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8 Best Hammams in Marrakech & Things to Know Before Going – Based on Personal Experience

I know there are many articles out there mentioning best hammams in Marrakech, private and public ones with various levels of luxury and authenticity. But I wanted to share my own list of beautiful spas that I liked the most (some did not make any list I read online).

So all these hammam places in Marrakech are best for me personally, and are based on my experience either visiting them or hearing a word from a friend or local who recommended them for various reasons.

Some of these spots are traditional Moroccan baths, others are private hammams best for couples, or simply nice spas that offer excellent hammam experiences together with massages and gommages. 

Things to Know Before Visiting Hammam in Marrakech

All hammams in Morocco are divided into three types – traditional hammams, private hammam spas, and luxury hammams.

Many people will say that the traditional hammam (public one) is a better pick since it provides a budget-friendly and genuinely authentic experience, as it serves as a hub for locals to partake in this age-old bathing tradition.

Maybe, but in my experience, it is not the case.

While public hammams are indeed cultural staples and offer a unique cultural experience, the hygiene standards there are rather low. Also, even though traditional hammams are cheap, they do not provide any supplies. You need to bring your own bucket, ladle, kessa mitten, black soap, towel, and slippers, as they all lack those things. That takes extra money and time.

There are also no hairdryers, so people leave hammam treatments either with wet hair or with a towel on the head. Entry costs around 1 Euro, but there are additional fees for gommage and massage, and you need to go to the souk at first to buy all necessary supplies.

What I also find uncomfortable is the fact that I need to bathe naked with other women. I prefer to be with my partner in bathing suits rather than nude with people I don’t know. You may feel just like me and that is why it would be better to stay away from public hammams, especially if you are short on time when traveling in Morocco

Thus, if you seek a more comfortable experience, go to a private hammam instead. By doing this, you’ll have access to a spa-like setting with a range of services, from traditional rituals to massage and cosmetology. There is no need to bring anything with you as guests are provided with disposable slippers, bathrobes, and towels. There is also a welcome tea or a fruit cocktail offered right after the treatment.

private hammam bath
supplies for Moroccan bath

Prices for a hammam with massage range on average between 35-60 Euros, depending on the hammam place you choose.

Third option is to go to a ‘Luxury hammam’ in Marrakech which you can find usually in upscale hotels. They cater to discerning clients and have a wide range of professional services with opulent interiors.

If budget allows, this type of hammam brings experience to a totally new level. Many spas also include access to pools and Jacuzzis, with prices for hammam treatments starting at 150 Euros. Some luxury hotels offer comprehensive day packages that combine a hammam session with gommage, pool access, and lunch, providing a truly indulgent experience.

Below, I talk about all the hammams from each group, so you can choose what suits you best.

Best Marrakech Hammams For Couples 

Les Bains D’Orient – Budget Hammam

This is a private hammam place that Mark and I tried to visit two times and each time we were not able to since it was difficult to find a time slot that worked well for us.

But a host of the apartment where we stayed (as well as some online reviews) was singing praise to this hammam saying it is one of the most affordable places for a traditional hammam experience with a good back and full body massages.


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When we went to Les Bains D’Orient to make an appointment, we noticed that it was located in a building reminiscent of a traditional Riad with intricate tile work and carved wood, and inner courtyard.

The lady at the reception told me they have all traditional Moroccan bathing rituals and spa treatments together with private treatment rooms for those seeking a more intimate experience.

If you want to try this hammam, make sure to book an appointment with them at least 1 week in advance. They are apparently very popular among tourists and get full very fast.

Here is more information about this Spa and where to make a reservation.

Al Ksar Riad & Spa – Cheapest Hammam in Marrakech

This is a nice mid-budget Riad where besides accommodation, a spa for outside guests is available with a traditional Hammam experience for couples.

It was the first hammam visit for us with Mark which was quite good, although we felt we were rushed from the beginning to end. Since there were two of us and we paid for 1-hour hammam treatment, we were expecting to have two ladies assigned to us where each would wash us separately. Instead, just one woman was washing both of us and she was constantly stepping outside which was quite annoying.

Still, we enjoyed this place as she put a lot of force into rubbing (which was much better than in a more expensive hammam) and the entire experience followed by 30-min massage cost us €70 for 2. 

waiting for hammam experience in Ksar Riad & Spa
Ksar Riad & Spa

So I can tell it was a rather cheap hammam place in Medina compared to all other spots. In the end, we also got a complimentary tea while sitting in the beautiful courtyard and spoke to lovely owners who are French and had lots of interesting stories to tell.

Check their website for packages and availability

Hammam Experiences That Require Reservations in Advance


Riad Elisa & Spa – Off the Beaten Path Hammam Experience

Riad Elisa is on my list of Marrakech hidden gems as a nice private hammam for couples on a budget who also want to have a traditional experience without too many people around.

It is located near the Bacha Palace on a very busy street, so after the day of sightseeing you can go here and then move to one of the rooftop cafes in the area to listen to music along with the traditional Moroccan food.

Despite its understated appearance, Riad Elisa boasts a fantastic spa and traditional hammam that often remains uncrowded. The prices are standard, but guests are treated to a serene pool area complete with loungers, soft lighting, and tranquil music at no extra cost. After indulging in treatments like the Moroccan hammam experience and/or a massage, visitors can relax in this tranquil space for as long as they wish.

Reservations are easily made via WhatsApp, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, Riad Elisa offers a rooftop area for drinks and views, although I’d recommend you prioritize the hammam experience if time is limited.

alternative spa in Marrakech

Hammam Spa in Mamounia Hotel 5* – Luxury Hammam

Since its inception in 1935, when Winston Churchill visited for the first time and chose “La Mamounia” as his winter retreat, this spa has been synonymous with indulgence and impeccable service. 

As you ascend the staircase adorned in Majorelle blue, you’ll enter a world of opulence and elegance with intricate Moroccan designs, zellige mosaic tiles, and ornate carved panels which create a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere. 

Spanning 2500 square meters, Mamounia Spa boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, and two traditional hammams. There are eight private treatment rooms for individuals and two for couples, as well as a diagnostic room for personalized consultations.

At Mamounia Spa, it’s not just about hammam or spa treatment. It’s all about immersing yourself in a full holistic wellness experience. If you can afford it, come and escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech here.

Sulatana Spa Marrakech
Photo taken from: Sultana Spa website

Hammam & Spa in La Sultana – 5* Experience for Couples & Families

La Sultana stands as one of the most beautiful riad hotels in Marrakech. But if you don’t stay here (where accommodation is quite expensive), there is a chance to visit their spa which is a sanctuary of tranquility with rose marble accents and a columned pool that evoke the opulence of Cleopatra’s bathing chambers.

All guests to the spa can indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience, with amenities including two hammam chambers, massage rooms, jacuzzi, sauna, beauty salon, and hairdresser.

Offering a blend of traditional Moroccan rituals and modern skincare treatments, the spa caters to every need. From hammam rituals and exfoliating gommage to rejuvenating facials using Darphin products, there’s something to pamper every guest.

La Sultana Spa exclusively utilizes natural Moroccan cosmetics from the Nectarome brand, ensuring a truly authentic experience.

It is an opulent place for couples seeking a hammam experience and families with kids. In fact, for younger guests under 16, there is a full-body massage available with argan oil, ensuring a blissful retreat as well.

Best Hammam Spa If You Are Traveling Solo

Hammam Semlalia – Best Traditional Moroccan Bath

Semlalia Hammam is a traditional Moroccan bathhouse in Marrakech located outside Medina in a very local district of Semlalia. Among all public baths, this is my top pick because it is the only place where it is possible to purchase a complete hammam package that includes towels and disposable slippers (which is incredibly convenient and not available in other places). 

Here they offer an authentic hammam experience that includes steam baths (similar in some way to a hammam in Turkey), exfoliation treatments, and massages with the rejuvenating benefits of Moroccan skincare and wellness rituals in a traditional setting.

The hammam consists of a few rooms with different temperatures. Visitors typically sit on the floor and while men wash in their underwear, women usually go without clothes (in separate rooms, of course). 

Unlike all touristy spas on this list (or any other really), this is the best place for a genuine local hammam experience in Marrakech where you won’t spend much! As of now, entrance costs 100 MAD (less than 10 euros) with towels and slippers included. See photos and read reviews here.

souk selling soap for hammam

Miss Lalla Hammam – Best Private Hammam in Marrakech

It is probably my absolute favorite spa in Marrakech where to get acquainted with the traditional Moroccan hammam experience, get a good massage, or facials, and just spend a couple of hours in a relaxing room.

I noticed this establishment accidentally when walking to Madrasa Ben Youseff College on the day when all hammams were not allowed to work, but liked their welcoming environment with pleasant aromas so much that had to return later to experience their rejuvenating treatments. And it wasn’t a disappointment!

Miss Lalla Hammam & Spa was a real delight. Their place is incredibly clean, prices are competitive, and the spa itself is excellent.

Located in a beautiful riad setting, the staff provides complimentary amenities such as towels, slippers, and robes. Upon arrival, you also get a welcome tea and fruit. Overall, they are really trying very well to be the best spa in Marrakech!

Make a reservation through their website.

Heritage Spa – Very Good Massages Here

It is a well-known establishment in Marrakech with an authentic Moroccan hammam experience alongside a variety of other spa treatments, including steam baths, exfoliating scrubs, and cleansing rituals with Moroccan black soap and ghassoul clay.


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They are located near Les Bains D’Orient which I mentioned above but feel more secluded and private.

Their services are oriented toward both solo travelers and couples, allowing them to enjoy the hammam experience together in a private and intimate setting. We particularly liked here a massage therapy with argan oil and hot stone which really helped with relaxation and stress relief.

Hammam is probably not the best one but it was a very decent experience. I’d recommend this place mainly for massages and hammams if you are just starting out and have never had this experience before.

Just like Les Bains D’Orient, you also need to make a booking here in advance to reserve the spot. Do it at least 1 week ahead of time, but if possible, even sooner.

NOTE: If you are traveling solo, I’d recommend not finishing treatment here late when it is dark. Some people around intrusively offer to ‘show the way’ and divert from your intended direction.

Traveling to Marrakech for the First Time?

Here are my other tips for this city: 

Best hammams in Marrakech based on my own experience after visiting some spas and getting recommendations from local hosts!

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