Travel With Me


Throughout the years I have been to more than 70 countries (and 46 states of the US). Besides occasional travels, I also lived in different places (Ukraine where I am from, USA, Vietnam, Turkey, Georgia, Montenegro, and Spain) that I got to know extensively.

All of these experiences have laid the foundation for all my thorough guides (where many are detailed itineraries), which help to delve into every country in detail.

Experience these places the way I do and see them in an unconventional way!


Africa is that continent that I started to explore just recently. So far, my favorite country there is Morocco (in its section I share some truly unique gems) but more places are on the way!


Europe is home that I love dearly. I am on a mission to visit every single country (very doable, right?) but the list of places I’ve been to is already long. Here are some of my favorite destinations.


The Middle East has a special place in my heart. I have always had an affinity for Eastern culture, cuisine, and religious customs. However, after living in Dubai for some time and traveling around the area, I completely fell in love with that region!


At some point in my life, I called USA my home (spent almost 10 years there!), it was always a lot of fun to travel around the country and I love to return there from time to time. Here are some of my most epic American adventures!


SE Asia polarizes opinions – people either adore it or not. Personally, after traveling through the continent, I have very mixed feelings and they found their way through my thoughts into the following posts!