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Where to Stay in Kotor Bay – Best Areas & Accommodation

Among all the places where to stay in Kotor, the old city itself is not the only option. In fact, I’d recommend against focusing solely on Kotor town, as there are numerous exquisite areas with guesthouses, hotels, and apartments scattered throughout the bay.

Better look at my list of all best areas where to stay around Boka Kotorska fjord region to understand which of them are better places for couples, solo travelers, and families on different budgets. I include examples of some nice hotels in Kotor Old Town, hotels and apartments with views and swimming pools around the bay, and 4 and 5-star hotels that don’t cost a fortune.

After spending months in the region and visiting many properties on my own, I now have a clear idea of where to stay in Kotor, depending on the type of a trip and travel interests.

Boka Bay shines brightly as one of Montenegro’s most precious gems being an idyllic spot for seaside leisure and active pursuits as well. Have fun exploring it and enjoying your stay!

I also recommend you use my post about the best things to do in Kotor Bay to know about interesting activities and places not to miss.

Where to Stay in Kotor Bay Area – My Top Picks

There are many beautiful areas where to stay on the Bay of Kotor. Below I discuss the best ones in my experience.

But here shortly I include some accommodation options together with locations that I’d pick without any doubt for myself or any of my clients when booking a Montenegro itinerary around the bay:

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Where to Stay in Kotor Bay For the Beach Vacation

staying in Kotor Bay by the beach

When having a beach in mind on a trip to Kotor Bay, the first thing you need to understand is that beaches here are not ‘standard beaches’ or beaches that you’d usually think of.

What I mean by this – the majority of beaches around the Bay of Kotor are characterized by concrete piers where you can lay down on your own towel or rent a sunbed set by the hotel or restaurant next to the pier. To be able to swim on them, you need to descend into the sea via steps.

However, the bay still has some beaches (mainly smaller stretches) that consist of pebbles or coarse sand (usually brought in from southern parts of Montenegro) and you can find them in the following areas:

Herceg Novi

Among all the towns around the Bay of Kotor, Herceg Novi has the best (and biggest number) beaches, both pebbly and sandy. But note, best beaches in the Bay of Kotor are not among the best beaches in Montenegro as there are more beautiful beaches in other parts of the country.

best place to stay in Kotor Bay
Herceg Novi cafe

It is absolutely the best place where to stay in Kotor Bay for a couple of days or even a week or longer if the main goal is to go to the beach and occasionally do sightseeing.

Don’t take me wrong, Herceg Novi is an amazing place where to stay for any reason (it’s cheaper than any other city in Montenegro along the coast) and in any season (particularly in spring and fall). But if you really want to spend time on the beach in the Bay of Kotor while taking it slowly, then I’d check this area first.

When choosing accommodation, look into the neighborhood around Hotel Villa Hedonija (it is quiet and free parking spots are available if you are traveling with a car) or where Boutique Hotel Kredo is (that’s a very beautiful location with easy access to the sea and promenade with many cafes, restaurants, and opportunities for walking).


Kumbor is basically a small settlement adjacent to Herceg Novi with many new apartments and hotels that popped up here within the last couple of years. It is also close to the sea.

The most fancy part of Kumbor is Portonovi, an upscale development area with expensive hotels and apartments directly on the shores of the Bay of Kotor with views on all sides and luxurious amenities for visitors and residents alike. It sits on a big marina (many private tours around the bay depart from there), private residences, shopping boutiques, restaurants, and wellness facilities.

Most luxurious hotel there is One&Only Portonovi (if budget allows, choose it for at least one night to experience all the luxury this country has to offer) but you can find cheaper guesthouses and flats just slightly outside Portonovi development.

best place to stay in Kotor by the beach
luxury hotel to stay in Kotor Bay

Krasici & Bjelila

These two are small villages with concrete piers and coarse sand beaches located next to each other on a lesser-populated part of Kotor Bay on the Lustica Peninsula. To get here and feel comfortable, you need to rent a car to drive around.

Krasici and Bjelila are nice places where to stay away from crowds in the summer with a more local-like vibe. It is quite possible to find there small budget apartments as well as guesthouses with pools.

Some nice options that I can recommend are BOKA Apartments and Villa Kristina directly on the shore.


Where to Stay in the Bay of Kotor If You Want Peaceful Nature

Donji Stoliv

A small, tranquil village ideal for a very peaceful retreat. You’ll have here everything you need – a couple of shops and restaurants, a bus stop, and even a couple of beaches (although the majority are concrete platforms).

There are zero clubs or bars here and the whole atmosphere is incredibly quiet. Additionally, it is the best spot if you like hiking (trail to Mount Vrmac through Gornji Stoliv is right here too).

Best place to stay is the new Hyatt Regency Resort but you’ll find other amazing accommodations like different apartments and guesthouses, some even have a pool. My top picks are Bay Terrace Apartment and Stoliva Residence with an infinity pool.

Donji Stoliv cafe
Donji Stoliv panorama

Muo & Prcanj

Another two towns after Donji Stoliv located closer to Kotor. They are also very quiet and guarantee a peaceful vacation, although Muo can be a bit noisy at times due to the number of cars there.

Muo is connected with Fort Vrmac by a hiking trail from where you can go hiking in other directions and even descend to Tivat.

Both are nice areas where to stay with or without a car (intercity public bus goes here many times throughout the day) with bakeries, cafes, and restaurants directly by the water.

They both have a good selection of accommodation with budget and luxury options available. My top picks are Villa Stefina with panoramic windows (upscale, minimum for 4 eople) and Dekaderon Apartment


This is a town closest to Kotor with its own historical heritage and magnificent long waterfront dotted with ancient stone houses and multiple cute cafes. It is also full of apartments and rooms with picturesque views of the Boka Bay coastline.

The immediate proximity to Kotor allows guests to partake in the city’s evening life, dine at numerous restaurants, and enjoy shopping opportunities.

Dobrota area
staying in Kotor area

Number of historical landmarks in Dobrota is not big, but despite that, there is zero chance of being bored. The proximity of this town to Kotor allows for an enjoyable stroll between the two towns. This unique advantage blends the charm of residing in a small and tranquil village with the amenities of a larger destination.

However, before booking accommodation there, check the location on a map first, as the town is quite big. Thus, while one end of Dobrota is just a stone’s throw from Kotor, reaching the other end may take a bit longer.

Personally, my favorite places where to stay are Villa Donkovic (once I brought my parents here) and Hotel Palazzo Radomiri which is a real 18-th century Baroque palace!

Best Place to Stay in Kotor If You Are on a Budget

Kotor Old Town

Believe it or not, but Kotor within its old city walls is really the best place where to stay (even in the whole of Montenegro) if you are on a budget.

First, there are quite a few options for affordable accommodation (flats and hostels) and cheap eats around. And second, you can walk everywhere or hop on a bus to go places. Many tours (including a free tour of Kotor with my favorite company) start from here, so it makes it easy to go on day trips from Kotor to different parts of the country.

Examples of cheap places to stay in Kotor are Apartment Vassa, Hostel Old Town Kotor, and Centrum Hostel. But depending on time of the year, it is possible to find many other options.

staying in Kotor

Outside Kotor City Walls

What I mean here is the southern part of Kotor in the area near the Vrmac tunnel in the neighborhood Skarjali. It is more residential with grocery stores and parking spaces available.

Many flats here also have a view of Kotor fjords, but cheaper options are located lower with minimum or no views.

Examples of cheap places in this part of Kotor are Nadalina Guesthouse and Apartment Krivokapic. They are on two different sides of Skarjali.


This town is not just a perfect place to be if you are looking for quiet accommodation within walking distance from Kotor (as I mentioned above in another section), but also where to stay if you have a low budget.

It is possible to find here the whole flat for as little as €60 per night even in July and August, outside these months the price will be even lower.

Examples of budget accommodations in Dobrota are BOBO Apartmani or Apartment Donkovic


This is a small settlement near Morinj which I call a sleeping quarter of Kotor Bay. It is somewhat distant but near some lesser-visited beaches and nice waterfront restaurants, although a condition for a comfortable stay here is to have a car.

view of Kotor Bay
View of the bay from Kostanjica waterfront
staying on Kotor Bay
Near Konoba Ribar restaurant

There is no center here and no grocery stores as basically the whole area is one long stretch of houses along the E65 main road. Also, since all homes here are facing the bay and the road above the sea, it may be a bit noisy during certain hours.

However, for these reasons, scenic accommodations (even one with a pool like Boka Gardens Seaside Resort) cost less than the same type of accommodation in other locations of Kotor Bay mentioned on this list.

Where to Stay in Kotor Bay for Couples

While couples can stay in any of the above-mentioned locations in Kotor Bay, I wanted to mention a few words about one special area that is difficult not to fall in love with.


It has been known for a long time as the most romantic town in Montenegro with its fairy-tale-like idyllic setting and unbeatable views of Kotor Bay.

staying in Perast

Staying here and not liking it is simply impossible (unless you plan to be in the town itself all day long when all the tourists come). There are cafes, a bakery, and even a couple of small grocery stores to buy basic things one might need.

Choose to stay in Perast when on a special occasion such as proposal, wedding photoshoot, or honeymoon getaway. It is also a terrific place for families who want to stay in a fairy-tale-like location.

Some accommodation options are quite affordable like Gudco Apartment or Bella Vista Zmukic. But here are some luxury places to stay:


Casa Vita Nova

Ancient hotel in Perast housed in a historic building with a swimming pool only a few minutes away by boat to Our Lady of the Rocks

Heritage Hotel Leon Coronato

Luxury hotel in the heart of Perast for a mid-budget in the building that reflects a unique Baroque style typical for the 17th century yet with modern design elements

Heritage Grand Perast By Rixos

The most luxurious hotel in town with elegant accommodations, gourmet dining options, and upscale facilities for relaxation and leisure

Best Area to Stay in Kotor Bay If You Like to Party

Well, okay, if you want to party when visiting Montenegro, the best town to choose is Budva. Kotor Bay area is rather quiet in that sense. But among all the places, I can recommend the following:


Kotor city has some nice atmospheric bars and lounges with live music on weekends (more often in the summer) and there is one big disco club ‘Maximus’ where to party and dance until the morning.

So if your thing is to party hard, choose Kotor (or nearby Muo and Dobrota) where to stay. In this way, you’ll be able to walk to the accommodation (in the case of Muo and Dobrota, a taxi ride will not cost much).


Some people (locals) say that Igalo in summer is like a mini version of Budva since the number of restaurants and bars that open there from June to August is just so high.

Igalo is actually a small town connected to Herceg Novi with therapeutic and wellness accommodation options thanks to its Institute of Dr. Simo Milosevic, a renowned medical and rehabilitation center specializing in physical therapy, mud treatments, and other health services.

It can be a nice place where to stay in Kotor Bay if you are coming from Dubrovnik and want to stay somewhere on the cheap (many affordable flats are here) before moving forward into the country. But also, Igalo can be interesting to people who want to have active nightlife.

Traveling to Kotor Soon?

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I am going to show you unique and beautiful places where to stay in Kotor Bay, all based on personal experience! | Kotor Montenegro | best hotels in Montenegro | best places to stay in Kotor | Herceg Novi hotels | Bay of Kotor must-visit

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