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12 Quieter Beaches in Montenegro To Avoid Tourists and Crowds

Last updated on July 5th, 2023

When it comes to Montenegro, I can say with confidence this country has an incredibly high amount of dreamy beaches. There is just one problem with most of them. Unfortunately, they get overcrowded during the summer. So overcrowded that you may regret you came at all. 

During the time Mark and I lived in Budva, we went to every single beach in Montenegro (I am not kidding.) And we were so happy to find quite a few of the most secluded, quiet, gorgeous, and clean beaches which surprisingly didn’t have many tourists. During the off-season, they were quite empty at all. (I hope they won’t get too busy after everyone reads this post haha.)

If you are like us and don’t feel comfortable among too many people, my list of the best more or less quiet beaches in Montenegro will help you find a spot where to stay away from crowds. Some of these beaches have scenic walking paths that you can take to reach them. Others will require you to use public transportation or rent a car and drive to them.

Risan Bay of Kotor
beach in Kotor

Best Beaches in Montenegro That See Fewer People 

Fashion Beach in Risan 

Okay, among all the beaches I mention, this one is probably the most crowded one. Yet, compared to beaches in Budva, Herceg Novi, Becici, Sveti Stefan, and Ulcinj, Fashion beach in Risan is pretty quiet. It is mainly popular among locals and tourists who stay in hotels in the area.

This is a pebbled beach, 1 km long and 10 meters wide, located in the northern part of Kotor Bay. It is a wonderful place either for a quick swim when on a day trip around the Bay of Kotor or for one long day by the sea.

The beach is divided into three parts, two of which are covered with sand and pebbles while another one has a concrete platform. The central part with a concrete platform belongs to the only hotel in Risan – Teuta. During the peak season, mainly hotel guests have access to this part of the beach. 

However, the left and right parts are open to the public and free to enter. The left part is called “Fashion Beach” and has a bar with the same name. There, you can rent a sun lounge and umbrella (or just sit at the bar) and stay as long as you wish. 

In terms of amenities and infrastructure, Fashion beach meets all European standards. It is clean, has restrooms, showers, changing rooms, and even a specially designated area for games and sports. Lifeguards are on duty from early morning to late night and an emergency room is just a few steps away. 

Risan is not as popular as Budva or Kotor, so the beach rarely gets crowded. Even if you come to visit in July or August, you’ll definitely find free space. 

To get here you need to have a car or come by bus from Kotor or Herceg Novi. If driving a car, there is ample street parking within walking distance from the coastline. Also, a few restaurants and cafes in the area offer snacks and food. 



Maslinjak Beach in Krasici

Krasici is a cute quiet coastal village on Lustica Peninsula. It is home to endless summer, juicy pomegranates and hidden beaches with crystal clear water.

This is a calm, quiet corner, which is ideal for people who want to escape the noisy coastline. In my opinion, it’s perfect for romantic getaways and families. 

Maslinjak beach is not a classic beach that everyone thinks of. It is rather small but fairly comfortable and looks more like a concrete area where you can spend a day.

The beach is rather narrow and short but there are hardly any people, especially during the weekdays. Mainly locals come here to sunbathe and those tourists who stay in guesthouses nearby. Other than that, people don’t usually travel this far. 

A descent in the water is a bit slippery in some places, but there is a handrail you can hold to. The views are gorgeous from any spot.

It is located next to a hotel’s restaurant where you can grab a cup of delicious coffee or even a full-size meal.

Tip: park along the road above the beach. Once you get there, you’ll see a staircase going down to the beach.

secret beaches Montenegro
best Montenegro beaches

Best Montenegro beaches

Kamenovo Beach Between Budva and Sveti Stefan 

The most convenient way to get to Kamenovo Beach is by car, however, most tourists don’t have cars and don’t like spending time walking in the heat. So, if you decide to come and check this beach out, expect it to be less crowded than 

Those who visit Montenegro in May, the first part of June, or the second part of September will find Kamenovo Beach almost empty. During the high season, half of the beach is covered with umbrellas and sun lounges. This is why many more people choose it too.

There is no housing in or around, thus the water of the sea in this area is much cleaner than on other beaches in Budva Riviera. The beach itself consists of small pebbles and coarse sand but the deeper in the water you go, the more boulders you’ll be stumbling on.

Among the disadvantages, besides not having a very comfortable descent in water, there is also no shade anywhere on the sand, except for paid umbrellas and a few palm trees along the road. Maybe these are also the reasons why Kamenovo Beach doesn’t see many tourists.  

In the summer from time to time locals and visitors hold beach parties there. But even in June and September, it becomes more peaceful and quiet. If you choose to spend a few nights in nearby Rafailovici, it will be easy enough to walk to this beach.

Tip: If you are coming there by car, besides paid parking there is an opportunity to park for free near the destroyed sanatorium or on the highway above the beach.

Trsteno Beach Not Far From Budva 

beach in Montenegro

At this beach, you probably won’t be able to avoid crowds completely but I still wanted to add it to the list as one of the best beaches in Montenegro for families who travel with a baby and toddler.

Seriously, you can hardly find a better beach for kids than this one. Here, you’ll need to walk in shallow water for a long time before getting to the depths, and this is exactly what moms and dads need for their children.

The beach is small and is on the list of public beaches, but you can always rent a sun lounger or an umbrella for a small fee. The transparency of the water there is unbelievable and you won’t want to leave. There are a couple of small cafes nearby with restrooms.

To reach Trsteno beach, you need to have a car or call a cab. 

Beach Plaza Przno 

Some tourists claim that Beach Przno (or as it is also called Plavi Horizonti Beach) is one of the best beaches in Montenegro. It is not completely quiet since locals love coming there, but even during the busiest months of July and August, there is enough room for everyone to sunbathe and swim. 

My favorite part is that the entire coast along this beach is surrounded by a pine forest. So if you want to escape the sun and heat, shade is available.

Przno Beach is one of the sandy beaches in Montenegro. It is popular among families with kids.

If you want more seclusion and room for yourself, come in the morning and preferably during the weekdays. Beach bums will find there everything they need from restaurants and sunbeds to basketball and tennis courts. 

To get there, you need to have a car. 

Beach Morinj in Kotor Bay

best beach in Kotor

The beach in Morinj is one of the less-known hidden beaches in Montenegro. It is a long, more than a kilometer narrow strip, where the maximum width of the beach line is 15 meters.

Some people say this beach is one of the loveliest beaches on the Mediterranean coast. Personally, for me, it is one of my favorite beaches in Montenegro and here is why.

The transparent water, sand, and pebble covering, surrounding mountains with all shades of green, and aromas of laurel, chestnut, fig, and coniferous trees create a pacifying background. This is actually a type of environment that some doctors “prescribe” to restore vision and calm an anxious mind.

Morinj is located in the Bay of Kotor and in this part an incredible number of small mountain streams and springs flow into the sea. Due to the fresh streams coming from the mountains, the water in the bay is constantly changing and its temperature always remains cooler compared to other coves along the coast.

The geographical location of the beach lets it get more sun during the summer. Somehow here from June to August, the sun stays on the horizon up to 16 hours a day. So this is a perfect spot for people who are coming to swim in the early morning or late evening. 

There are a few bushes and trees on this beach. So in case you don’t have an umbrella, the shade is guaranteed. 

Families with children like to come there to relax as this is the place where they’ll find a gentle, calm descent into the water, and sandy covering to lie comfortably on the towel. It is clean and safe. Also, the main part of the beach has a playground.

And beach Morinj offers the view of fjords in all their beauty! Find it on the map here.

The Most Southern Part of Buljarica Beach

quiet beach near Petrovac

Usually, Buljarica Beach gets really crowded during the summer months. However, if you go all the way to its southern part, you’ll find a somewhat secret beach area where you can be absolutely alone. 

That part is clean and the water is clear. Although, expect to find big stones and sea hedgehogs in some places. Perhaps this is part of the reason why the beach stays empty most of the time, but we didn’t think it was a problem.

To get there, go towards the “Autokamp” campground (somewhere near this camp the asphalt road will become a gravel one,) pass it, and keep going as far as you can. If you don’t have a car, I probably wouldn’t recommend walking on foot during the peak sun hours. It gets really hot and the heat may exhaust you. But on any cooler day, the walk is pleasant and refreshing. 

I also don’t think driving an SUV there is essential. The gravel road is not bad at all. We went by Skoda Fabia and were totally fine. 

Best Wild Beaches in Montenegro

Perazica Do Beach

Montenegro walking trails
On the way to the beach via the “path of health”

This partially wild beach in Montenegro is located on the shore of a small village near Petrovac. It is picturesque enough, spacious, and not crowded. The only drawback is that a third of the beach is occupied by a huge abandoned hotel that was popular during the existence of Yugoslavia, but now the building does not belong to anyone, it is gradually collapsing and spoils the view.

It is impossible to drive up to the beach itself. You’ll have to park in the center of Petrovac and then follow “The Path of Health” which goes through a coniferous forest, past the Kastio fortress, and along the picturesque islands. From Petrovac to the beach, a walk takes about 15 minutes. You can read more about it in my past to walking trails in Montenegro if you haven’t yet.

The shore is covered with small pebbles mixed with sand, and the bottom is rocky. In the vicinity of the beach, there are small bays hidden behind the rocks, which can only be reached by boat or a long swim.

In July and August, Perazica Do Beach even gets some infrastructure such as paid umbrellas, sun loungers, showers, toilets, changing rooms, and even a tiny restaurant.

The beach location is here.

Veslo Beach on Lustica Peninsula

Lustica peninsula is called the paradise for introverts – it is home not only to pretty wild beaches in Montenegro but beach clubs and some lovely lodges. There are almost no restaurants, cafes or even shops there and the peninsula is not popular with tourists.

But Lustica is loved by divers. With several ships flooded nearby, reefs, and rich marine flora and fauna under the water, it makes it a perfect place to go diving in Montenegro.

All beaches on the peninsula are rocky and not suitable for long hours under the sun. Probably this is why there are almost no people on such beaches.

For example, one of the most beautiful wild beaches on the peninsula is Veslo Beach. It is a tiny cove with sharp shores and at the same time beautiful rocks and a view of an open sea. The entrance is quite small and covered with large pebbles. The depth begins almost immediately off the coast. Most people simply jump from low cliffs directly into the water.

best beaches in Montenegro

Strbina Beach

Here is another secret beach in Montenegro hidden in a small bay in the village of Sutomore not far from Bar. It is called one of the most beautiful Montenegro beaches. It is surrounded by high cliffs on both sides.

To get to the beach, you first have to drive along a sandy road with deep holes and then walk down dozens of steps. But this beach is worth it!

The coast consists of small and large pebbles with almost no waves in the bay. On all occasions, there are only a few people. The water there is always clear and clean, and the bottom consists of healing blue clay. Locals like to catch fish there which they sell at food markets.

Infrastructure on the beach is available only in July and August when sun loungers, showers, cafes pop up in a few spots.

Here is the beach’s location on the map.

Crvena Glavica Beach

This beach is located near the village of Sveti Stefan. It is easy to reach it even without a car, just take a bus to Sveti Stefan and then walk along the olive grove to the coast.

The beach is no larger than a small pool, literally. It is surrounded by rocks and forest and looks rather secluded, which is why many locals often call it nudist. But not because it is officially nudist but because in May and June as well as September and October there is usually no one there and you can sunbathe as you like.

Nevertheless, Crvena Glavica is the most popular of all Montenegro wild beaches and many guidebooks even write about it. At the peak of the season, it is almost in greater demand than city beaches.

Most of the time, there are no facilities on the beach. But at the peak season, 5-10 sun loungers and umbrellas appear and a small beach bar begins to work. The entrance to the sea is rocky. 

wild beaches in Montenegro

Plaza Zukovica 

It is a small wild beach with crystal clear water. Part of the beach has sand and another one rocks where people also lay down to sunbathe. The coast is covered with pebbles and rocks but between them, there are small areas of fine sand.

Among all the beaches on this list, Plaza Zukovica is one of the most inaccessible beaches in Montenegro. It is quite remote and the road that leads to it is a broken gravel road. Reaching it is possible only in SUV or reliable crossover. If you go by a small car, you can easily scratch the bottom and bumper.

But because it is so remote and difficult to reach, there are rarely any people, so you can be even alone. The uniqueness of this place is that there is no electricity and mobile signal, get ready to detach completely from civilization.

The village closest to the beach doesn’t have electricity too. But surprise, surprise, there is a restaurant and several small coffee houses – toilets and drinks can be found only in them.

Here are the coordinates where you can find this beach.

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Usually, Montenegro beaches are always overcrowded during the summer. But here are some absolutely dreamy beaches in Montenegro where you will hardly find any tourists and crowds #montenegrotravel #bestofmontenegro #balcanstrip
I visited many beaches in Montenegro during the time when I lived there as a digital nomad. So here is a list of my favorite ones where you will be able to avoid crowds and lots of tourists. Make sure to visit at least one of these best beaches along Montenegro coast! #europetravel #summertravel #montenegrotravel #bestofmontenegro

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