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Mountain Residence in Bukovel: A Quiet Forest Escape With Stunning Views

Two nights in Mountain Residence in Bukovel was definitely not enough, especially at the beginning of the foliage season. But luckily, we have already booked this property for our other visit in December to be able to see winter magic and enjoy a bit of skiing. (I am saying luckily because for winter season it’s getting sold out months in advance).

I had actually visited Bukovel many times before on independent trips to the region and when driving through the Carpathian Mountains. And every time I was staying either in smaller hotels or family-owned guesthouses.

This time though, I wanted to try something different. So after finding out that a new mountain residence apartments & chalet opened right by the forest and ski tracks, I knew we had to go and check it out.   

breakfast in Bukovel
Carpathian Mountains

NOTE: Just to be clear, while I recommend one particular hotel in Bukovel, I paid for it on my own. This stay was really special and that’s why it got its very own blog post, not because someone invited me to write about it. Yet, the link to the booking site is an affiliate which means if you make a reservation through it, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you).

Rooms & Chalets at Mountain Residence in Bukovel

I’ve stayed at several different apart-hotels in the mountainous areas. But Mount Residence apartments and chalets in Bukovel definitely feels the most remote. It stands right by the forest but at the same time is in the middle of all the main Bukovel activities.

As it sits on top of a hill with a beautiful forest area on one side, there are clear views in every direction. So you’ll either have a full view of the Bukovel village, mountains or coniferous trees. All rooms come with balconies that provide an opportunity to get fresh air and have a meal or drink in seclusion.

View from the room
morning coffee

We booked the most budget-friendly room available at the time of booking (Superior apartment) which comes without any panorama. And upon reservation, we were told that all rooms of this type come without a view.

But to our surprise, it actually did have a view (perfect for lovers of peace and quiet). Our room was facing the coniferous forest and had a balcony that offered clean fragrant air and excellent background for my morning photos.

I seriously enjoyed it to the fullest. And when we wanted to have a different view, we’d just go to the Living Room restaurant or Sky Garden Lounge on the rooftop of building A.

Mountain residence & chalet views
View from the restaurant. We even spent a few hours at this table working on our laptops. With such a view, I could work all day long!

The Mountain Residence hotel has two different types of accommodation – modern apartment-style rooms with kitchenettes and balconies and village-style cottages with full-size kitchens, its own yard, bbq area and even a few separate rooms. One type of cottage has even its own pool.

Apartments come with one, two, or three bedrooms and have everything for a comfortable vacation.

Our room, a Superior Apartment on the fourth floor of building B, was predictably wonderful. It had a huge comfortable king-size bed, unfolded sofa, a coffee machine, two-burner stove, fridge, microwave, and big rain shower in the bathroom. I particularly liked the light cool colors of the room that promoted relaxation and calm and modern, easy to understand room features.

Mountain residence hotel room
Mountain residence bathroom
Mountain residence hallway
restaurant view

Our room also had a private balcony (all rooms had balconies) separated by walls on both sides from other rooms. So we were able to spend time there in privacy without seeing our neighbors. You can see it in the photos above.

Breakfast at Mountain Residence 

A generous buffet breakfast, included in the nightly rate and served in the hotel’s main restaurant the Living Room, was the most memorable hotel breakfast I’ve had in Ukraine

There were so many food options to choose from, including those for vegetarians and people who don’t eat pork.

My favorites were omelette (they made it in a very interesting way), stuffed eggs, pate, the variety of cheeses, Shakshuka that reminded me more of Turkish breakfast menemen, pancakes, cottage cheese crepes, and croissants. They also had zillion varieties of jams and preserves, granola with yogurt or milk, fresh and baked fruits, vegetables, and desserts.

Oh, and unlimited breakfast champaign, tea, and coffee drinks were included as well.

breakfast with a view
hotel breakfast
Champagne for breakfast
breakfast in Mountain residence in Bukovel

Their Awesome Pool

I really don’t know what was the highlight of our trip to Mountain Residence – its fantastic instgrammable breakfast, our cozy room with forest views, excellent location, or pool on the rooftop with stunning panorama.

The pool, next to the Sky Garden Lounge on the top floor of building A, is a perfect place to start a day on a summer morning or end a chilly October evening. In summer in particular, it serves as a great spot for sunbathing and swimming if you have no desire to hike the local mountains. It has sun loungers, an area with the shade where to hide from the sun, and compact bar with tables and chairs.

We visited in October and the pool was still open with water temperature of 30C degrees (86F). Since the air was crispy and cold, I didn’t feel comfortable getting in. But some people swam while photographing their margarita against the background of the mountains. We just enjoyed spending some time on the rooftop, taking photos, and chatting with baristas. 

Bukovel pool with a view
Swimming in October in Bukovel with a view

Other Amenities

Mountain Residence also has a playground for kids, an outside terrace for warmer weather, a small gym with 3 or 4 machines, enclosed parking, and room for relaxation. There is also a separate entrance to the 2A slope. 

Things to Do Nearby

Great thing is that Bukovel Mountain Residence is conveniently located in the center of all events. It is close to the main chair lift 2R and to many restaurants. VODA club with Lake Molodosti is only 15 min walk away.

If you are visiting outside ski season and have only 2 nights staying in this property, I suggest you savor it and focus on exploring the grounds. Go on one of the hikes (to grab a map, stop by Bukovel tourist center located near the booth selling tickets for skylift), walk in the forest, rent a bike and go biking, sip a cappuccino on the terrace of panoramic cafe (that Bukovel has a lot of!) and of course ride a chair lift to the top of the mountains to see Bokovel from above.

Besides these activities, there are still so many other things to do in Bukovel – zip lines, rodelbahn, boats (in summer), upside-down house, Hutsul Land, spa centers are just beyond. In the direction to Yablunytsya, you’ll find charming estates, some nice bars, and more walking/hiking trails with beautiful views. 

Bukovel activities

Tips For Your Stay in Mountain Residence in Bukovel

1) Mountain Residence hotel has its own parking. So if you decide to come by car (which is a far better option than using public transport), you can easily park it on premises and walk anywhere in Bukovel.

2) All rooms in the hotel come with a view either of Bukovel or forest. But if you want to have a room with a view of the mountains or town, then make sure to book it with a lot of time in advance.

3) Stays during the weekend are always more expensive no matter what the season is. If you want to save, better come during the week. In this way, there also will be fewer people.

4) January is the busiest month when the hotel is sold out every day. Thus, prices are the highest and availability is very limited. For January travel, make reservations in advance as well.  

And no matter when you visit, have a wonderful stay!

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