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Lviv Districts: Where to Rent an Apartment in Lviv For a Long & Short Stay

Last Updated November, 2020

Lviv is rightfully considered one of the most popular cities in Ukraine. Its unique architecture, well-developed infrastructure, a high level of safety for residents, and everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant life makes it a perfect destination not only to visit but to live in. If you are visiting or moving to this part of Ukraine and wondering where to rent an apartment in Lviv, I want to give you a few tips and talk about all city districts.

In total, there are 6 Lviv districts where people live. It is impossible to give unambiguous recommendations as to which of them is better to choose. There are a lot of subjective factors that influence the choice.

The thing to keep in mind is that Lviv (as all other cities in Ukraine) doesn’t have particularly dangerous or ghetto neighborhoods as cities in America or some European cities. Yeah, some neighborhoods within each district are better, others are worse but overall they are just fine in regards to safety. Some are not very comfortable or may not appeal to you (I personally don’t like a lot of areas in Lviv). However, don’t think they are particularly dangerous like those really unsafe parts of Istanbul

Therefore, in this article, I would love to go over all existing areas in Lviv and talk about the main features of each of them. It will help you decide where to find your Lviv apartments for rent be it for a long-term or shorter stay.

Psst: Do you have more questions about Lviv or Ukraine? Check all my Ukraine posts here. Don’t find an answer? Get in touch!

NOTE: I have been staying in Lviv long-term many times. But recently together with Mark, we brainstormed an idea to make a base in this city. We are having one base in Istanbul, Turkey and now thinking about another one in Ukraine (more on that later). So here is an honest review of all Lviv neighborhoods and a few statistics from recent polls.

Lviv Apartment Rental – Guide to All Lviv Districts  

Zaliznychnyi District – Renting an Apartment in Lviv Railway Station Area

rent an apartment in Lviv

Zaliznychnyi district in Lviv covers the south-western part of the city. It’s called Zaliznychnyi which means ‘Railway’ because of the main railway station and several small stations there. It is in this area that Lviv Railway workers traditionally live.

Here, the daily rent of apartments, as well as hostels and hotels will have one of the lowest prices for accommodation. The reason for that is the distance from the historic center of the Old Town. A walk can take about 40 minutes. In 10-15 minutes, you can get there by public transport such as tram or city minibus.

In regards to long-term rentals, the price depends on a few factors. If a flat is located closer to Sknylivs’kyi Park and outlet ‘Pivdennyi’, it is going to be more expensive since that is a relatively new neighborhood with new and modern apartment complexes. The old part of this district is also more expensive because it’s considered historical and closer to Old Lviv.

It’s easy enough to find here a studio or even a 1-bedroom apartment for about $350 per month.

When I was checking the results of a recent poll when more than 5000 Lviv residents answered questions about the best areas where to live in Lviv, I was surprised to find out that they consider it to be less comfortable for a long-term apartment rental. They say that despite the convenient transport infrastructure, clean streets, and a lot of stores, this district has more old buildings and not so friendly neighbors.

Maybe, I can’t tell. At some point in my life, I have been staying in a neighborhood closer to the Taurus City hotel and love it there. (By the way, if you are in the area, check it out. This hotel has a lovely rooftop restaurant with very good cuisine and prices and an amazing view of Lviv) It was close to Old Town, to the park and also to many historical sites.

Advantages of this area:

– proximity to the railway station, especially for those who are traveling often;

– always a large selection of housing at affordable prices in excellent condition;

– there are lots of shops and markets in many neighborhoods which makes it easy to shop;

– proximity to some historical sights, the main one is the Church of Olha and Elizabeth;

Cons of staying in this area:

– remoteness from the historic center of the Old City. Those who will be working in the Old Town, if living in the southern or central part of Zaliznychnyi district, may find it challenging to commute all the time.

– depending on where exactly you’ll choose to live, you may need to use a taxi or get to the apartment on your own in the evening after 21.00. Public transport runs less frequently at that time;

– it is considered one of the least safe districts in Lviv;

– the quality of the roads here is also the worst. There are constant traffic jams that cause noise and bad quality of air.

– not enough parks, sports grounds, and places where it is possible to go with children or on a date. For that, you’d need to go to other places.

Shevchenkivskyi District – Renting a Flat in a New Complex Not Far From Ratusha

lviv apartment rental
apartment in lviv

This district covers the central-northern part of Lviv and is considered one of the least safe in Lviv, although there is a small number of stray animals. The majority who live here love this part of the city because it is a quiet place and at the same time it is easy to get to the center.

Walking in many neighborhoods in this district at night (especially alone and even for the guy) doesn’t feel always comfortable. A lot of neighborhoods are rather dark with not enough lanterns. 

The infrastructure here is average. It’s not the worst but also not the best. There are still enough grocery stores, markets, and pretty decent transportation. However, when we lived there, we noticed that there were not too many schools, cafes, and entertainment options. Besides the Beer Cultural Experience museum and only a couple of nice cafes, there was not much else.

Other people who live in the area point out to bad condition of sidewalks, pretty dirty streets, and the lack of bike paths.  

Advantages of this area:

– definitely proximity to the city center. You can easily walk to it;

– a wide range of apartments for rent or purchase on the market at an average price;

– there is a big part of new apartment complexes built in Kleparow neighborhood. It is a dream location for many since you can be living almost in the center (10-15 minutes walking to the main square) in a completely new building which is rare in Lviv. 

Cons of staying in this area:

– not enough public transport routes to different parts of Lviv;

– not many schools or kindergartens to choose from. If you are moving with a family and plan to send your kids to a local school, there are not many options;

– also, there are not many areas for recreation, athletic fields, and entertainment options;

– depending on the area where you lice, you may need a car; 

– not as safe as other areas.

Halytskyi District – Apartments For Rent in Lviv Old City & Above

The smallest district of Lviv includes the historical center of the city and a number of neighborhoods that directly border it. Usually, when people talk about the Old Town, they imply the Halytskyi district.

It is definitely of the most popular areas among tourists within easy reach of Market Square, the Opera House, the Armenian Quarter, famous Lviv bars and restaurants, and different architectural gems. Everything here is close within 5-15 minutes reach, depending on the place of residence. 

People who choose to live here are usually romantics and connoisseurs of the charm of narrow stone streets, two-century-old houses, and architectural masterpieces. We were renting airbnbs here for the atmosphere of the oldest city.

Advantages of this area:

– you live in a very historical center among the famous cultural and historical sights; All the houses here are very ancient with a peculiar layout. Many apartments have fireplaces and antique balconies, with beautiful views of old streets;

– from early morning until late night, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of cathedrals, churches, town halls, visit thematic museums and exhibitions;

– a large selection of conceptual cafes on each corner. If you are working online and love to go out every other night, this part is your heaven. There are just so many thematic restaurants and bars that you’ll need a few months at least to visit them;

– the opportunity to walk until late at night, without worrying about transport and safety. Most street cafes work until 22.00 not to disturb the peace of local residents;

– small shops and three big grocery stores make it easy to shop here;

– finding an apartment for rent in this part of the city means that you’ll be in the center of events. There is always something happening in Lviv, be it a fair, concert, or performance, and you can be the first one to enjoy it;

– good transport connection with the railway station, airport, and all other districts.

Cons of staying in this area:

– on some streets, the traffic is very busy, which can create noise and inconvenience. In summer, if there is no air conditioning and the windows face the roadway, it’s going to be loud inside the flat;

– Old Town apartments have a higher price which rises during some holidays and weekends. Long term apartment rentals should have the same price. But if renting a flat monthly, expect to pay double (or more) during Christmas days, Easter, and May holidays;

– houses in Lviv Old Town have a dilapidated sewerage system. Here you can often feel a damp musty smell and for many apartments to have it is a norm. If the apartment has good repair with an air conditioner then there will be no such problems;

– prices in grocery stores in this district are higher than anywhere else in Lviv;

– the supply of water can be by the hour or with poor pressure. In this case usually, the apartment owners install a special pump in the bathrooms for pumping water to 3-4 floors. When securing your rental apartment, specify these points.

Syhivskyi District – Quiet and Peaceful Lviv Apartments 

renting apartment in lviv ukraine

Syhivskyi district is the youngest district of the city. Its construction and development began in the last quarter of the twentieth century and continues to this day. It stretches through the southeastern part of Lviv.

Finding an apartment for rent here will make every member of a family happy. Syhivskyi district, even though far from the center, has a sufficient number of entertainment places for parents, and a wide range of schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, playgrounds, etc for children of all ages. In addition to numerous specialized schools and kindergartens, there are a lot of clubs and after school centers for the comprehensive development of the child.

This area is a quiet, peaceful, and ideal environment for living long-term, especially for people who appreciate staying away from crowds. Another bonus, it has more reasonable prices compared to housing in the center or other neighborhoods of Lviv. Oh, and one of our tour guides who lives here says that from many apartment complexes you can see the mountains. 

Based on the results of a poll (mentioned above) among residents, Syhiv has the largest number of combat sports for self-defense and is considered the cleanest neighborhood in the city.

Advantages of this area:

– one of the safest and cleanest districts. The air is cleanest here;

– it’s a new and modern part where mostly young families and single professionals live;

– lowest prices for apartment rentals and buying new real estate in Lviv;

– a huge amount of stores and shopping centers;

– wide range of educational centers for children of all ages.

Cons of renting an apartment here:

– public transport is not as convenient and developed as anywhere else in Lviv. Getting to work in Old Lviv may take a lot of time;

– as a new modern district, it can be a disadvantage for some. There are no old historical buildings here, no museums and not many attractions.

Frankivskyi District – One of the Safest & Cleanest Places for Rent

Frankivskyi district covers the territory of the central-southern part of Lviv. Some of the largest streets in this area are Stepana Bandery, Heroiv UPA, Kulparkivska, Stryiska, and Naukova street. 

Frankivskyi district can be divided into two parts. First goes from the street of Stepana Bandera to the railway station and consists of low-rise and cottage buildings. The second part is bounded by the quadrangle of Volodymyra Velykoho-Kulparkivska-Naukova-Stryiska streets which intersect with Knyahyni Ol’hy street and mainly has low-cost, concrete-paneled apartment buildings developed in the Soviet Union during the early 1960s. 

Frankivskyi district is one of the youngest districts of Lviv with the best infrastructure in the entire city. There are many schools and kindergartens here, various educational centers, two universities, a few parks, many playgrounds and places for walking. The biggest number of stores, markets, and entertainment venues are also here. It also has a huge number of nice cafes and restaurants.

Another important factor of this district is safety. According to many locals and various polls, this is a part of Lviv where the cleanest and safest streets are.

Advantages of this area:

– a very safe and clean district as well as the best housing and communal services workers;

– excellent infrastructure with a large selection of shops and entertainment venues;

– it is perfect for an active lifestyle since there are many sports grounds, parks, and squares;

– convenient transportation – you can get to all parts of Lviv at any time of the day and night.

Disadvantages of renting an apartment here:

– one of the biggest shortcomings of the area is transport interchange when repairing roads and that happens here a few times a year.

– while there are a lot of parks, compared to the number of roads and heavy traffic, the air quality is bad here.

Lychakivskyi District – Old Lviv & Green Spaces

apartment rental lviv daily

Okay, and here is the last neighborhood on the list which has some of the most interesting and unique architecture in Lviv. Each building here is like a piece of art and holds a lot of history. There are a few centuries-old mansions from different eras where rich and famous lived and even a few former mini castles.

We rented a flat here (in this part) and it was a perfect location. Although this home was almost on the border with the Halytskyi district which meant we were in the old part. If you are looking to rent an apartment in Lviv through Airbnb, I highly recommend you checking the area near the flat I mentioned all the way to Eurohotel and Om Nom Nom vegan cafe. Also, the area near the LH Hotel & Spa has incredibly lovely streets with old houses and paving stones.

Yet, with the number of old houses, there are not many flats available here. It may take a while to find apartments for rent monthly.

Among all the features, it’s being said that the Lychakivskyi district has pretty poor infrastructure and public transport. Among all 6 districts, it is one of the least clean and has fewer outlets with shops. The Eastern part has quite a few medical centers and hospitals and entertainment options.

Advantages of this area:

– proximity to the center;

– beautiful architecture;

– a few huge parks and many green spaces for walking, biking, and recreation;

– a large number of entertainment options and cultural activities.

Cons of renting an apartment here:

– this neighborhood has the worst public transport infrastructure. There are not many transport options available at night and existing ones during the day go only in a few directions;

– prices for housing are on the more expensive side. Perhaps the reason for that is a rather central location and old historic homes;

– if you live in an old Austrian house, expect to face all its “diseases”: water and lighting outages, old porches, and musty smell.

So, are you visiting/moving to Lviv soon? Are you looking to rent an apartment there? I hope this guide will help you understand where is a better place for you to live. Is there anything you’d like to know about the Lviv apartment rental process or about Lviv in general? Get in touch here or let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help.

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