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Is Montenegro a Good Country for You Personally?

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This Montenegro Travel Guide was made for people like me who want to explore the heart of the Balkans without spending much and see how much beauty is there on a small stretch of land!

No matter how you look at it, Montenegro has played a significant role throughout history, shaping its identity and leaving a lasting impact on the Balkan region. But more than that, this country is incredibly beautiful and offers a load of activities for all types of travelers.

So if you want to have one of the best European beach holidays on a budget, hike the Alps-like mountains, go on a scenic road trip in a camper, or even see the fjords, you can find it all in Montenegro together with many more surprising things to do!

And my Montenegro tourist guide will give you lots of inspiration and ideas for where to go and how to plan your perfect Montenegro holiday!

Montenegro coast

Planning a Trip to Montenegro?

Below are must-have resources, essential travel tips, important Montenegro tourist info, and my best travel guides!

I accumulated these Montenegro travel tips over years of repetitive travel and extended period of time when I lived in the country. Browse them all and if you still have a question, get in touch with me!

Renting a Car in Montenegro in 2024 – What’s New This Year

After living in Montenegro and traveling there many times, I want to share my best tips on car hire in Montenegro and how to score cheap car rentals

car rental Montenegro

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Montenegro Travel Guides About Cities and Hotels

Montenegro Accommodation & Where to Stay

Discover Kotor Bay the Way I Do

Bay in Kotor in Detail

Kotor Bay is one of my favorite places in Montenegro, I even found an apartment here where to settle for some time and explore the region in depth! Here I am sharing my best finds and best things to do that will help you have the most memorable visit!

Don’t Miss These Places in Montenegro

Montenegro Mountains & Nature

Montenegro’s mountains are unique in their ruggedness and diverse landscape, with a stunning combination of fjord-like bays, deep canyons, glacial lakes, and soaring peaks. They are part of the Dinaric Alps and share some similarities with them.

National Parks
Montenegro nature