What RoadIsCalling Is About

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by to discover what “Road Is Calling” is about!

You’ve noticed that this blog is about travel. Yes, it is. But not that type of travel when you go to a different place for a week or two once or twice a year. Also, not about the travel when you have to quit your job to travel, leave everything behind, turn into a budget traveler and hop from one place to another with a goal to tick off as many countries on your list as you can.

“Road is Calling” is about the Slow Travel – travel when you choose not to be in a hurry and stay in one place as long as you feel like it. It is about the life and work abroad lifestyle that enables you to see the world at your own pace. It is not only about the remote work or a physical job in another country. Our story of travel is about various opportunities on how to see the world and make money at the same time.

On this blog we share information on how we get to move around, travel qualitatively, save money but still traveling in style, settle in a new to us place for some time (at least a month) while exploring the region and getting to know the culture. Here we share our own secrets and lessons how to turn travel into a lifestyle.

A little bit more about us..

We are Mark and Anya, an American couple with Eastern European descent who have a longing for a slow pace travel. Each of us is an adventure seeker, a nature addict, and gourmand who loves learning about other cultures and gets easily inspired by beauty everywhere.

We come from Eastern Europe (from Ukraine and Russia) but for almost 10 years called the U.S. our home. We got a chance to work and study across this vast country and lived in New Jersey, Washington DC, Florida, Kentucky, and California while extensively exploring North America continent. It was during the time in the States when we learned that our curious minds got bitten by a wicked travel bug and we urged to see more.

In May 2017 we left the United States corporate bubble and set off on a journey around the world to have mini-lives in other places around the globe and to find a place we can potentially settle down at. While traveling and experiencing life from a different perspective, we are also working on a goal to become financially and geographically independent. What exactly we are working on? On online consulting business and lots of side projects. Also, we are actively developing this blog. You know, we just strive to work remotely and try hard so we wouldn’t need to go back to an office life (that’s a personal choice which is definitely not for everyone.)

We are strong believers that nowadays there are multiple opportunities for everyone to move across the borders and be able to choose for themselves where to study, work, travel and live. Each of us can make a living pretty much anywhere in the world and feel at home in any country. The world has not been more open than it is today. We just need to know the ways and take some time to make a change.

We are neither backpackers nor a gap year takers. Also, we haven’t quit our jobs, gave and sold away our belongings (there was not much to sell, haha) leaving everything behind just for the sake of travel. It was never a goal for us.

And by no means, we encourage you to do the same. No, and absolutely not.

We actually believe it’s simply amazing to have a job, home, farm, garden, car, stability, and security, be a homestay parent, be enrolled in school, move up the career ladder or anything else you wish to have or be. If it’s something that makes you happy and brings you true life satisfaction then keep going and pursuing it. We are all different and we are supposed to prefer different ways of living.

However, no matter what your lifestyle is, we still encourage you to travel (even if it is within your region only) and dive into the exploration because a life of a journey makes our world kinder, nicer and better place for us all.

An ultimate message from us to you:

Life experiences are far more valuable than money or things will ever be. Don’t be afraid to lose sight of the shore and discover new oceans. Turn moments into memories by having the courage to leave your comfort zone and seeing the world through new eyes. Travel slowly and qualitatively. Home is not a place, it is a feeling.

And the last..

Not all glitter is gold. There are good and bad sides of each destination we visit or live in, and we promise to reflect on that (like this one, about Cambodia, for instance.) Cool pictures and positive stories are great to share, but we want to show you a reality of each place.

In all our travels we follow the golden mean between budget and luxury. We don’t stay in hostels, sleep in tents or sleeping bags, we love comfort and style. However, we believe that traveling in style should not be always expensive. Allow us to demonstrate how we save, find deals and what steps we take to splurge and get the most value out of each dollar we spend.

Both of us come from unprivileged countries and know how difficult it can get to secure your life and follow your dreams freely. Difficult is not impossible though and we want to show you that through our own experiences.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anya and Mark

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