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  • change and growth

    2020 In Review: How This Year of Pain Prompted Me to Change & Grow

    Usually, I don’t write posts in the form of reviews that would summarize my year or a specific event. But 2020 was just too remarkable, affecting every single person on this earth, including me and my family. So I wanted to share a quick review that can be encouraging for some of you guys. Because this year of pain and…

  • how to stay positive no matter what

    10 Helpful Hints On How To Stay Positive No Matter What the Circumstances Are

    We all go through times of uncertainty and moments when life seems unpredictable. During those times, staying positive and motivated is a challenge. Like now. Our world is going through a big change. With the corona madness, unemployment, collapsed economies, closed borders, protests, wars, personal problems, oh my god there is just so much. It’s really not surprising that we…

  • Montenegro in winter travel

    When You Feel Stuck in Life – to Travel or Settle Down?

    I am pretty sure you know this feeling. That one when you feel stuck in life and not sure which way to go. You are lost and somehow hopeless. I know you know. Because each of us at some point goes through moments of stuckness. No matter what your reasons for an internal fight against the unknowns of life are,…

  • quitting my job to travel

    Quitting my job to travel the world. How smart is that?

    I have been thinking for a while to touch on the topic of quitting my job to travel the world. Somehow it keeps bothering me tremendously. I keep meeting more and more people who are proclaiming this idea of leaving a 9 to 5 job in order to travel full-time for an uncertain period of time. Some of those people…

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