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On this blog, I plan custom road trips and extended vacations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond!

(All based on personal experience!)

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Hi Guys! I am Anya. Welcome!

I am originally from Ukraine, but I feel at home in many places around the world.

I started this blog with the mission to inspire YOU to spend more time in one place while venturing outside the main touristy sights and going deeper into the things that matter most to you!

My favorite countries that I like to write about in detail are Turkey, Montenegro, and Spain (all places where I spend a good chunk of time every year), but you’ll also find many other places here where I like to return often!

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Turkey is such a unique country. Its ancient historical sites, rich traditions, iconic food, amazing nature, and warm people will not leave anyone indifferent. Let me help you discover the very best of what this country has to offer!

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