best beach towns in Turkey

8 Quiet Villages & Beach Towns in Turkey That You Didn’t Hear About

Are you yearning for a peaceful seaside retreat in one of the quiet beach towns in Turkey, away from the tourist crowds? Then go through this list and make sure to add one (or a few) of the places below to your Turkey itinerary as they are all great for a seaside vacation on the Mediterranean or Aegean sea!

Turkey offers a treasure trove of quiet villages and beach towns that promise an enchanting escape. And if you really want to have a laid-back beach vacation, I seriously recommend you stay away from popular Turkish cities and famous resorts.

Instead, get ready to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of these lesser-known villages and towns as I introduce you to some of the most captivating coastal gems Turkey has to offer. 

I have been to every place on this list, either checking it out on a quick drive from Fethiye to Antalya or Fethiye to Pamukkale road trip or when having a full beach vacation in Turkey. So I am sharing all the info below based on my own experience. And as always, if you need more tips or have a question, send me a message or drop a comment below.

Please Note: All these beach destinations in Turkey are located off the main touristy routes. That means, visiting each of them will require you to have a car (unless you are willing to pay for a cab and just stay in one place for the entire length of vacation).

For the car hire, I recommend you compare prices between two companies that have the best deals in Turkey. The first one has rentals from big companies and another one works with the best local suppliers. More on what each of them offers and how to choose one for your needs is in my post about Turkey car rental

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Best Beach Towns in Turkey for a Secluded Vacation

Turunç – Beautiful Turkish Beach Town Near Marmaris

best beach towns in Turkey

  • Best For: Families with small children & retirees
  • Highlights: Very quiet and relaxing Turkish beach town with a very clear sea and tiny pebbles with sand beaches

Turunc is one of the best locations in Turkey for a beach holiday away from crowds and loads of international tourists. It is more of a village than a town on the Aegean Sea only about 20 km away from Marmaris.

So if you plan to rent a car in Marmaris, staying here will be much more rewarding as you’ll have a chance to be in a quiet area and still be close to all the beauty the Marmaris region is famous for.

Turunc translates as ‘orange grove,’ which is why there are many orange trees in and around the village that emit a pleasant aroma. It is a quiet and beautiful corner surrounded by mountains covered in pine forests with a small river flowing through the middle of the village while orange, plum, and pomegranate orchards dot the surroundings.

Turunc is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and tranquil retreat, where they can breathe in fresh air and swim in crystal-clear waters. Until around mid-June, the sea is still cold which is why the village stays very quiet, almost untouched. If the goal is not necessarily to spend days in the seawater, then this time is just perfect for a Turkey vacation in a silent mode.

This resort town is particularly popular among people who appreciate quiet time away from crowds and among families with children as it offers a safe and family-friendly environment. However, it may be less exciting for younger people who are in their 20s as there are only two discos and limited water activities available.

One of the must-have activities here are yacht and boat rides as there there are plenty of them available as Turunc is considered a fishing village. You’ll also find many diving and snorkeling activities which are great for the summer.

TIP: If you don’t plan to stay in Turunc, I recommend you at least visit it. And the best way to do it is from the water. When in Marmaris, choose this beautiful Bay cruise where you arrive in Turunc by boat.

Accommodation In Turunç

beautiful beach towns in Turkey

The beauty of Turunç lies in the fact that it is situated on the hills (you need to be ready to drive a very steep and twisty road to it). Thus, most accommodation here opens up mesmerizing views and breathtaking panoramas. Here are my personal favorite accommodation options in Turunc that deliver the best to the visitor:

Perios Beach House: Perios Beach House is a gorgeous adults-only hotel featuring good quality rooms with generous Turkish breakfast, a big outside area with a few pools (including an infinity pool), many stylish and always available sun loungers, and a relaxation area with ottoman-style beds. 

Pilos Deluxe: Pilos Deluxe is a boutique for mid-budget but with amenities and level of services of 5 star hotel. The hotel is located on the hill with gorgeous views but there is also a private beach and beach club for all in-house guests.

Maris Butik Hotel: Maris Butik Otel is a 3-star beautiful budget hotel in the southern part of Turunc closer to the coves and beach. It has huge rooms with a bit of Greek styling, a heated outside pool, big garden, and views on all sides.    

Selimiye – Best Beach Town in Turkey For Romantic Stays & Secluded Vacation

romantic Selimiye

  • Best For: Quiet private stay for adults (many hotels are adults only)
  • Highlights: Panoramic hotels with pools, clear sea & wild nature around

If you asked me what’s my favorite place where to stay in Marmaris, I’d answer right away that it’s Selimiye together with Turunc (mentioned above).

Selimiye is a quiet village only 40 kilometers southwest of Marmaris which looks like some small town in northern Spain

The bay, where it is situated, is surrounded by high mountains covered in pine forests, creating a cozy and even intimate atmosphere. Almost all of the few buildings are located on a narrow, sloping stretch right by the sea, forming a semi-circle around the southern tip of the bay. The same buildings (including all hotels) have panoramic views either from the room, restaurant, or pool area.

This charming secluded destination is highly popular among yachtsmen, as boats and yachts often anchor here during their excursions and extended journeys or to have shelter there from storms.

Selimiye will work best for those people who want a very quiet Turkey holiday in close proximity to the clear sea accompanied by gorgeous views. It is among the best towns in Turkey for couple getaways, Turkish honeymoon stays, and remote vacations. And then if you wish to go on a tour or join a party, Marmaris is near.

There are quite a few hotels and guesthouses in Selimiye, but they are all small, with around 10-12 rooms which is why you get a feeling of privacy.

From each accommodation, it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to walk to the beach. However, it would be an overstatement to call it a “beach” as there are only a few sun loungers placed on a narrow strip by the water in the village. But if you have a car, you can always drive to one of a few beautiful beaches on the peninsula such as Cennet Koyu for example, or wild Cin Bükü beach

The shore of Selimiye is mostly covered in small pebbles but the water is incredibly clear, calm, and transparent and it is still a pleasure to spend time there too. However, when we were there for 2 nights, I didn’t even want to go to the beach as we were hanging out by the lovely pool with a book in a hotel where we stayed.

And yes, almost every hotel in this village offers its guests a private swimming pool with views.

In the vicinity of Selimiye, like throughout the peninsula, you can also find picturesque ruins of ancient fortresses and castles. The village itself was once the site of the ancient city of Hydas. But today it is an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful and tranquil vacation. 

Accommodation In Selimiye

Swan Lake Hotel: Swan Lake Hotel is a small 4-star luxury bed and breakfast in a prime location. There are only two types of rooms but all of them are in royal style and with views. Large breakfast is included in the rate and panoramic restaurant is open throughout the day. 

Badem Tatil Evi: Badem Holiday House is another beautiful bed and breakfast with a pool, stylish rooms, and stellar service. Here, they also offer boat tours to coves with blue water and hidden gems of Marmaris.

Kekik Otel Selimiye: Kekik Otel Selimiye is an idyllic hotel with large suits and calm atmosphere. Pool, garden and terrace are real highlights of this hotel.

Faralya – Among Quiet Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey

best beach towns in Turkey

  • Best For: Honeymoons, romantic staycations & trips for stress-relief
  • Highlights: Incredible views, seclusion, Lycian way hiking path with its most beautiful part

When people ask me what is the best place to stay in Fethiye, I always answer Faralya. Even though it is a 1 hour drive from Fethiye city, it is so worth it.

Faralya is a hidden gem on the Mediterranean Sea near Oludeniz. It is located right by one of the most beautiful places in Turkey – Butterfly Valley, offering a serene retreat away from crowded tourist areas.

Not many outsiders heard about this beautiful and quiet beach destination in Turkey but it is very much cherished by locals who call it a hidden paradise on earth. In fact, many Turkish people come here for a honeymoon stay.

Faralya’s remote location and limited space for development ensure that it will never turn into an urban landscape with huge resorts, parking garages, and too much noise. This is why preserving the traditional Turkish way of life, the desire for solitude and connection with nature has led to the emergence of yoga centers, spas, and wellness retreats in the area.

You will absolutely love it for mesmerizing landscapes of the Mediterranean, for luxurious private hotels that don’t cost a fortune perched on rugged cliffs, providing panoramic vistas that will leave you in awe, and just for the fact that it is a peaceful gorgeous getaway place in Turkey.

While there is no direct beach access from many spots around Faralya, if you go for a long walk to Kabak (part of Faralya too), you’ll find Kabak Beach which is very remote and untouched.

Many hotels (I mention some below) also offer tours around the area where you can visit a Butterfly Valley and secluded coves that are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and immersing yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Accommodation In Faralya 

best honeymoon destination in Turkey
best beach destination in Turkey

Seaview Faralya: Seaview Faralya is a posh bungalow style boutique hotel with private bungalows overlooking the sea where most of them have private pools and spa zones. If you want something truly remote yet luxurious and Instagrammable, look at this accommodation.

Vista Del Amor Faralya: Vista Del Amor Faralya is a secluded villa with only 10 rooms, so it is very quiet. All rooms are very beautiful but if budget allows, treat yourself to a royal garden suite with a private pool.

Kabak Avalon Bungalows: Kabak Avalon Bungalows is another impressive bulngalow-style hotel with excellent hospitality, food, and high level of comfort. Rooms are in traditional self-catering style and there is an infinity pool on the terrace.

Lissiya Hotel: Lissiya Hotel is a small but luxurious property with only seven rooms. Some were designed specifically for honeymoons and have private jacuzzis and private panoramic pools.

Looking for organized tours to Turkey? Here are some hand-picked private tours for you:


Gümüşlük – Beach Town in Turkey Best for Retreats & Slow Travel

best beach towns in Turkey

  • Best For: Relaxation seekers, nature and beach lovers, slow travelers and couples on romantic getaways
  • Highlights: Various retreats (wellness, adventure, yoga, and spa), slow beach vacations & historical significance

Gümüşlük village is one of the favorite quiet beach places in Turkey for many people (including me). You’ll find it on the Bodrum peninsula approximately 45 minutes drive from Bodrum city.

It is the best holiday destination in Turkey for families since the sea here is shallow and there are many paid and free beaches around

But besides families, everyone else will enjoy it too since Gümüşlük has all the necessary infrastructure for a quality vacation, including hotels of various levels and budgets, restaurants (especially with seafood cuisine), shops, cafes, and bars. Only the nightlife is not a big thing here.

One big thing that makes Gümüşlük unique compared to other resorts in Bodrum is its retreat-like ambiance with a number of wellness retreats and holistic centers that offer various relaxation and rejuvenation programs, including yoga, meditation, and spa treatments. These retreats provide an opportunity to unwind, reconnect with nature, and prioritize well-being.

Besides them and beaches, this resort in Turkey also has ancient landmarks. This is because the ancient city of Mindos is located nearby, which is an important archaeological site. Due to this, large-scale construction that would spoil the landscape is prohibited in the vicinity. As a result, Gümüşlük has preserved its charm and is not crowded with modern high buildings.

If you want to experience the posh side of Bodrum without spending much and still having access to some of the finest beaches with incredible sunsets, look at this Turkish resort in the western part of the peninsula.

And you know what, you can easily base yourself here for a few days or even a week since this place is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. And then if you feel like being active, there are many things to do in the area.

Just some of them are – boating to blue waters, visiting Cavus Island, the ancient city of Mindos with its historical ruins, the Church of Eklisia where classical music festivals take place, or the village of Karakaya with its stone houses.

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Accommodation in Gümüşlük

Bodrum places to visit
best of bodrum

This area has accommodation for any budget and taste, although for the quietest spots, it is better to look into the southern and northern parts of this beach town.

Liman Hotel: Liman Hotel is a beautiful hotel on the beach with good quality rooms, sea views, large breakfast, and hiking opportunities in the area. There are a few restaurants by the water in front of the hotel and a nice wellness center. Adults only.

Sianji Wellbeing Resort: Sianji Wellbeing Resort is a 5-star hotel with villas and spacious suites, a few outdoor pools, private marina and beach, spa center, and a few restaurants. This property is known for yoga and detox retreats which can be a separate reason why to stay here.

Benjamin Hotel: Benjamin Hotel is a small family-style hotel with only four rooms of different sizes where some of which come with a balcony. It is the best pick for people on a budget who want to be in the center of the town. The beach is within walking distance as well as stores and restaurants.

Kiris – Among Quiet Beach Towns in Turkey Near Antalya

Kemer Antalya

  • Best For: Any type of traveler and any budget
  • Highlights: All-inclusive luxury stays, quiet nature escape & azure sea

Kirish is a quiet and cozy Turkey beach town located just five kilometers away from the resort town of Kemer. In fact, it is considered a suburb of Kemer, but there is a big mountain between them that shields Kiris from the winds and makes it a better beach destination in Turkey in spring before the heat comes.

If you are a partygoer who loves staying up all night, then this resort may not be suitable for you. It is more geared towards nature enthusiasts, tranquility seekers, and those looking to relax on the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Kirish is also ideal for family vacations and romantic getaways.

The settlement of Kiris is basically one central street that runs along the sea and where you’ll find all the tourist infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, tour desks, and so on.

Beaches in Kiris are mostly owned by the hotels on the first line, with equipped areas of sun loungers and umbrellas. The shore and the entrance to the sea are mostly pebbles, although some hotels have imported sand, creating sandy-pebble beaches. The sea depth increases quite quickly as you enter.

Since there are few entertainment options in the town, tourists spend most of their time on the beaches, taking boat trips to picturesque bays or just going on hikes in the area to see Kiris and Kemer from above and walk through orange plantations.

This small town is best for two vacation goals. The first one is to stay in an all-inclusive hotel and take it easy (while just enjoying your time in the area, going on hikes and to Kemer). And the second one – to be active, rent a car in Antalya or find a car in Kemer, and go explore the region including the most popular sites like Goynuk Canyon, Mount Olympos, and other places around Antalya

Kiris is also a good pick if you want an all-inclusive or half-board hotel just for a couple of nights before moving somewhere else along the Mediterranean coast or beyond. There are also some hotels here that are open in this part of Antalya in winter.

Accommodation in Kiris 

best Turkey beach destinations

Sailor’s Beach Club: Sailor’s Beach Club is a 5-star hotel in a unique maritime style. It operates year-round on an all-inclusive basis and has its own beach on the first coastline and a famous spa center, which covers an area of over 700 square meters.

Akka Alinda: Akka Alinda Hotel is also a 5-star all-inclusive resort located at the foot of the mountains near lush Mediterranean vegetation. It has its own beach on the first coastline. 

Maxx Royal Resort: Maxx Royal Resort is one of the best hotels in the world that stands together with the leading hotels of Dubai, Paris, New York, and other big hotel destinations. If budget allows, get a celebrity treatment here that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Ildır – Ancient Beach Town in Turkey Near Cesme

best beaches in Cesme

  • Best For: Anyone who wants a quiet beach place in Izmir province
  • Highlights: Coastal village atmosphere, best seafood, ancient ruins & beautiful sunsets

Ildir is a lesser-known beach settlement in Turkey that lies twenty kilometers west of Izmir near the famous Cesme town and a very touristy Alacati village. It is not only a lesser-known vacation spot in Izmir province but also one of the most well-preserved ancient sites in Turkey.

The area was once a bustling port and was known as Erythrai in ancient times, derived from the Greek word “erythrostan,” meaning “red,” due to the color of the surrounding soil. Excavations are still ongoing here and some ruins are open to visitors. 

Ildir is home to smaller hotels (no big resort) and holiday apartments that will suit well budget travelers and it is also full of wonderful seafood restaurants where you can taste delicious artichokes and fish. In fact, among Turkish people, Ildir is known as a small fishing town that prepares the most delicious fish dishes along the entire Aegean coast. And on the hills surrounding it, you can witness the most breathtaking sunsets in the country.

I’d recommend you stay here if you want to find a quiet beach town in Izmir province away from the noise and too many people. As with other destinations on this list, getting here requires a car which will also let you visit all famous places in the area, including a wine county of Turkey, Cesme, and Alacati.

If you don’t want to stay here overnight, just come to visit to try the best seafood and go to ancient sites.

Accommodation In/Around Ildir

quiet beach towns in Turkey

Villa Blanche Hotel: Villa Blanche Hotel is a small property offering standard rooms and family suites with a private terrace. There is also an outdoor pool and close proximity to the stores and sea.

Pasha Port Hotel: Pasha Port Hotel is a nice 3-star budget hotel on the way between Cesme and Ildir close to beaches and a big green park. They pride themselves on the location, food, and views.

Sığacık – Lesser-Known Quiet Beach Town in Turkey Near Izmir

  • Best For: Nature enthusiasts, couples on city breaks, families with kids
  • Highlights: Sandy beaches and nice low-budget accommodation

Nestled near Izmir, Sığacık is a charming coastal town that captivates with its authentic Turkish loveliness and tranquility that envelops its cobbled streets and quaint harbor. It offers a delightful blend of history, natural beauty, and a genuine local atmosphere. 

And if you are visiting from June to October, Sığacık is one of the perfect beautiful beach towns in Turkey to choose for a quick beach break from Istanbul or when just looking for uncrowded sandy beaches along the Aegean Coast. And then the Izmir wine region, Izmir city, and Alacati are just a short drive away.

The town’s focal point is its magnificent medieval castle, standing proudly on the hilltop overlooking the village and the glistening sea. Its picturesque harbor, dotted with colorful fishing boats, sets the stage for a delightful stroll along the waterfront. And its unspoiled nature beyond the town offers a gateway to breathtaking landscapes.

Unlike more touristy destinations nearby (like Alaçatı and Çeşme), Sığacık has managed to preserve its local character and cultural heritage. You’ll have the opportunity to sample traditional cuisine and witness the daily rhythms of a coastal village untouched by mass tourism.

In addition to its authentic atmosphere, Sığacık offers a serene coastal retreat. Its lovely beaches, framed by clear turquoise waters, provide a tranquil setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. Whether you prefer to lounge on the sandy shores, take leisurely walks along the coastline, or embark on boat trips to nearby islands, Sığacık’s natural beauty is sure to leave you enchanted.

Accommodation In/Around Sığacık

best beach towns in Turkey

Ion Slow City: Ion Slow City is a budget B&B with stellar reviews in the town center right by the Sığacık marina. It offers the convenience of being within walking distance of the main attractions, restaurants, and shops in the area. Getting to beaches and beach clubs is easy by Dolmus shared taxi or cab.

Akkum Beach Otel: Akkum Beach Otel is a great accommodation on a budget in an excellent location right by the sea. 

Çıralı – Quiet Holiday Destination on Turkey’s Mediterranean Sea

Cirali Antalya

  • Best For: Anyone who wants to unplug from the world. It is also a perfect place for families with small children
  • Highlights: Tranquility, serenity, low prices for accommodation, exotic and unique location with Caretta turtles

Perhaps you’ve heard about this quiet resort in Turkey, famous for azure waters, Caretta turtles, and lush mountains right by the sea. If not, then let me tell you a few words about it to get you inspired.

Çıralı is a small Turkish village nestled right on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in a cozy bay surrounded by mountains amidst orange and lemon groves and evergreen trees. It is 7 km away from the main road and 80 km away from the bustling city of Antalya.

When local people talk about Çıralı, the first thing they imply is tranquility, serenity, and shades of green and blue. 

Being a small village (that consists of only a few streets), Cirali has a long (3-kilometer) coastline. It is a nesting ground for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta turtles) that are under protection here with special care. Overall, the coastline consists of fine-grain sand and pristine sea. Whenever you feel like taking a swim, you can reach the beach within a maximum of 5 minutes walk from any point in the village.

The reason to come here is to unplug from the world and to experience a very different side of Antalya – nontouristy, secluded, and quite exotic. With the proximity of many attractions and a huge beautiful beach, you can easily spend here a week, distracting from a routine.

Although from my experience, if you are on a road trip along the Mediterranean coast, it is a good place where to stay for 2-3 days and see everything in a slow mode.

In Çıralı, you won’t find any resorts or just large hotels. Here, there is a ban on the construction of large properties and buildings, which preserves the natural beauty of the area and contributes to the preservation of the unique ecosystem.

So get ready to really unplug here in a smaller guesthouse or bed and breakfast. And what actually makes Cirali particularly appealing to many travelers is the price. Most of the accommodation options and hostels are available at very affordable rates, although there are also some sophisticated luxurious hotels.

If you are a camping enthusiast, Çıralı is also an ideal place for camping on the Turquoise Coast.

Oh, and there are also beachfront restaurants in this village that offer beach club services during the day and serve exquisite dishes at night. So to make it short – Çıralı is definitely among the best beach destinations in Turkey that is still quiet and pristine!

Accommodation In Çıralı

Adrasan village restaurant
Antalya day trips

Zümrüt Çıralı Boutique Hotel: Zümrüt Çıralı Boutique Hotel is one of its kind hotel built in the middle of the forest. Beach is far from here but you have a nice big pool and spacious rooms with kitchens that cost twice less than hotels of the same quality with standard rooms.

Villa Lukka: Villa Lukka is a lovely hotel with bungalows in a lush garden. There is a private beach area with sun beds, nice rest area, and fantastic own restaurant directly by the beach.

Secret Garden Bungalows & Tents: Secret Garden Bungalows & Tents is a unique type of accommodation where some rooms are bungalows with their own terraces and bathrooms while others are fully-equipped tents without showers. The main thing here is the beach which is only 2 min walk away. 

Okay, so this is it for now but what you need to know is that I am still in the process of visiting other villages and beach towns in Turkey. This is why I am going to add more places to this list. But for now this list should be enough to help you plan your vacation!

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best beach towns in Turkey
beautiful beach towns in Turkey

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