Can you help me plan my trip?

Yes, I (Anya) can help you plan your trip but I charge money for this service. Over the years, working as a travel agent, hospitality professional, and personal assistant, I planned a lot of trips and created many itineraries. If you are seriously looking for someone’s help and are ready to pay, feel free to contact me. I will send you a package with pricing and details on what I offer.

Otherwise, there are a lot of free guides and loads of very detailed posts on this blog that answer many questions and offer tips.

If you have just one specific question, we are asking you to leave a comment under the relevant blog post. In this way, other readers who might have the same question will find it too. We always respond to all our comments, although it may take a few days.

Do you accept guest posts?

We accept guest posts but at the same time, we are very picky about them. We can accept your writing only if it has a minimum of 2500 words in it, lots of travel tips, is detail-oriented and can be relevant to subjects we personally write about.

We do not accept general posts such as “Things to do, foods to eat and places to visit” and so on.

NOTE: Generic “Hi there”, “Hello”, “I love your blog”, etc. email-requests go straight to the Trash box and are marked as spam. If you don’t bother to find our names (that are pretty much all over our blog) and write a personalized email, we don’t even bother to open your letter and read it, not to say to respond back. Also, in these cases, don’t waste your time sending a follow up because we do not plan to reply.

Having said that, we respond only to professionally written and thoughtful emails.

Do you allow sponsored posts for money in exchange for a do-follow link?

We allow sponsored posts but only in exchange for a no-follow link. However, there is certain criteria we follow for sponsored posts. Please get in touch and we will send it to you.

Additionally to sponsored posts, we may produce a review/post ourselves after trying your product. Although those reviews we write have only no-follow links too.

If you have a company that is looking for a sponsored post, please get in touch for our rate card.

Will you promote my company or product for free?

No, we do not promote companies or products for free. Besides that, overall, we are also very selective with product and service reviews that we charge money for. Those companies and products we choose to promote should strictly correspond with our goals and mission of this blog.

If you believe your products will complement our blog posts and add value to our readers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Do you always travel together?

We are partners in life, partners in love and we are partners in business. First of all, we enjoy spending time with each other. And second, the goal of all our travels is not only to discover a new place but also to be able to produce high-quality content later. On all our trips, each of us is responsible for different tasks. So yes, we travel together (excluding some family-related trips).

If you are a brand or travel agency who is reading this, please take this information into account since we require payment for travel for both of us.

Do you have more content on how to get into the hospitality business?

We get this and similar questions on a daily basis now, so I wanted to address them.

I (Anya) am working on more content and plan to start publishing it soon. Since it’s mainly me now writing posts for our blog and since there are still so many more topics I want to cover, it takes some time. But more posts on hospitality will be up soon.

Do you have a different question to ask?

Then contact us here!