9 Well-Paying Jobs That Will Help You Move Abroad and See the World

27 Seriously Cool Jobs That Require Travel & How You Can Find Them

A long time ago I learned one thing about myself. I learned that I can’t live in one place for too long and I need to travel often. But before I realized that, subconsciously I was always looking for various projects and jobs that require travel, pay well, and provide great opportunities to move abroad.

And this is what my life for many years was about.

I would find a job that let me move to another state, allow me to travel and learn something new in between. After a while (like in a year or so) I needed a new challenge and more travel. So I would find another job in another part of the country that also provided an opportunity to travel.

With such a lifestyle, I got to live in five different states (originally I am from Ukraine,) then in five more countries and then I started an online business that helped me start making money online and travel whenever and wherever I want. 

Throughout all these years I also learned another thing – there are actually a lot of people in this world who are like me. They are also eager to find a job that will either require travel or leave enough time for personal travel and adventures. 

In fact, that time when moving from one place to another was a challenging thing to do has passed. Today we are living in the world when it’s easy to travel and easy to move somewhere new. Alright, it’s not that easy now with all the madness but things will improve for sure, just give it some time.   

If you have a goal to move to a new region, country, city, or state, you need to remember that it’s very possible. You just need to arrange a few things and have a plan. And the most exciting part about a move to another country is the ability to travel extensively and see the world at your own pace.

So, in this very long and very detailed post, I would love to share a list of amazing traveling jobs.

Some of them are either jobs that I worked or considered to work myself. Others are careers that involve traveling that are pretty common these days. A lot of these jobs pay well and don’t need any experience. Other jobs require degree and experience but pay even better. More on that below.

NOTE: Since our world recently went crazy, a job market started to experience the toughest times. Obviously, we all know that and we are all in the same boat. Yet, you have to remember that things will get better.

Now, is the best time for you to stay positive and invest time in yourself. I am also giving lots of tips on what you can do today to be able to get one of these jobs in the nearest future and in the midst of the crisis.

Disclaimer: Some of my posts contain affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Jobs That Require Travel With No Experience

1. Hotel Professional

***Yes, these days hospitality business is on hold. But guys, it is going to come back. If you are thinking to enter this field, now is the best time to learn how you can do that. 

best spas in Cyprus

There is a reason why I would like to start my list with hotel professional jobs. The hospitality business has a lot to offer and this is one of a few fields only that you can enter without experience and in many cases degree. Everything that you need is your charisma, ability to work with people, and desire to deliver an outstanding service.

But before I go into details, let me tell you two things:

First of all, a lot of jobs in the hospitality field do not require direct travel (some do and we’ll talk about them later). But! From my personal experience and from the experience of my colleagues, with a hotel professional job you have hundreds of opportunities to move around and explore the world at your own pace. Below I’ll explain how.

Second, the hospitality business is truly an amazing field for anyone who doesn’t have working experience or wants to travel without a degree.

Mark and I have spent years working in the hospitality industry while making a pretty good salary, enjoying benefits that come with it and moving around the United States. If we ever want to go back into this business, our experiences that come from top hotels in the U.S. will help us land a job in many hotels not only in America but outside the country.

After starting our full-time travel we have been already offered hotel jobs in Vietnam, had set interviews in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Qatar Doha and Europe. We believe it is a wonderful opportunity to see the world while having a meaningful career.

Getting a Hospitality Job – What You Need to Know

There is a wide range of jobs within the hospitality industry. Since hotels are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can choose for yourself which shift to work. Choose your own schedule and enjoy diversity.

So many people from different cultures and backgrounds work in hotels. Most of the chains offer amazing opportunities. While most of the jobs require you to stay in one place you can easily move to another country or region within the same brand. And when I say this type of job let’s you travel, I mean you can transfer to a new hotel in a new location every 6-12 months.

Also, this is probably one of a few fields where you can move up a career ladder very quickly. You can start with an entry-level job and become a manager within a year. Or, you can apply for the same position but in a new city or country. The hotel management team who is interested to bring you onboard will always facilitate the visa process. It is one of the best ways to get a work permit abroad.

I am currently working on a few posts on how to get into the hospitality field and what to know before thinking to work as a hotel professional. You are welcome to sign up for my newsletter to know when the new post is up on the blog.

Courses & Classes to Take to Enter the World of Hospitality:

Yet, at the same time, I would love to recommend you look into a few tailored online hospitality courses (mentioned below) that introduce you to the industry and teach you all the main aspects.

Taking any of the courses does not mean that you will automatically get a job. However, educating yourself is important, plus you’ll get your name out there and understand if this field is for you at all.  

Right now, while the economy around the world is going through tough times, the hospitality business is one of those industries that was hit really hard. Hotels are closed and no one is traveling. However, the time of uncertainty will pass and people will start traveling even more than they used to in the past.

So you have a great opportunity now to use all that time and learn as much as you can. If you would like to become a hotel professional in the nearest future, start investing in yourself today. Start devoting a few hours per week to something that can help you change career in the future.

And what is really great with the hospitality business, for entry-level jobs, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree. All you need is your personality, understanding how this industry works, zest to learn, and professionalism. 

That being said, I highly recommend you looking into a few courses and find free information from hotel professionals who are already in this business.  

I personally have taken dozens of courses. Some of them, at first sight, were offering high-quality online education but in reality, had a lot of information that I could find online for free.

So, among all those courses I took, I would highlight only a few:  


I took a lot of Udemy online classes which for the most part were very helpful. At present time, Mark is still going through two of their courses on web development (I am mentioning them below.) 

So, if you are new to the hospitality business or even if you have been doing this for a while, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. And here what I personally can highly speak of:


2. Traveling Housekeeper

rent an apartment in Montenegro

Some people may assume that this job is very similar to a hotel professional job that I mentioned above. Yes and no.

Traveling housekeeper is basically a person who chooses to look for housekeeping jobs anywhere in the world and go when the opportunity arises. But to tell you the truth, there are plenty of opportunities. Finding a job won’t take much of the time. Although keep in mind, this is not fully one of the jobs that involve traveling. It is that job where you can travel as you wish. 

In nowadays world, when more and more people choose to travel and more new B&Bs and guest houses are popping out, there is a huge demand for people who do housekeeping. Besides that, let’s be honest, the majority don’t want to do this type of job. Finding it will not be difficult to do.

Anyone can become a traveling housekeeper. This is a wonderful job for those who want to travel and work but don’t hold any degree or experience. More than that, if you are thinking about how to get a job abroad without experience, you can always start with a housekeeper job. Also, if you’ve had a career in something else but want to take a break and move around, take a look at this type of job for travelers.

I have never really thought that it allows you to travel the world until I started to meet others who are doing it.

Last year, for instance, in Kotor, Montenegro, I met a guy from the UK who was spending three months there working as a housekeeper in a guest house. Two months ago, when visiting Cyprus, I met a girl from Russia who was spending three months on the island also working as a housekeeper in one of the hotels.

And then just two weeks ago in Braşov, Romania, I met an American lady who was spending two months in the city working at the hostel. She has been traveling as a housekeeper for a few years now while living in different countries around Europe.

Getting a Traveling Housekeeper job

There are many various websites where you can look for this type of jobs in other countries. Depending on a destination, you can work in hostels and guest houses, fancy hotels, and someone’s homes.

If traveling to another country where you are not authorized to work, most likely you will be doing this job in exchange for housing and food only. Although some places are willing to pay a stipend.

If you are interested to check a few jobs, for the beginning, I suggest you take a look at Workaway or Worldpackers websites. They are the most known. However, I am writing another blog post on how and where to find housekeeping jobs around the world. So make sure to check it later.

Also, I recommend you checking a few courses in housekeeping (like this one,) if you are willing to find a housekeeping job quickly in a hotel or rent your property on Airbnb. 



3. Member of an Archaeological or Geological Expedition

jobs that require travel

In order to work as an archeologist, you must have higher academic education and at least some experience. However, excavations and geological developments involve not only scientists and archeologists but also unskilled workers who can do some simple work.

If you get a chance to join the expedition, you will be able to travel to a historical place, touch the antiquities, and communicate with highly intelligent people. Some decide to pursue a degree in this field after participating in a few expeditions while others, mainly students, choose this opportunity mainly for traveling.

If you decide to start looking for these jobs, keep in mind a few things. First, you must have good health, stamina, and be physically prepared. The work is associated with archaeological expeditions always takes place in different climates. A person should not have any allergies, especially to materials of organic origin.

This type of work can be done both individually and in a team. Therefore, those who apply should be also emotionally stable, calm, and patient.

For more details on this career, check the environmental science website. For job opportunities in underwater and nautical archaeology, see this website.

There are hundreds of various jobs in geology here. While most of them require a degree in this field, there are still some jobs with pretty basic requirements. 

Jobs That Require Travel And No Degree

4. Traveling Photographer Job

traveling jobs

Before you jump to the next job, don’t skip this one, thinking that you know everything about a job as a photographer.

Becoming a professional traveling photographer can open a door to endless opportunities if you are ready to invest time and be disciplined. It can go from something as simple as selling or licensing your own photographs and being able to travel to huge photo shoots abroad for the client’s expense. 

However, don’t assume that a desire to travel and the ability to see good potential shots are enough to start this career.

First of all, you’ll need to buy the right type of camera and have patience – both in anticipation (and creation) for a good shot, and in terms of building a career. You definitely won’t become a star in a month, so expect to study and practice a lot.

Also, you’ll need the stamina to withstand the rhythm of work and business skills to sell your services.

So, if you decide to seriously take up photography, first of all, start studying. Yet at the beginning of your journey, you don’t need any expensive online photographer courses for beginners. Seriously, it’s just a waste of money. These days, there is a huge amount of absolutely free information and you can easily learn the basics with that. YouTube is your friend here.

Later with time, when moving to the next level, you’d probably need to buy a course (also optional.) But on initial stages, there is no need for that.

Here is a quick helpful post on how to become a professional travel photographer if you are curious. 

5. Traveling Jobs in Agro-Tourism (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

Voluntary Organic Farm Workers is a trend that getting more and more popular each year. Organic farms exist in at least 50 countries and you can go to any place you feel like.

The job basically includes 4-6 hours a day of work 5-6 days per week. In exchange, you receive accommodation and food. No one owes anything to anyone – it is some type of exchange without money.

To become a member of the program, the farmer provides evidence of the ecological cleanliness of his farm and pays an annual fee. Volunteers also pay a fee when register on the website.

While this is technically not a job, you still get most of the expenses covered in exchange for work. Today you can be collecting coffee in Brazil, grapes in France or olives in Italy, and tomorrow fly to Australia to pick the peaches.

One of the most known websites for finding jobs in this field is Wwoof organization. Among others are WorkingTraveler and Helpx. Although WorkingTraveler besides job opportunities has volunteering and free hospitality projects. 

For paid jobs in agro-tourism in the USA, UK, Australia, read this article. They nailed it and probably provided all sources for finding a farm job. Do your research on other countries since there are a lot of farms around the world. 

6. Tourist Entertainer

Jobs where you travel

Here is another job for people who like to travel. A tourist entertainer is a person who conducts various celebratory and entertainment events and himself acts in them as an actor. The task is to maintain the joyful mood of the audience and participants.

There are 3 different types of entertainers:

– Those who work with children – usually with children under the age of 14. Most in demand at children’s parties.
– Entertainers who work on corporate programs – they usually help a corporate leader in hosting games and competitions and participates in promotions and presentations.
– Entertainers at the hotel – work in hotels located in resort areas. There, they engage in entertainment programs for people of all age groups.

If you want to travel the world, then you have to look for jobs in the last category. Jobs for entertainers at hotels are seasonal and permanent. The biggest demand is in the areas with all-inclusive hotels.

This job perfectly suits actors and is perfect for cheerful and sociable people. Your chances are even higher if you speak other languages.

You can learn more about this career and browse jobs on this website.

NOTE: Right now, finding a job as a tourist entertainer is difficult since tourism is on hold. But soon things will start picking up. 

7. Truck Driver 

A career of a truck driver is an excellent option for those who don’t have a degree and don’t see themselves working in the office but who are eager to make good money pretty fast and travel around the country (and abroad.) And this is definitely a job with a lot of travel. 

However, the profession of a truck driver is rather a lifestyle. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is definitely not the easiest and safest job. And it doesn’t fit everyone. This job is difficult and a driver should be in good shape, physically and emotionally.

Still, there are many benefits, a good salary, and ability to travel.

Yeah, I get that you don’t experience a lot from behind the wheel. But you still see different sceneries, cities and smaller towns when driving through them. Also, you may see something while having rest time.

By the law (depending on the country,) a driver can drive a truck for a certain period of time and then have 10-20 hour rest. In the USA for example, the rest time is usually 10-12 hours and driving hours cannot exceed 11 hours. So you decide how to spend your rest time.

Another thing, some truck driving jobs are among the highest paying travel jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor, the salary in America varies from $30,000 to $120,000 a year. It depends on qualifications, experience, the state, and the company you work for. Check this excellent source for more details. 

How to Find a Job of a Truck Driver 

First of all, the qualifications.

In order to become a truck driver, you do not need to have a degree. In general, education is not important here.

The main thing is to be at least 21 years old (for the US,) pass a drug and alcohol test, undergo a physical exam, attend a truck driving school training which will prepare you for a commercial driver’s license test and knowledge, and then get your license in DMV.

I have never personally thought about becoming a truck driver. So I can’t share much about this job. But I would love to refer you to people who have been doing this for a while and can tell you a lot. Like this amazing blog about how to become a truck driver or this website with careers and online education.

American drivers who are looking to work in one of the European countries have such an opportunity too. There is a high demand for private truck drivers in countries across Europe. You just need to check their own set of licensing requirements. 

8. Cruise Ship Worker

This is another wonderful job that includes travel and a lot of it. You literally make a living traveling the world while having free lodging and meals. It is somewhat similar to working in a large resort hotel since the territory of modern ocean liners is quite comparable to the size of coastal hotel complexes.

Nevertheless, job seekers on cruise liners need to understand and prepare themselves for the fact that life on the ship is significantly different from life on the mainland. You need to take into account that most of the time you will be in the open sea or ocean, as well as the fact that working on cruise ships requires hard work and diligence, which requires good health, a lot of strength and patience.

However, the reward for hard work will be very generous. The average salary of a service worker on a cruise liner is $1000-1500 US dollars per month. Additionally to that, you receive free accommodation, 3 meals a day, snacks, and uniforms. Those who are more qualified, like managers, often have doubled salaries and more.

Where to Find Cruise Ship Jobs 

Jobs that involve traveling

In today’s post-virus world, finding a cruise ship job is not that easy. Not many companies are hiring and the competition is big. Still, you should definitely try if that’s your dream. I advise you to look for cruise ship jobs in the luxury travel sector. Rich people continue to travel as they did before. There are multiple (smaller) cruise ships these days in the oceans that keep hiring staff.

One of the easiest ways to apply for this type of job would be through direct application on the cruise line’s website. But besides this option, there are dozens of online job finders and hiring platforms that work better for many people.

Here are the best online job boards to find cruise ship jobs:

FLEXJOBS: One of the best sites for finding a job in general, be it remote work from home, on-site jobs, freelance jobs, full-time or part-time jobs. Cruise jobs are there too. Put “cruise” or “cruise ship” in the search line on the homepage to get access to the most recent postings.

ALLTHINGSCRUISE: Online job board with direct links to the cruise line’s own online employment pages. Through their aggregate, you can view up-to-date openings and apply for jobs directly.

ALLCRUISEJOBS: All types of cruise jobs in one place. This online platform connects you with different recruiters who have lots of recent, up-to-date vacancies.

CRUISEJOBFINDER: Another excellent website with thousands of job openings. Besides cruise vacancies, there are also resort jobs, luxury yacht crewing, and tour operator jobs. This one and the previous one are good for people who look to work in the luxury travel sector.

Besides these online job finders, you can always browse jobs on the cruise line’s official website. The most popular cruise lines are the Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard, and Disney Cruise Line. 

9. Au-Pair as One of the Best Travel Jobs For Young People

I wouldn’t be recommending this job if I didn’t do it myself and didn’t know how much it can pay you back. Also, with the au-pair job, a lot of families never ask for any degree. Experience – yes, CPR certificate – yes. Degree – no.

Every time I am thinking about my au-pair years I am getting a warm and comforting feeling inside. I wish I could actually go back in time and replay those moments again.

Some people will say that au-pair is not a job, but an exchange program. That is true, but at the same time, it is a job you do for others. And very often you can find au-pair jobs that require travel and allow you to travel during your free time. You work a full-time schedule and put a lot of effort in taking care of little ones. And yes, taking care of children is a job no matter what other people tell you.

Au-pair salary is not high, but taking into consideration that all your expenses are covered, the pocket money you get from a family is more than enough.

I was able to travel on my monthly au-pair salary, save up for my first car, and buy lots of unnecessary things. Families I lived with were traveling from time to time, so it provided me with an amazing opportunity to see a little bit of the U.S.

An au-pair job is not a short-term job for carefree people who don’t have a plan for their life. It is a very rewarding and enriching experience. It can grow into any other job related to children and their development.

Besides the hospitality career, I had another career in education, and that career began with my experience as an au-pair. This job taught me life, helped me travel, and build a platform for my future growth.

Don’t try to become an au-pair though if you don’t like kids. It should be obvious, right?

Where to Find Au-Pair Jobs

jobs that involve traveling

These days, there are many websites for finding an au-pair job. Some of them serve as platforms that connect host families with au-pairs directly while others are websites of agencies where you need to register and let an agent help you find a family.

During the time when I was an au-pair, I was using many different sites. Some of my favorites are:

AUPAIRWORLD – it is one of the most popular au-pair websites with thousands of families across the world.

GREATAUPAIR – a great platform for anyone who is trying to find a job quickly without too much experience. However, many families offer pay below average and there are a lot of scam postings. So you’d need to spend a good chunk of time finding a good match. I personally worked for two amazing families whom I found on this website.

SCANDINAVIAN AU-PAIR CENTER – this au-pair agency has been on the market for many years. It has offices in Europe and North America but works with families in Scandinavian countries. Some families look for families for a short period of time. It can be a great opportunity for someone who is outside of Europe.

CARE.COM – This website is not an au-pair site but there you can find a lot of live-in nanny positions as well as housekeeping, senior care, pet care, tutoring, and special needs jobs. It covers mainly the USA and Canada. 



Remote Jobs That Let You Travel the World

10. Blogger (Read Why!)

Honestly, I have never really thought that I would ever recommend blogging as one of those great jobs that pay you to travel. And actually, if you make it as a career, it will pay very well. You don’t have to choose a niche in travel (especially during these times) to start working online and be able to travel (or live) anywhere in the world.

Once you make money online from your own website, you decide where and when to go. You still may need to travel to conferences, meetups, and various events to grow as a professional and learn. Although with a new corona-world, there will be more online events than actual physical ones.

A professional blogger is not really a traveling job that requires travel. It is rather a fantastic job that gives you more freedom and time to travel whenever you want.

I started to blog 2 years ago and today I am making enough from my blog to be able to live in a developing country and cover the expenses of three people. Not enough yet to live a luxury lifestyle in the U.S. but enough not to go back to a cubical lifestyle.

If you click through different posts on this blog, you’ll notice that it’s mainly about travel (which is pretty non-existent now), yet, I mastered the ways how to make money with it. In fact, I am now making the same amount of money that I was making before the outbreak.  

Blogging is tough and very competitive but if you are defined to walk this path and learn how this business works, you will surely have success.

How to Become a Successful Blogger & Turn It Into a Career Where You Can Travel

Becoming a blogger these days is easy and quick. But becoming a successful blogger, who knows how to make money with the website and become location independent, takes true passion and dedication.

If you are now seriously thinking (or have been thinking for some time) to start a blog and turn it into a money-making machine, my number one advice for you is: start investing in yourself. Start investing time, effort, money into learning from people who have already established a successful blogging business. Launching a blog (or any website) and filling it with inspirational content is only one part which, to be honest, won’t get you far.

The most important thing about a successful blogging career is to have a strategy and know exactly what to do in order to make money. To be able to monetize a blog, you need first to learn how to optimize your posts and make them rank on Google, so people notice and click to your site. Next, you have to learn how to market, run social media campaigns, produce valuable content, talk to your readers, and more. 

If you have already started a blog, launching it anytime soon, or planning to launch in the nearest future, I highly recommend you watch this free training from one of my favorite travel bloggers (and one of my teachers) where he is showing exactly what to do to build a successful blog.

There is really a lot to learn and do. But if you learn from people who have already achieved what you want to achieve, you will be there soon too. 

I am also thinking to start a series of posts where I’ll share my experience with blogging, how I make money today, what were my ups and downs when I started out, and what it took me to get where I am. If you are curious to follow along, subscribe to my newsletter to start receiving emails from me, including those about blogging. Until then, check Nick’s video to receive answers to the most important questions about blogging as one of the best travel careers.

travel laptop
Best Travel Laptop?
If you are planning to travel and work online, you need to have a great laptop – lightweight, powerful, and with a long-lasting battery!
Dell XPS 9380 is #1 choice among many digital nomads!

11. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant job allows you to travel in that way that in many cases you work remotely. Especially in the nowadays world when more and more companies let their workers work from home.

If you know how to engage with the customers using social media on behalf of a brand and make the audience follow you, think about the opportunity to become a social media consultant.

Yet, this job is not that easy as many people picture it. However, if you master it and enjoy the routine, you can work from anywhere in the world following your own schedule.

With the constant growth of social media users and an increase in online shopping, social media consultants are going to be more and more in demand. And with this job, they can work full-time within the company or online as freelancers.

If you are seriously thinking about how to become a successful social media consultant, take a look at this article.

How to Find a Social Media Consultant Job 

First of all, of course, you need to have a well-written resume with your latest experience in this field. If there is no gained experience yet, consider becoming an intern for a few months. 

The best sources for finding a social media consultant job are:

NAUKRI – just this site alone has more than 10,000 jobs in the social media sector;

LINKEDIN JobsSHINE, and TIMESJOBS are other websites.

12. Digital Content Creator

A digital content creator is a person who helps small and medium businesses to create and elaborate digital content with a goal to increase sales and get profit. Digital content creators produce articles, photos, videos, movies, and can work in any field.

I am a digital content creator who, first of all, works for herself and, second, has a few side projects. With my side projects, I produce content for travel magazines and other bloggers. While this job does not sponsor my travels, I am capable to work online from anywhere in the world. I choose for myself when to travel and how much time to spend on the road.

With that said, I still want to emphasize that not everyone can be a digital content creator. It sounds like an easy job when in reality it involves a lot of hours of work, research, and creative thinking.

Some of the most famous websites for finding a job as a digital content creator are Fiverr.com, Indeed, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Freelancer.

13. Virtual Assistant

Consider This Before Starting to Look for a Remote Work

I am strongly convinced that the job of a virtual assistant is a fantastic job that lets you travel, move around a lot, and helps you choose where to live.

The person who is somewhat a universal specialist who helps an entrepreneur conduct business through the Internet. He/she plays a very similar role as a personal assistant but everything is taking place online instead of the actual office. A virtual assistant answers emails, works on a schedule, does some social media work, creates presentations, organizes webinars, arranges mailing services, and does any other task that a person he works for needs.

Depending on previous experience, the assistant may specialize in one field or another. But in general, this is a person who knows how the Internet works, can find the right service, write a request, control contractors and be the “many-armed” multi-worker who knows how to make other person life easier.

It doesn’t matter in which country the entrepreneur lives and where the Virtual Assistant decides to be based. They meet and collaborate on the Internet anyways.

The best sources for finding a job as a virtual assistant are Upwork, Remote, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, WeWorkRemotely, and Flexjobs.

14. Freelance Web Developer

If you are reading this section, it means you are either a web developer or thinking to become one. Those who are just considering an opportunity to enter this field need to decide at first which area they want to learn – front end, back end, WordPress, or other stacks.

Once you decide, the next step is to devote days, weeks, and months to education and actually finding a hands-on experience.

This job is very rewarding but like many other jobs, it is demanding and challenging. The following post answers many questions and tells the truth about beginning freelance web development.

If you make a decision that you want to become a freelance web developer, it is a good idea to start with an online course(s). To help you get started, Mark, based on his experience, can recommend the following courses:

The Web Developer Bootcamp – a course for beginners created by an excellent instructor from San Francisco Colt Steele. It’s easy to understand for anyone who hasn’t touched web development before.

Web Design For Everybody – the basics of website design and creation. This course teaches how to write correct HTML5 and CSS3, and how to create interactive web experiences with JavaScript.

Becoming a Web Developer – go from no-code to an in-demand junior web developer. Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

The Complete Web Development Bootcamp – if you are thinking to take only one single course, this is the one to choose! It is based on theory and practice, has excellent content, and teaches how to build any website you want. The instructor is using a simple language and thoroughly explains each part. Even if you have zero experience in coding, at the end of this course you’ll feel like a pro! 

Coding for Dummies (Book) – an excellent all-in-one book with a total of 9 books about web development and programming for people who are totally new to this field. With this book, you can learn HTML, CSS, and a few other coding subjects. With it, you will learn everything you need to be able to start working on coding projects of your own.

15. Freelance Bookkeeper

The company that needs accounting services can conduct it in three different ways – to hire a full-time accountant, outsource it, or hire a freelance bookkeeper to help with some basic stuff.

Online accounting is a cloud-based Internet service with a paid set of tools. With their help, you can generate initial documentation, send a report to the tax and extra-budgetary funds in electronic form. It can become an assistant to a simple business.

Bookkeeping is different from accounting. It does not require any special set of skills or any analysis. It is actually a great job for people who don’t have a lot of experience but want to transfer to a new field quickly.

Some bookkeepers work with a high school diploma only. However, to make it easier for you to find a job, I recommend looking into obtaining a certification or licensing through one of the national organizations.

Every company needs some form of bookkeeping. And in today’s world, more and more companies look for online bookkeepers to keep expenses down. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Learn more about how to become a bookkeeper at home.

16. Software Developer & Other IT Jobs

jobs that require travel

Do you know that a lot of software development jobs can be actually done remotely? And that you don’t really need to have a degree to become a developer yourself?

Software developer jobs are not really among jobs that require travelling, but they can bring you lots of opportunities to travel independently as much as you want. With this job you always have a choice to work in the office or go remote. If you go remote, decide for yourself where to be based and how often to travel.

A software developer job is by no means an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication, passion, and effort. Learning code is not for everyone. You would need to invest a lot of time in self-education and development before applying for jobs in this field and hoping to get a good paying salary.

If you enjoy a lot of challenges and solving problems then maybe software development could be the next job that will enable you to see the world.

See the following page for more tips and courses in this field.

Where to Find a Remote Job as a Software Developer or IT Specialist

There are dozens of various websites with IT jobs. Some may suit one group of people while others will work better for others.

Websites that Mark found helpful when looking for a job are WeWorkRemotely, WorkingNomads, Upwork, and FreelancerMap

PowerToFly is a site that helps women to find a tech job.  



Jobs That Require Travel And Pay Well

17. VIP Flight Attendant

jobs that require travel

This is definitely one of those jobs that require a lot of travel and pay really good money for it.

We all know about commercial flight attendant jobs but not so much about the corporate flight attendants. 

I actually don’t believe you can qualitatively and deeply experience a new destination during your layover, or a few of them. But with flight attendant job you can be based in a new city and/or country, and fly for free all over the world during your days off or vacation.

When you are working as a commercial flight attendant, you usually fly standby. Flying that way is not always fun because it requires a lot of flexibility and adjustment, and you don’t get a free flight every single time. But considering the fact that you are flying for a small fee helps you forget about some inconveniences.

There are so many perks you receive with a commercial flight attendant job, even though it is always demanding and often stressful. However, you’ll get a totally different experience and money when working as a commercial flight attendant.

I would love to share some truly valuable information (from one of my friends) on how to become a corporate flight attendant and make more than $100,000 a year



18. Professional Nanny

Many people don’t take nanny positions seriously, believing it’s not prestigious to be a babysitter. I’ve heard some people saying that only uneducated and unambitious individuals work as nannies because there is nothing else they can do with their lives. Ouch, hearing that hurts. Because in reality, working as a Nanny is very demanding, rewarding, and joyful at the same time. This job requires a patient, knowledgeable, and loving heart.

And what, if I tell you that as a Professional Nanny you can travel the world and earn up to $200K per year? It is one of the careers that require travel for sure. 

A professional nanny is a relatively new term and gaining popularity among both families and nannies.

There are some distinct differences between this job and a Babysitter or a Nanny.

As a Professional Nanny, you have to be CPR and First Aid certified, hold a degree in any field related to childcare, have more than five years of experience working as a babysitter, au-pair, and/or nanny for a high-profile family.

This job is not a joke and requires a lot of commitment, working hours as well as choosing this profession as your long-term career.

You can’t find professional nanny jobs through a simple search on the Internet or asking neighbors.

On average it takes from three to six months to secure it through the agency. And only if you go through the screening. But if you do get a job, you can make sure your salary will be higher than the one of an average office worker. Plus, you’ll get to travel very often.

Many families usually have homes in different parts of the country, or world, and need a Professional Nanny to travel with them. Additionally to competitive salary your benefits include health insurance, sometimes accommodation, meals, and transportation.

I have been going through a few interviews with families who were ready to pay me more than $100K per year, provide generous vacation time, health coverage, and meals. And I had a chance to work for one of those families in Los Angeles. I am convinced it’s one of the best ways to see the world, make a difference in someone’s life, and enrich your own life.

Where to Find a Job as a Professional Nanny

Unlike au-pair jobs, professional nanny jobs can be found only through elite placement agencies. To be able to apply you need to have an almost perfect resume, have a few certifications, experience, and in most cases education.

If you are just starting out as a nanny, there is no point in spending your time on professional nanny applications. In most cases, the agency will turn down everyone who doesn’t have any solid experience. So for that situation, it would be much better to start looking for a regular nanny position.

Keep in mind that competition is very high and only the best of the best applicants get a job. 

In regards to agencies, there are a lot of them in America and Europe. For the most part, they have offices in different parts of the world, so you can apply with the closest to your location branch.

When searching, put in google ‘nanny for a high profile family’, ’professional nanny positions/jobs’, ’nanny for celebrities’, or ’VIP nannies’. Some of the agencies I worked with were British American Household Staffing and The Nanny League

19. Traveling Nurse

If both of us were not fainting at the sight of blood, we would definitely go back to school to get our nursing degree.

If you love helping people, adding value to someone’s life, having a flexible schedule, and enjoy working in healthcare then this profession can help you make your dream come true.

Nurses make really good money and have a lot of room for growth. The demand for nurses is extremely high and going to increase in the future.

What is particularly great about this job is the length of contracts. Some of them are as long as 13 weeks. After the contract is over you are free to take a break or sign a new contract to move to another place. Also, traveling nurses are given a choice where to live, work, and how long to stay in one area. That’s a great benefit additionally to a competitive salary.

Travel nursing is not only a rewarding career that can help you travel around and move abroad. It will fill your life with constant adventure. Also, it is a very diverse and flexible opportunity.

This post on how to become a travel nurse answers all important questions points you in the right direction. 

20. Event Planners

Event-Planner is a specialist who organizes business and entertainment events for companies and individuals. This person works closely with a client to decide where an event will take place and where to hold it. He or she is responsible for thorough planning and organization.

Recently, on my trip to Vilnius, I met a girl, who was organizing our trip, who was an event manager. She shared how she was traveling around Europe and arranging events for her company at least once a month. Her company was participating in various trade shows and travel conferences, so her task was to organize everything.

If you are looking for entry-level jobs that require travel and if you have at least some relevant experience, then look for jobs in event agencies, especially those that are related to travel in one way or another. Some of the examples are companies that participate in large business forums, event agencies that organize a wedding in an exotic place or a master class in a foreign land, etc.

Despite the popularity of the profession, there is no such major as event management or event planning in any university. The event industry employs people with the most diverse backgrounds, but more often those who are psychologists, journalists, and philologists.

This profession also intersects with marketing, PR, and sales. Therefore, if you have a marketing or management degree and at least some experience, your chances of getting this job are high.

21. SAP Consultant

SAP consultant job is one of those jobs that can literally take you around the world.

The term SAP software stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. This software was developed by a German company and helps many companies around the world to manage business operations and customer relations.

SAP consultant is basically a person who knows everything about SAP software and can give advice. In many cases, he or she is an expert, project manager, and programmer at the same time.

There are two areas in this field where SAP consultants can work: Technical or Functional. Technical stands for software development and programming. Functional is all about the knowledge of tariffs, commissions, revenue shares, interfaces, and more. It is really impossible to describe this job in a few paragraphs only. You can read more about it here.

This job is amazing for those who want to live a travel lifestyle. First of all, even if you go to the actual office, you often have to be with a customer who can be located in another city or often country. Second, there are a lot of opportunities to work remotely since you can access the customer’s system from anywhere. And third, since many companies hire for a few months or a year, you are free to apply in different countries.

I have two friends who work as SAP Consultants. One friend is working remotely and occasionally travels to meet with her customers. And this friend is saying that working as an SAP consultant is one of the best IT jobs that requires travel, literally. 

Another friend’s husband is working physically in the office. I have the impression that he signs a new contract every year because they are always on the move. With this job, both of them have already lived in Brazil, Sri Lanka, in a few states in the United States and recently they moved to Germany.

This job is also challenging and requires certification. But it pays very well and helps you live a life of travel. One of my friends, who does it, has never even been to college. She has taken a few courses and dedicated a lot of time to self-education.

As with any other profession, there is no easy job and free money. You have to work and study hard. But if others can do it, you can too.

22. Luxury Travel Advisor

jobs that require travel

A luxury travel advisor is not the job of a travel agent that you may think of. Travel agents usually book tickets, hotels, or transfers. They sell cruises and all-inclusive resort getaways. Sweet. But.

Luxury travel advisors’ job is kind of similar and different at the same time. These people also make lots of reservations and travel arrangements, yet they work on a totally different level. They usually have access to world-class events, private islands, resorts, and hotels, and work with only a special caliber of a traveler. Not like us, kind of budget travelers who are trying to get the most out of a dollar.

Luxury travel advisors offer luxury, organize everything in the blink of an eye, and always deliver the highest service. To give you an example: they provide their clients with access to the Monaco Formula 1, Millionaire’s Row at the Kentucky Derby, help them walk the red carpet of a fashion week, sing on stage with a favorite band, and even travel to space. Those kinds of experiences.

At some point in my life, I was aiming at this job at Virtuoso – a network of the best luxury travel agencies. I didn’t get it but if I did, my job would include lots of travel and my starting salary was going to be 55K per year (in Los Angeles.) At the same time, full health insurance was provided along with all the perks and discounts on travel, and lots of room for growth.

A luxury travel advisor job is very demanding. It is not all glitter but this traveling career provides an opportunity to travel the world and be able to make six figures within a few years (after lots of hard work, of course.) Here is more information on this job, if you are curious.

23. Geologists

Among all the jobs for travelers, the job of a geologist is probably the least known one. Geologists are specialists who study the structure, composition, and patterns of Earth’s development. They examine minerals, sedimentary rocks, what’s happening in the earth’s crust, analyze earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the historical sequence of geological processes, and much more.

There are a few different specializations in geology. Some geologists work for oil and gas exploration companies, others for civil engendering firms, or government agencies. Petroleum and engineering geologists most of the time travel to various distinct areas with a goal to locate gas and oil deposits.

In addition to conducting laboratory analyses, developing documentation and recommendations, such specialists from time to time go to faraway regions. They search for mineral deposits, assess the possibility of building various structures in new territories, from factories and power plants to the metro.

On the one hand, the profession of a geologist makes it possible to visit both the remote corners of the Taiga and lesser-visited hot African countries. On the other hand, you need to be prepared to live in various (often challenging) conditions, so for working in the field, in addition to the necessary knowledge, you will need good physical preparation and endurance.

24. English or Any Other Subject Teacher

jobs that require travel
Working as an English Teacher in one of the schools in Saigon, Vietnam

Nowadays everyone is writing about English Teaching jobs as a perfect opportunity to see the world and make pretty good money. And this opportunity is awesome indeed. But what about other teaching jobs?

I have been tutoring kids in math, science, and social studies as well as the Russian language. My friend, who is from Hungary, moved to Sweden because she was offered a job as a piano instructor. My other friend is teaching Spanish in South America. The list goes on and on.

Mark and I have been also teaching English while living in Vietnam and were offered a job in Thailand and China. Salary, accommodation, and working conditions were so appealing that we almost signed the contract.

The reason why we changed our minds was that we wanted to concentrate on remote work and invest time in our blog. But chances are still high enough that we may reconsider this option in the nearest future.

What interests us more though is online teaching. No obligations to be at a specific place or country. We can be teaching outside of the classroom while exploring the world on our own terms. So can you.

You don’t have to be an English teacher for securing a good teaching job. Nowadays, you can be teaching so many other things and subjects. Choose what you know well, what you love teaching, and pursue your dream.

If you need more advice on teaching English around the world, read tips from Kate and Kris. These guys have been teaching for many years and accumulated a lot of knowledge. Also, many other bloggers write about their English teaching experiences.

Where to Find a Job as an English Teacher? 

Before you even start looking for a job, the first thing to do is to get certified. Most schools will ask for TEFL/TESOL/CELTA teaching certification, so get ready for that in advance.

There are many different online teaching courses where you can study and get a needed certificate. I personally completed a course with i-to-i company. Later, when my legal name changed, they had no problem sending me a new certificate for a very symbolic payment.

Some of my favorite resources for finding a job as an English Teacher are Dave’s ESL Cafe, EslBase, and TEFL. For teaching English (and other languages) online, I had success with Tandem, Italki, 51Talk, and EF Education First. But there are many more agencies out there that connect teachers with schools and students. 



Jobs that Require International Travel

25. Auditor

At first glance, the work of an auditor has nothing to do with travel. It seems that auditors never travel abroad but only work long hours in their offices. It is partially true. As an auditor, you work crazy long hours that sometimes it feels you live where you work.

Nonetheless, many times working as an auditor grows into a career that allows you to travel. Auditors often leave for inspections to different cities and even countries. Often they spend weeks and months in one place.

I have been working for Deloitte and one Private Equity in Ukraine and remember how many times my colleagues were away. They were gone to work on projects in many countries in Europe and in Central Asia.

Working as an auditor provides many travel opportunities but also a lot of challenges. Of course, it is not always possible to see exotic places. But you can often spend several weeks in different cities and countries which means you’ll have time to get acquainted with the local culture and lifestyle.

Working as an auditor is a very, very intense job. It requires a diploma and at least a few years of experience in a smaller company.

You should check these fundamentals of audit to get an understanding if a career in auditing is right for you.

Other Jobs Where You Can Travel a Lot & See the World

26. Seasonal Jobs to See the World

jobs that require travel
Can you believe this is in the U.S.?

Two years ago when we were in Alaska we took a tour to Denali National Park. Our bus driver was a 30-something lady from Texas, whose job as a bus driver was seasonal and lasted less than 6 months.

She shared details of working this job during the summer months and then heading to Colorado to work as a ski instructor during the winter. This young lady loved both of the states and kept coming to each of them every year. Besides the opportunity to enjoy her favorite places she was earning a salary and living the dream.

There are many stories like this one.

Our friends have traveled through Europe while working on farms, picking up berries, and being lifeguards at the pool. Some of our neighbors were diving instructors and camp leaders in Central America.

We personally have been offered seasonal jobs in hotels across the U.S. and Canada. Opportunities are endless and the sky is the limit. If you are looking for any possible way to move abroad or travel in slow mode while earning money, take a look at seasonal jobs.

Of course, you can’t make a fortune working those jobs. However, you can definitely have all your travel expenses covered and even save some money for the future. It really depends on the job and how much time you are willing to work.

To give you an example, there was a time when I secured one seasonal job in a resort in Utah. My salary was going to be around $1,600K per month before taxes with included accommodation and lunches. It was an entry-level job that required 40 hours of work per week. Not bad for someone in transition or traveler like me.

We are not implying that this is the amount of money you are going to get for your next seasonal job. You may get more, or you may get less. Some of the jobs require prerequisites and qualifications, but there are many others where you don’t need to have any specific experience. You’ll go through training and will learn what to perform.

Where to Find Seasonal Jobs?

It all depends on the field of work you are looking to do. Some of my favorite websites are:

Seasonal Jobs in America – offer jobs in farming, forest and conservation, production, restaurant business, and more.

Coolworks – a fantastic website with a wide range of jobs around the USA. On this resource, you’ll find jobs in sales and retail, in state and national parks, in maintenance, jobs with horses, RV spaces, fish, in healthcare, hospitality, farms, gardens, and much, much more.

Fruit picking jobs – vacancies for seasonal and harvest jobs in New Zealand and Australia.

Berry picking jobs – seasonal berry farm vacancies in the UK.

Amazon – this company always has vacancies in all countries where it operates. 

Back Door Jobs – worldwide short-term job opportunities.

27. Theater, Drama and Dance Performer

This field is a bit competitive to get into, but if you have experience and zest then don’t fret.

We meet more and more people who work as dancers and actors worldwide. They work on cruise ships, in summer camps and amusement parks. Jobs in this field exist across all borders and there are so many variations of them. You don’t need to be on the way to Los Angeles just to express yourself. Opportunities are ample worldwide and you have to spend some time searching for them.

Today you can be performing on the stage in China and in a few months fly to Turkey or Greece. Spend a few years in this field or make it a career. The choice is yours.

A lot of people travel the world and get paid while doing there hobbies. You can be the next one who’ll do the same. 

Are you thinking to see the world at a slower pace? Consider one of these jobs. They will open up a lot of possibilities in regards to life, work and travel around the world. Do you have any other jobs where you get to travel to add to this list? Share your thoughts!

If you are looking for ways how to travel one year with only $10K in your pocket, this step by step guide will help you make it happen.

9 Well-Paying Jobs That Will Help You Move Abroad and See the World
jobs to see the world
jobs to see the world
jobs that require travel

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          I really liked the Luxury Traveler Assistant.

          I have 0 experience and I’m curious what would your first steps be to start climbing the ladder and make dreams my living!
          Thank you for this.

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          1. Hi Tyler, to be able to become a luxury travel advisor, your first step is to build up your resume and show at least some experience in tourism, particularly the one when you need to book travel for clients or arrange various events.

            Jobs that you’d need to have before applying for a luxury travel assistant are a travel agent, events manager, concierge in a luxury hotel, a variety of roles on a cruise ship where you are responsible for shore excursions, providing exceptional customer service to each guest, assisting guests with account inquires, resolving customer service issues, and answering telephone calls, and other jobs with similar responsibilities.

            The most important is to start with something and have some experience to show. With 0 experience, your chance of getting a luxury travel assistant job is equal to 0 too unless you know how to network and have great connections.

    1. This us a great article. Thank you for renewing my passion again for travel. Event Planning or PR would be my avenue.

    1. Great article. I’ve always wanted to travel. Comfortbility restraint, fears and just life dramas held me back. I recently made the leap to Colombia from US. I have a H.S. diploma and 2 years or so of college so I have some credits. Questions is what to do now. I was injured and had surgery. I also have a dog but I don’t want to further let life pass me and just stair at walls or basically nothing. I just want to travel and experience different culture and indulge in sceneries. My background is mostly mechanical (automotive) and IT although I don’t hold certifications I mostly did repairs for all peripherals and smart devices but nothing long term. I was think of finishing school for medical probably nursing if not something with IT. As to how to make passive income from my research most of it requires investment. But again great piece and any response would well be appreciated.

      1. Hi William,
        You are absolutely right, in order to make a change and especially passive income, you do need to be ready to invest money and your time. Without investment, you can’t move forward, no matter which field you choose.
        It’s difficult for me to recommend anything on this matter because everything depends on what you enjoy doing and either you are ready to devote time to education or not.
        But I can guarantee, if you don’t give up, you will succeed. For me personally, it took almost 3 years to reach my financial goal (it would be faster if not for covid), for other people it takes less time. So it is very relative. Just don’t hesitate and wait for better times, start today.

  1. Anya:
    Thank you for all the informative articles on your website. Your website is great!

    Are there *local* websites or places within Ukraine to list for a teacher/nanny when we relocate to Ukraine? My needs are a bit different (I think) than an au pair.
    Our children will be attending online school and while I am working, I need help with an English speaking teacher/nanny to assist with their schoolwork most days of the week and most months of the year – I would need someone who can speak English and Ukrainian (or Russian).
    I know some Russian and a little Ukrainian but I don’t even have a cyrillic keyboard (cannot make my chromebook to do this) so I can search for such things on the internet.

    1. Hi Jeanne! Thank you for your kind words! I noticed also another comment from you under my other post but I haven’t responded yet. I will shortly! And here is, for now, my answer to this question:

      Yes, there are local agencies that help with finding a nanny and any other staff member for the family. Off the top of my head, I can recommend Sincere Heart agency and VIP Service. The 2nd company’s website is in Russian only but I know they help with finding English speaking nannies too (I was applying through their agency) and here is their contact page. You can send them a message directly or through the WhatsApp. All cell phone numbers and email are mentioned there as well.
      These agencies usually connect nannies with families in big major cities but they may be able to help to find someone in a smaller town too. Don’t hesitate to send them a message and get in touch!

      I hope this helps! If you email me the date (approximate) when and where you need a nanny, I can ask around and see who else is offering this type of service.

  2. This is an amazing article with so many great links, I really appreciate it! I work with kids at risk of not graduating high school here in West Virginia and my focus is on the post-residency placement. Basically career counsleing, placement and mentorship.
    I am researching jobs that may be a good alternative to the military. One thing a lot of people joining the military value is travel, so I’m hoping that sharing this will help broaden their ideas of work outside of West Virginia.
    To be honest, if I didn’t like this job so much I’D JUMP on some of these!!

    I subscribed to your newsletter and can’t wait to share this with my students – Zoe

    1. Hi Zoe, yay, I am so glad to hear this post is helpful! I am going to update a few things and add
      more jobs soon.
      And speaking of the military.. oh my gosh, at some point in my life, I was applying for Airforce and Navy jobs subconsciously believing that I could travel with one of them. To be honest, that was the only reason why I wanted to join, definitely a wrong decision!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your article. My husband and I both have the travel bug as well. I can relate to what you opened with – a long time ago; you learned you couldn’t be in one place for too long—looking forward to reading more of your articles. Thanks for the job inspiration!

  4. I am very grateful to you Anya, since this article has helped me a lot to clear my doubts regarding my JOB, since I actually did not know much about careers that offer great travel and a decent salary too.
    Once again thank you so much Anya, Since I don’t know your IG Id you can find me on IG as @more_than_mystery I have a few more questions for you.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Bunny. I am glad to hear this post was helpful! If you have any questions, you can contact me through this blog through my ‘contact’ form. As for Instagram, my handle is below on each page in the footer together with other social media accounts I have.

  5. Thank you for this post. I have also tried to live and work overseas as an American and it’s been a disaster. I don’t even know how to tell you how bad it’s been. Now that the pandemic has settled, I’m considering trying again. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction to learn more about hotel front desk jobs that require travel and the career path and anything about that. Any information helps, as I’m just looking into this.

    And thanks again for your post and information. I hope you both are well.

    1. Hi Mike, hotel jobs are great for people who look to explore new places at a slow pace. There are not really jobs where you need to travel. Instead, with hotel jobs you can transfer between properties within a relatively short period of time, in this way staying in one place 6-12 months. And that’s when you can travel on your own during days off and spare time.

      The best jobs in hospitality where you can work up to 1 year and then transfer to a new property (or start looking for a new job in the same field) are in front office (reception, front desk agent, concierge, social media marketing receptionist, bellman, van driver, night auditor which by the way is always in demand), housekeeping, dining, maintenance, and spa.

  6. Thank you so much for this article and the links! I’ve been looking for years. A small correction for you on Number 27, “their” not “there”.
    A traveling editor job? Do those exist;)

    Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for sharing this well researched and informative article on jobs that require travel. Can you also do an article on good paying jobs for 18 year olds with no experience ? I am an 18 year old boy who will be graduating very soon. This will be very helpful to me any many others who want to start working once we are done with school.

  8. hey i really liked your article , im 18 and just got my senior certificate and i was looking into this au pair thing and its something i know ill love doing ,do you maybe have any tips ?

    1. Hi Malikah, I could give you lots of tips depending on a country where you want to go, your preferences and vision for this job.

      But my number one tip – it is relatively easy to get au-pair job even without needed experience or education in child care, the main thing to stay professional and show all your intelligence. Also, make sure all your social media profiles have professional photos and you don’t post anything that shows you drinking/smoking/doing crazy things. Families are always doing research on every potential candidate trying to find more information about the person who applied, so you want to be sure you have an impeccable profile, not just resume and application form!

      If you have any specific questions – please ask me, that will allow me understand how exactly I can help you. And good luck!

  9. Ehoteljob has evolved into a Leading Global Hospitality Job site for hotels and recruiters, offering more than 25000+ Jobs in all Categories with over 140+ brands across 150+ countries

  10. I like that you not just mention jobs but also share about your own experience finding them and working some. So much info here, thank you for all the tips

    1. Hey Robert, I hope it was helpful, although I am in the process of updating this post as some things changed and I have more jobs to add at this point.

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