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Lviv Breakfast Guide: 17 Incredible Places to Enjoy the Best Breakfast in Lviv

Breakfast in Lviv is my favorite meal of the day. With fantastic restaurants and cafes on each corner, it is difficult to cook at home, especially if visiting Lviv on a getaway. Whenever I am back in this magical city, I have breakfast out most of the time.

I wanted to share with you a list of my favorite (and personally tested) Lviv breakfast places. I know there are many more (because Lviv is a culinary city) but here are those that you’ll definitely enjoy as much as I did.

Most of them are located inside the Old Town and a few not far from it. With such a number of dining establishments, you’ll definitely need to stay in Lviv for at least a month, haha.  

Best Breakfast Places in Lviv Old Town

1. Good Old ‘Atlas’ Cafe 

best breakfast in Lviv

Famous For: Extensive menu for any time of the day, antique interior, and fantastic views. In regards to breakfast, they are famous among many for their cheese pancakes.

Atlas cafe is located in the center of Lviv on Rynok Square in one of the oldest buildings. In fact, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first communal restroom was opened there and everyone willing to use it had to pay. Until this day you can find an old antique sink in the hallway of Atlas cafe. Also, there are a lot of photographs from old times that tell some history.

There are 5 halls for visitors with different themes. In the “Art Hall” of the restaurant, there is a collection of historical paintings and portraits of Galician princes and knights. An outside terrace is a perfect place to sit on during a warm morning with breakfast that includes a glass of prosecco or a cup of latte and enjoy the views.  

Atlas cafe serves breakfast from 08:00 to 12:00 and it suits all tastes. You can find dishes of Ukrainian, Polish, and Austrian cuisine that include eggs, beans, ham, vegetables, pancakes, and desserts. I tried many options on their menu but my favorite was scrambled eggs with salmon and cottage cheese pancakes. 

Address: Rynok Square, 45

2. Druzi Cafe & Bar

Famous For: Inner courtyard, traditional dishes prepared in a unique way, inspiring atmosphere, and board games

‘Druzi’ which means ‘friends’ is a place where everyone is welcome and can feel like a friend coming to a homey place to eat in Lviv. It has everything that a visitor needs to have a good time: board games, welcoming friendly staff, light music, and delicious international cuisine. The inner courtyard is such a nice spot to hide and relax or work.

The extensive breakfast menu includes a lot of items. Those who like to start their day with something sweet can find here chia seeds pudding with mango passion fruit sauce, oatmeal with berries, granola with berries and Greek yogurt, or cottage cheesecakes with vanilla sauce.

For others who prefer a more hearty breakfast, there is oatmeal with mushrooms and spinach, grilled sandwiches with chicken, salmon, tofu and vegetables, scrambled eggs with Viennese sausages, avocados, spinach, potatoes and cherries, different types of omelettes, and more. There is really a lot to choose from.

The cafe is especially convenient for those tourists who choose to stay in the Dream Hostel located above.

Address: Krakivska Street, 5

3. Grand Cafe Leopolis

breakfast in Lviv
breakfast places in Lviv

Famous For: Royal type of breakfast – food towers in a historic building with prosecco and gorgeous views

One of my favorite places to eat in Lviv on any occasion and during any time of the day. But breakfast here is particularly special and romantic. Get a taste of royal meal in Grand Cafe Leopolis on the central square near Ratusha.  

So at this cafe, you have an opportunity to eat breakfast from 9 to 12 while being in the most central part of the city and overlooking the square and old Austrian-style houses.

For breakfast, you can choose one of 3 food towers that include eggs with salmon or bacon, guacamole (or veggie pate), salad, and toast. Another tower includes cottage cheese pancakes with berry sauce, a smoothie bowl, fresh fruit, and marshmallows. Each tower comes with a glass of prosecco or rose lemonade (it was so good!)

It is a very romantic place. If you can’t make it for breakfast, come for lunch or dinner. There are also lunch and dinner towers available as well as a big variety of epic desserts. 

Address: Rynok Square, 1

4. Otset

Famous For: Croissants with various fillings for breakfast

Breakfast at the Otset cafe is served from 08:30 until 12:00.

Everyone is welcome to start the day with croissants (sweet or savory), omelets, traditional Ukrainian style pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes with jam and sour cream, or granola with yogurt. And of course, there is a big selection of craft tea, coffee, and desserts to brighten up your mood in the morning.

This Lviv cafe is located on the main Square facing the Ratusha. On a warm day, it’s such a beautiful place to eat breakfast outside here.

Address: Lviv, Rynok Square, 25


best Lviv breakfast

Famous For: All types of Belgian waffles – yum!

SOWA Cafe serves breakfast from 10:00 until 13:00. However, if you only wake up in the afternoon, don’t worry. This place can offer breakfast-like food even then.

SOWA is famous for Belgian waffles (that melt in the mouth!) with various toppings and delish coffee. You can have a savory or sweet version and add any extras you want. I remember having a waffle with bacon, blue cheese, poached egg, and avocado and it was so good! If you come within breakfast hours, there is a special offer with a discounted price for one type of waffle breakfast which also includes a drink. 

Oh, and you should try their matcha latte (so good) and mulled wine.

Address: Lviv, Staroyevreyska Street, 40

6. Vapiano Restaurant 

Famous For: Italian breakfast

Before I go into details let me clarify one thing. This restaurant is not on a map because it’s part of the Rius hotel. If you are staying there, breakfast should be included in your stay. But if not, you are also welcome to join.

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant that serves breakfast only until 12:00. They offer morning quinoa with milk, hummus with crispy ciabatta, scramble with the chicken, omelette, toasts with pesto, poached eggs with salmon, and many more options to choose from, in fact so many that you may be confused about what to choose. Most of the dishes represent Italian cuisine.

Besides food, there are also desserts (our favorite creamy lemon cheesecake and tiramisu made in house), various teas, juices, and coffee drinks.

Address: Akademika Hnatyuka Street, 12A (Rius Hotel)

7. Korky Ta Krykhty

Famous For: Sweet or sour unlimited breakfasts with prosecco and oysters 

Korky Ta Krykhty restaurant in the heart of Old Lviv serves breakfast in a unique way. You choose one of two plates, either sweet or savory, pay one price for it but then if you want more of any item on that plate you pay between 1-10 UAH (€0.03-€0.30) for each (depending on what exactly you take).

The sweet plate includes cottage cheese pancakes (very famous traditional Ukrainian food) with jam and sour cream, fruits, and baked vegetables. The savory plate has sunny side up eggs with grilled chicken and sauce, toast, salad, baked veggies, and beans.

This type of breakfast lasts from 09:00 until 11:00 and costs almost twice cheaper than after 11 (around €5 per plate). Each portion also comes with one oyster, coffee/tea, juice, and a glass of prosecco. 

Address: Lviv, Lesia Ukrainka Street, 27

8. Svit Kavy

Lviv breakfast

Famous For: Some of the best coffee in Lviv (per some people) and breakfast all day long.

Svit Kavy is one of the older cafes in Lviv that serves full breakfasts throughout the day from 08:00 until the moment they close. If you wake up late and still want breakfast, you can always count on this place.

There are a few breakfast options to choose from here. Some of them are breakfast that includes Benedict eggs and arugula salad, homemade yogurt with granola or oatmeal, and a few types of sandwiches. But the most popular one is a French breakfast with freshly baked croissant, orange jam, brie cheese, salmon, and avocado.

Besides very good almond milk cappuccino this cafe is famous for morning mimosa cocktails and orange juice latte (when hot orange juice is used instead of milk).

Address: There are 2 locations – one on Rynok Square, 30, and another one on Katedral’na Square, 6. In my opinion though the second location is more unique. It is located next to the church, has 3 floors and old-style decor.

Note: They have a special offer in the form of a sandwich (both vegan) and filtered coffee. Breakfasts are more expensive but this option is great for a tighter budget.

9. Tsukor

Famous for: Instagram-worthy very delish dishes and drinks

Tsukor is among the most instagrammable cafes in Lviv. If you like to photograph your food and latte, this is the place to go. Most Lviv residents come here not only to eat but also to take some stylish photos with an insta breakfast. The breakfast menu is available all day long, so those who wake up after 12 have a place to choose. From Mondays to Thursdays Tsukor is open from 08:00 to 22:00. From Fridays to Sundays from 08:00 to 00:00. Thus, come at any time!

Some of the options on the breakfast menu include scrambled eggs on a crispy bun with tomatoes and avocado, pancakes with salmon, cream cheese with gorgonzola and spinach, or a traditional English breakfast served in a fancy way.

My favorites were a cappuccino with salted caramel, green smoothie with kiwi and spinach, oatmeal with strawberries and cocoa beans, and pancakes with chocolate and peach. But there is much more to order. The menu here is extensive and this place often gets packed. Be ready to wait in line to get a table. In summer there is a terrace in the inner courtyard and tables outside on the old street. Nice. 

Address: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 21

10. Baczewski Restaurant

Famous For: Buffet-style breakfast and atmosphere

Oh, Baczewski restaurant. Such a famous establishment that every person writing about the best places to eat in Lviv includes this restaurant on the list. You can eat here at any time of the day, not only breakfast, and be very pleased with the food and service. Every meal here is like a special event.

But breakfast is even more so. The special atmosphere, birds singing, live piano music, and beautiful decor create a harmonious start to the day.

From 8:00 to 11:00 visitors can enjoy an unlimited buffet with all kinds of foods for breakfast, desserts, fruits, and juices. Baczewski breakfast includes eggs cooked to order, cottage cheese pancakes and traditional style pancakes, yogurt with cereals, salads, cheeses, different cured meats, pastes, many desserts, and coffee or tea. They have so much, it’s difficult to choose. The only disadvantage is constant long lines. On a summer day (before covid) I saw lines at 7:30 am, oh my goodness.

Price for the buffet-style breakfast is around €5 for adults and €2.5 for kids. Don’t forget, it’s only from 8 to 11.

Address: Lviv, Shevska Street, 8

11. Strudel House

Famous For: All types of strudels and coffee with liqueur

If you are looking to start your day in a beautiful old-days setting with vintage furniture, classic music in the background, and the best strudel in Ukraine, make a stop in this cafe. There are so many variations of strudel here both sweet and sour. And all of them are freshly baked in house. Waiters wear beautiful Austrian-era clothing.

For breakfast, you have a choice of strudels with a variety of fillings – with cherries and ice cream, with poppy seeds and walnuts, mushrooms and potatoes, meat and sauce made from bell peppers, as well as salmon, wild mushrooms cheese, spinach, apples, pears, and more. Also, you can have a hearty breakfast of pancakes with banana, Nutella, and walnuts or polenta with cheese. 

But the main thing everyone comes here is strudel with an aromatic cup of coffee.

Among all drinks, some of the must-try are melange and coffee with liqueur or juice.

Address: Shevska St, 6

12. Papi

lviv breakfast

Famous For: Their special cottage cheese pancakes with bounty chocolate and banana filling and traditional style pancakes with ice-cream and pear. Yum!

Another amazing cafe I love for Lviv breakfast. In fact, this is a new place that opened right before covid and survived all the restrictions and closures. Simply because it’s just that awesome.

Papi has top notch atmosphere, excellent service, cozy space, delicious food and so, so beautiful decor. We kept returning here many times for breakfast and then to work at night. Definitely try their pancakes, croissants, English breakfast, and morning wine. 

Address: Valova St, 19/1

13. Epic Cheeseburger Cafe – No, No Cheeseburgers For Breakfast

Famous For: American breakfast

If you are in the mood for an American type of breakfast, welcome to Epic Cheeseburger Cafe.

The concept of this burger place is American style dining where all portions are big as in the US. And while they are famous for various burger choices, fries, sandwiches, and delicious cheddar sauce, you should still check them out for breakfast. 

For the first meal of the day, you can expect to have a toast with cheese, bacon, ham and egg, grilled broccoli with hummus, cherry tomatoes and hemp butter salad, beans in tomato sauce, eggs with arugula, bacon, parmesan and avocado, hashbrowns with blue cheese sauce, crunchy bacon and yogurt, and many more options.

Address: Halytska St, 15.

14. Cafe Centaur 

Famous For: Chia yogurt, cottage cheesecakes, Ukrainian breakfast, atmosphere, and terrace

Cafe Centaur is a very lovely cafe with quiet interiors and a beautiful terrace from where you get to see the main square. Here you can taste the Ukrainian cuisine, including the traditional cuisine of Lviv, as well as the European and Central European ones.

The cafe is mainly famous for its delicious breakfast that start at 8 in the morning every day, excellent cappuccino, and fragrant coffee which is roasted in the restaurant every day.

Even if you have breakfast in another Lviv restaurant, come here to try Arayubik Centaur, in other words lavender coffee, cottage cheese cakes with homemade jam, and macaroons. Another breakfast options are oatmeal, homemade croissant with poached egg, and chia yogurt. Oh, and one of their best sellers is English breakfast.

Address: Rynok Square, 34

Best Lviv Breakfast Outside Old City

15. SHOco

Famous For: Pastries, crepes, Eggs Benedict, eclairs, and much more!

Cafe-confectionery Shoco is a meeting point for many residents of Lviv in the morning. There are a few locations but the one a bit outside Old Town is the most famous one.

At SHOco you can try so much. Some of the options are poached eggs on a crispy cereal toast, omelettes, crepes, a salad mix with salmon or prosciutto, avocado, quinoa, and Greek yogurt, sweet cheesecakes with jam, croissants with different fillings, traditional Ukrainian cheese pancakes, and of course fragrant cappuccino or latte.

It’s a very cozy modern-looking cafe with quiet music where it is also perfect to do some laptop work.

Address: Lesya Kurbasa Street, 3

16. Chekhovych

Famous For: Breakfast salads, amazing coffee, and interesting style

Chekhovych cafe is located outside the historical Lviv center, so don’t come here just for the breakfast alone. However, if you are staying anywhere near the railway station or plan to explore this part of the Frankivskyi district, it’s really a great place where to have a first meal of the day.

Chekhovych became famous for its coffee which many people say is the tastiest coffee in Lviv. Later they started to serve desserts and then added breakfast food. The menu has the most common options like omelettes and cheese pancakes but the food is good and the atmosphere is fabulous. Definitely a place for coffee enthusiasts! 

Address: Heroiv UPA St, 72

17. Late Breakfast Club

Famous For: Breakfast all day and different food bowls

Just two blocks away from a previous cafe, you’ll find another nice place for breakfast in Lviv. It works in neo-bistro format.

Breakfast is served here all day, and the menu also includes bowls, soups, and desserts. Drinks include coffee, cocktails, wine, and craft beer. And although the restaurant is relatively new, it has already won the favor of locals – everyone praises the cozy modern interior and delicious cuisine.

Address: Heroiv UPA St, 77

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Best Breakfast Places in Lviv, Ukraine

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