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Traveling to Tenerife Soon & Need a Bit of Guidance?

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Who is My Tenerife Page For?

Welcome to my Tenerife Travel Guide where you’ll find a treasure trove of insights, tips, and inspiration tailored for all types of travelers!

I created this tourist guide for people who are planning a trip to the island at the last minute or are already here and need information on Tenerife’s top attractions, beaches, wellness retreats & hotels, some of the off-the-beaten-path gems, and local secrets that will help to make the most of a journey!

I am living in Tenerife (will be a year soon) and have a lot to share based on my first-hand long-term experience!

So besides travel-related posts, you’ll also find articles with tips on living in Tenerife.

No matter where your interests lie, this Tenerife tourist guide is a gateway to discovering Tenerife in a unique way. Join me on this journey as we explore, learn, and uncover the wonders of this incredible island together!

Northern Tenerife travel guide
Tenerife south beaches
Northern Tenerife travel guide
Tenerife south beaches

Tenerife North or South

Visiting Tenerife for the first time and not sure which part of the island to choose and where to base yourself?

Even though Tenerife Island is small, its northern and southern parts are very different and offer unique experiences!

Find out through my guide which side will work best for you and what to expect visiting both southern and northern Tenerife, whether you are coming to visit or live in!

TENERIFE NORTH OR SOUTH – Which One is Better?

Travel Essentials for Tenerife

Here are my go-to resources for booking travel around Tenerife in any season.

  • iVisa – check if you need a visa before traveling to Spain
  • Health & Travel Insurance – do not leave home without it
  • e-Sim – sim card for the phone to stay connected on your trip
Renting a Car & Driving in Tenerife – Tips for a Great Road Trip

renting a car in Tenerife travel guide
Do You have any questions about Tenerife Itinerary or accommodation? Get in touch with me!