Best Places to Eat in Lviv: Amazing Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Are you thinking to visit Lviv any time soon? You absolutely should because this rather small city in Ukraine has a lot to offer.

Ukraine is my home country, I have been to Lviv a few times when growing up but only this year I started to rediscover this true gem.

In today’s post, I would love to introduce you to some of the best places to eat in Lviv either you are coming for a shorter visit or a longer stay. If you fancy yourself drinking some of the finest coffee in Ukraine and actually the world, check my post on the most atmospheric cafes in Lviv where you’ll taste truly the best coffee ever.

And here is the list of the best restaurants in Lviv for more fulfilling meals:

Best Places to Eat in Lviv For Any Occasion 

Mons Pius Restaurant

I know for sure you’ll absolutely love this restaurant! And there are many reasons why you’ll want to come back. First of all, the location. Second, food. The third one is the comfiest and the most instagrammable terrace in the entire city.

Mons Pius is located in the Armenian neighborhood, near the busy street but inside of a quieter courtyard. If you walk by and don’t know what’s there behind the gate, there is a chance you may miss it. The building of the restaurant used to be an Armenian bank (for almost 300 years until Soviet annexation,) that’s why today it may be confusing for visitors to know what place is that unless they recognize a restaurant by name or pop in to check it out. There is also an Armenian Cathedral right next to the restaurant with beautiful quarters.

What kind of food can you find here? Mons Pius is a classic steakhouse famous for dry-aged beef steaks and lots of other dishes that have a meat base. If you are a vegetarian, there are plenty of options on the menu for you too. Salads, quinoa and veggie-based bowls, porcini mushrooms soups, pancakes, and more.

Also, you should try a traditional meal kutia (more of a dessert made with wheatberries, poppy seeds, dry fruit, honey, and nuts) which is not really common to serve at restaurants. Kutia is an essential dish at the Ukrainian Christmas Eve Supper and it’s cooked by locals only once per year right before Christmas. I was really surprised to find it on the menu during any season at Mons Pius.

Price range: on average the price for a meal is between $5-$8.

best places to eat in lviv

Cafe Centaur

Unlike the Mons Pius restaurant, Cafe Centaur is located right in the heart of the city – on Market Square. This area is very vibrant, popular among locals and tourists.

I am personally not a fan of cafes on the main square because they are usually loud, overcrowded, and overwhelming. Still, I would love to add this place to the list as one of the best places to eat in Lviv.

Although, in my honest opinion, I recommend coming here during the first part of the day only. This is the time when Cafe Centaur sees fewer visitors (as well as the entire square feels less hectic,) offers great Lviv breakfast and a nice atmosphere.

If you are like me and love the secluded quiet setting, don’t come here in the evening at all. You’ll definitely get aggravated.

What kind of food can you find here? This cafe is known for its breakfasts, thick cocoa drinks, and self-roasted coffee. On the menu, you can find a lot of specialties of Lviv cuisine like stuffed fish, schnitzel, or seasonal meat jelly. Their desserts are really good too. Medovik or Kyiv cake is favorite for many.

Price range: $3-$5 per meal.

best places to eat in lviv

best places to eat in lviv

Champagneria X&X

Champagneria X&X is famous for a unique concept of pairing various foods with champagne and sparkling wine. Would you like to try Georgian khachapuri with a perfectly paired glass of champagne? Or perhaps an Armenian hot dog with a glass of wine instead? It may sound weird but actually tastes pretty good.

The restaurant is located in Old Town but away from a busy touristy part so you can definitely enjoy some peace and quiet while having your meal.

What kind of food can you find here? This restaurant offers a huge selection of sparkling wine and champagne from around the world as well as hugo cocktails and apero. A lot of visitors love this place for the variety of drinks it offers. When it comes to food, there are all kinds of khachapuri, veggie bowls, salads, spring rolls, and even hot dogs.

Price range: $3-$6 per meal and $1.5-$3 per glass of champagne or wine.

best places to eat in lviv

Libraria Speak Easy Bar

If you love good food, cocktails, jazz music, and a great ambiance then Libraria is one of the best bars in Lviv for that type of experience. It is actually more than just a bar. The Libraria Bar is a jazz club where every evening from Wednesday to Sunday the best jazz musicians perform. The music here is never too loud. You can hear yourself speak while having gentle jazz in the background.

The place is a bit hidden in a small gateway without any signs pointing to the entrance and you need to be in the know to find it. Once you find Mons Pius Restaurant, Libraria is next to it in the same courtyard of the Armenian neighborhood. Go up with old wooden stairs and you’ll see a library-style setting. I’ll leave coordinates for you to see how to get there. Since this restaurant is less known among guests and even residents of Lviv, you’ll be away from crowds for sure.

What kind of food can you find here? A wide range of cocktails, appetizers, soups, and entrees are served at the bar. But the key is the assortment of drinks to choose from.

Price range: on average $3-$5 per meal and $3-$4 for a cocktail.

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best places to eat in lviv

best places to eat in lviv


A small but very lovely restaurant offering Georgian food and located on a very quiet street. Khachapuri is one of the best outside Georgia (along with khachapuri in Champagneria X&X.)

The inside part of the restaurant is rather small and requires some styling, but there is a pretty patio outside with quite a few tables. The restaurant is located next to the Dominican Church (one of the best monuments to late baroque architecture) and on many days you can listen to the beautiful sound of church bells while dining outside.

What kind of food can you find here? Only Georgian food is served here. The variety and taste are very good. There are lots of different types of khinkali, khachapuri, Georgian style soups, potatoes, vegetables, and more.

Price range: $2-$4 per meal.

best places to eat in lviv

Na bambetli

This cafe is a wonderful option in case you would like to go back in time and experience a bit of Ukraine in the past. It is hidden in the side street and offers many different variations of coffee and tea drinks. The decor reflects on the past and present life in Ukraine.

The name “bambetli” in the old Ukrainian language actually means a wooden sofa, so you’ll find a lot of those in this cafe. But don’t assume they are hard to sit on, quite on the contrary, bambetli sofas are very comfortable.

You’ll love the vibe, a variety of sweets, and beautiful music in the background. The cafe has a patio on a tiny narrow street with lots of history, so you can opt to sit inside or out.

This place is good for a coffee break, meet-up with friends, or some time of relaxation. The tables are rather small, so most likely you won’t be comfortable coming with a big party. It’s perfect for two, a maximum of four people. It is located also in the heart of the city but is calm and quiet.

What kind of food can you find here? Different types of coffee, tea, tinctures, liquors, strudels, and desserts.

Price range: coffee drinks cost between $1-$2 per cup, sweets between $1-$3 per 100 grams (3.5 ounces.)

To find more Lviv cafes of a similar vibe that also have some of the best coffee around the city, check my guide here.

best places to eat in lviv

best places to eat in lviv

Apteka Mikolascha

You have to visit this sophisticated cafe which serves as a coffee shop and museum at the same time! It is based on the territory of an old pharmacy in the city center and sells pastries that look more like a piece of art. If you don’t want to stay here for food or drink, at least visit for the museum. If you end up staying, you won’t regret it. The prices are high as for Lviv, but the experience is worth it.

In Apteka Mikolascha, you can taste pastries prepared with unique ancient recipes, as well as inspect the exhibits of the museum – renovated furniture that once belonged to the pharmacy, photographs, and posters depicting the old Lviv and its prominent figures.

What kind of food can you find here? Mainly pastries and desserts. There are also smoothies and some salads.

Price range: Prices depend on the weight of your order. Expect to pay anywhere between $6-$10 for a drink and pastry together.

best places to eat in lviv

best places to eat in lviv

Svit Kavy

Svit Kavy cafe is on the more expensive side, but there are so many delicious breakfast and lunch options on the menu along with beautiful decor and a cozy atmosphere. Jazz music in the background and dimmed lights create some type of special environment for you to recharge and distract. Svit Kavy is definitely one of the best places where to eat breakfast in Lviv

We loved this place for orange cappuccino and recommend you to try one too! This drink is made with steamed orange juice instead of milk. There are an outside patio and three different floors with tables. If you go to the third floor you’ll be the only visitor, since there is just one table, having all your privacy.

What kind of food can you find here? Various dishes, really. Anything from breakfast food such as waffles, oatmeal, or omelette to avocado toast, soups, and fries. Juices, smoothies, coffee drinks, and sweets come in a great variety too.

Price range: on average, $4-$6 for a meal and $1.5-$3 for a beverage.



best places to eat in lviv

Roof Top Restaurant at Panorama Lviv Hotel

I really wanted to add this restaurant to the list since it has a very lovely atmosphere and a beautiful view of the street and square. It is located on the 7th floor so don’t expect a 180-degree panorama. But still, the view is very nice and the place is very quiet. Since it is part of the hotel, prices for food and drinks here are higher than anywhere else but I guess you pay for the ambiance.

What kind of food can you find here? The menu offers Ukrainian dishes, Italian (such as risotto and pasta,) burgers, pasta, lots of variations of meat and fish entrees, and steaks. Also, a good assortment of desserts, teas, coffee, juices, and cocktails.

Price range: prices start from $5 for appetizers and soups. The average price for an entree is between $8-$12. A cup of latte or cappuccino is around $2.

best places to eat in lviv
View on the square from the restaurant


It is one of the best restaurants in Lviv which offers fancy and scrumptious vegetarian and vegan dishes. A lot of them are also gluten-free. Most of the meals have expensive ingredients in them but prices are still reasonable enough.

Beyond food, Green cafe also has pretty decor and a small shop at the entrance selling vegan products. It is one of the best places to eat in Lviv while also being able to conduct a business meeting, meet with friends, or do some laptop work.

What kind of food can you find here? Salads, smoothies,  fruit bowls, juices, vegetarian burgers and pizzas, vegan soups, and more. Also, there is an alternative to coffee here – chicory coffee which has no caffeine and is beneficial for health.

Price range: on average the price for a meal is between $4 and $6.

best places to eat in lviv

Puzata Hata

I had to include this place on a list even though it is not a fancy restaurant, bar, or cafe. For Ukrainians, Puzata Hata is one of the favorite and best places to eat in Lviv and entire Ukraine. It is a local chain of diners that serve only traditional Ukrainian dishes in a buffet style.

Once here, take a tray, get in the line, and pick up those dishes that you would like to try. There is always a lot to choose from and menu changes on a weekly basis. I don’t even know what to highlight and recommend you to taste in particular. Everything is always fresh and delicious, and no matter what foods you get, they are going to be authentic Ukrainian foods. Very often, you can even find some less known foods of Ukraine here. Give them a try too!

There are 2 cafes of this chain in Lviv and both of them are located not far from the center. I recommend stopping here for at least one meal to eat as locals do.

What kind of food can you find here? Soups, meat dishes (such as schnitzels, cutlets, goulash, meatballs, chicken wings, etc.,) porridges, pasta, pierogi with different fillings, crepes, stuffed cabbage, potato dishes, salads, desserts, teas, and more.

Price range: from $1 to $5.

Some of the places where to eat in Lviv belong to Restaron chain, the local signature chain. Some of the photos were provided by its brand manager Alena (no, it is not a sponsored post by any means.)

All the restaurants on the list I personally visited and gave a try. Unfortunately, I just haven’t taken enough pictures. That’s why I contacted Alena, whom I happened to find on Instagram, told her I was going to include some of the restaurants of their chain in my post, and asked if she could provide some photos for me. And she happily did.

Have you been to any other Lviv restaurants that are not on this list? If yes, tell us in comments what you liked and what you didn’t.

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  1. I read about Lviv in a magazine years ago and it’s been on my to do-list since then, along with Odessa and Kiev. This great post has certainly given me an appetite to visit Lviv. Thank you.

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      Other than that, in large cities, it’s common and everyone is accepted for sure.

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