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How Many Days Do You Need in Montenegro? – Find Out Answering These Questions

When I assist others in crafting a Montenegro itinerary, people often ask me how many days in Montenegro are enough for a meaningful trip. And I often answer that everything here depends not just on your interests and specific attractions you want to include, but also on the pace and how much you traveled in the past.

The reason for that is that there is no straight answer with Montenegro that would suit everyone. Everything will depend on the season when you are coming, whether you like the beach and want to include swimming or not, if you plan to stay in the cities, and what you expect to receive from this country overall.

Below I am sharing answers to some of the most common questions I receive via email. Take a moment to review them and see if they match your inquiries. If not, feel free to leave me a comment at the end of the post, and I’ll be sure to address it for you and others who may also wonder how much time to spend in Montenegro.

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How Many Days to Spend in Montenegro If Visiting First Time & Wanting to See This Country as a Whole?

spending days in Montenegro

At least one week, but 10 days would be ideal. This timeframe is a good starting point to see the main sights of Montenegro, spend a bit of time on some of the beaches (or at the beach club), and possibly go on one of the hikes in the country. In this way, you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

If you are a beach bum and want to dedicate at least a couple of full days to laying on the beach, then plan to spend 2 weeks in Montenegro.

This is also a good timeframe if you’d like to venture into Montenegro’s interior to discover its natural wonders together with the old royal capital Niksic, go on a road trip visiting religious landmarks like Ostrog Monastery or ancient city of Cetinje, spend time in the Bay of Kotor, along the Adriatic coast, and in the mountains.

Spending 4-5 days in Montenegro is better than nothing (especially if you are combining this trip with Albania or Croatia) but this is not enough time to see the country, not to mention fewer days than that.

How Many Days in Montenegro for a Road Trip

Montenegro mountains

You’d want to plan at least 10 days. I saw other people mentioning 7 days but after living in the country and exploring everywhere from towns in Kotor Bay to hidden places in different corners, I just know how many interesting things are here and I do not think that a road trip shorter than 10 days will be enough.

Well, technically you can drive around the whole country in less time and still see a lot, but such a road trip will be rushed and there is no chance of experiencing everything Montenegro is famous for, and that is (at the first place) – mountains (with a bit of hiking or walking), activities by the sea (not necessarily beaches), wineries and olive oil farms, and of course time spent in the Bay of Kotor (which by the way is a true jewel by its own with a big list of attractions). 

Thus, that being said – plan 10-14 days in Montenegro for a road trip where 2 weeks will be optimal.

How Much Time to Spend in Montenegro on Its Beaches?

Budva beach

Ha, this can be as short or as long as you wish since Montenegro beaches are among the most beautiful on the Adriatic Sea. Every year many of them also win blue flags for their cleanness and environmental sustainability, so realistically speaking – it is very easy to spend a week or even two weeks on beaches alone.

With a few days, you’ll need to prioritize a selection of beaches since you won’t be able to visit them all.

Keep in mind that in summer, Kotor Bay road as well as road by the sea gets very busy, and bad traffic is a reality every day. So you’ll be spending quite some time going from one beach to another (be it in a car or bus) than actually appreciating the full beauty and tranquility of each beach.

How Many Days to Spend in Different Montenegrin Cities?

How Many Days in Budva?

how many days in Budva

I personally don’t like Budva (even though I lived here in the past and enjoyed it at that time) as it gets incredibly crowded in the summer and year-round it has this ‘construction atmosphere’ which is quite overwhelming. Lately, it has become increasingly chaotic because it turned into one big construction site (where more and more apartment buildings are rising) and today it resembles an anthill where there’s no consistency in style, and everyone is on top of each other.

But I will admit that Budva has a good choice of nice accommodation for any budget, many stores and even a mall and it is one of the best points from where to see the whole country (it’s just convenient to go on road trips from here and on tours). Oh, and Budva’s beaches are among the nicest in Montenegro.

So I’d say this – if you are driving through Budva on a road trip and wondering how much time you need for the city, I’d say spend at least half a day there. In this way, you can visit its Old Town and dine in one of the atmospheric places. If planning to spend some time on the beach, then devote a full day or even stay overnight to have an extra day by the sea.

Otherwise, skip it. Budva is great where to stay in Montenegro for a beach vacation as nice beaches are in close proximity or to visit it briefly solely for the Old Town.

How Many Days in Kotor?

Dobrota area
best town in Kotor Bay

How many days in Kotor City or how many days in Kotor Bay? That’s a big difference as distances are very different and number of things to do varies as well.

For Kotor itself, one day is enough to walk inside the fortified city walls and climb up the fortress for views of the fjords and Kotor from above. However, Kotor is not just about the daily visit, this city is meant for overnight stays. Its medieval charm and history truly come alive when you have the chance to soak in its atmosphere over a longer period.

I’d genuinely recommend staying 2-3 nights in the Kotor area to experience the whole region within this time. Choose the location to stay in or around Kotor and from there go on different day trips, like the one to Lady of the Rocks and Perast or explore the Vrmac peninsula with towns and hiking trails along Vrmac ridge, also visit an oyster farm in the area, and use a cable car from Kotor to Lovcen National Park with more hiking paths there.

Then if time permits, don’t miss Tivat with the large marina and a couple of beach clubs.

How Many Days in Podgorica?

how many days in Montenegro

Podgorica is beautiful in any season. However, it is not the most interesting city in Montenegro where you’d want to spend much time.

One day there will be enough to get to know the city and visit the main attractions. Unless you’d like to see a lesser-visited part of Montenegro where Skadar Lake and Komovi Mountains are.

In this way, you can plan to stay 5 days in Podgorica, rent a car from AddCar, MTL, or Carwiz in the airport (they just always have the most reasonable prices), and go on road trips (or day trips) to see central and southern Montenegro.

However, if you can’t stand the rain and heat, it’s best not to come to Podgorica in November-December and July and August. The first two months are the rainiest and the two summer months are the hottest when this city is also unbearably humid and when it is better to leave to escape the heat

How Many Days in Herceg Novi?

spending time in Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is one of my favorite cities in Montenegro, so I want to jump ahead and say that it is worth visiting it for as long as you can. Especially considering that there are quite a few attractions here together with lovely restaurants and bars, more than in most other cities in Montenegro. It is second city after Kotor in terms of a number of interesting things to do.

So I’d say plan to spend at least one night in Herceg Novi (or around it) to enjoy one of these activities. Staying here can be also a good point base for winter travel in Montenegro (as it is the most sunny city on the Montenegrin coast) and where to base yourself if you want to visit Dubrovnik outside summer together with Trebinje in Bosnia & Hercegovina.

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