around narrow streets, and stop for a cup of coffee in one of the local cafes. At the same time, you would need a day or even a two if you would like to go inside of many buildings, visit museums, stay overnight in a historical place and go on one of a few stunning hikes.

Kotor in summer gets incredibly busy. But, surprisingly, almost never too hot. It’s nice to walk here in the summer in hot weather because the narrow streets get nice ventilation and lots of shade. There are also many cats walking around and living in the city.

And main churches and cathedrals to see in Kotor Old Town are:

– St. Tryphon Cathedral;

– St. Nicholas Orthodox Church;

– Ancient Orthodox Church of St. Luke;

– Church of St. Mary;


what to see in Kotor

what to do in Kotor
things to do in kotor

One of the most interesting things to do in Kotor, in my opinion, is climbing to the St. John Fortress. It is the most touristy place in Montenegro and Balkan region in general but still, it is very much worth your effort and time. From the top, you get stunning views of the old town, port and the Bay of Kotor.

If you have a couple of hours of time and energy to overcome 1460 steps uphill, then I highly recommend doing it. 

There are two options on how to get to the top of the fortress. The first one is a free one which takes more time but you walk an old road. The second option is a paid one where you climb the stairs. I have a detailed post on this climb. Check out my best hikes in Montenegro post to find out. 

TIP: If hiking in the summer, you need to start the ascent in the morning before 8 am when it is still not too hot. Take 1-1.5 liters of water per person with you and a hat. Until 8 am the entrance is free. If you go late in the evening, expect to take pictures against the sun.


Kotor Old Town has quite a few nice restaurants and cafes where you can get a meal and enjoy your time. Yet, for meat lovers, I recommend stopping for lunch (or dinner) at BBQ TANJGA cafe

It looks inconspicuous and like a very basic eatery but the food is absolutely delicious there. If you are up for local meat, this is the best place in Kotor so far.

How it works, you pick the food (like a burger, steak, sausage, etc.) from the showcase and the cook prepares it for you in a minute. Portions are huge and two people can easily share one plate. Mark and I ate there a few times always ordering just one dish and still had leftovers to take home. 

Be prepared to wait for the table in the evening. 


If you love visiting historical places and wonder what to do in Kotor besides seeing the churches and walking the historic streets, then visit one of its beautiful palaces. They are really special.

In fact, Kotor’s palaces look like ordinary buildings and most people don’t even know that when walking around the city. Often though, they attract someone’s attention with their bas-reliefs and coats of arms.

Not knowing that the palace is in front of you, you can easily pass by it too. So here are a few ideas for you where to go:

– One of the most famous palaces is Beskuch Palace

Pima Palace and Flour Square. Among the streets of old Kotor, there is one palace from the architectural ensemble of the city. The style of the palace is complemented by a stone terrace, a long balcony, and courtyard. It is located on Flour Square which has repeatedly suffered from earthquakes until the 17th century.

Palace of Drago Family. The building itself is made in the Gothic style of the XV century with baroque elements. After the mysterious disappearance of a noble family, ownership passed to the city. It was converted into a kindergarten and subsequently taken care of after earthquakes and severe destruction.

Gergurin Palace. The building was erected in the XVIII century in the late Baroque style. The main accents were stone balconies and balustrades, as well as the symmetry of the main facade of the palace, where a family coat of arms – a goat – towered above the central part. Now, this building is home to the Maritime Museum. If you are visiting Kotor on a rainy day, it’s a great place to go to.

what to do in Kotor


Frankly speaking, it will take a lot of time to ride around the Bay of Kotor. But you don’t really need to go that far. What I suggest doing, if you enjoy biking, is to rent a bike and go through Dobrota to Perast or even Risan, or in opposite direction to Donji Stoliv. You’ll pass by many beaches (mainly concrete platform ones), cute cafes, beautiful villas, and gardens. 

Each ride is very scenic and offers plenty of opportunities for photos. If you go to Donji Stoliv and feel hungry, stop at Bokeski Gusti restaurant to try their seafood. Portions are big, everything is very delicious and the view of the bay and mountains is spectacular. 

There is an outside rental shop near the Port of Kotor where you can rent a bike for about 15 euros per day per person. In exchange, they ask you to leave a driver’s license or passport. 

TIP: The stretch of the road between Dobrota and Perast doesn’t have any biking path or shoulder. Therefore you’d need to share it with vehicles. Also, it goes uphill, so on a hot summer day, it may be better to start as early as possible and have water with you. 


This is probably the most popular Kotor activity and rightfully so. On the boat tour around the Bay of Kotor, you will go on an unforgettable voyage where you’ll be able to get acquainted with the unique nature and rich history of Montenegro, as well as see beautiful medieval cities and small islands.

There are so many different boat tours to choose from. Some of them include a visit to the old secret naval base, one of the most beautiful beaches where tourists can relax and swim in the clear water. Others are more informative with a quick visit to the most beautiful place of the Montenegrin coast the Blue Cave. 

Once in Kotor, you will notice a huge number of offers from the organizers of boat trips on yachts and boats. In the summertime, they sell pretty quickly, so I recommend booking a tour in advance online. 


Kotor’s seafront starts on a one-side street near the Burger Factory cafe and stretches from Kotor to a small adjoining town Dobrota.

This is one of my favorite areas in Kotor because of the beautiful walking path, stunning views, seagulls and many cafes where you can stop for a drink. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

It’s very pleasant to stroll here looking at villas, houses, and hotels facing the bay and listening to the sound of the sea. The northern part of the seafront near the Palazzo Radomiri is a spot where you can watch the sunset. The colors of the sunset are amazing. 

Things to Do in Kotor on a Rainy Day or If You Enjoy Museums

Kotor has two unique and really cool museums. I recommend to visit them either on a rainy day or if you have more time in the city.

Cats Museum. The idea of creating an unusual cats museum, the second in Europe after Amsterdam, came to mind after the donation of thousands of cards with cats, medals, magazines, and books from the 17th century. The Museum is really small and costs only €1 but it offers some weird facts about cats. If you are visiting Kotor with kids, they’ll enjoy this place.

Maritime Museum. This museum is the pride of Kotor with a few collections from different eras. It presents the rich marine history of the Adriatic Sea coast and the Bay of Kotor. The museum is located in an old building, that used to be the Gergurin Palace (the one I mentioned above).

What to Do in Kotor From a Cruise Ship 

I know that cruise ships usually stop in Kotor for 6-12 hours. This is enough time to have a quick tour of the city and see the main attractions. 

Among all the sightseeing spots I mentioned in this post, I would love to highlight only a few for those who are visiting Kotor from a cruise ship

So, my number one recommendation, if you are in good shape and enjoy extensive walking and hiking, is to climb St. John fortress and see Kotor from above. The very next thing I recommend doing is to walk the pedestrian road along the seafront towards Dobrota, making a stop in one of the lovely waterfront cafes.

For the climb, if you have more time in the city, start near the hidden free entrance to the fort. Yes, it will take you longer (around 1.5 hours) but chances are you will be among only a few people from your cruise ship on that path. If you have only a few hours and don’t have time to go to the top, I recommend climbing the stairs at least to the first viewing platform. It will not take much time but you will be able to get this view:

what to do in Kotor

The standard route for all tourists who leave the cruise ship lays through the Sea Gate into the old town. Almost no one ever goes in another direction. If you choose to go straight on a hike to the fort, taking the path I recommend, you’ll be able to see Old Town on the way back when taking the stairs down. 

For the seafront walk, stop at Kotor beach, St. Elijah Church from where you get a mesmerizing view of the Kotor Bay and also stop for a drink or snack at one of the multiple restaurants. All of them are very nice. One of our favorites though was Konoba Bonaca, Palazzo and Ponta Caffe.

If you are not in a good shape or don’t feel like walking a lot, start your exploration of the Old Town from the south. The best way to enter it is through the Gurdich gate (the one I mentioned above). In this way, you won’t be walking the same streets twice.

Even if you don’t plan to climb the fortress, I still advise walking towards the gate where the staircase begins. It will provide an opportunity to stroll through some cute back streets, see how people live and even get some views of the sea in a distance. 

More Montenegro Travel Resources 

If this will be your first time in Montenegro, I have some resources to help you get the best of your trip. First of all, start with my guide to where to stay in Montenegro. Then check out my very detailed posts with Montenegro travel tips and winter travel in Montenegro. They will give you an idea of what to expect from the country. If thinking to rent a car, here is my car hire in the Montenegro guide. 

Nature-lovers should take a look at my posts about Lovcen National Park, the best beaches in Montenegro, hiking in Durmitor National Park and Montenegro hiking in general. 

If you would love to go off the beaten path and see less-visited but no less beautiful places, read my post to hidden places in Montenegro

Since I lived in Montenegro and plan to return there in the spring, I have a lot to share with you guys. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to know what Mark and I are up to and when the next post on Montenegro travel is up. And happy travels! 

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My list of things to do in Kotor, Montenegro will help you make the most of your trip on the first or twenty-first visit. Find out where to go and what to do in this historical charming city! #Kotor #Montenegrotravel #bestofmontenegro

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