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Best Breakfast in Kiev – The Coolest Places to Start Your Day

Honestly, it took me more than a week to write this post with the best breakfast places in Kiev. It was difficult to choose what exactly to include on this list and what to leave out. 

There are so many awesome restaurants, cafes and coffee shops that I often feel lost which place to choose, where to go and what to recommend. 

Below, I am sharing my favorite places where to have breakfast in Kiev. In some of them, breakfast food is served all day long while others offer it until the early evening.

The only note to remember: do not expect them to be cheap. The average check, I would say, is going to be 120-180 UAH ($4.5-$7) per person. Do not forget that this price includes not only food but a pretty setting. But food alone is incredibly fresh and delicious too.

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FAVORITE UNCLE (Lyubimyi Dyadya) 

Breakfast in Kiev

The FAVORITE UNCLE restaurant skillfully refutes the stereotype that poached eggs are eaten only for breakfast. So if there is a mid-evening craving to have a Benedict egg, give this place a try. 

Moreover, the chef has come up with the idea to create a lighter alternative to Benedict eggs. It consists of grilled chicken or asparagus on a home-made carrot bread instead of the classic English bun.

The morning menu is large and you’ll have a hard time choosing what to order. To make it easier for you, I suggest trying a poached egg on toast of carrot bread (you can tell that I am totally obsessed with those poached eggs) and shakshouka. You can choose between two – with grilled chicken, with spinach and curry sauce, or with creamy spinach stew and green sauce.

If you are not into eggs, go for lazy dumplings with sour cream and berry sauce, oatmeal with parmesan, and sandwiches. Those who have a fondness for sugary breakfast will love home-made cheesecakes or a coffee with sesame halvah and spices.

Highlights: early breakfasts from 8:00, stylish interior and cozy atmosphere.


Locals love cafe KOSATKA for a relaxed atmosphere, a stylish interior, and uniquely made dishes. It is the right spot for a leisurely breakfast early in the morning or a meet up with a group of friends at night. 

The breakfast menu is small, but the list of dishes stands out. Until 4 pm you can order a large American breakfast, spinach pancakes, french toast, pancakes with caramelized banana and sweet and salty cottage cheese pancakes either with creamy peanut sauce or vegetables and tomato pesto.

For a good start of the day order big English breakfast which includes eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, sausages, and toast.

What to know: delicious breakfasts, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff. But sometimes it can get too noisy here.

Breakfast in Kiev


Another cool breakfast place in Kiev where you can have breakfast all day long is ZIGZAG restaurant. Brick walls, partially wooden interior, light jazz music on the background and charming design with pleasant lighting and vanity can perk up your mood on any day.

For breakfast, ZIGZAG serves waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup, cottage cheese balls with apple-orange sauce, and egg scramble on toast with smoked tomatoes and cheese.

As an alternative to standard oatmeal, you can have baked oatmeal with dried fruits and caramelized orange.

For dessert, try the gluten-free chocolate cake with cherry sauce and a famous donut with currants and cream.

By the way, there is also a very tasty coffee and a great playlist that is constantly updated. Lovers of live music will find an old piano from Soviet times and can play it as they wish.

Breakfasts here are served all day long.

THE LIFE OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE (Zhizn Zamechatelnykh Lyudey or ZZL)

ZZL very quickly became a favorite restaurant for locals where to have breakfast in Kiev. And actually not only breakfast. It is a cool spot for lunch or dinner too. 

The first thing that catches your eye is the huge choice of breakfasts and how attentive the staff is. The breakfast menu takes two pages, so get ready to doubt what to choose from such a variety. But no matter what you order, it will be delicious. 

Especially good are the pancakes with apples, shakshouka with hummus and eggplant, granola with fresh mango and coconut chips, and Turkish breakfast. There are also dishes for vegans, and for lovers of a fulfilling and satisfying meal in the morning.

My advice to you – when you go to ZZL for breakfast, take a seat on the summer terrace. It is very pleasant to enjoy the morning breeze and observe life around you.


A cozy vegetarian cafe in Podil district where you won’t be able to resist not to take a photo of your food or interior. It’s just so photogenic.

This is a perfect spot not only for vegetarians but for everyone else who loves to have grain and plant-based breakfasts. But besides breakfast, HUM: HUM has incredibly delicious and healthy lunch and dinner options. 

If you want to eat a nutrition-packed meal, take the breakfast bowl with quinoa, fried cheese, pumpkin seeds, avocado hummus, pickled pepper, granola, and honey dressing. Another option is a platter of cottage cheese pancakes. We also liked toasts with avocado-hummus, cream cheese, greens, and lemon.

You can add an egg, falafel ball, olives, pickles, pita, or caramelized onions to any dish.

YOLK (Zheltok)

If you want to start your day with a classic American breakfast then come to YOLK. And no matter how long you like to sleep. Breakfasts here are served all day long. So you can count on pancakes and unlimited coffee even before bedtime. 

YOLK is a local chain with three different cafes in Kyiv.

In addition to a large American breakfast, the cafe serves a large English or a big “farm style” breakfast. Try an omelette pizza, homemade traditional pancakes or Ukrainian style cottage cheese pancakes, eggs Benedict with roast beef or tuna. For a lighter option, choose yogurt with raspberries and cornflakes or fitness pie with coffee.

Menus are constantly updated and improved. The latest gastronomic innovations are omelette pizzas with various fillings.


If you happen to be in the Obolon district in the Northern part of Kiev, I highly recommend checking out TIRAMISU BAR. 

Scandinavian loft in unusual powder-pink colors, upholstered furniture, panoramic windows offering a view of a busy street, catchy paintings and funny decorative accessories recreate the atmosphere of childhood and a perpetual holiday.

This cafe positions itself as kids friendly. It has a specially designated area for children where little ones can watch cartoons and play. Also, there is a special children’s tiramisu on the menu, without coffee and alcohol and with low-fat cheese.

Moreover, Tiramisu Bar is also pet-friendly. Here your four-legged companions are kindly served with water and food.

The breakfast menu is quite extensive and each dish looks more like a piece of art. Try the cottage cheese balls with sour cream and cherry jam or poached eggs on a pillow of mashed potatoes with parmesan and truffle oil with a delicate cheese sauce. 


Breakfast in Kiev

best Breakfast places in Kiev

FANDOM COFFEE BAR is a place for all occasions. Here, you can hold a business lunch, drink a cocktail before heading to the Opera House, and, of course, come for breakfast. Breakfasts here are delicious. 

Order a classic French toast with fruit and honey, eggs Benedict with turkey, cheese pancakes with dried apricot, granola with pumpkin puree, fruit and honey, and three types of croissants – classic, with caramel and almond fillings. 

Coffee lovers can expect to find an invigorating coffee for breakfast too.


Fans of American diners, French bakeries, and organic foods, this restaurant is for you.

Surprisingly, here, you’ll find a few very decent classic American dishes, French pastries, and Ukrainian style cooking. All ingredients are natural. 

MILK BAR is one of the most favorite breakfast places in Kiev for residents of the capital. No wonder why. It is conveniently located right in the center and has a simple but very clear menu list.

The cafe has a special morning menu which includes homemade granola, oatmeal, and toast, pancakes with strawberries and cream, poached eggs, vegetables, and goat cheese. There are also dishes for vegetarians, one of them is my favorite bulgur porridge with coconut milk.


KIFLYK is one of its kind cafe in Kiev with rather exotic Trans-Carpathian (or Zakarpattya in Ukrainian) cuisine. I always recommend every traveler who visits Ukraine to go to Carpathian and Trans-Carpathian regions since they show Ukraine in a totally different light.

KIFLYK is a wonderful breakfast spot in Kiev where you can learn a little bit about one of those regions through food.

A minimalist interior and unique dishes of Hutsul cuisine will be great for those who want to try something new but do not feel like going outside of Kiev. 

For breakfast, try “gambovantsi” – at first steamed and then fried balls of cottage cheese dough with different toppings and sauces. Give a try to corn porridge “banush” or “funky” – donuts with fruit fillings. For drinks, choose the Carpathian herbal tea which gives energy and boosts mood. From time to time, they also have seasonal pierogi with various fillings if you don’t mind having them the first thing in the morning. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know the names of dishes on the menu. The waiter will explain them to you.  


things to do in kiev

I love ONE LOVE cafe for panoramic views of Kiev, stylish design and a special type of environment that helps to do my laptop work. There are a few cafes with the same name in Kiev but my favorite one is in Pinchuk Art Center on the 6th floor.

If you are staying anywhere between Palats Sporty and Khreshchatyk and looking to do some work while having breakfast (and even after,) come to ONE LOVE cafe. 

Along with the first-class coffee from the professional barista, it serves delicious, hearty breakfasts and serves them throughout the day.

Every time I come here I either order Benedict eggs on crispy toast with asparagus beans or cappuccino with cake. However, you’ll have a few more options to choose from. some of them are baked grapefruit with honey, egg, caesar sauce, toast, berry sauce and famous cottage cheese balls with sour cream and jam. 


HONEY CAFE is a paradise for lovers of sweets. If you are craving eclairs, cake, yogurt and granola, pancakes and nutritious smoothie bowls for breakfast – come here.

But those are not the only items on the menu. There are more than 15 types of breakfast. So everyone can find something to his taste, either lighter or more fulfilling. Among other options, the cafe also offers original omelets and scrambles, Benedict eggs, avocado toasts, and sandwiches

All my favorite restaurants where to have incredibly delicious breakfast in Kiev. Best restaurants in Kiev for any occasion #kievtravel #kyivtravel #ukrainefood #bestofukraine

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  1. Absolutely saving this post, as I’m hoping to spend more time in Ukraine by the end of this year. Though it’s true prices are a bit steep, they’re still low when compared to similar option in other European countries. Really curious to try them all!

    1. Hey Maria, happy to hear that! I hope you’ll enjoy Kiev on your trip! And that’s true, prices are lower when compared to most European destinations but the food is so good!

  2. Hi Anya
    You’ve made Kiev sound so exciting and vibrant, and your photos are beautiful. I have to add this to my ever growing bucket list now!
    Thank you

  3. I have traveled to many places in the world with my work. But Ukraine has a place in my heart. It is so beautiful, so clean (compared to the UK) and the food is delicious. I come back now for holidays and culture. I look forward to exploring the country more and am returning in Sept 21. Reading your posts brings the memories rushing back. Thank you.

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