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Should I visit Bali? Yes, At Least Once in Your Lifetime and Here is Why

You know, I have never really wanted to visit Bali. In fact, I was getting so annoyed when hearing others singing praise to this island.

Every time I’ve heard someone proclaiming: “Oh my gosh, Bali is my favorite!”, “Can’t wait to return to Bali!”, “Bali is the best destination ever!” or something like that, I was thinking to myself that those people were exaggerating. We all do to some extent, right? At the same time, I would go on Google or Instagram and check the pictures of Bali.    

Yes, the photos I’ve seen definitely sparked my interest. But not more than photos from Vietnam, Montenegro, or Spain, for instance. And still, I wasn’t keen on visiting.

Then in the spring of this year together with Mark, while being in Kuala Lumpur, we made a spontaneous decision to fly to Denpasar. The reason for that was our intent to fly to Australia from there but plans changed and instead, we rent an apartment in Ubud.

I used to be someone who at no cost wanted to hear about Bali. Every mention about Eat, Pray, Love, and Julia Robert’s character time there made me sick of this place (actually I still can’t figure out what all the fuss with this Eat, Pray, Love thing is.) But being able to visit and stay there for a longer period of time made me fall in love with the island.

If your vacation is approaching and you question should you visit Bali or not, I’ll encourage you to do so at least once in your lifetime. And here is why:

It smells like frangipani everywhere you go

should I visit Bali?

If you’ve been to Asia, you know what a unique scent the streets of big cities and small towns have. Most of the countries you go to share the same smell of food, sewage, and exhaust at the same time. In Bali, you don’t get any of that.

Instead, everywhere you go in Bali it smells of frangipani, spices, and other flowers. The sweet aroma is so good that right from the first minutes you step on Balinese land you get captivated by it.

It seems that this scent somehow helps to relax and release stress.

I haven’t traveled to every single country in the world but those 30+ countries Mark and I visited never had any scent similar to what we smelled in Bali. Our friends, who traveled places we haven’t been to, say they did not experience anything similar either. If you’ve already been to Bali and also another part of the world that shares the same exact scent, share in comments please where it was.

People are the nicest in Bali

should I visit Bali?

During our travels in Southeast Asia, most people we met were nice and kind. Probably except for Cambodia where locals tried to cheat and scam us all the time.

But in Bali, they were particularly sweet, smiley, and relaxed. Interacting with Balinese was easy and enjoyable.

Everywhere we went we have been always greeted with a smile and friendly approach. The service was excellent, every time exceeding our needs and expectations. Every person we met while looking for a home, visiting pools on a day pass, eating at local food places in Ubud, going to a spa center, grocery store, or market was extremely nice.

I believe that people’s factor is the number one reason why you get to love or hate the destination. And in Bali, taking in consideration how many tourists visit each year, Balinese are not tired of foreign guests. Quite on the contrary, they welcome every voyager and want you to enjoy their homeland.

Bali has this unique vibe that you won’t find anywhere else

shoud i visit bali
should i visit bali


It truly does. It’s like this frangipani scent, the vibe is also unique and special.

But it’s not really one type of vibe. Since the island is big and diverse enough, the vibe changes with every new town.

If you are a backpacker, you’ll find lots of affordable and comfortable accommodations, activities, and things to do pretty much anywhere around Bali. Spiritual and entrepreneurial souls will find their peace and quiet in Ubud with beautiful yoga retreats and various spa centers.

Party lovers will get what they look for in Kuta and Canggu. Artsy souls who enjoy shopping can find art markets in Ubud and Bukit peninsula.

People traveling with kids have plenty of options in Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Sanur, Lovina, and Ubud. Luxury seekers will find beautiful accommodation in Seminyak, Bukit Peninsula, Ubud, and Canguu.

And what’s interesting, distances are not big. You can have a few various experiences during one day.

During our one month stay in Ubud, Mark and I went pretty much everywhere except the Western part of the island. Each place we visited had a different vibe. Nature was changing and surprising as much as the vibe.

It has an absolutely incredible and diverse nature

Should I visit Bali?
Should I visit Bali

I am not the first person who is going to tell that Bali nature is a diverse set of landscapes. Black sand beaches become white sand ones, rice fields follow the jungle, forests and savannahs precede the mountains and volcanoes. Besides that, there are multiple coffee plantations, natural pools, hot springs, and the best diving spots around the island.  

Being flooded with bright sunlight and moistened by tropical rains, the island of Bali is the most brilliant decoration of the Indonesian archipelago. This paradise has the maximum for an incomparable holiday – a mild tropical climate, untouched nature, wildlife, hundreds of rivers that carry their waters from the mountains to the picturesque valleys, and hidden villages lost in mangoes.

The way of life has not changed in recent centuries and the riot and beauty of nature and the richness of the animal world impress until this day. 

Amount of activities is endless

should I visit Bali?

Perhaps the reason is the diversity of nature or all the historical and religious architecture, but there won’t be a day on your vacation when you feel bored or don’t know what to do in Bali. There are tons of amazing activities to do in Bali for any age, taste, and budget on this island.

Although we have been working a lot during our time there, we were also constantly riding around on our bike and exploring local life. Riding alone was an attraction we enjoyed so much.

One day we could be wandering around mesmerizing temples of Bali, rushing through the rice fields around Ubud or Jatiluewih and visiting waterfalls, on the next one be on the way to explore the beaches of Bukit peninsula or hang out at one of the pools with jungle or rice fields views.

should I visit Bali?

In the end, we haven’t covered even a third part of what planned to do. There is just so much. Plus, new experiences are rising up every single month.

Bali is definitely not only a beach or see a monkey destination, a place where you can only party, hike, dine, swim or go to a spa. Bali has it all and so much more.

Why Should I Visit Bali? 

should I visit Bali?

Bali is definitely on the radar for many tourists. Some of them turn into residents and never want to leave.

Yes, this island is crowded. And yes, some spots are overrun with yoga pants and swimsuit-wearing visitors. With time there will be even more of them.

At the same time, masses mainly head to the southern part of the island, leaving quiet and untouched areas for those who seek to escape the crowds. Bali is unique and knows how to surprise even the most demanding traveler. Just do yourself a favor – research every detail that interest you and have a mini-plan on what you’d like to do while visiting.

You know, ten years ago, when flying to the U.S. for the first time, some people who have lived in America for more than a few decades tried to convince me that this country was not the same as it used to be. They kept repeating how much everything changed for the worse and that a lot of qualities have been long lost. I didn’t know what America used to be but through my own experiences, I learned what it can be.

I guess the same comes to Bali.

Many people are saying that it is a paradise long lost.

Perhaps. But why wouldn’t you come and check it out yourself?

Who knows, it may become a paradise for you or it may completely disappoint and frustrate you. In any case, it will be your own experience and from that moment on you may become the one who’ll be advising either others should visit Bali or not.

If you need more advice on Bali, I have a few other posts on this topic here. Or take a look at this post with some cool things to do in and around Bali recommended by different travel experts.

There is so much fuss about Bali these days. You may be wondering and doubting if you should visit Bali yourself or not. I believe you definitely should at least once in your lifetime. Don't wait for too long and come to Bali on vacation, honeymoon, getaway or exchange program today. Here is why #balivisit


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