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Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Mysterious Castle Hotels in Czech Republic

Last Updated March, 2020

castle hotels in czech republic

Did you know there are quite a few amazing castle hotels in the Czech Republic that operate all over the country? The cost of their services is much lower than in similar places in France or Austria. It may come as a surprise to find out how affordable those places are.

If you are traveling to the Czech Republic and plan to go on a few day trips from Prague, you should definitely add to your itinerary a stay in one of the mysterious castle hotels. Here are some of the most quirky ones that will help you hide away from the entire world while introducing to life in previous centuries.

Castle Hotels in the Czech Republic for your amazing stay:

Hotel Růže

If you are planning to visit Český Krumlov then the gorgeous Renaissance chateau from the 16th century is must-see and stay in.

This building has a pretty awesome history. In the past, it belonged to the Jesuits, included a monastery and college on its territory. Later on, at the end of the 19th century, it became a hotel. After the German occupation, the building housed a restaurant and cafe and became neglected for almost 40 years. Since the end of the 20th century, the territory was purchased and turned into a five-star luxury hotel.

Today Hotel Růže is considered to be one of the most elite and luxurious castle hotels in the Czech Republic. Celebrities and high-ranking officials often stay here.

The hotel is located on one of the observation platforms and from its windows you can see the panorama of Cesky Krumlov. Near the grounds, you can find a garden in the Baroque style, and under the castle walls, the Vltava River flows.

Even though this property has five stars, you don’t need to be rich and famous to stay there.

Prices start from $100 dollars per night. 

castle hotels in Czech Republic

Castle Hotels: EA Chateau Hotel Rough Rock

Travelers can find this hotel in the northern part of the Czech Republic right in the Hruba Skala sandstone rock city. There are a lot of attractions and historical sights in the area to keep you busy.

You don’t need to stay one long week at this hotel to be able to experience all the mystery. Come for one night for a getaway from Prague or stay on your way to Germany or Poland. EA Chateau Hotel Rough Rock is only one hour away from Prague and two hours from Dresden.

EA Chateau Hotel Rough Rock was erected in the 14th century and very quickly became part of the castle complex Hruba Skala. It acquired its modern gothic appearance in the 17th century.

From the windows of your room, you can see an incredible view of the beautiful Bohemian Paradise. There is a park right near the hotel for everyone who visits. But in-house guests of this castle hotel have access to the entire conservation area.

EA Chateau Hotel Rough Rock is car and bike accessible.

Prices start from $80 per night and include breakfast. 

Zámek Hrádek

This castle hotel Zámek Hrádek from the 14th century is located out of any touristy city and could be a great place for a stopover if you are planning to explore Sumava National Park or the surrounding area.

Historically famous chateau stands on the shore of the tiny pure pond. In the courtyard, you can find a Baroque castle park with small ponds and a lot of flower beds. There is an ancient chapel of St. Walburga on the grounds, built in the 16th century. Guests have the opportunity to walk the educational trail which has information panels and shows the history of the castle and the village Hradek.

Room prices start from $85 per night.

castle hotels in czech republic

Chateau Herálec

Chateau Herálec is one of top ten castle hotels in the world.

This high-end luxury hotel dates back to the 13th century and today offers only 20 rooms to the guests. It has a beautiful L’Occitane spa, is situated among the forest, blooming fields, and meadows, and promises Neo-gothic fairytale stay.

Chateau Herálec castle is within driving distance of Vienna, Brno, and Prague, but chances are you won’t have a desire to drive around.

Prices start from $230 per night. 

Zámek Liblice

If you are visiting Prague and would like to visit outside of the city, consider Zámek Liblice castle hotel. It is less than one hour drive from Prague, offers high comfort and hospitality to each guest, and transfers you in time. The stylish Zámek Liblice has restaurants and wellness center.

It was built in the 17th century by the Italian architect Aliprandi. The church of St. Wenceslas and the park with a hint of French and Baroque styles come as part of Zámek Liblice hotel. The territory is decorated with alleys with original ancient sculptures, luxurious flower beds, and an artificial lake.

Prices start from $80 per night. 

Chateau Hotel Zbiroh

castle hotels in czech republic

The hotel was built in the early 13th century in the style of medieval Gothic architecture, and only with time, it acquired non-Renaissance features.

The territory surrounding Chateau hotel Zbiroh has a Masonic lounge, the prisoners’ tower, and one of the oldest chapels in Europe. Also, there is a beautiful park in English style, neighboring the hotel.

Chateau Hotel Zbiroh is conveniently located between Prague and Pilsen and takes from 40 to 60 minutes to get to either city. The property is right near the major highway but tucked away in quiet scenic surroundings.

In this hotel, you have an opportunity to spend a night in chambers where great figures from history stayed.

Prices start from $150 per night. 

Středověký Hotel Dětenice

Středověký Hotel Dětenice of the 13th century was built in the baroque style. Once you cross the threshold of this castle hotel you’ll get a feeling that you are in the medieval era.

The outside of the building looks like an aristocratic mansion, but its interior represents the best traditions of knightly times. In each room, you get to sleep on wooden beds with feather mattresses and pillows, wash in basins, and use candlesticks with candles instead of lamps.

The location of the hotel is also within an hour’s drive proximity from Prague, towards the border with Poland. You need to have a car to get there.

Prices start from $150 per night. 

castle hotels in Czech Republic

Hotel Stekl

This property is a true gem away from crowds and traditional life. You can reach Hotel Stekl by car when getting to Český Krumlov or visiting the Southern Bohemia region.

The hotel looks just like a real medieval castle and only the modern wellness area reminds you are in the 21st century.

A picturesque Vltava river flows near the castle with English park and rare plants complimenting the grounds. Romantic chateau-style rooms offer a unique view of the surrounding countryside. The hotel is small, with only 44 rooms and each of them has its own individual character.

Prices start from $80 per night. 

Zámek Štiřín

Zámek Štiřín castle was erected in the 18th century. There are two parks near the hotel complex, one is in English and another one in French style.

For those who visit Prague, it would take only half an hour to get to this romantic baroque chateau surrounded by a few purest ponds.

The chateau offers musical, social and history-related events offering a broad range of hotel services and sports. You will be definitely able to rest, relax and energize at the same time.

Prices start from $115 per night. 

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The Czech Republic is covered with castles and I am sure there are way more to what is already in this post. However, I wanted to highlight the ones that impressed me personally. Keep in mind that booking your stay through the third party or tracking some deals in advance can help you find even lower prices for some of these places.

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Here are some of the most unique accommodation places around Czech Republic. Either you are traveling with kids, as a solo traveler, with friends or other family members, stay in one of these castle hotels for an extra memorable experience. So here are tips on where to stay in Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Brno and other Czech destinations #placestostay #czechrepublic
castle hotels
castle hotels

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