Travel in Style But on a Budget - Spend a day in luxury Amiana Resort on a budget

How to Spend a Day In Luxury Amiana Resort in Nha Trang When You Are On a Budget

More and more luxury hotels around the world start opening doors of their properties to guests who are not having any overnight reservations.

It is possible to hang out in fancy hotels without booking a night there. And you don’t have to be a successful entrepreneur to have that type of experience. You can be an average person with average income, and still be able to spend a day in some extravagant way. This is what we did when living in Vietnam, U.S. and when visiting Europe.

No matter where you are, there is a number of five-star hotels in your area.

And all of them offer something for you as an outside guest. It can be either a spa, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel store, rooftop bar, lounge or pool area.

Just pick a hotel you like and head out there for a few hours or the entire day. Get yourself a cup of coffee, freshly baked muffin, and newspaper and relax in a corner of a beautiful lobby. Don’t imply that ordering a fancy meal is required, not at all. Ordering something small counts too. Pay a visit to the hotel’s spa and treat yourself to a massage. Go for a happy hour. If a hotel has an open pool policy, pay a fee and enjoy your time at the pool.

amiana resort in nha trang

Visit Luxury Hotels When You Are on a Budget

It’s also a great tactic to follow when you are traveling on a budget and not able to afford an overnight room. Stay in a cheaper accommodation, but walk into a luxury hotel to spend a day on its premises.

When I was working as a Front Desk agent at various hotels around the States, from time to time I was seeing the same guests on our property. They did not have any reservations with us, they were just hanging out around. Mark and I do the same when we travel. We enjoy fancy hotels life without booking a night in them.

We would love to share one of those experiences which took place in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

This coastal resort city is known for its beaches, hotels, seafood restaurants, mud baths and hot mineral springs. Luxury hotels in Nha Trang are abundant. But most of them are pretty pricey for an average traveler though. We would love to share details on how to spend a day, two or three in one of the most beautiful hotels in Nha Trang.

Either you are coming on vacation, getaway or live in Nha Trang, visiting Amiana Resort & Spa will be one of the highlights of your week. Feel free to use the same strategy regarding any other hotel you are interested in.

Where Amiana Resort & Spa is located and how to get there?

Majority of hotels in Nha Trang are located within city limits, making it easy to get to them.

Amiana Resort & Spa is situated on the outskirts, that’s why renting a bike or taking a taxi would be your best bet. We went by bike. We lived in the western neighborhood of Phuoc Hai and it took us 25 minutes by bike to get to the resort.

The ride was very enjoyable. After we left a busy part of a city we were on the road with only a few other motorbikes, enjoying a breeze and some views.

If you decide to go by taxi then expect to pay somewhere between 150.000 – 200.000 Dong one way. Between 7 and 10 dollars accordingly.

Amiana Resort also offers a complimentary daily scheduled round trip shuttle bus to Nha Trang city center. We haven’t used this service are not sure how it works. Most likely reservations are required. You can call them in advance to find out.

This is a view you get from one of the infinity pools. You can swim and enjoy this beautiful panorama!
amiana resort in nha trang
Hotel’s ground is big and charming. You’ll want to spend some time not only on a pool but walk around.

How much does it cost and when is the best time to visit?

Entrance fee for one person for the entire day is 350.000 dong or approximately 15 dollars. It includes access to one salt water pool, two infinity pools, private beach, garden, boardwalk, and restaurants.

When should you visit? We would say any time during the year and any day during the week.

We visited Amiana Resort & Spa twice, on Friday and Sunday and barely noticed other guests.

In the beginning we thought it would be better to go only on a weekday, in case if local people are visiting during the weekend. But we were wrong. Our Sunday visit was perfect.

The pool area was not crowded at all and we had a very pleasant stay. We visited at the end of February, probably this is a reason why the hotel was quiet. If this is the case, then December and January should see even fewer tourists. The water in a sea was around 20 degrees Celsius which was cold for us, but the beach itself was gorgeous.

Crystal clear water, white sand and blue skies made us believe we were in paradise.

The entrance fee also includes one drink of your choice
amiana resort in nha trang
Amiana Resort in Nha Trang has its own private beach. You will not want to leave!
amiana resort in nha trang
Crystal clear water beach. We encourage you to exchange busyness of Nha Trang on this peaceful place not far from the city center!
amiana resort in nha trang
This is a sea, not a pool. We promise you’ll be leaving happy!
amiana resort in nha trang
All pools at Amina Resort have beautiful views

Dining at Amiana Resort in Nha Trang

Bacaro Restaurant is the main one, overlooking the pool and bay waters. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. The menu is diverse and offers international meals along with authentic dishes from three regions of Vietnam. The menu also includes desserts, smoothies and a big choice of freshly squeezed juices.

There is also a pool bar with a view of a private beach and city skyline. Pools menu offers a big selection of signature drinks and cocktails. You can get some sun on loungers near the pool or stay in shade on comfy couches under the bar roof.

There is no requirement to purchase any food or drinks. Your entrance fee includes one drink and you can bring your own food and snacks with you. On a day when we stayed at Amiana Resort & Spa we were planning a picnic and had a bunch of food with us in our backpacks. The only drink we had was the one included in a pool access fee.

amiana resort in nha trang
Watching a sunset from a pool bar and sipping our pineapple juice

To give you a closer look at the property, here is Amiana’s hotel website. Get a better idea of what their property is all about.

Have you ever visited Nha Trang? Share with us your experience and thoughts if you have been!

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