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Where to Eat & Drink in Herceg Novi – Best Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

For such a small city, the number of Herceg Novi restaurants, bars, and cafes is just staggering. It took me a while to check out at least half of them and make a conclusion about which ones are worth returning to and which ones are not.

I am still on a mission to go to all establishments while staying in the Kotor Bay area for a few months (ha) but before I do, here is a list of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in Herceg Novi that I already tried. All are based on my personal experience and all are amazing for a meal or drink either with a nice view or just in a very pleasant setting.

Thus if you are visiting Herceg Novi soon or are already here, use my tips for where to find the best places. Most of these restaurants are in the old town, although a couple are on the outskirts in Igalo and closer to Zelenika. I include a location under each of them, so it is easy enough to find where to go!

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Best Herceg Novi Restaurants


  • Best for Breakfast/Lunch (on a budget)
  • Location here

Among all the restaurants in Herceg Novi, this one is probably our favorite when it comes to price-quality ratio. Because everything on the menu here is delicious and prices are very reasonable.

best breakfast in Herceg Novi
Herceg Novi breakfast

I think Kantina65 is the best place for breakfast on a budget in Herceg Novi as well as for lunch, but you can come for dinner too as they have very good burgers, pasta plates, and salads.

We’ve been here many times (on previous trips to Montenegro and now when staying long-term in Kotor Bay) and noticed that menu has slightly changed, but their omelets for the mornings, crispy chicken and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, pasta, and desserts are still as good!


  • Best for breakfast, great coffee with pastries & lunch
  • Location here

I discovered Baguetteria purely by chance when asking around where to find the best croissants in Herceg Novi. A few people pointed me to this cafe saying that not only croissants are good here but also other pastries as well as breakfasts and lunch dishes.

So we came to check it out and I immediately loved the place – it is modern, cozy, has excellent service and European-style dishes.

Herceg Novi restaurant
cappuccino with croissant

My favorite spot where to sit is outside under the umbrella looking at an ivy-covered building across the road which is part of a luxurious Lazure Hotel & Marina, but there is ample seating inside available too which is best for windy or rainy weather when visiting in winter.

Gradska Kafana

  • Best for a Meal with a View
  • Location here

This establishment is one of the oldest places where to eat in the city (it opened in the 6th century (!) which means you’ll dine in a historic venue imbued with centuries of stories and culture). Menu here is quite extensive offering Montenegrin, Croatian, and Italian food.

Prices are slightly above average but portions are huge and you pay for the view which is probably the best among all Herceg Novi restaurants and cafes. Plus the place is very stylish. Service may be delayed during the season, as the place is very popular (even in winter, it often gets fully booked), but it’s not too bad.

Herceg Novi oldest cafe
pasta dish

Come here to try their tuna steak with vegetables, Montenegrin specialties (like a plate with cheeses and pršut meat or octopus carpaccio), traditional soup, fish dishes, and desserts (the choice of them is huge!)

By the way, opposite ‘Gradska Kafana’ is the cafe ‘Beograd,’ where you’ll find very tasty desserts. Tiramisu was as good as in Italy!

Konoba Skver

  • Best for Seafood & Atmosphere
  • Location here

Konoba Skver is one of those places that I personally don’t like – it is located in the most central part by the sea on the route where all tourists walk. Thus, it always attracts lots of visitors which is why prices are higher than elsewhere and restaurant is crowded on most occasions (even often in winter).

best food in Herceg Novi

However, all acquaintances (that I made over the years) who live in the city say that this is the best restaurant in Herceg Novi for seafood and vibe by the sea. I can’t disagree as we came here once and enjoyed our time here together with the food. 

So, whenever you are in Herceg Novi and want fish, shrimp, or octopus, come to Konoba Skver for dinner (although meat dishes are quite popular too). They are open from noon to late at night, but evening is the best time when you can also watch the sunset with a glass of wine!

La Terrazza

  • Best for Pizza & Drinks
  • Location here

If you want to find the best pizza while in Herceg Novi, this is the place to go. Pizza is quite popular in Montenegro and Herceg Novi is not an exception (as you can find it pretty much in any restaurant) but La Terrazza is really bringing it to the next level.

To us, it tasted very similar to the Napoli-style pizza that we tried in Italy but a combination of toppings was rather unique (although classic pizzas are on the menu as well).

best pizza in Herceg Novi

We tried pizza by now in many places around Montenegro but this place here became our favorite! I’ve met many people who live in the bay and they share the same opinion.

La Terrazza is centrally located within walking distance of the central square and near a parking lot (street parking is available too). Besides pizza, they also have very good lasagna and aperitifs


  • Best for Milkshakes, Palacinke, Risotto With Wine
  • Location here

This is not just a restaurant but also a beach club during the high summer season. Since they are located by the beach, in summer you’ll find sunbeds along the shore that belong to this restaurant and are possible to rent.

To be honest, service here is below average (somewhat slow, maybe because they are understaffed although the restaurant is big) but menu consists of nice dishes which are delicious and beautifully served. 

Herceg Novi best restaurant with a view
panini sandwich

I like them for milkshakes (which are not very common in restaurants and cafes around Herceg Novi) and freshly squeezed juices. But you’ll find here also quite decent sandwiches (panini-style), salads, and palacinke (Montenegrin-style pancakes).

Just a couple of days ago we also returned to try their risotto with chicken and parmesan, and it was good!

Amber Restaurant

  • Best Georgian Food
  • Location here

My husband was very happy when he learned from our host about this restaurant, owned by a Russian guy whose team does a very good job preparing Georgian food here (not sure maybe Georgians working here).

After living in Tbilisi and eating our way out, I can confirm that the food here is very much like in Georgia country. Khachapuri, Khinkali, Chebureky (actually very similar to cheburek pie dishes back home), and Phali (all that we tried) were absolutely delicious.

Georgian food

I think they also have an extensive menu of wines (all from Georgian wineries) but we didn’t try any. I enjoyed my lemonade and Mark loved his coffee.

I genuinely recommend this restaurant for some good traditional Georgian food in a central part of Herceg Novi!

NOTE: Even though the food was real Georgian food, prices are not Georgian, they are more on the high side here. Portions are rather small (which is not typical for Montenegrin cuisine). We ordered a large khinkali and it was too little food. In Georgia, we wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Best Herceg Novi Bars

Drunk Octopus Bar

  • Best for Craft Beer & Live Music
  • Location here

This is our favorite bar where we love grabbing a beer on Friday and Saturday nights and catching a live band. They are actually open during the day too, so you can stop here for a drink in the afternoon when having a break between walks around Herceg Novi.

There are different types of cocktails available for purchase as well as wines, but my husband likes their beers and I enjoy frose and low-alcohol smoothies.

best bar in Herceg Novi
beer with croutons

The owner, Kiril, told us that with this bar, he follows his passion for collecting and selling best craft beers from the Balkans as well as brewing his own IPA. Previously he had a bar in Moscow and later Kazakhstan, and recently moved to Herceg Novi where he stays true to his dreams.

This Herceg Novi bar is open every day year-round which is why you can plan to stop here any time during your trip.

Pub Got

  • Best for 
  • Location here

Here is another excellent bar in Herceg Novi where to have a cocktail or beer with peanuts.

Herceg Novi unique pub

The vibe and atmosphere here are very different from Drunk Octopus Bar since this is more like an Irish pub where you can feel the warmth of the wooden furnishings and at times hear traditional Irish music in the background. However, most people prefer to sit outside on the stairs from where in the daylight you can see the sea and hills that gently slope towards the water. 

The selection of beers in Pub Got is big – 6 draft beers and other types in bottles from different places in Europe. Try the local Blonda beer, served from a Saxophone tap handle designed to resemble a saxophone or El Hefe from Risan. Prices are quite low, between 3-4 euros for a 0.5l serving.

Djir Pub

  • Best for Wine & Cocktails By the Sea
  • Location here

One more bar where to sit with a drink in the evening, but it is more about the seaside location and youthful vibe. There are always young people here sipping beer or wine and trendy music in the background.

view of Herceg Novi bay

Besides alcoholic drinks, they also offer coffee and cappuccino. Prices are low and it is best to come in the early evening for drinks with a view or later at night to have a glass of something while listening to crashing waves.

Djir Pub closes in winter on rainy and windy days.

Best Cafes & Coffee Places in Herceg Novi

Koffein Specialty Coffee

  • Gingerbread latte, Americano & Cold brew are so good here!
  • Location this one

My (personally) favorite coffee place in Herceg Novi. Not sure why it became a preferred cafe spot, either because it reminds me of coffee back home or because the vibe together with the environment is just so special.

best coffee place in Herceg Novi
coffee with a view

They have a nice terrace that faces an alley with banana and palm trees and a house that reminds me so much of northern Tenerife where such terraces are very common.

In any case, I can admit that coffee drinks in Koffein cafe are excellent! They are done with attention to detail and unique techniques that enhance their flavor, presentation, and overall quality. Try their gingerbread latte (sweet) as it is really good!

Fabrika Coffee

  • Best for Great Quality Coffee & Laptop Work
  • Location here

It is another coffee place in Herceg Novi we love where baristas use only high-quality ingredients, specific brewing methods, and creative presentation styles to create a memorable coffee experience.

Fabrika Coffee is hidden between two streets away from the masses. There is no chance you’d find it on your own without knowing where to go as it is located on a lovely pedestrian street along the staircase that connects the main Njegoseva road with a walking Nikole Durkovica street.  

Herceg Novi best coffee
tables outside

We like to come here to drink a very delicious cortado with banana bread and sit in the shade of trees on a small terrace outside listening to birds singing. The variety of coffee options here is big. Besides cortado, try their salted caramel latte (iced or hot), matcha latte, and cold brew.  

There is also a second location of this coffee shop in the capital city, so if you happen to be in Podgorica for a day or so, don’t miss it for your morning coffee as well!

Miska Coffee

  • Best for a Quick Coffee Stop & Pastry
  • Location here

One more coffee place in Herceg Novi where coffee and presentation are just wonderful! 

best Herceg Novi coffee

While we prefer two previous coffee places for a longer sit-down experience, Miska Coffee is our preferred option where to drink coffee quickly when on the Pet Danica walkway along the sea. However, I saw many people working here on their laptops or playing table games as both outside and inside tables are comfortable and cozy.

Besides coffee drinks, I love their pies, croissants filled with homemade jams, and quiches. On some days they even have live music in the evening if you feel like stopping by for a late decaf coffee drink while listening to the soothing melodies under the starlit sky.

Peter’s Pie & Coffee

  • Best for Vegetarian Foods & Desserts
  • Location here

This is a coffee shop and cafe at the same time on the waterfront near the small beach Zaba (you’ll see it next door to Djir Pub) offering a vegetarian menu featuring original vegetable pies and delicious vegan desserts. They also serve breakfast where it is possible to order vegetarian omelets and buckwheat kasha (porridge) just like back home in Ukraine.

Peter's Pie Coffee
coffee with sea view

Even though we are not vegetarians, we enjoy food here and like to come in to sit on their terrace to work on the laptop. I especially like it for its quietness.

Being on the first line next to the sea, Peter’s Pie cafe pretty much always stays quiet (with pleasant music in the background), so you can enjoy your meal while taking in the serene seaside atmosphere.

Cafe Barbarella

  • Best for Sushi
  • Location here

If you crave sushi while in this part of Kotor Bay, Barbarella Cafe is just the best place in Herceg Novi where to find it.


Recommended by friends and tested on our own, I can confirm that sushi here is always fresh and delicious. Miso soup and Tom Yam with shrimp are good too. And there are also very creative-looking cocktails, including non-alcohol ones.

Besides food, the view is beautiful as well since Cafe Barbarella overlooks the sea providing a nice backdrop to the dining experience.

Other Places To Eat in Herceg Novi

Tri Lipe Restaurant & Street Food

  • Best for Montenegrin Meat Dishes
  • Location here

Tri Lipe is actually a restaurant serving traditional Montenegrin food (meat dishes like cevapi and pleskavica, home-style salads, cold and hot seafood dishes, and drinks) where you can have lunch or early dinner without spending much.

buying Montenegrin food

But we mainly prefer it for a budget snack food sold in the window next to the restaurant which is basically a burger (beef or chicken) or cevapi sausages served in bread. You can customize them with veggies, onions, ketchup, and mustard to your liking.

Tri Lipe is open only from May to October during the high tourist season and is a nice place where to grab food on the go or whenever you are on a budget.

Fresh Juice Bar

  • Best for Freshly Squeezed Juices
  • Location here

This is not really a cafe or juicery where to sit down with a glass of juice. Fresh Juice Bar is a street kiosk on Pet Danica Walkway (waterfront in Herceg Novi) offering a vibrant array of freshly squeezed juices for the go to energize your day.

juice kiosk
Herceg Novi beach

You’ll find it open from May to the end of October (although depending on the weather, they may stay open longer or close sooner) selling mainly orange, pomegranate, and pineapple fresh juices in different cup sizes. 

We love to stop by here to get juice when walking along the sea or staying on the beach in the area.

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