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Prague in 2 Days – Where to Go & Stay, What to Do And What to Expect

Last updated on February 11th, 2020

Are you looking for tips on what to do in Prague in 2 days? I have written this detailed guide to help you get the best out of your trip.

A golden city of a thousand spires and a million magical marvels of architecture keeps attracting more and more tourists every year. Many guests to Prague have been to the city of culture before, but they keep coming back again and again.

When we visited Prague and the Czech Republic in general, we were looking at it as a place for our potential move. But meeting locals and talking to our friends who have been living there for years helped us come up with this list of the most fun places to visit in Prague in 2 days during any time of the year.

places to visit in Prague in 2 days

The following list is actually good not only for those who are planning to spend 2 days in the capital of the Czech Republic. You can use these ideas for your 3 days itinerary in Prague and even if planning to spend a week or more.

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Prague is truly a stunning city. Most likely you will be visiting when on vacation or holidays. Try to stay in lovely accommodation where you won’t want to run away from. And trust me, the options I mention below are not as expensive as you may think. Make your visit special by staying at a nice hotel without paying much.

I also have a list of amazing Prague restaurants with a view, in case you were wondering.

Looking at this list you may think that prices for all these hotels are extremely high. But that’s not the case. Some of them have really good deals.

Very often you can pay less than a hundred a night for one of these hotels. Each of them has gorgeous views of the city from rooms, terraces, and rooftop.

For instance, Majestik Plaza hotel offers rooms for less than $80 per night. Rooms with fantastic view and amenities in Sheraton Charles SquareRadisson Blu AlcronAstoria are often less than $100 per night too.

If none of these hotels interests you, take a look at more detailed guide on where else to stay in Prague.

Side note: If you are planning to travel outside Prague, check our article about the most mysterious castle hotels around the Czech Republic. You should definitely stay at least in one of those!


The following 3 Restaurants offer delicious meals and affordable prices. But before you get to any of them, check our post on must eat food in Prague. You’ll get an idea on what to order.

We ate out a lot and I tried to include not only our favorite but truly the best places to eat in Prague:

Home Kitchen

It is a local chain in Prague and you can find quite a few of these restaurants around the city. Prices are not high at all and every meal is scrumptious.

They offer Benedict eggs with avocado and bacon for 155 Czech Korunas ($7.50), homemade yogurt with granola and fruit for 80 Korunas ($3.80), pancakes for 135 Korunas ($6.50) and more. Cappuccino costs 65 Korunas or $3.15.

Můj šálek kávy (My Cup of Coffee) 

It is the most popular coffee shop in Prague. You can find there English style breakfast, smoothies, granola bowls on almond milk base and other yummy snacks. Coffee, cappuccino, latte is on the menu too. Prices vary between 40-200 Korunas ($1.90-$9.60)

Eska Restaurant 

This place serves breakfast until 4 pm. You can choose among omelets with veggies, cheese, ham and mushrooms, granola with yoghurt, fruit, nuts and chocolate or order pancakes with soft cheese and jam. And of course, grab a cup of coffee or latte. Prices are a bit higher, but you won’t pay more than $10 for a meal.

places to visit in Prague in 2 days
Absolutely adorable cafes in Prague


The next 3 Restaurants are more pricey, but you will feel very special there. Additionally, to an almost royal meal you’ll get a unique decor that will make you feel like you have been transferred in time:

Cafe Imperial

Jewel of architecture in Prague. This place has been attracting visitors since 1914. There you can order buffet style breakfast, American or English breakfast, continental or French style breakfast. Lots of options to choose from! And, don’t forget to take pictures, this cafe is a perfect spot for Instagram!

Cafe Savoy

This cafe features an unusual interior, which emphasizes the preserved monumental ceiling in neo-Renaissance style, with a story dating back to 1893. Their own bakery offers fresh confectionery and bakery products daily.

Five different types of breakfasts in a price range between 245 ($11.80) and 435 Korunas ($21). Yes, it is pricey for budget travelers, but you can get a cup of coffee only to enjoy the environment and beautiful interior design.

Kavárna Obecní dům

As well as other European cities, Prague has unique and prestigious cafes that have been a center of cultural and social life in previous centuries. This cafe is one of them.

Dining there will bring you into the beginning of 20th century.

Order basic breakfast (základní snídaně) for 130 Korunas ($6.30), special breakfast (kavárna obecní dům) for 210 Korunas ($10.15), English breakfast (anglická snídaně) for 230 Korunas ($11), Czech breakfast (česká snídaně) for 200 Korunas ($9.65) or French breakfast (francouzská snídaně) for 200 Korunas ($9.65).

And here is the list of all bars and restaurants in Prague with a view. They are more pricey but definitely worth visiting.

places to visit in Prague in 2 days
Traditional Czech food


In our opinion, there is no shortage of stunning spots in Prague where you can take really cool pictures. You just need to come to certain places at the right time and when the light is at its best. In Prague, you don’t need to spend hours on finding your perfect corner, but we still want to share a few of our favorite places for taking the best pictures and enjoying the atmosphere.

Side note: If you are thinking to visit Prague in winter, there is a guide written on this topic too.

Terrace U Prince

It’s one of the best rooftop restaurants in the world which offers an absolutely spectacular view of the city in all directions. The food is fancy, drinks are yummy, and with a partially covered terrace you can enjoy the place any time of the year. The only disadvantage of this place is that it may get too crowded and touristy, but you will still enjoy and be able to take lots of amazing photos.

City View Terrace at Starbucks Pražský Hrad

Comparing to Terrace at U Prince hotel, Terrace at Starbucks is cheaper and way less crowded (you actually don’t need to order anything at all if you don’t feel like it). And it’s so easy to get to!

Charles Bridge

I don’t think I need to say much about this historical spot. Probably everyone knows where this bridge is. However, the best time to go there is early morning, before the sunrise. In this case, you’ll be almost alone.

Petrin Hill 

The hill is in the park. To get there you can take a funicular or walk. 

Views are amazing from the hill, but if you feel you are ready for more then there is a tower nearby. Climbing 299 steps will bring you to a magnificent view. The walk to the tower and up the stairs can be a bit hard on your legs. But if you look at it as exercise then additionally to a view you’ll get a workout.

places to visit in Prague in 2 days
These pictures where taken near the Starbucks terrace


The Toy Museum

Collection of this museum is the biggest in the world. It has seven exhibition rooms with 5000 different dolls and puppets. One of those rooms is entirely dedicated to Barbie doll. This museum is the most popular one in Prague.

Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets

This museum is truly one of the most unique museums to visit in Prague.

Their collection consists of 2000 exhibits such as chamber pots of different sizes, dressing tables and chairs, painted water closets and more.

A particularly interesting one to see is a night pot created for Napoleon Hill, Titanic, and Chinese emperor Chien Lung. Oh, a night pot from Lincoln’s bedroom in a White House is in one of the museum’s rooms too!

Museum of Chocolate

This is “the most delicious museum” in Prague. Here you will learn about the origin of cacao bean and about the process of making chocolate. Additionally, you will be able not only to observe but participate in the production of Belgian chocolate, tasting your own creation at the end of the process.

Beer Museum

For beer lovers, this is a really cool place to visit. Museum offers excursions in different languages and degustation of various sorts of beer.

Museum of alchemists and magicians of old Prague

In this museum, you will be able to learn the history of the most famous alchemists and magicians of Prague. See with your own eyes how the interior of the mysterious laboratory of a medieval alchemist Edward Kelly (the guy who turned metal into gold with some powder he created) looked like. Or walk through the room of mysterious black magician Dr. Faust.

places to visit in Prague in 2 days
Prague street life


You’ve definitely heard about well-known town Karlovy Vary which attracts visitors with its spa centers. But did you know that Prague has quite a few high-quality spas as well? And how do you feel about a beer spa? That’s quite an experience!

Make sure to add a visit to one of the spas mentioned below (or maybe all of them?) to your itinerary. Relax in the Czech way!

Beer and Wine Spa

Such a refreshing activity for your body and soul awaits on you at this Spa. Based on your preference you can have either beer or wine bath.

The entrance fee includes towels, flip-flops, sheets, and beer. Drink as much as you want and choose between light or dark sort of beer. We would recommend reserving your bath minimum for 2 hours because this is the minimum of time needed for full relaxation and refreshment. Also, getting a massage is possible too.

Boscolo Prague wellness & spa

Incredibly beautiful interior, nice music, and candles around a big pool will make you forget about everything. Enjoy a swim, vapors, and bubbles of the hydromassage tubs and a relaxing massage.

Aquapalace Prague

Who said you need to be traveling with kids to have a reason to spend a day in the aqua park? If you are traveling solo, with your second half or with kids this aqua park has attractions for everyone and any age.

Aquapalace is indoors park, so if you are traveling in summer coming here will help you escape the heat. In winter there is a perfect opportunity to run away from cold.

This is a list of my ideas and places to visit in Prague in 2 days. Would you add anything to it? I would love to hear from you, guys!

***Some of the links above are affiliate. That said, following them does not cost you anything. In case you purchase or order something through one of them, we may get a small commission. The price for you stays absolutely the same no matter if you buy through our affiliate link or on your own.

Prague in the Czech Republic is an absolutely magical city. There are tons of things to keep you busy during a longer vacation or quick getaway to this city. Here is the list of the best places to visit in Prague in 2 days, but honestly, you can use them not only in 2 days itinerary to Prague but also in 3 days and even one-week itinerary. Have fun when visiting Prague! #praguetravel #europetravel #czechrepublic #europebudgettravel

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  1. Prague is one of my favorite places. It’s amazing the value you get on hotel rooms there compared to most of Europe’s big cities. I also loved the odd and wonderful museums like the toy museum, the museum of sex, the Kafka Museum, and others you mentioned. I really hope to go back one day soon.

  2. Anya,

    Thank you for a great tour of Prague. We have been there before but are very anxious to return next March. We hsve friends who live there and we are also happy to see them again.

    I pray you can return home to Ukraine soon. Praying for you family as well.

    1. Hi Ann, thank you for your kind words! To be realistic now, we don’t think we will be able to return home anytime soon but we continue to hope.
      And I hope you will have a wonderful time in Prague, I have recently been there and it just got more beautiful.

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