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Sedlo Pass in Montenegro – 12 Things to Know Before the Drive

Are you planning to go to Sedlo Pass in Montenegro on your trip to this Balkan country? No? How so? It is one of the most beautiful Montenegro road trips that should be on a bucket list of places to visit!

Traveling towards Sedlo Pass is also convenient for those who have limited time in the country and spend from a few days to one week in Montenegro. In this way,  it is possible to see the majesty of Durmitor Park when covering this scenic route alone. 

But. Before you go, read through these things to know to make sure you don’t travel in the wrong season, and go prepared. When I went on my very first visit years ago, I arrived on a day when Sedlo Pass was closed.

So. Buckle up and come along! 

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Things You Will Need for a Visit to Sedlo Pass

FAQs About Sedlo Pass Montenegro Scenic Road

1). What is Sedlo Pass in Montenegro?

Sedlo Pass
Sedlo Pass in Montenegro received its name from this mountain which looks like a saddle. Sedlo in the Serbian language means “saddle”. So this is why. And the entire road goes through stunning mountains and panoramic views on each corner.

Sedlo Pass is the highest mountain road in Montenegro, winding in a 52 km serpentine between the canyon of Piva Lake and the city of Zabljak. It passes by the highest point of the Durmitor massif such as Bobotov Kuk and alpine meadows, where sheep and cows graze from May to October.

The entire stretch of this road is incredibly scenic with fantastic views at any point, which is why I added it to the list of my top drives in Montenegro.

The highest point of Sedlo Pass is only 1907 meters. But thanks to the local mountains and striking beauty of nature (which changes every other kilometer), you get the feeling that you are somewhere in the Swiss Alps.

On the highest point, there is a small camp with a parking lot and benches where many people like to have breaks and walk around. This area is also a starting point for many hikes in Durmitor National Park that run in different directions, including a trail to Bobotov Kuk and Black Lake. All trails have clear markings and suit different levels of physical stamina.

2). Best Way to Reach It

driving on Sedlo Pass

The best way to reach Sedlo Pass is by car. In fact, this is the only way to reach it as regular public buses, as well as buses from tour companies, are not allowed to drive Sedlo Pass.

If you don’t plan to hire a car in Montenegro for the rest of your trip, there is always a chance to rent it in Zabljak for a day and drive around. Renting from locals is the best option since the vehicle can be delivered to your accommodation.

An alternative to that is a bike or scooter. Localrent company has motorcycles and scooters for rent in many cities in Montenegro, so those who look for an adventure can book just that.

Check the lowest prices among car rentals in Tivat, Kotor, Budva, or Zabljak

However, if you don’t drive or don’t have a DL with you on this trip, there is still a way to come here. And the best bet is to make arrangements with locals on spot in Zablajk and have them drive you to Sedlo Pass and back. You may try to ask your host or reception of your hotel and they’ll tell you the rates and if there is anyone who can give you a lift. 

Another option, if you are backpacking in Montenegro, is to hike to Sedlo Pass from Zabljak, Virak, or Pošćenski Kraj.

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3). Best Season to Go To Sedlo Pass

visiting Montenegro in autumn
Our favorite season is autumn because we love the colors and how quiet the road is. Although starting from October, all huts and road cafes usually close and some hiking trails become inaccessible. Another time we love is June when the entire area is green and dotted with flowers that have just made their way out from under the snow. 

Traveling to the Sedlo Pass is only possible from May to October. During the rest of the year, it is covered in snow and the road is closed, so there is no way to get to this part of Durmitor when visiting Montenegro in winter.

In the summer, there are more tourists, cars, and motorcycles, which can make driving a bit difficult and less enjoyable since it detracts from natural beauty of the surroundings.

Therefore, in my experience, the best time to visit the Sedlo Pass is either in May (better second half of it) or early June, when the green spring and blooming summer emerge rapidly from under the snowdrifts.

Alternatively, September and early October are excellent months too when the colorful autumn asserts its rights just as swiftly. In fact, Sedlo Pass together with Durmitor are definitely not-to-miss places in Montenegro in autumn.

4). How Much Time is Enough for a Drive?

Sedlo Pass
Sedlo Pass in a distance

The Sedlo Pass distance is short, only 52 km (32 miles) from Zabljak to Piva Canyon. However, all the landscapes and scenic views (that Sedlo Pass is known for) start after you pass Eco Bungalows Katun here. And from that point, you’ll want to go slowly and do multiple stops for photos and quiet moments in nature.

Depending on what exactly you want to do (either just to drive through while contemplating the scenery from outside the window of a car or to make stops for walks, short hikes, and picnics), this will determine how much time you’ll need for a drive.

I’d say to plan to spend at least 4 hours on a round trip. 1 hour to drive the entire distance one way and 1 hour to drive back (unless you are ready to combine it with another scenic route I mention below) and around 2 hours to spend on the pass.

But to be honest, the entire area captivates so much with its beauty that you’ll want to stay longer. Or possibly you’ll want to go on a short hike nearby and back to the car.

Make a stop in one of the cafes and enjoy local food or drinks with alpine views. My favorite cafe there by the way is this tea bar where you can taste the most flavorful herbal tea, which the owner of the cafe collects himself.

5). Why Drive the Entire Sedlo Pass Route?

For the sake of adventure, a cool road trip, unforgettable memories, beautiful photos, mountain trekking, and just because it is one of the most scenic drives in Montenegro! 

hidden places in Montenegro
At the end of the drive by the Piva Canyon, you’ll have a very different view, so it is well worth driving Sedlo Pass to the end! The last stop is Pluzine, a town on Piva where you can stop for lunch in one of the cafes. However, it is much better to plan a separate trip to Pluzine as there are many beautiful and interesting places just there alone.

I made a mistake driving halfway when I visited Durmitor Park for the first time. But then I returned and drove to Pluzine which already had different scenery and climate.

It is better not to rush and do the same. And then if you don’t plan to go hiking, still wander in different directions from the road to smell the flowers (if visiting in summer) or get a different perspective of the mountains.

Top Things to Remember Before Driving Sedlo Pass Montenegro

6). The Road is Very Winding & Narrow

Being a narrow serpentine, Sedlo Pass was not made for very large cars and high-speed driving. On many stretches, it is quite difficult even for small cars to pass simultaneously in both directions without scraping their mirrors. So if there is an incoming car, someone will need to yield.

While there are not many deadly cliffs, there are no guardrails either, nor any understanding of what lies ahead beyond the next turn.

This is why it is not advisable to rent large cars and drive above 30-40 km/h there. Although with so many stunning landscapes around you, most likely you’ll want to take it slowly and leisurely enjoy the drive.

rent a car in Montenegro

7). You Cannot Visit it on an Excursion

This is why the best way to visit it is on your own in a rental car, by motorcycle or scooter, or in a motor home (although for the RV, you’d want to come outside July and August when the park sees the highest number of visitors).

When renting a car, take a more powerful engine with a capacity of at least 1.3 liters because there will be a lot of uphills and downhills. 

8). Don’t Forget to Get Gas Before Entering Sedlo Pass

There is a gas station in Zabljak and Pluzine but there are no gas stations on the pass in Durmitor national park. While the distance is short, do not underestimate it, and do not start driving if your tank is almost empty. 

The uphill road always eats up more gas and you don’t want to get stuck in the park, so be prepared.

9). Do Not Worry About the Quality of the Road

Because it is great!

Along the entire route, the asphalt is very good even though it is narrow. But since the snow in the mountains melts very slowly, even at the beginning of June, you can see meter-long snow walls on both sides of the road.

But thanks to the quality of the road, you can even drive Sedlo Pass in a luxury car or convertible. The main thing is to go slowly and watch out for incoming traffic.

10). Start Your Drive From Zabljak

Durmitor National Park mountains
Road from Zabljak to Sedlo Pass

It is best to start a drive on Sedlo Pass from Zabljak. The reason for that is that more beautiful views open up from there than on the way in the opposite direction.

Plus if you stay overnight in Zablajk, it will give you a chance to devote an early morning to a walk around Black Lake as at this time, there are still no huge crowds of tourists and you can enjoy the relative silence and atmosphere of this untouched amazing place.

11). Take Warm Clothes & Snacks

Sedlo Pass almost always has strong gusts of cold wind, even in summer. This is why do not forget warmer clothes, a scarf, or cape.

If you are going in the summer, then a hoodie or light windbreaker will be enough. In the spring or autumn, you’ll need something much warmer and even wear pants to cover your legs.

While on the coast near Budva or Kotor the temperature is high and it feels like summer, Sedlo Pass from September becomes colder every day and feels like fall.

Also, don’t forget water and snacks. And travel thermos with tea or chicory. You’ll surely want to munch on them while surrounded by mountains.

12). Take Alternative Route Rather than Sedlo Pass

scenic drive through Durmitor
durmitor national park mountains

If you are up for an adventure and are ready to see some truly untouched landscapes, then I suggest you look into an alternative road through Durmitor Park which goes from Zabljak to Pluzine through the Susicki Canyon, the villages of Trsa, Nedaino, and Mala Crna Gora. I highlighted this road for you here.

A big advantage of this drive over Sedlo Pass is that it opens sooner and closes later. Because it connects residential villages, it gets cleared of snow earlier, by mid-April or beginning of May. And then in November, it gets cleaned too.

So if you are visiting Durmitor Park at this time of the year (or even in November), you can drive an alternative route through Susicko Lake while Sedlo Pass is still closed.

This road is also very narrow but the surface is asphalt, so you can go by economy car with confidence. Just make sure you have a new rental with good tires and a more powerful engine.

Accommodation to Consider in Durmitor to Be Close to Sedlo Pass

I always tell everyone that visiting Durmitor on a day trip from Kotor, Tivat, or Budva is not the best idea. Because you spend more time getting places than actually experiencing them.

This is why it would be smarter to stay at least 1 night in the area, especially if you are arriving by car. Because you can drive to other beautiful places around Sedlo Pass, hit some lovely Montenegro hiking trails outside Durmitor, and then go to Tara Canyon in the morning (which is much better to do in the summer to avoid the flow of tourists).

There are no accommodation options directly on Sedlo Pass. But if you have a car and want to stay in silence among the mountains and trees and get a feeling like you are staying in the center of Durmitor, then look at the villages around Zabljak such as Virak, Ivan Do, Uskoci, or for example Pitomine.

If they are not to your taste, then look at the North Story luxury chalet in the northern part of Zabljak. It is a new property with a pool and mountain views. While you are not anywhere close to Sedlo Pass, you are still surrounded by nature when staying there and having a bit of luxury.

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So, what about now? Do you plan to go to Sedlo Pass in Durmitor national park? Or perhaps you have already been there. Share with me in the comments below!   

Driving Sedlo Pass in Montenegro


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