How and Where to Move

How and Where to Move

  • move abroad
    How and Where to Move

    I want to move abroad, where do I start?

    Are you wondering how life is on another side of the planet? Or are you just curious how people live in a neighboring country? Are you telling yourself: “I want to move abroad” but don’t know where to start? I get you because this is how I felt when thought to move to another country for the first time. And…

  • move to Vietnam
    How and Where to Move,  Vietnam

    9 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Move to Vietnam

    You’ve probably heard hundreds of times why you should visit Vietnam. And perhaps you’ve already visited this historically rich country. Have you fell in love with it yet? We were really skeptical about people, living conditions and country in general before stepping on Vietnamese land. The last thing on our mind was a thought about a possibility to settle down…

  • How and Where to Move,  The Unites States

    5 Best Cities in America to Move to This Year

    So, are you thinking to move to a new city? It’s always exciting to move somewhere new for fresh opportunities and a different perspective. With each new place you get to live in, you will discover more about yourself, your desires and goals. You’ll meet new interesting people and learn more about life. Moving around is fun, enriching experience. If you…