Prague 2 days itinerary

Weekend in Prague – 2 Days Itinerary for People Who Don’t Want to Relax

Last updated on February 9th, 2024

My 2 days in Prague itinerary below is for people who don’t want to relax and are ready to squeeze in many activities in order to see the most of a city within one long weekend. It also includes recommendations on places to eat, sights that one must see, places to stay that are mid-priced, and travel tips.

One of the most picturesque capitals in Europe, if not in the world, Prague still draws visitors from all around with its captivating (and somewhat haunting) beauty, rich history, compelling culture, and inviting attractions.

While two days in Prague are not really enough to discover this alluring city as a whole and get the most out of it, two is better than one, and you can certainly have an experience here not just memorable, but unforgettable, provided that you spend your time wisely, which is what the following itinerary is all about!

In the lines below (which include suggestions that I think would interest both first-timers and those who have been to the capital of the Czech Republic before), you can find some of the best ways to fill your two days in this magical town + some restaurant recommendations!

So, let’s start!

NOTE: I visited Prague in spring, summer, and winter and made this itinerary with every season in mind. For cold winter visits, you just need to make sure you dress warmly to be able to tolerate the weather while being outside.

Things to Consider Before a Weekend in Prague

  • With only 2-3 days in Prague, choose to stay in Staré Město (Old Town) or Nové Město (the adjacent New Town) to be close to all the major sights 
  • In summer, explore the Old Town & Prague Castle first thing in the morning to avoid crowds
  • Return to Charles Bridge at sunrise to take the best photos 
  • Consider purchasing a travel pass that includes unlimited rides on public transport (including to/from the airport) & free access to all main attractions
  • If you need to hire a car, do it from the main train station to save time!

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What to See in Prague in 2 Days – Itinerary for Those With Limited Time

Day 1 in Prague

09:00 – 13:00 – Have Breakfast in Café Louvre & Then Discover Staré Město (The Old Town)

Old Town Prague

I am starting this itinerary from 9 AM to guarantee that the breakfast places & cafés will be open when you’re out. But a lot of them can be found open earlier as well, so, you can switch the 9:00 here with 8:00 if you are an early riser, which would be wise considering you have limited time in Prague!

It is all right to get the breakfast out of the way with a quick bite at your hotel/Airbnb. But if you wish to start your day with a good Czech breakfast, you can hit Cafe Louvre, easily one of the top breakfast places in Prague. Over a hundred years old, Cafe Louvre is a very chic, distinguished place and yet it has a very warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

After breakfast, you now should get to Staré Město, meaning The Old Town, which would be the number one spot to start & continue your day in Prague.

What to do in Old Town Prague? Just get lost there among the streets! Take a leisurely walk, preferably with your camera, starting from the Old Town Square and discover Staré Město with all its beauty and important sites. There is a lot to see- The Astronomical Clock, The Church of Our Lady Upon Tyn, Goltz Kinsky Palace, Jun Hus Monument, Charles Bridge, and more.

visiting Prague in winter
walking Prague streets

You can ideally take a coffee break in between since Prague has a constantly changing coffee culture (while it may not be as internationally renowned as Vienna or Lviv, it has a thriving scene with a variety of cafes and coffeehouses), or maybe even a quick bite. And if visiting this destination in summer, try not to be bothered by armies of tourists taking photographs, if you can!

How to discover Prague Old Town qualitatively: Since you are short on time and visiting Prague on a weekend only, my recommendation is to plan a route in that way where you visit all the sights following different streets. Prague Old Town is big with many roads hiding beautiful architectural marvels and some local spots, so there is no way to see it all in a couple of hours. You want to make sure you don’t walk the same streets twice.

If you are on this trip to Prague for the first time, join a welcome tour (this one is completely free, just for tips) or go with a personal Prague guide to focus on Rick Steeves’ personal recommendations.

13:00 – 16:00 – Lunch at Venue / Go Explore the Prague Castle

discovering Prague in 2 days

If you think it is time for lunch, while you are in the Old Town, you can hit Venue (location here), a lovely café/bistro with all the products coming from local sources.

After lunch, you will be ready to move on to your next destination, which may very well be Prague Castle, a historical place that always pops up among the first ranks when you search for places to see/things to do in Prague. It is about 1.5 kilometers from Charles Bridge, so if the weather is good, you can just walk there, doing a sightseeing of the city in the meantime.

The largest castle complex in the world, Prague Castle dates back to the 9th century. You can discover this on your own, but in my experience, taking a Prague Castle and Castle District Walking Tour (there is a free tour as well) is much better as it helps to get the most out of it within a short period of time.

Keep in mind that if you wish to see the whole complex (stroll the Golden Lane, see the St. Vitus Cathedral, etc., which you should!), 2 hours may not be enough and you may need to allocate more time to this activity.

16:00 – 17:00 – Wander Around the Mala Strana (Lesser Town)

weekend in Prague in winter

Prague’s Lesser Town or Mala Strana as they call it, is one of the most beautiful areas in the city, and well worth discovering.

You can reach this romantic, atmospheric area just by walking downhill from Prague Castle, and spend a quality hour -or more if you wish, of course- walking its beautiful streets, filled with cute cafès, antique shops, and galleries all around.

Walk around, take some photographs, get some coffee, and enjoy your time here (aesthete will love this district!)

17:00 – 19:00 – Check Out Wenceslas Square / Visit The National Museum or Communism Museum

tracing communism in Prague

Wenceslas Square in New Town is the main square of the Czech Republic. This is more like a large boulevard, probably the best place for shopping in Prague, and also a great destination to discover some good pubs, cafés, and restaurants (and of course, spending some quality time people-watching)!

This is also where you can find the Prague National Museum as well as the statue of Saint Wenceslas, patron of Czechia. National Museum houses millions of items from natural history, art, and history, and it is a must-see if you are interested in history and culture.

If going to national museums is not your thing, then a Communism Museum will be definitely a more interesting pick. It offers a detailed perspective on the historical period of communism in Czechoslovakia. By utilizing exhibits, artifacts, and multimedia presentations, it provides a thorough exploration of the daily life and experiences of individuals living in the communist era.

19:00 – 21:00 – Discover Prague’s Culinary Culture / Mix in the Nightlife

Must-try food in Prague

In Prague, you can find quality restaurants for different cuisines from around the globe, but once you are there, you have to try their local food at local restaurants, to get a glimpse of Prague’s taste!

There are a lot of atmospheric restaurants with good local food both in the Old Town and the New Town, so you can choose any of them based on your last and/or next stop.

Some of my favorite local Prague restaurant recommendations would be U Pinkasů, Krcma, and Kuchyn, which I will mention in more detail in the following lines. But there are also restaurants and bars with a view if you’d like to look at Prague from above with a cocktail or traditional dish. 

For some nightlife entertainment after dark, you can check out Dlouha Street, right next to the Town Square in Old Town. This area is known as the heart of Prague’s nightlife, and here you can spend the rest of your evening discovering chic bars, cozy pubs, and lively clubs, depending on your preference.

Day 2 in Prague

09:00 – 13:00 – Have Breakfast in Mistral Café / Explore Josefov (The Jewish Quarter) & Parizska Street

exploring Josefov neighborhood

If you wish to have your breakfast outside in a nice place in Old Town, you obviously have tons of options. But my personal recommendation here would be (if I have to choose one besides Cafe Louvre which I recommended for day 1) Mistral Cafe, a nice coffee, cake & breakfast joint just a few steps away from Charles University.

After that, you can move on to exploring the Jewish neighborhood, which is just a short walk away, a beautiful quarter with lots of history behind it – it used to be a Jewish ghetto in the city.

You can tour this neighbourhood on your own, but if you are really interested in details and want to learn the history behind it, I recommend taking a guided tour of Josefov. In each case, make sure to see the Spanish Synagogue and the old Jewish Cemetery.

While you are around, you can also check out Parizska Street, probably the most expensive street in the country, for some luxury shopping if you’re into that.

13:00 – 17:00 – Lunch at Naše Maso / Self-Guided Tour Part 2 / Vltava River Cruise

Prague from above

For a hearty, authentic lunch that will just hit the spot after a sightseeing & exploring session, you can head out to Naše Maso in the Old Town, which is a little butcher shop that serves yummy Czech-style burgers, pastrami sandwiches, sausages, Czech beer, etc.- you get the point!

After that, you can continue exploring the Old Town or places nearby on your own – assuming you had not finished the most important part of the town yesterday in just two or three hours!

Following that, you can take a Cruise on the River Vltava, which would certainly provide for a romantic experience. It is a great alternative way of admiring this beautiful city, especially if you’re tired from walking all day.

There are many different cruise options, some 1-hour, some including dinner, etc. You can choose based on your program and budget.

17:00 – 20:00 – Back to Land/ Prague Beer Museum & Landmark Hunting / Dinner at U Zlaté Studne

2 days in Prague itinerary

Once you are back on the streets of Prague, before dinner you have a lot of options to do. If you like beer culture, I would definitely recommend visiting Prague Beer Museum, close to Charles Bridge in the Old Town, a perfect spot to try some local Checzh beers before dinner!

Besides trying a diverse selection of beers, you’ll also have a chance to gain cultural insights into Czech beer traditions, explore food pairings, and learn about the traditional brewing techniques, the types of ingredients used and the historical significance of beer in Czech society. 

This museum has a cozy atmosphere and a welcoming staff, very helpful with beer recommendations! Then, if you have time, you can hunt for different landmarks of the city for a little self-guided culture session if you are in the mood and have energy. Some of the must-sees are:

  • Letná Park – a chill place to breathe and relax, and of course to admire the view of Prague from above
  • Palác Lucerna – a beautiful passage with interesting shops, an early 1900s-style café, and a controversial sculpture of David Černý (saint riding an upside-down horse)
  • Vyšehrad- lovely spot away from the crowds, with a beautiful view
  • Ss. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral – a lovely cathedral, dating back to the 18th century, a must-see place if you like visiting churches.

And for your final meal in this picturesque city, few options would be more suitable than a fine-dining experience in a 16th-century building with exquisite meals and privileged service!

In U Zlaté Studne, against the backdrop of one of the best views in Prague, you can have a beautiful, sophisticated dinner experience to top your trip, while gazing at Prague for one more time.

Where to Stay in Prague in 2 Days for Low & Mid Budget

Prague apartment
rental apartment in Prague

Here are a few suggestions that I found great for people with a lower budget. Below, you can also see where we stayed:

  • Charles Apartment – lower price for traditional interiors that include ornate furnishings, rich fabrics, and antique furniture
  • Residence Thunovska – combines the best of everything – excellent location, authentic accommodation & mid price
  • Hotel Rott – from it, you can reach the Astronomical clock within minutes. It’s a very old hotel, but modern-style rooms with classic interiors
  • Eurostars Thalia – a very decent 5-star hotel on a budget near the Vltava River
Personal Experience: On our last visit to Prague, we stayed in a nice Numa Apartment in New Town. Before that, we stayed in the Hotel Prague Star which was between New and Old Town and cost around €70 per night.

Alternative Things to Do in 2 Days in Prague

kayaking on Vltava River

Here are a few more suggestions for what to add to your Prague 2 days itinerary if this is a returning visit or if you prefer a different pace of travel:

  • Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere along the Náplavka riverbank with markets, food stalls, and outdoor events (depending on the season). You can add it to the itinerary in between other activities.
  • Discover the food scene with free drinks & food and go to the most authentic spots with a local guide.
  • Go to a Beer Spa to soak in a tub filled with a combination of beer, hops, and other natural ingredients. The two most famous beer spas are Beer Spa Beerland and Original Beer Spa. There is also a Bernard Beer Spa which offers an entree with beer tasting and massage option.
  • Explore the historic Vyšehrad Fortress, which offers views of Prague and the Vltava River. This area is less crowded than Prague Castle but equally rich in history. A free tour of the fortress is available if you are interested.
  • Do a walk in Letna Park, a beautiful green space with scenic views, a beer garden, and the iconic Metronome (which stands on the site of a former statue of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and is a symbol of Prague’s transition from communism to democracy.
  • Join a medieval performance with dinner & drinks to spend the evening in the atmosphere of medieval times of old Czechia.
  • Explore Prague’s story of World War II through a self-guided walk or on this free tour.
  • Take a tour of Prague’s underground, exploring hidden cellars, tunnels, and medieval spaces beneath the city’s surface.

If You Have a Long Weekend in Prague (More Than 2 Days)

visiting a castle in Czechia

If you are coming for a weekend break in Prague and have at least 3 days or longer, besides spending them all in the city you could always explore more of the Czech Republic on a day trip. 

You can always rent a car (to save time, there is a chance to do it from the main train station in the center) or join one of the guided tours. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Go See Bohemia & Saxon Switzerland – experience some of Czechia’s and Germany’s top scenery in one day
  • Spend a day in Cesky Krumlov either on a drive on your own or with a tour with a pick-up from your accommodation
  • Plan a trip by car or train to Karlovy Vary, a spa town famous for its healing springs and elegant architecture
  • Take a train to Karlštejn Castle, a medieval fortress founded by Emperor Charles IV in a picturesque countryside with Gothic architecture
  • Visit Terezín Concentration Camp which provides insights into a dark period of World War II history with museums, monuments & preserved structures

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  1. Prague is one of my favorite places. It’s amazing the value you get on hotel rooms there compared to most of Europe’s big cities. I also loved the odd and wonderful museums like the toy museum, the museum of sex, the Kafka Museum, and others you mentioned. I really hope to go back one day soon.

  2. Anya,

    Thank you for a great tour of Prague. We have been there before but are very anxious to return next March. We hsve friends who live there and we are also happy to see them again.

    I pray you can return home to Ukraine soon. Praying for you family as well.

    1. Hi Ann, thank you for your kind words! To be realistic now, we don’t think we will be able to return home anytime soon but we continue to hope.
      And I hope you will have a wonderful time in Prague, I have recently been there and it just got more beautiful.

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