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Top 6 Atmospheric Lviv Cafes for Some of the Best Coffee and Snacks

Chance are you don’t know that Lviv is on the list of top cities in the world where you can find some of the most delicious coffee. Yes, yes, yes, this is how it really is. And I am not making it up just to keep you on this page.

If you are a coffee lover, definitely add Lviv to your Eastern Europe itinerary and make sure to visit one of these best Lviv cafes for the most aromatic coffee drinks and the most delish treats.

Many people in Ukraine associate this beautiful city with coffee. After visiting you will do too.

However, in order to get around multiple Lviv cafes, you would need to spend at least a few days only on that. But even then you won’t be able to visit all the places in Lviv where the most delicious coffee is served. By the way, when visiting cafes, do not just go for a quick drink. Try to spend some time enjoying the unique atmosphere of the cafe, read a book, and appreciate the moment. This is how locals drink their coffee.

There are a lot of beautiful cafes in Lviv that serve amazing coffee drinks. Still, I want to recommend not only my favorite places but those that have a serious reputation and loved by everyone else who lives in Lviv.

Amazing Lviv Cafes You Need to Visit on Your Trip

Lviv Handmade Chocolate

Chocolate, like coffee, is considered to be a precious symbol of Lviv. There are numerous festivals during the year dedicated to chocolate

This cafe is one of the favorite places for locals and it’s always full. Better come during the first part of the day to get a table hidden in a nook. Otherwise, during other times, you simply can get lost among other visitors.

Lviv Handmade Chocolate is located in a three-store building right in Old town and besides the cafe, it also offers a store and chocolate factory where you can observe the process of making chocolate. If you wish, book their chocolate tour to learn the history of chocolate in Lviv, taste various types of chocolate and even get a small sweet souvenir. The tour costs less than $3 but is a great addition to a cafe visit.


Lviv Cafes
Lviv Cafes

The selection of coffee is rather small but all drinks are incredibly tasty and perfectly paired with chocolates and cakes. If you don’t want coffee, go for a smoothie, fresh juice or hot chocolate. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to sweets – white, black and “milky” variations of chocolate come with nuts, caramel, nougat, jelly, marzipan, and other fillings. Also, if you have a sweet tooth, there are lots of cakes for you on the menu.

Lviv chocolate is one of the best you’ll ever try. After paying a visit to this cafe you won’t be able to eat chocolate from many others.

Address: Serbska St, 3

Hours of work: 9 am – 10 pm every day

Golden Ducat – Some of the Most Unique Coffee Drinks in Lviv

What I like most about this cafe in Lviv is that it is located right in the Old Town on a busy street but it’s kind of hidden and not many tourists visit it. Don’t get me wrong, Golden Ducat is one of the most popular coffee shops in Lviv among locals. They often come here for a cup of uniquely made coffee and lovely talks, but tourists do not know much about this cozy place. It’s even very easy to pass it not noticing the door which reminds more of an entrance to the cellar.

Lviv Cafes
Lviv Cafes
best Lviv coffee
One of the most delicious coffee drinks I have ever tried – espresso with egg yolk, cream, and prunes

Golden Ducat rightly deserves the title of the most romantic and mysterious coffee shop in Lviv. Once you walk in, you’ll understand why.

Also, their drinks are truly unique and I bet you haven’t tried most of them before. Some examples are: espresso with egg yolks, cream and prunes or latte with apricots and edible gold, or one of my favorite ones – coffee with chocolate, nougat, and fire (yes, fire, that was fun!)

Golden Ducat is on many lists for some of the best Lviv coffee. I know you will love any of their drinks or treats. The only downside of this place is the small room and poor ventilation, it can get stuffy at times. But coffee, chocolate, baked goodies, and vibe are simply amazing.

Address: Ivana Fedorova St, 20

Hours of work: 9 am – 9 pm

Lviv Coffee Manufacture

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Lviv Coffee Manufacture is well known among locals and guests of the city and is definitely one of the must-visit cafes in Lviv. Although, it is not just a coffee shop. Here, you can get guided tours, try some local food, enjoy the scenery, and buy a wide selection of spices, coffee equipment, and souvenirs.

The building itself is huge. The ground floor offers a sitting area for visitors and a shop. The lower level – the catacombs, where in the past the ancestors supposedly were “mining coffee bars.” And there is another level – “kopal’ne” that consists of mazes where you can wander all day long, learning about the process of coffee making and some history.

Lviv Coffee Manufacture promotes the idea that coffee is a culture and way of living rather than just a drink. The staff prides themselves on roasting coffee beans and preparing it in some special way. They follow unique recipes that were invented many years ago and know how to create a unique mixture they call “alive Lviv coffee.”

The coffee here is served in metal cups but it does not come fully prepared. The waiter heats the coffee to boiling with a blowtorch. Expect to see a jet of flame (yes, a little performance) over 3 feet long. After such a preparation, the coffee turns solid on the top and reminds of caramel. When cups cool down, you can enjoy your drink. It is a pretty cool experience!

Address: Rynok Square, 10

Hours of work: 8 am – 12 am every day except Friday and Saturday. On Fri-Sat from 8 am to 1:30 am


Svit Kavy – Delish Breakfast & the Best Orange Coffee in Lviv

Lviv cafe, best coffee in Lviv

If you would like to indulge in a cup of really good coffee while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere, visit Svit Kavy. This vintage style cafe is all about retro Ukraine, with its authentic decor, vintage pictures on the walls, and lovely soothing music on the background. Svit Kavy until today is a favorite place for the local intelligentsia and young artists. It has some special charm that comes from its aristocracy and at the same time simplicity.

But the interior is only one part of a story. Svit Kavy welcomes customers with the smell of fresh scrumptious coffee and freshly made treats. Coffee drinks are truly delicious as well as their Benedict eggs, avocado toasts, and pastries.

Here, you’ll be offered 40 types of different types of coffee that come from different countries around the world. Along with coffee, you get homemade Lviv marzipan, which brings out the flavor of a refined hot drink. Definitely try their orange juice espresso, it’s one of the best in Lviv. And if you are all into breakfast places, check my guide to Lviv breakfast spots.

Address: Katedralna Square, 6

Hours of work: 7:45 am – 11 pm (on Sundays from 8:45 am to 11 pm)

Viennese Coffee House – Lviv Cafe With Vienna Style Coffee 

Best Lviv coffee places

Numerous Lviv cafes are popular among locals and visitors alike. But some are especially popular and special because of the history behind them. There are a few cafes that exist from past centuries to this day. Once you walk in there, you feel that right away. Viennese Coffee House is one of those places. It’s actually one of the first coffee houses in Lviv that inspired others to start opening cafes too. We can call it a historic coffee house since the building was actually built as a coffee shop in 1829.

Vienna style coffee is the main drink in this cafe. Although, you can also get a classical espresso, aromatic latte and many other variations of this magic drink. A delicious Viennese strudel or famous Lviv homemade biscuits that can be sampled in a coffee shop will make you want to return to the atmospheric setting more than once.

The menu is available in multiple languages and the cafe is close to the Old Town. Besides amazing coffee drinks and baked goodies, there is also a wide selection of food items.

Address: Svobody Ave, 12

Hours of work: 9 am – 12 am

Na Bambetli – One More Unique Cafe in Lviv

best places to eat in lviv

Bambetli word means a sofa or chest for one person that is made and used in the Carpathian region of Ukraine. The Carpathians Dictionary gives the following description: “Bambetli is a wooden exclusively hand-made sofa that often has carvings.”

The building, where nowadays this cafe is, was built back in the 18th century. It has a lot of retro-style furniture, including bambetlis where you sit while at the table. Since it’s an older type of building, it also has a large inner courtyard and a passageway to the alley.

Here you can find coffee drinks prepared in the hot sand along with a variety of teas, fresh pastries, and customized hot and cold desserts. Some of the highlights of this Lviv cafe are windowsills where you can sit and delicious, fragrant coffee. Soft subdued lighting, quiet unobtrusive melodic music help to transfer into times of pre-revolutionary Lviv.

Address: Rynok Square, 29

Hours of work: 10 am – 10 pm every day

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List of the most atmospheric Lviv cafes where you can taste some of the best Lviv coffee the city has to offer. Do not miss any of these spots when visiting Lviv #Lvivtravel #lvivcafes #lvivcoffeeshops #bestcoffee
If you are traveling to Lviv, you have to try some local coffee drinks. Here is the list of the best cafes in Lviv to try the best coffee around the city #Lvivtravel #bestcoffee

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  1. These cafes all look so atmospheric and cozy! I’d love to explore each of them (though would need to limit my caffeine intake so I wouldn’t get all jittery, ha!)

  2. Wow, these cafes have such character. Some of the ingredients in these fancy coffees remind me of the egg coffee and others in Vietnam. Great comprehensive post of Lviv’s cafes.

  3. Never imagined visiting Lviv until today. I love coffee! And I love chocolate even more! I would love to go to one of their chocolate festivals you mentioned – sounds right up my alley. And that coffee drink with egg yolk and prunes surprisingly looks delicious – glad to hear it tasted good too.

    1. Yes, the chocolate festival is a truly unique event to visit and Lviv is one of the best destinations for coffee and chocolate together!

  4. Love that you’ve got such a great job at compiling cafes in Lviv. I’ve never been but the Golden Ducat looks like somewhere I’d really enjoy! In fact all the cafés seem really quiant and relaxing.

  5. Coffee and chocolate are two of my favorite things. Black Ducat looks like they have some AMAZING drinks. I have never been to or even heard of Lviv but its certainly on my radar now.

    1. Alice, come to visit, Lviv is going to surprise you! Besides coffee and chocolate, there is so much more to do in this city!

  6. I see why this city is known for its coffee – each of its coffeehouses are like works of art! I’d want to sit there all day and stuff my face!

    1. Haha, I totally get you, that’s why I love Lviv! Every time I go there, I am just stuffing my face with loads of coffee and buckets of goodies..

    1. I lived in Ukraine for 26 years, visited Lviv multiple times but learned only last year that this city is famous for coffee. There are more coffee shops than people there, haha

  7. One thing I am learning is that I need to get over my fear of traveling overseas, and I need to check out these amazing places. I think it was totally funny how my eyes went right to the chocolate. One of my favorites, and if you combine it with the caffeine? Absolute perfection!

    1. Jennifer, I want to encourage you to start traveling overseas for sure! There is so much to explore in our beautiful world, you can’t let your fears stop you from exploring and experiencing new things!

  8. I’d honestly never thought of Ukraine as a coffee destination, but some of these drinks sound incredible! I’m glad that at least one of these stops has their menu in multiple languages!

    1. Yes, Dylan, I learned about Lviv as a coffee destination just recently even though this city has a rich coffee history. Come to visit!

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