6 Hikes in Montenegro That Will Leave You Speechless

Last Updated December, 2020

One of the best things to do in Montenegro is to go hiking. Still, many people who visit Montenegro mainly head to Kotor, Budva or other coastal towns, missing on all the beauty that lays inside the country. Don’t get me wrong, these places are amazing. There are definitely a lot of things to do in Kotor and around it, in Herceg Novi and Ulcinj. Yet, I encourage you to go on a few hikes in Montenegro to see all the beauty of the mountains and nature.

There are hundreds of various trails to explore. We did a lot of them during the time we lived in Budva and would love to share a list of our favorite ones.

I know, most likely you won’t be able to try all these hikes during your trip. But do not leave without going on at least one of them.

So here is my list of the best hikes in Montenegro you absolutely have to try:

Hike in Kotor to Sveti Ivan Fortress

hikes in Montenegro

This is probably one of the most famous hikes in Montenegro. And in general, Sveti Ivan fortress is well-known among tourists. However, they usually get there taking a road from Old Kotor and paying 8 euros per person for the entrance.

I recommend going to the Northern part of Kotor to start hike for free and with only a few people on the trail. Besides that it’s free and less crowded (if crowded at all) it also opens a beautiful panorama of the city and bay area. The hike is a bit steep and will be somewhat challenging for kids and elder people. If you are used to hiking and walking a lot, you’ll get to the top pretty quickly. If not, just make stops and take it slower.

Once you step on a trail, you’ll start noticing a beautiful view of the city. The higher you go, the more spectacular view will be opening up.

hikes in Montenegro
Hiking towards that tiny window in the wall and going to climb inside the fortress

hikes in Montenegro

For directions: this hike starts near Apartments Ana and zigzags for almost two kilometers up to the top.

What to know: much of the hike is in open sunlight, so it can get incredibly hot in summer. Have plenty of water with you, sunscreen and hat.

On the way back you can take Old Town road which is known as the ladder of Kotor and exit through the gate where others pay to enter.


Kotor is a small town that flows smoothly into the neighboring town of Dobrota. There are several small towns on the coast nearby Kotor and lots of options to choose from. Montenegrins have a lot to offer.

Depending on the type of vacation and your budget you can find either a villa on the coast with a pool or private beach (most often a concrete platform), an apartment, a hotel room, a room in a guest house or a bed in a hostel.

If you are planning to spend only one night in Kotor, I would recommend looking into accommodation near the sea line in Dobrota. In this case, you will be waking up to an incredible view of the fjords in one of the most peaceful and gorgeous spots in Montenegro. Here are my personal top picks:

PALAZZO RADOMIRI: Those who travel by car, look for the cutest location and absolutely unbeatable views, will be amazed by this hotel. It occupies a stunning 18th-century palace full of history and luxury. The hotel features spacious rooms, gym, outdoor pool, sauna, private beach and offers yoga classes. Come to spend some quality time and get full relaxation.

APARTMENTS OLIVE: One of the most budget-friendly options in Dobrota with clean rooms that have everything you may need for a comfortable stay and daily life. Beautiful terrace Even though the apartment is located a bit farther from Kotor, you can still easily reach Kotor’s Old Town on foot. Each room features a balcony and the hotel has a garden. This property offers the best value in Kotor!

APARTMENT PALATA BIZANTI: Fresh and clean one-bedroom apartment in a historical place in the city center. It has a kitchenette, washing machine, air conditioner and is close to a grocery store, restaurants, and all main activities. 

For more information where to stay in Kotor and other cities in Montenegro, check my guide to where to stay in Montenegro

Wolf Trail in Lovcen National Park

We found out about this beautiful hike by accident when were visiting Lovcen National Park.

While being on the way to Mausoleum, we decided to stop in a small village Ivanova Korita to get a snack and walk around. There, we found many trails that start right in the village and go through the park. During the time we lived in Montenegro we hiked most of them but our favorite turned out to be a Wolf Trail.

Lovcen National Park hiking

There was something magical about this hike. Perhaps because we visited in fall when the forest looked very dreamlike or maybe the reason was in the number of vistas and spectacular views.

Views you get on a trail are breathtaking. You can see the mountains, Tivat, sea and on a good day even Kotor Bay in a distance. My favorite part is that it is a loop and you don’t have to walk the same path twice. The scenery is changing multiple times throughout the hike – you walk through the valley, forest, village, and rocky hills.

Follow our guide to hiking in Lovcen National Park where we talk in detail about this hike and a few other beautiful trails.



Lovcen National Park is conveniently located not far from Budva, Cetinje, and Kotor. It can be always a one day trip if you are staying in one of those cities. However, if you decide to stay overnight in a park, there are only a few options to choose from:

hikes in Montenegro

Hotel Ivanov Konak – this hotel is right in the heart of Lovcen National park. It has only a few nicely decorated rooms, a restaurant, ample parking, and satellite TV. Check their availability, but I have to tell you they often sell out their rooms with a lot of time in advance.

Hotel Monte Rosa – it a beautiful quiet hotel with gorgeous views of the mountains, pool, restaurant and bar with a spacious terrace. As many times as we visited Lovcen, this hotel was always packed. Check prices and availability here.

Holiday Home Windrose – an entire house with 3 bedrooms which is pricey for a couple, but if you are traveling with a big party, it may be something you’ll absolutely love. This house is located right near the trail, in such a quiet and peaceful setting. We passed by it when we were hiking and thought it looked just like a house in Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

For budget options, I recommend looking into Cetinje. This city is way cheaper than Budva or Kotor.

Curevac Hike in Durmitor National Park

It is one of the northernmost hikes in Durmitor National Park which brings you to the top of Tara canyon. On this hike, you get a view of the second largest canyon (after Grand Canyon) in the world.

hikes in Montenegro
Unfortunately, pictures don’t do justice to the vastness and deepness of this canyon. You have to see it yourself

hikes in MontenegroSince the trail starts in the wilderness you need to have a car (read this post to know all the details about the car rental in Montenegro) to drive to where it starts. Just find on a map Curevac and follow the directions towards it. The road gets a bit bumpy so watch out when driving. You’ll see a parking lot on your right where you can park and start your hike from there.

The path is well-marked and clear, but it is a bit steep and rocky. It may be challenging for small kids and elder people.

This hike is short and can be completed within 1.5-2 hours.

I recommend going either during the first part of the day or for the sunset. Going in the morning means that the sun will shine right on the canyon and you’ll get a clear view and take good pictures. With sunset, the sun rays get right into your eyes and above the canyon making it difficult to see all the beauty.

I have a full guide to Durmitor National Park hiking, where you can find more amazing trails and add them to your Montenegro itinerary.

hikes in Montenegro

Savin Kuk Hike in Durmitor National Park

Everyone, who goes to Durmitor National Park, hears about Black Lake. In fact, local tour agencies, when introducing visitors to Durmitor park, usually bring them to Black Lake. So it is easy to find lots of information on hikes around the lake and nearby forest.

Savin Kuk hike is not anywhere near the lake but if you go all the way to the end of this trail you’ll get a stunning view of the Black Lake from above.

The best I could get while being on the top of the mountain. Looking at this picture it’s difficult to say how incredibly windy the day was

This hike is very strenuous if you decide to do it without a chairlift.

When we were there in October the skylift was closed for the season, so we decided to give it a try and hike all the way to the top wearing just snickers and jeans. We were not thinking on that day, you know. And oh my gosh, how challenging it was. We hiked almost 3 kilometers one way (2 miles) with the elevation gain of more than 2 km (7K feet.) Crazy us!

hikes in Montenegro
Can you spot Mark on this picture?

But we’ve done it.

I recommend doing the entire hike only if you are an experienced hiker, who wants a strenuous workout, has proper shoes, hiking pants and a lot of time. Otherwise, take a skylift, save time and enjoy the same views. After you get to the top of the mountain by skylift, it will take another 30 minutes to hike to the summit.

What to know: It gets incredibly windy and cold on the top of the mountain. You may need to have a jacket with a hood even during the summer.

It was so freezing cold and so, so windy that I wrapped up like a cabbage. I was actually wearing a warm shirt, hoodie, and jacket with a hood underneath this sweater, but they didn’t help. The wind was really bad
hikes in Montenegro
Take a skylift to cover most of the hike and then hike the rest

In order to reach this trail, you need to have a car. It starts near the restaurant KOLIBA in Virak and takes approximately 10 minutes to drive from Zabljak.


The best place to stay would be in Zabljak town. Mark and I have stayed there in two different hotels and Airbnb apartment. Each of them was good in its own way. Read this post to find out details. All the information on the best accommodation is all the way in the end.

Hike to Kapetanovo Lake in Moraca Mountains

If previously mentioned trails are more or less known among some travelers, this hike in Montenegro is a true gem that no one knows about. Kapetanovo lake is located right in the center of the country, between Kolasin and Niksic. Not many people know about this place, that’s why it’s still one of the least visited and discovered gems in Montenegro.

In my opinion, this lake and surrounding nature look very similar to some scenery in Norway. In general, I believe many places in Montenegro look like some places in Norway, just in miniature.

hikes in Montenegro

To get to Kapetanovo lake you either have to hike around 5 km (3 miles) one way from the end of the paved road or go there by jeep.

In the summertime, you can camp, stay overnight, go on other hikes, picnic and even dine at one of the local diners. Also, in summer flocks of sheep and cows graze near the lake making it look a bit fairytalish. In winter, everything is closed and looks abandoned.

If you would like to hike a bit more, check another lake in the area – Manito lake. It would take around 40 minutes one way to get there.

The best way to get to Kapetanovo lake is through Niksic. But keep in mind that at some point the asphalt road ends and from there you need to hike (unless you come by jeep.)

What to know: In winter, the weather is usually cold and very windy, so perhaps hiring a jeep would work better. In summer, when nearby Niksic is baking hot, Moraca mountains experience lower temperatures.


A trip to Kapitanovo lake can be done during one day from Kotor or Budva, or if being on the way from/to Durmitor National Park to/from the coast.

I wouldn’t recommend staying overnight in Niksic because there is not really much to do in this city (except for eating and drinking in a few restaurants) and to me personally, some parts of this city look somewhat depressing. It’s informative to visit and spend a bit of time but I wouldn’t recommend staying overnight. However, it’s up to you.

My picks would be to camp near the lake (if you are a camper,) stay in Savnik or combine with a trip to Zabljak.

In Savnik, I personally can recommend Eco Selo Nevidio. Even if you don’t get to stay here, stop for lunch or coffee at their village-like restaurant with a lovely view. 

hikes in Montenegro
A lovely town Savnik can be really wonderful for a short stay

Hike to Gate of Wishes and Old Military Road in Mrtvica Canyon

I have read a few guides about this hike in Montenegro but it seems not many people still do it. During all six hours that we spent hiking, we met only a few other people that seemed to be locals. Overall the trail was empty and quiet.

hikes in Montenegro

On this hike, you pass the village, cross a few bridges, walk along the crystal clear river, forest and hike through the deep canyon. Once you are in the forest, there are not any signs pointing to Gate of Wishes. So you need to make sure you don’t pass by a side path that leads to it. There is only one side path on your left if you are hiking from the trailhead. Just don’t miss it. We almost did because were busy talking.

This trailhead starts in Medjurecje village, where you leave your car, and has lots of signs. Partially it can be done as a loop and is rather long (around 15 km.) It’s probably better to go on this hike if you travel from Podgorica or stay overnight in the area. In case you don’t feel like covering all this stretch, just turn back after you visit Gate of Wishes.

hikes in Montenegro
The trail goes through the village and view change around each corner

hikes in Montenegro

If you plan to explore more than just Bay of Kotor and the coast of Montenegro, do not miss this hike. You will be definitely amazed.


For accommodation, I recommend staying in Kolasin. Check availability and rates here.

Have you been on any hikes in Montenegro yet? Did you visit this country at all? Would you add anything to this list? I want to hear from you guys!

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Anya is originally from Ukraine but in heart she is a citizen of the world. She is working online and that’s why has an opportunity to travel slowly and live in different countries around the world. At present time, she is living between Lviv, Ukraine and Istanbul, Turkey. On this blog, her main goal is to inspire others to travel to under-the-radar-places and discover the world while working remotely.


  • Eva

    I second your thoughts on Norway. In fact, after I visited Kotor, I was surprised to learn that its bay is technically a fjord itself! I have only been to Kotor, and I remember loving every single moment of that short trip (it was a stop on a longer Balkan itinerary). I would defiitely love to go back to Montenegro and get to see a bit more. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Anya

      I am glad to know I am not the only one who believes that Montenegro reminds Norway, even if a little bit 🙂 I think visiting once during a short trip is never enough!

  • federica

    A very awe-inspiring post on the natural wonder of this little country on the Balkans. I do not personally hike but I love reading posts like yours as, thanks to your beautiful pics, I can discover more of enchanting paths and sceneries.

    • Anya

      I hear you, Federica. I am a fan of reading posts about experiences and adventures in something that I personally don’t do. Thank you for stopping by and dropping your comment.

  • Martha

    I love hiking and these hikes look phenomenal! I love that you have hikes that overlook the city and then also ones that weave through a forest surrounded by fall foliage. They all look unique and interesting in their own way. Loved this blog post!

  • Brianna

    These look like some incredibly picturesque hikes! I’m not much of a hiker, so I’d probably have to miss out on these, but dang they sure are pretty!

  • Josy A

    You just had me hooked at the first photo. Montenegro looks stunning and I LOVE hiking. The views of the mountains and into the city are simply gorgeous.

    I had not really considered Montenegro for a holiday, but now I know how many amazing hikes there are, we might just have to visit! <3

      • Meleha

        Hi! Thank you for all of your posts. They are so detailed and informative and such a great help.

        I am wondering what your thoughts are on living in Montenegro (Kotor) as a single female (mid 30s). I’d like to know more about the culture, way of life and general disposition of the people there. What types of interactions & lifestyle could I expect to have there and what other Balkan areas do you recommend considering in my search?

        About Me:
        – digitally employed with a reasonable budget, but looking to live comfortably below it in order to add to savings/retirement and travel surrounding areas.
        – don’t need fancy a living space with top end ammenities to be happy
        – high speed RELIABLE internet connection is an absolute must.
        -Looking for a laid back yet still vibrant environment/community
        – love being surrounded by dynamic landscapes – especially ones that are mountainous & varied
        – prefer a moderate/cooler environment & don’t mind extended periods of cloud and rain
        -a place where I can walk, bike or motorbike for daily needs
        – adequate amenities, restaurants and bars but not a nightclub or party scene environment.

        I am open to options and am looking to narrow down to maybe 3 or 4 areas to explore on my preliminary travels.

        I really appreciate your time and any suggestions you may have to offer. Thank you!

  • Michelle Jones

    I’ll be moving to Montenegro soon from the United States for work. I love hiking but since I am moving by myself, I was wondering you consider the hikes to be safe for solo trips (especially considering I am a young woman)?

    • Anya

      Hi Michelle, thank you for your question and I apologize for responding with a delay. Hiking in Montenegro (as traveling in general) as a solo traveler is very safe, although I personally wouldn’t recommend going by yourself on very long and intense hikes. All trails have markings and signs but a lot of them are very isolated, not many people go there and cellular connection is non-existent.
      On almost every hike I mention in this and other posts, we saw at least one solo hiker, including a female.
      I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

  • Stephane

    Dear Anya,
    As an Ukrainan-American I assume you are still a foreigner in this country and the first rule in foreign countries is to show respect. It is very much ok that you share with other people nice spots and ideas for hiking tours which you liked, but if you don’t like, better just don’t mention. Niksic is a pleasant city with nice people who are happy to live there and are not going depressed. And the climate is much better than in Podgorica. Regards

    • Anya

      Dear Stephane,

      So, first of all, as Ukrainian-American (as you emphasize it,) on my blog I am writing whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want it. This is a place where I share both positive and negative experiences, including what I liked and what I didn’t. I am producing articles that show two sides of a place, not just a sugary-vanilla one. And as a professional travel blogger and journalist, I will be always mentioning places and tours that I didn’t like personally, explaining why exactly I didn’t like them. Those are my own points of view but my readers decide for themselves which decisions to make.
      If you personally don’t enjoy reading my post(s), just exit. You are only one click away from leaving my blog.

      But coming and telling me that “It is very much ok that you share with other people nice spots and tours which you liked, but if you don’t like, better just don’t mention” does not make much sense. No, it is NOT ok to speak only about good bright experiences. And it is definitely NOT ok for you to try to shut another person up and make her/him quiet about what he/she doesn’t like. Just because you personally don’t like hearing something, it does not imply that other people should not be talking about it.
      If you don’t agree with my point of view, so express it and give clear reasons to support your opinion. Don’t come and basically tell me to shut up. While being disrespectful yourself you are trying to teach me lessons on a definition of respect.

      Second of all, speaking of respect. Me, sharing how I feel about the tour or a place, does not have anything to do with how respectful I actually am at that particular place. During the time my husband and I lived in Montenegro, we were always respectful of local culture, people and their way of living. Today, saying that I find Niksic boring, it looks depressing and I do not recommend staying there overnight does not have anything to do with me not respecting people who live in this city. Just use common sense when making conclusions.

      And third of all, Stephane, if there are people in this world who don’t share your opinion about the place or city, that’s not a big of a deal. We are all different and like different things.
      Sorry if you feel offended when I say Niksic looks depressing. To me, it does indeed. I am sure people who live there are nice and happy to live there. Although, one of my friends who comes from Niksic but lives in London, feels the same way about her hometown as I feel. Not everyone is liking what you like.
      Nowhere in my post though, I mention anything about people and nowhere in my post I speak disrespectfully of something or someone.
      I am solely talking about the city and what it can give a traveler who comes on vacation.

      Again, if you have something valid to share on why Niksic is worth visiting for a few days, please do, just in a meaningful way.

      • randy

        love your posts and your reply to Stephane in 2019 when he basically told you to keep your negative opinions to yourself as they are disrespectful! Not trying to tell you what to do, but: Please keep on being you and sharing honestly! thank you so much!!

  • s.leonetti

    Thanks Anya for all your great suggestions for our trip to Montenegro! We also did the alternative direction up to Sveti Ivan Fortress which worked out great. Parking was challenging at the trailhead so we ended up paying near the supermarket, totally worth it. The next day we found a trail on the opposite side of the harbor called Pjesacka staza Vrmac. There is an abandoned fort at the top and you can see Tivat with all the super yachts and a bit of the Adriatic. Easy footing with a lot of switchbacks. The trail kind of walks you through the back of peoples yards in the beginning to get there. We went in the end of May and the wildflowers were blooming everywhere. We also had time to Visit Luvcen for 2 days which is also spectacular and we had it mostly to ourselves. Our 6 day road trip was too short but we packed a lot in. We stopped at several towns and found all sort of interesting museums and historical monuments. Cetinje has a fabulous museum and is totally worth visiting. Again thanks for all your great suggestions!!! And yes getting back over the border to Croatia took several hours even though there were only 30 cars in front of us. Traffic in Dubrovnik was like getting out of Manhattan on a Friday night in August. Just made it our sailboat connection.
    Susan and Nick

    • Anya

      Hey guys, yay, I am so happy to hear that!

      I am so glad I was able to help a little bit with planning your holiday! And really appreciate you finding time to write this message and share about your experience!!! 🙂

      I can only imagine how packed it is during the summer months if it was that busy in the end of May. Thank you again for sharing!

  • John

    This post is incredibly helpful! Thank you for all the information. I am thinking of visiting in mid-October of this year and was wondering if many of these hikes/areas will be open during this time of year other than the lift up to the top? (I will avoid that hike at this time of year). I understand October is the beginning of offseason, hence the reason I would like to visit then along with seeing what is available to see at this time of year. Thanks for all the information! I will definitely be using this as a useful tool!


    • Anya

      Hi John! I have no idea how I missed this comment, so I am responding just now. Apologize for the delay!
      I assume you are on the way to Montenegro now and I am wishing you to have a fabulous time! October is a fantastic month for visiting this country, especially if you plan to go to the mountains. Speaking of hikes, those on this list in Durmitor national park along the Sedlo pass can be challenging to reach now. They are on a higher elevation and it has already started to snow there.
      Other hikes are open and easy to do and in October the scenery around them is gorgeous!
      I am sure you’ll enjoy them, have a wonderful time in Montenegro!

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