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12 Beautiful Places With Best Views in Tenerife North

One of my favorite things to do in northern Tenerife is to jump in a car and drive to a place with a beautiful panorama. There is no shortage of the best views in Tenerife be it a cafe on a cliff with ocean views, mirador (vista point) in a park, or just a viewing platform along one of the beautiful coastal trails. You just need to know where to go.

And you will after reading my post.

I visited many places with amazing views but include only the best ones where besides views you’ll also enjoy the atmosphere and even have a nice meal (or drink) as some locations are restaurants with a view or cafes with breathtaking terraces. You can visit them all when going on a road trip in Tenerife.

So enjoy these best views in Tenerife North and make sure to check out other posts in my Tenerife travel guide as they also have some panoramic places!

What You’ll Need to Visit These Best Views in Tenerife

  • A Car for Sure! Here is the best company to find cheap car hire in Tenerife. And my guide with tips for driving in Tenerife.
  • Camera. Have your phone (or camera) ready to take dozens of photos, because all these views are stunning! 
  • E-Sim for the Phone. If you fly from outside the EU and need data, this company offers sim cards with Internet 
  • Cardigan or Tunic: Choose lightweight but with long sleeves when traveling from late fall to May as it can be windy and chilly
  • Good Mood! But even if you are not in a mood, these views are definitely going to lift it up! 

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Best Views in Tenerife North From Parks & Vista Points 

Mirador La Cruz de Hilda Near Masca Village

best view of Tenerife Teno mountains
Tenerife cafe with a view

Mirador La Cruz de Hilda is a unique and pretty place in Tenerife where you can make a stop to enjoy views of the Teno mountains in comfort. It is a viewing platform and cafe with views at the same time.

Whenever you go to Masca village by car or if you take it further and road trip from south to north of Tenerife through the Teno mountain region, pause here for half an hour or so to try fresh cacti juice with gorgeous views in a relaxing setting.

The place is quite popular as it sits by the road but table turnover is quick. But you don’t need to sit specifically in the first row as views are spectacular from pretty much any table.

I also tried here an apple pie which was delicious (just like somewhere in Vienna) and heard that the food was good as well. But be ready – prices are somewhat high, of course, as you pay extra for the view itself.

Mirador San Pedro in Los Realejos

Mirador San Pedro Tenerife
This viewpoint in Tenerife is a great spot to stop when you’re in Los Realejos or Puerto de la Cruz.

From here you can see the northern coast and the Rambla de Castro natural park with a few scenic trails that descend to the black sand beach with the only year-round waterfall in Tenerife (waterfall is a big word but it is a pretty spot for instagrammable photos and for a quick refreshment if you don’t feel like getting into the sea). 

Playa Castro view
beautiful vista point in Tenerife north

From this platform, you can also overview Tenerife’s vast banana plantations and palm trees nearby, the La Gordejuela aqueduct, and the San Fernando castle.

Do not make just a quick stop here and leave but walk down at least a bit to get a different angle view. There is also a restaurant next to the San Pedro viewpoint (called Paisaje Protegido) which has very good croquetas (I returned to eat them twice!). 

Park Los Lavaderos in El Sauzal

El Sauzal views

You’ll find this park in one of the most underrated towns in northern Tenerife El Sauzal which is a wonderful place where to stop for an hour or so to take in the views in a quiet corner or even stop for a ‘batido’ (smoothie) in a cafe hidden between large trees.

It is rather small but you need time to walk through it since the location of the park is on the hills and you have to go up and down to visit its different parts.

There is a natural terrace right in the park with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, a small settlement of Los Angeles (ha, yes), and the northern coast of Tenerife. Its elevated location provides a breathtaking vantage point to take in the coastal landscape.

man walking in El Sauzal
Baraquito and view of Tenerife

Los Lavaderos also features well-maintained gardens with a variety of plants and trees, a mini waterfall with pools and fish, and a couple of nice bridges over those pools. The green environment is tranquil and inviting to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

MY TIP FOR VISITING: Try to come here in the evening for the sunset or when the skies are clear. In the morning, it is often overcast and the horizon is pretty cloudy, so you may miss some stunning scenery. Entrance to the park is here but I suggest you leave your car on Pl. San Pedro Street (or in the area) and walk down. 

Mirador de Ortuño – Pretty View of Mount Teide

There are many viewing platforms in Teide National Park where to watch the mountains and Teide being above the clouds. 

But Mirador de Ortuño is probably among the best ones since there you have plenty of space to park a car and stay among coniferous trees in silence while looking at Mount Teide and the island of La Gomera in the distance, of course, if the weather is nice and there is no haze or fog.

best view of Mount Teide

The reason I think it is among the best viewing platforms from where to see Teide is because this observation deck offers a wonderful view of the forest of the Corona Forestal National Park with pine trees covering all the slopes in the area.

You can take nice photos here of Teide and the forest. And a bit away from the viewing platform there are other smaller viewpoints and areas for stops where to get different views and other opportunities for photography. Deeper in the forest, there are also some nice hiking trails to walk between the pine trees.

I saw reviews of others saying that Mirador de Ortuño is worth a stop only on a clear day which I will completely disagree with. You’ll be lucky to visit in the cloudy overcast weather as the fog adds an element of mystery and enchantment to the forest. You will feel like you’re in a different, magical world with an almost surreal atmosphere that is both eerie and captivating.

car driving in Teide forest

Corona Forestal National Park in fog

NOTE: No matter where exactly you visit in Teide and where you park your car, always lock it (even if you walk away just 200 meters) and try to keep your valuables in the trunk. It became quite common for car thieves to frequent the area and hunt for tourists.

Northern Tenerife Restaurants & Cafes With a View 

Terrazas del Sauzal Cafe

terace with the view El Sauzal

A somewhat hidden cafe in El Sauzal (again this town, which you have to visit on its own) that is part of a mini complex with a mansion (used to be someone’s home in the past) and a restaurant of the same name. You’ll find the entrance on the small street in the southern part of El Sauzal’s main square. 

The restaurant usually opens for dinner but there is also a cafe that is open for breakfast, brunch, and drinks throughout the day.

If you come in the morning until 13:00, you won’t be able to order any food outside the breakfast/brunch offer (consisting of a 3-course meal) as this is what the cafe serves in the first part of the day.

If having this type of meal is not in your plans, then grab a seat at the table near the glass wall, order a coffee drink or cocktail, and enjoy the views. When visiting after 13:00, it is possible to order any other food. Find entrance to this cafe here and go straight (but keep left) to enter the cafe.  

MY TIP FOR VISITING: The view here is as dramatic as from other places on the list but not from every table. Seating with the view is the most popular one. So if you want to come for breakfast, arrive early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday or around 12:30 on a weekday. Later during the day, it is more empty but it gets busy again at sunset time.


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La Baranda Restaurant in El Sauzal

One more Tenerife restaurant with a view for you, located in the charming town of El Sauzal. It is difficult to miss it if you are driving since La Baranda restaurant sits on a high hill along the main TF-5 highway. Getting here is very convenient as there is no need to make long detours.

The best time to visit is in the morning if the sky is clear because in that case, you can see Teide right in front of you in all its beauty peeking out of the clouds. Another time of the day perfect for a stop is evening as it is one of the best locations to watch the sunset in Tenerife North.

La Baranda cafe
Tenerife cafe with a view

However, this restaurant is quite popular and weekends are always overcrowded (especially in July and August), no matter what time of the day you are coming in. Those who appreciate quiet time should come in during the weekdays (when there are no holidays) or very early on Saturday and Sunday morning.

However here, it is never really quiet. There is always loud music on which gives a feel like it’s a disco bar rather than a panoramic cafe.

I like to come to La Baranda for desserts and to enjoy a drink but there is also an extensive menu with burgers, salads, sandwiches, and a few food items from the Canarian cuisine.

There is also a glass viewing platform right inside which is probably the most popular place in the entire restaurant for photos for life. So if you are after instagrammable places in Tenerife, this cafe is a place to go to!

Cafe Vista Paraiso in La Puntilla

This cafe was the first place with a view in Tenerife that I got to visit which completely blew my mind away! Considering the fact that I found it by pure chance, it was a huge surprise to find Tenerife views just so magical! I even made a quick video to share as a story on Instagram:  


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The cafe itself is quite simple and the food to be honest is quite bland. But desserts and coffee drinks are excellent (there is a big selection of cakes there) and when you combine them with that sweeping view, you just can’t find a better place. I also saw people drink smoothies which looked quite delish as well.

But what I loved in particular here was the quietness of the place. Compared to the two other cafes mentioned above, in Vista Paraiso it was very tranquil, even though it was full of visitors.

best views in Tenerife
North Tenerife view

I have the impression that people come here to immerse themselves in a sense of mental calm and peace while drinking a smoothie or coffee and reading a book or quietly chatting with a companion. Every other establishment on this list had some type of music and was rather loud.  

So you need to come here not just for the best view in Tenerife but also to give your mind a break! Find the location here but come by car as the neighborhood where it is located is quite car-dependent. 

Mirador de Garachico Restaurant

Garachico town in Tenerife from above

If you happen to be in the Garachico area and feel like getting away from the crowds to have lunch or snack with a view, I can highly recommend this scenic restaurant near a lesser-known mountain town El Tanque.

To get here you need to have a car (you actually want to have it). Buses run by the restaurant from Garachico to El Tanque on schedule, but the location is quite remote and the road to the top is breathtaking on its own, so with a car you have all the luxury to drive as you wish.

scenic road in Tenerife
On the way to Mirador de Garachico

There are also a few spots where it is possible to make a stop on the way to the restaurant, including a Mirador de Garachico viewing platform.

The restaurant is divided into two parts where one is a restaurant with fine dining and another one is a cafe with fast food and drinks. Tables by the window offer a lovely view from above of Garachico and its pools.

Canarian lunch
Iberian tenderloin

If you go, I highly recommend a hot stew of the day, rice with rabbit and saffron, and Iberian pork tenderloin (as in the photos above). We enjoyed them all! The exact location of this restaurant is here. They are open only until 5:30 pm.

Bollullo Beach Restaurant Near Puerto de la Cruz

I wouldn’t recommend going to this restaurant only for the view just because there is more to do there than this place alone. But if you stay in Puerto de la Cruz and look for a romantic place to eat while taking in the views, it is well worth walking here a few miles (or driving if you have a car). 

view near Bollullo Beach restaurant

The thing is that Bollullo Beach restaurant is located in a bit remote area next to a scenic beach (with the same name Bollullo Beach) which you can walk to by taking a steep trail. The beach itself is quite popular among foreigners and is often full of people. 

What I suggest you do – come to the area to take a coastal (hiking) trail that connects a series of black sand beaches here and offers beautiful views of them and the ocean. Some of the beaches are inaccessible and you can see their beauty only from above.

And then before your hike or after, make a stop at Bollullo Beach restaurant for a drink and/or fresh fish with views. This place is stunning!

Other Places With Best Views in Tenerife

Hacienda del Conde in Buenavista del Norte

Hacienda del Conde hotel
Hacienda del Conde

Hacienda del Conde is actually a hotel in the northwestern part of Tenerife in Buenavista del Norte town. It is a 5-star property which can be expensive for some budgets if you come to stay here. 

But the best thing about it – this is one of those beautiful hotels in Tenerife North that are open to non-guests. Everyone can come here to have drinks and desserts in their lovely outside cafe or have lunch or dinner in a restaurant by the pool and then have a walk around the grounds which face the Teno mountains and Atlantic ocean.

Views surrounding the hotel are truly spectacular and the ambiance is just so quiet. The best time of the day to be here is early morning and evening before/during the sunset.

Hacienda del Conde also offers day passes for outside visitors that include breakfast (lunch or dinner) packages with all-day pool access. Prices go from €40 to €80 per person for a whole day depending on the meal plan you choose.

Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz best view
roads in Tenerife

Atlantic Mirage is another hotel on this list that I absolutely love and which has breathtaking views as it is built on one of the hills in Puerto de la Cruz.

It has a lovely rooftop bar/cafe from where you get a 180-degree view of the lower part of Puerto de la Cruz (on the left), Santa Ursula and La Matanza on the right, and a vast ocean straight on the horizon. 

I love coming here from time to time either to work with my laptop for a couple of hours while sipping a cocktail or for drinks with friends just to jabber and enjoy the atmosphere.

I happened to visit here on days with different weather when it was sunny and bright and cloudy with rain. And to tell you the truth, I loved the rainy atmosphere as it created an ideal setting for reflection and relaxation.

In case you are considering staying in Puerto de la Cruz, take a look at Atlantic Mirage Suites rooms and spa. It is an adults-only hotel with incredible breakfast. No matter which side you have your room on, the views are going to be awesome!

Los Campitos Mirador in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

view of Santa Cruz from above

You’ll find this observation point in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz which is part of the recreation area with a nearby park and a short trail that goes through a small cave.

From here, you can see the capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in its entirety with some streets full of life. 

It is not really a vista point around which you need to plan your travel (unlike other viewing locations on this list). But it is a nice spot to drive up to along a twisty road if you happen to be in Santa Cruz or if driving from Guimar to Playa de Las Teresitas and look to find the most impressive views of the city.

On a clear sunny day, there is a chance even to see Gran Canaria island in the distance. Exact location is here.

Map of Places With Beautiful Views in Tenerife

I am going to add more places with views in Tenerife along the way as I am constantly finding something new. As of now, enjoy this list and see the exact locations below on the map: 


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best views in Tenerife north

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