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16 Dreamy Castle Hotels in the Czech Republic You’d Love to Sleep In

Last updated on January 17th, 2023

Are you looking to stay in castle hotels in the Czech Republic? Then take a look at my suggestions, some of them are either places where I stayed on my own or where I think is worth staying! I am mentioning castle stays in Prague, not far from Prague, castle hotels in Central and South Bohemia region, Liberec and Plzen regions, and a few castle stays in Moravia.

Nowadays, there are more than 50 castle hotels in the Czech Republic. Some of them are big and luxurious while others are small and budget. Yet at the same time, there are quite a few castle hotels that look like castles only from outside but inside they don’t differ much from an average modern hotel.

In this guide, I am talking only about those castle hotels that offer an aristocratic atmosphere and modern comfort for recreation. They suit different types of travelers and meet all budgets. Everyone will be able to find something to his taste on this list.

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Czech Castle Hotels – a Bit of History & Introduction 

castle hotels in the czech republic

In Soviet times, all Czech castles belonged to the state as the government confiscated most of the historical real estate from their owners. However, after the “Velvet Revolution” of 1989, this situation changed and most castles were returned back to their rightful owners. Some of them decided to turn castle complexes into a source of income and rebuilt them into luxury hotels. Others opened their castles for visits and tours.

Today we have an amazing opportunity to stay in rooms where the nobles once lived and have the same experiences as they had. And what’s interesting, the cost of castle stays in the Czech Republic is much lower than in similar places in France or Austria. It may come as a surprise to find out how affordable those places are.

If you are traveling to the Czech Republic and plan to go on a few day trips from Prague, you should definitely add to your itinerary a stay in one of the mysterious castle hotels. Here are some of the most quirky ones that will help you hide away from the entire world while introducing yourself to life in previous centuries.

Castle Hotels in Prague

Staying in a castle in Prague is a truly wonderful experience. But the fact is, Prague doesn’t have many castle hotels to sleep in. There are definitely castles to visit but not many to stay. I personally know only two and here they are: (If you know about any other, please share!)

1. Mandarin Oriental Prague

I want to start my list with the most sophisticated castle to stay in Prague. At first glance, you can’t even tell that the Mandarin Oriental is a real castle. But it really is and a lot of things remind about this fact.

First of all, heavy walls, cross vaults, and many archaeological rarities that you can see in different parts of the property. Second, the hotel is located in a former monastery and has its own chapel. The chapel’s ancient walls and floor today serve as part of the spa interior. 

During the restoration, architects and designers preserved the historical spirit and atmosphere of that time as much as possible and you can see that in the interior and details.

The hotel has 99 comfortable rooms of various categories, including standard rooms and suites. Rooms combine European and sophisticated oriental styles, have decoration with exquisite fabrics, and original decor elements. Mandarin Oriental has its own spa center, a restaurant with a wine cellar, a fitness center, cozy bars, conference rooms, and event halls.

This interesting castle accommodation in Prague is a place where past and present meet. And where during your vacation in Prague you can touch on the historical heritage of the Czech Republic.

Check prices and availability here.

best castle hotels in prague

2. Chateau St. Havel Wellness Hotel 

Chateau St. Havel hotel is actually part of a neo-gothic Castle (Zámek) Krč located a bit far from the central part of Prague, in the district of Prague 4.

The history of this Prague palace hotel goes back to 1222 when at first it was built as a fortress but later changed to a castle. During its existence, the castle changed many owners who brought something new to its walls. However, significant changes occurred at the end of the 19th century when its owner Baron Schlosser made the main building two-story, decorated the facades with battlements in the neo-Gothic style, and laid out an English-style park nearby.

Even though the castle is away from the center, it is easily accessible. The first owner of the castle who probably built the castle in the wilderness definitely didn’t expect so many roads by it one day. In fact, there is one highway and railway station nearby. So you could get here by train, taxi, and even bus.

The luxury Chateau St. Havel wellness hotel has its own emerald golf course and pond, forested area, and is built next to the river Kunratitsky Potok. Guests love this hotel for spacious and clean rooms that look like from the old school Czech movie, elegant restaurant, and park nearby. A lot of people book this castle hotel for weddings and romantic getaways.

Check availability and prices.

Castle Hotels Near Prague

3. Castle-Hotel Ctěnice

Castle-hotel Ctěnice (or in the Czech language Zámecký areál Ctěnice) is a romantic castle complex in the Baroque style that the majority mainly know as a former fortress with a small park around it. However, not many people have the idea that this castle was turned into a hotel and the former barn of the castle now houses the 4-star hotel The Granary.

The castle is located on the northeastern outskirts of Prague in the Vinoř district. Getting there by public transportation is somewhat difficult but if you don’t have a car the hotel staff can arrange a shuttle or transfer. Also, you can use park & ride in Letňany (Prague 19) district.

Near the castle in the park, you can go on an exciting bike ride with the whole family, horseriding, or walk around a large pond. The castle often also hosts exhibitions dedicated to crafts and has a permanent exhibition on the history of the Vinoř district and the Ctenice castle. In the fall during the apple festival, the Ctenice castle park turns into a forest, and you can literally spend hours there.

Check availability and prices.

4. Baroque Castle Štiřín & HOTEL Štiřín 4*

Castle Hotel Štiřín is a 4* luxurious late baroque style hotel built in the 18th century. It is located twenty kilometers south of Prague in a small town Kamenice. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building underwent a major reconstruction and a hotel opened its doors to visitors.

There are 69 rooms there, designed for a different number of guests. Six of them are luxury class, the rest are standard. The furnishings of the rooms combine elements of past eras and at the same time include all modern devices. All rooms have Internet, satellite TV, telephone, safe, and minibars. The interior is decorated with sculptural works by Matthias Braun, antique pieces of furniture, unique paintings, and floor vases.

There are 2 parks surrounding the castle that form a unity of harmony and tranquility. One is in the English style and another one in French. The territory of this hotel is very picturesque. The building is hiding in the bright greenery of plants, complemented by the sparkling blue of small lakes.

All guests of hotel Štiřín have access to a fitness center, wellness area with spa, a bowling alley, bicycle rental, and a stable where they can take horseback riding lessons. There is also an open area for playing golf, and organ concerts in the ancient chapel.

For those who visit Prague, it would take only half an hour to get to this romantic baroque chateau.

Check availability and prices.

5. EA Hotel Resort SEN 5*

The romantic old castle hotel SEN is located not far from the previous hotel and 28 km south of Prague. It is not a historical building as it was built quite recently in 1996. However, its appearance and interiors are completely stylized as medieval architecture. And if you look at photos pretending I didn’t tell you when it was built, you’ll definitely think that it’s a few centuries old castle. 

Everyone who is staying here can find something to his taste. SEN has a reputation for being a great place to relax and hold business meetings. Especially popular the hotel is among couples because of the romantic atmosphere.

There are 58 rooms in the hotel with 48 of them being suites. All of the rooms are designed in an old medieval style and imbued with an aristocratic spirit. Yet they contain all the benefits of civilization like bathrooms, minibars, Internet access, direct dial telephone, satellite TV, and more.

On the territory of the complex, you’ll find an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, squash and golf courses, bike paths, a huge chess court, and even a wine cellar. The peculiarity of this castle is a large conference center which consists of seven rooms equipped with the latest technology. 

The hotel has a beautiful restaurant with gourmet cuisine, an extensive wine list, and a wide selection of dishes.

Check availability and prices for EA Hotel Resort SEN 5* on Booking.

6. Chateau Hotel Zbiroh

Zbiroh Castle, surrounded by an English park, is located in a beautiful place near the Křivoklatsko forest which is a protected landscape area. Today, part of the premises of this huge castle belongs to a hotel, an absolutely gorgeous top-notch place to stay not far from Prague. Here, you have a chance to visit a castle and sleep in a castle too.

In the 13th century, Zbiroh was a royal castle and many people called it “the palace of the three emperors”. Several owners of the estate changed the architecture of Zbiroh, first in the Gothic and then in the neo-Renaissance style. During the war years and later, the castle served as a radar station so the unique jasper floors were destroyed. But the complete reconstruction was completed in 2005 and opened its door to visitors.

The Chateau Hotel Zbiroh has 53 rooms with elegant furnishings and all the necessary modern technology. Everything ornate in detail, including the hotel corridors. The hotel’s restaurant reminds of a medieval tavern where each staff member is dressed in a costume of old times and the entire atmosphere makes you feel like dining in a real castle kitchen.

Additionally to that, the hotel has a beautiful indoor pool with a wellness center which you can book fully for yourself. The pool is located in a castle cellar that looks more like a tunnel and only adds up to the atmosphere. Beautiful grounds have quite a few sights and a green park in a classic English style.

And the last thing that makes this hotel unique is organized costume balls in the style of the Middle Ages. If you are interested, get in touch with the hotel to find out when the next one is.

Today, the castle complex is an ideal place for a romantic stay, family reunion, business events, and various celebrations. Here you can arrange a wedding, celebrate a birthday or New Year with a group or on your own, or hold a conference with high-tech equipment.

The chateau is conveniently located between Prague and Pilsen and takes from 40 to 60 minutes to get to from either city. The property is right near the major highway but tucked away in quiet scenic surroundings.

Check availability and prices on Booking.

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7. Středověký Hotel Dětenice

Dětenice Castle Hotel is located on the outskirts of the Bohemian Paradise Nature Reserve not far from the border with Poland. The baroque structure of three buildings with striking terracotta facades looks more like an elegant aristocratic mansion than a traditional castle. However, its interior represents the best traditions of knightly times.

The concept of the medieval castle hotel Dětenice is a complete immersion in the era of knights. The comfort here is somewhat relative. In each room, you get to sleep on wooden beds with feather mattresses and pillows, wash in basins, and use candlesticks with candles instead of lamps. 

Instead of a traditional castle restaurant, there is a medieval tavern with a corresponding service culture. The service here is rude (on purpose), the food is simple but hearty and the beer is excellent, brewed in the castle according to old recipes.

Oh, and apparently ghosts still live in Detenice. Some people vow that they’ve seen ghosts wandering at night in the corridors of the castle. Whoa.

The location of hotel is within an hour’s drive proximity from Prague. You can get there by uber, 2 public buses, Bolt, or your own car.

Check availability and prices on the castle’s website.

8. EA Zamecky Hotel Hrubá Skála (Former EA Chateau Hotel Rough Rock)

Hotel-castle Zamecky, as a previous hotel, is also located in the Bohemian Paradise Nature Reserve but on the opposite side. You can find it in the middle of Cesky Raj Nature Preserve in the Hruba Skala sandstone rock city.

This Hruba Skala castle complex was built in the 14th century. After that, it was rebuilt several times and acquired its modern neo-Gothic appearance in the 17th century.

Today, the castle includes several buildings: a former manor house (nowadays a hotel), a parish church, and a boarding house. Zamecky rooms are furnished in old style of the past centuries but in accordance with all modern requirements.

The level of comfort of the apartments depends on their location. The most luxurious rooms are in the chapel of the castle and the simplest ones are in the outbuilding. This other building is a hostel. So if you are looking for cheap castle hotels, this one is a nice option. The complex also has a restaurant and an outdoor terrace.

Staying at the Hruba Skala is already special because of the nature park you are in. Hruba Skala Nature Preserve offers hiking, biking, walking trails, fresh air, and lots of views of Bohemian Paradise. EA Zamecky castle-hotel hosts weddings, Easter and Christmas performances, and stylized costume balls. 

Many people choose this hotel on their getaway from Prague or for weekend trips to Cesky Raj.

This castle hotel is only one hour away from Prague and two hours from Dresden. It is accessible by car and bike.

Check reviews & availability of EA Zamecky Castle-Hotel on Booking.

Check prices and availability for Castle HOSTEL here on Agoda.

Czech castle hotels

9. Zamek Starosedlský Hrádek 4*

Starosedlský Hradek castle-hotel stands on the shore of a Hradecky Rybnik lake in Central Bohemia, 65 km from Prague. The current appearance of the castle dates back to the 17th century. In 1999 the complex was completely renovated and opened a luxury hotel and restorative medicine center. Today, besides castle stays, is also offers traditional and exotic treatments, including wine therapy.

The hotel has only twenty luxurious rooms in baroque style. All of them come with high-speed Internet, computers in every room, telephone and fax, satellite TV, home theaters, DVD. The interior walls of the ancient castle have paintings, handcrafted Baroque furniture, vaulted ceilings, and oak beams.

There is a lake in the center of the complex which was in use for fish farming since the 15th century. Guests of the hotel can fish on its shores and any fish they catch will be cooked in the castle restaurant. A restaurant, by the way, with three dozen seats with an open terrace offers an excellent range of wines from the castle wine cellar.

This is truly one of the most unique castle hotels in Europe. But with the pandemic, they were closed for a long time. Get in touch with the owner and find out if the hotel is open now.

There is no website but you can email [email protected] or call +420 318 683 851 for more details. Check the location of this Czech castle hotel here.

Other Gorgeous Castle Hotels in the Czech Republic

10. Hotel Stekl 4* – Next to the Hluboká Castle

A hotel that we visited this past summer just by accident, not even knowing it was a castle until the moment we came to the area.

Its building is located directly in the same park where one of the most beautiful castles of the Czech Republic Hluboka Castle is. It was built in a similar style to the castle from 1841 to 1871 during the end phase of castle reconstruction. Originally the building was an administration for Hluboka castle and later was used as a residence until 1989. 

Today it is a hotel that consists of three buildings that connect with each other by passages and are decorated in Hluboka Castle style. There are 44 rooms in total and their interior repeats the atmosphere of the famous medieval castle Hluboka that stands nearby. All rooms have touches of history but at the same time, they are all unique with their own floor plan, furnishings, and architectural detailing.

The windows of the hotel offer wonderful views of the Vltava valley, the Hluboka castle, and a picturesque park. All guests of the hotel can relax in the jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, swim in a pool with a waterfall and countercurrent, stretch in the gym or get some artificial sun in the solarium, play table tennis, billiards, or darts. Those who wish to get a massage can head to the Thai center.

In the hotel restaurant, you can taste national Czech dishes, international cuisine, and an excellent selection of drinks.

You can reach Hotel Stekl by car when going to Český Krumlov, Hluboka nad Vltavou or visiting the Southern Bohemia region on a day trip.

Check prices and availability for Hotel Stekl on Booking.

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Hluboka castle hotel
Hluboka castle restaurant

11. Hotel Podhrad in Hluboká nad Vltavou, South Bohemia

Hotel Podhrad which consists of two buildings is another castle (or better to say pre-castle) hotel in Hluboka nad Vltavou not far from the Hluboka Chateau. The main building is Podhrad hotel and the second adjoining property is Dependency Knizeci Dvur which for many years served as the building for the employees of the Hluboka Castle.

After that, it was abandoned for several years and partially fell into disrepair. But in 2006 it opened its doors to guests offering lodging in part of the building.

While it is not an actual castle hotel, the premises were built in the same era during the same time as a Hluboka castle and for employees of this castle. This is why it is reminiscent of a castle from the outside and has some attributes that remind of a castle. All interiors including furnishings, even though fully gone through reconstruction, also represent 19th-century style.

Hotel Podhrad with Knizeci Dvur is an ideal combination of comfortable accommodation, excellent gastronomy, sports (because there is also a lake nearby), and wellness services in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Hluboká nad Vltavou.

It is a wonderful pick for people on a budget or those who want something different than a stay in touristy overcrowded Cesky Krumlov.

We ended up staying here on our road trip through South Bohemia when not being able to find a good hotel in the area (as we were booking at the last minute) and we didn’t regret it!

Check prices and availability for this hotel here.

Hotel Podhrad

12. Castle Hotel Růže in Cesky Krumlov

Hotel Růže is the most luxurious and elite castle accommodation among all Czech castle hotels. It was built in the 16th century near Český Krumlov but restored to a Renaissance castle. Previously, it was also a monastery and a university.

The hotel has 70 rooms with the design of the medieval era. Furniture and decor were made specifically for the hotel on the base of old drawings. While all the rooms remember about medieval times, they also have all modern devices.

A central location on one of the observation platforms allows guests to see the panorama of Český Krumlov. And a lovely medium-sized baroque garden with the Vltava River under the castle walls helps to enjoy the serenity.

All guests of the hotel also have access to a spa complex, fitness center, solarium, massage services, and swimming pool. Oh, and there is also an antique-style restaurant with a summer terrace above the Vltava. 

Even though this is one of the most luxurious castle hotels in the Czech Republic, you don’t need to be rich and famous to stay there. Prices are very reasonable.

Check them out here on Booking

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castle hotels in Czech Republic

13. Zámek Hrádek 3* in Moravia

The castle hotel Zámek Hrádek from the 14th century is located out of any touristy city and could be a great place for a stopover if you are planning to explore Sumava National Park or the surrounding area.

Historical baroque-style chateau stands on the shore of the tiny pure pond which is part of a small park. The park has a tennis court, a fountain, and benches where you can relax in the shade of the trees and bask in the sun.

Zámek Hrádek has only 23 rooms and each of them is decorated in different styles. The castle hotel is rather small but very cozy. The swimming pool and sauna are part of the accommodation as well as breakfast that includes a wide range of foods. The restaurant, by the way, is quite popular among locals who come to the castle for a meal.

From time to time, the hotel is holding costumed events, themed parties, and dances. Thus, if you feel you’d like to participate, make your booking in advance. 

Check prices and availability on Booking.

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14. Chateau Herálec Between Prague & Brno

Chateau Herálec is one of the top ten castle hotels in the world and also one of the most romantic and luxurious outdoor recreation spots in the Czech Republic. It is a true oasis of tranquility, framed in a modern yet sophisticated interior.

The chateau is located five minutes from the main D1 highway on the Prague – Brno route, yet in a quiet and peaceful area. Green forests, endless meadows, and valleys surround it in the breathtaking landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian highlands.

There is a limited number of rooms where you can rest from the crowd and city noise. The castle itself dates back to the 13th century and its walls remember the events of 800 years ago. In 2011, the chateau opened its doors to guests as a hotel.

Rooms and halls are a marvelous combination of antiquity and modern trends. Chateau also has a unique restaurant located on the site of a former medieval fortress, a first-class SPA center by L’Occitane, a swimming pool under medieval vaults, Finnish sauna, cleansing steam room, and a massage parlor.

A visit to Chateau Herálec is not only luxury and relaxation in a unique environment. It also has a special atmosphere, delicate care, and first-class service.

Check prices and availability for Chateau Herálec on Booking.

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15. Zámek Liblice 4* North of Prague

Liblice Castle (Zámek Liblice) is located forty kilometers north of the capital of the Czech Republic and ten from Melnik Castle. People know it as Liblice Castle Hotel or Chateau Baroque.

There are 53 luxury rooms there, decorated in a baroque style that can host about 80 guests. All rooms have refrigerators, TVs, safes, and minibars. Part of the hotel complex is the Church of St. Wenceslas and park, arranged in French traditions and baroque style.

The territory has neat alleys with original ancient sculptures, luxurious flower beds, and an artificial lake. In addition, the hotel complex has a restaurant, a wine cellar, a wellness center with a sauna, massage room, and a salt room.

Chateau Baroque is a very popular wedding venue. Thus, it attracts couples and their families. Also, several times a year, it hosts entertainment events with tournaments and dances in the medieval tradition.

Check prices and availability for Castle Liblice on Booking.

castle hotels in the Czech Republic

16. Chateau Kotera in Central Czechia

This charming castle hotel near the city Kutna Hora is very different from other castle hotels on this list. It can be very simple compared to older castles but being an icon of neoclassicism, it definitely cannot deny its charm.

This property was built by the famous Czech architect Jan Kotera at the beginning of the last century and is considered an example of modernism. Originally, Jan Kotera built it for one aristocrat with the name of Mandelik who owned factories and lands around the nearby city of Kolin and wanted to have a country chateau.

At the beginning of the 20th century, chateau Kotera became the heart of social life with luxurious parties and frequent guests among whom was even the first president of the Czechoslovak republic. However, World War II put an end to both swanky parties and the history of the Mandelik family.

The castle was confiscated in 1939, after 1947 it turned into a school, and only in 1992, it was returned to the heirs of the Mandelik family. Since 2004, after a large-scale renovation, the mansion is inviting guests as a 4-star hotel.

Chateau Kotera has 19 rooms only but there are 17 more modern rooms in the Orangery. A hotel has an outdoor pool, a lovely territory with a garden, restaurant, and a quiet atmosphere of the past.

Check photos, reviews, and prices for Chateau Kotera on Booking.

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17. Castle Hotel Potštejn 4*

On the east-northern part of the Czech Republic, next to the Polish border, 35 km from Hradec Kralove, there are 2 castles of the same name. The first one is the ruins of the medieval castle Potstejn and another one is the castle-hotel Praha Potštejn.

The hotel building is an old Baroque-style architecture that dates back to 1746. It is small and has rooms for 18 guests only. However, there is also a beautiful garden, a massage room, and a souvenir shop on site.

For every outside guest, the castle hotel is open for visits from 9:00 to 17:00 from April to October (April, October only on weekends and until 16:00). May-September – all days except Monday.

This charming castle accommodation attracts lovers of antiquity and mysticism since there are also night excursions in the underground labyrinths. Also, in some ways, Potštejn castle is interesting to many because if is reminiscent of a museum. Visitors can see the old Music Salon, the Blue Hall, children’s and ladies’ quarters where aristocrats lived.

Check prices and availability for Castle Hotel Potštejn on Booking.

Alright, so this is my list of Czech castle hotels. I am sure there is way more to what is already in this post, so if you have more of them to add, please share!

Have you visited any castle hotels in the Czech Republic? How did you like that? 

This post is one of a few I have about Prague and the Czech Republic in general. Take a look, maybe you’ll find other posts of use too:

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Did you know that there are more than 50 castle hotels in the Czech Republic? And they are much cheaper than those in France, Austria, Ireland or Scotland. Find out where to stay on your next visit! #bestofprague #czechrepublic #castlehotelseurope
Here are some of the most unique accommodation places around Czech Republic. Either you are traveling with kids, as a solo traveler, with friends or other family members, stay in one of these castle hotels for an extra memorable experience. So here are tips on where to stay in Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Brno and other Czech destinations #placestostay #czechrepublic
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