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Autumn in Georgia: 11 Places to Visit & Quick Weather Guide

Autumn in Georgia is that special time of the year that I even decided to dedicate a separate post to it and share all my favorite foliage activities along with fantastic cultural events. Some of them are so unique in their nature that you won’t be able to find the same experiences anywhere else. 

If you are deciding on when to travel to Georgia, why not plan your trip for fall, especially for September and October?

Autumn is a season of holidays and harvest, warm sea and gentle sun. It is truly one of the best times to visit Georgian cities as well as mountains and see the sights. At this time, the heat is already subsiding, the flow of tourists is decreasing, many seasonal fruits fill the markets, and grape harvest with winemaking become the main holidays.

Many hiking and off-road routes are open at least until the end of October and thanks to the perfect temperature you can spend days in comfort when visiting cities and ancient landmarks. And, of course, autumn is the best time for artists and photographers – a riot of colors combined with mountainous terrain give Georgian landscapes more magic.

Tbilisi in autumn

If you are considering visiting Georgia in the fall, the best months to do it are September and October. Although November has its own benefits and things to offer.

Let’s talk about each month to understand where to go and what to do, and how to get the most of the fall in Georgia!

Quick Insider Tips for an Autumn Trip to Georgia

Planning your trip to Georgia in September, October, or November? If yes, here are some top tours, hotels, and insider tips to help you create your autumn itinerary:

Top Tours & Experiences in Georgia in Fall

Top Stays in Georgia in Autumn

  • Lopota Lake Resort & Spa – perfect for autumn colors & complete zen in Kakheti 
  • Wine Space – glamping near the famous wine area in a quieter region of Georgia Racha
  • Crowne Plaza & Spa – best spa hotel in Georgia perfect for autumn scenery in Borjomi
  • Paragraph Resort & Spa – 5-star luxury hotel on the Black Sea Coast, best pick for autumn vacation by the beach

Other Useful Resources

Advantages of Visiting Georgia in the Autumn Season

October in Georgia country
Georgia autumn season

Visiting Georgia in the fall has a lot of advantages (much more than in summer) which makes it one of the best times of the year to visit the country. Especially if you want to combine a sea vacation with mountains and culture. It is solely my opinion and I explain why below:

1) The temperatures are getting more and more comfortable and stay that way for an extended period of time pretty much all over the country. In the second part of September, the Velvet season begins on the Georgia Black Sea coast with only a few extremely hot days in the first week or two.

September and October are perfect for visits for couples on honeymoons, families with children, older travelers, and anyone else who can’t tolerate the heat. 

2) In autumn in many places around Georgia, you can finally sleep without AC (although Tbilisi in September can be still too hot for that) and open windows for fresh air (which also has healing properties in some areas thanks to coniferous groves). In the mountains, the temperature stays comfortable until mid-October and you can even sleep without a wood-burning stove.

3) Autumn in Georgia is also food heaven. There are cheap seasonal vegetables and fruits which you can buy on each corner from small convenient stores until late time in the evening.

food market in Kutaisi
The choice of vegetables in Georgia in autumn is wide and they all taste so good and so real 

It is also the right season to join tours on mushroom picking in the forest of the Adjara-Imereti mountain range, enjoy fresh (not conventional) grapes and watermelons by the sea, and not spend much on food.

4) When autumn starts in Georgia (alright September and part of October), you can sunbathe and swim for hours either in the sea of hotel pools, even in the afternoon without worrying to burn since the sun is gentle. 

5) With the end of the summer season, all services come with discounts. You do not need to pay for sun loungers anymore (and if you do, they come with a 50% discount), there are extra discounts on already cheap vegetables on the market.

6) Autumn is also a good time for interesting festivals and celebrations. Like the famous Rtveli festival in September, the holiday of young wine and harvest, then Festival of Cheese, Adjika and Spices, the colorful celebration Tbilisoba dedicated to the harvest, a few religious holidays and various fashion shows,  

Weather in Autumn in Georgia

A short answer to the question: “What is the weather like in Georgia country in autumn?” will be this: “Different”.

Georgia is a small country, but extremely diverse in terms of relief and climate. In any season, especially in the off-season, the weather in one region differs dramatically from another one. It all depends on the relief, elevation, the presence of reservoirs in the area, wind, and dozens of other factors. 

Also don’t forget that Georgia is also a mountainous country. Although it is small, the climate varies greatly depending on where you are. The Caucasian ridge provides mild, comfortable weather throughout the country with often cold and snowy Novembers in the mountains.

But let’s look into each month to have a better idea of what to expect. 

Georgia weather in September

Georgia in September

Since we are talking about an entire country, it is quite difficult to say in one sentence what the weather will be like in Georgia in September since the weather in different regions is very different.

The west of the country is influenced by the subtropical climate and the east – by the Mediterranean climate.  At the same time, it is rather difficult to predict exactly when the weather will be most pleasant. One year it can be sunny and warm at the end of September, but next year it may rain and be even cold.

But overall, September is still considered a very nice month with pleasant temperatures throughout the country. It is really the best time to travel in all directions. 

September in Tbilisi is also one of the best months to travel. The summer heat is already gone and the weather is mild and comfortable. The average daytime temperature is around +20, and at night it does not drop lower than +18C.

Weather in Georgia in October

Georgia country in October

If September weather is still considered more like summer in Georgia, October is very different. Weather in October actually reminds of real autumn. Yet, it is one of the warmer destinations in Europe at this time.

There are many sunny days with occasional rain and both the plains and the coast see a lot of the sun. Caucasus mountains though have lower temperatures and at night they even drop below zero.

After the summer heat, the Black Sea cools down slowly, but a beach vacation in October in Georgia is more a pleasant bonus than the norm. At the beginning of the month, the water temperature is around +23С, in the middle +20C and in the end +18C. Tourists who love cool swims will enjoy spending time on the beaches.

October is the best month for touring Tbilisi, visiting canyons near Kutaisi or ancient cities, joining wine tours to Kakheti, and going on one of many fabulous Georgia road trips

Weather in Georgia in November

Georgia country in November
Chronicles of Georgia near Tbilisi (as many other tourist sites) in November are completely empty  

November is always a transitional period in Georgia. The weather is unstable and you never know what to expect from it. On the coast, you can still catch the last warm days that are nice for walking and excursions. At the same time, the first snow falls in the mountains.

In Tbilisi, the weather deteriorates noticeably. Although in the first half of the month there are days when the air even warms up to +18C degrees. Nighttime temperatures are still above zero but in the last decade, they may drop below that mark.

November in Georgia is that month when everyone shifts their attention to ski resorts. Locals start going more often to Gudauri and Bakuriani that are the most popular ski resorts in Georgia. There, during the day, the thermometer rarely surpasses the mark of +1+2C but at night it falls below zero. The snow cover is beginning to form but the season is still far from the start. The required density and thickness for skiing will be reached only by mid-December.

November is one of the least pleasant months to travel to Georgia. Yet, besides the downsides, there are also some positive aspects. With a small number of tourists, it becomes possible to better experience the authentic atmosphere of Georgia, its culture, and history. In addition, hotel rates also significantly go down.

If you plan to visit Georgia at this time of the year, look into hotels with their own wineries or spas like Babaneuri hotel or Schuchmann Chateau in Kakheti, or for example Pullman Axis towers in Tbilisi, or Castello Mare all-inclusive resort in Batumi. Also, don’t miss wine tours in Tbilisi, and sulfur baths.

If you want to go to the mountains for beautiful landscapes and autumn colors, then the best time for this is in September and October. However, in November you can still find them too. The only place to catch a “golden autumn” in the Georgia mountains at this time is Adjara. In this region, it lasts until the end of the month.

November is also a good month for moving to Georgia since the weather is conducive to work and stay indoors. Apartment prices also drop significantly this month. 

NOTE: The rainiest places in November in Georgia are – Poti, Ureki, Anaklia, Kobuleti, Kutaisi, Makhinjauri. The least precipitation is observed in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Borjomi, Gonio.

Tbilisi Autumn – What Is It Like

Autumn is the best time to come to the capital of Georgia for exploring culture, nature, and sightseeing. It is very comfortable to be there without the stifling heat and big number of tourists like in summer. In autumn, prices for seasonal vegetables and fruits decrease; there is a real abundance in Tbilisi markets. Compared to summer, hotels also become cheaper.

Tbilisi weather in September is mostly sunny with very little precipitation. The July-August heat subsides and walks around the city become more pleasant. It is not uncommon to spend the entire September in shorts and a T-shirt.

Weather in Tbilisi in October is characterized by occasional heavy rains. But on many days (particularly the first part of October) the temperature still reaches 20-22C degrees during the day.

Tbilisi weather in November has a likelihood of the onset of “Indian summer” at the beginning of the month. The average temperature is around 13-16C degrees and only by the end, it gets colder. Precipitation is possible, but surprisingly, it falls less rain in November than in October. It is affected by the proximity of winter, which is surprisingly dry in Tbilisi.

Where to Go in Georgia in Autumn

Kakheti – For Rtveli Festival & Wine Tours

grape harvest in Georgia

The first place worth visiting in autumn in Georgia is Kakheti – a region of ancient traditions and the most delicious wines. From the beginning of September to the beginning of October, Kakheti holds a unique grape harvest festival Rtveli.

Actually, all regions that grow grapes and produce wine celebrate Rtveli but Kakheti as the center of winemaking in Georgia has the brightest celebration.

Rtveli is not just a period of time for harvesting grapes or a simple agricultural process. For Georgia, the oldest wine-making country in the world, it is a really beautiful ritual that unites all family members, friends, and relatives.

Even in Tbilisi and other large cities, you can notice and feel that the harvest has begun as there are a lot of fresh grapes in the street markets. However, if you want to experience it yourself and be in the center of all events you need to visit one of the villages of the Kakheti region.

There is no exact date for Rtveli, as it depends on the weather. But usually, based on all previous years, this event falls sometime between the second and last week of September. Although some villages harvest at the beginning of September. Small family-owned wineries can harvest everything during a few days but bigger corporations take a few weeks or even a month. 

Despite the fact that Rtveli is a family event, tourists are also welcome and can take part in it. The hosts will be happy!

After the grape harvest, a festive feast begins with delicious local dishes and, of course, homemade wine. 

If budget allows, join an organized 2-day Rtveli wine tour to Kakheti with one of the top Food & Wine companies in Georgia. With them, you’ll be able to participate in grapes picking, stomping the grapes wearing special rubber boots, and plunging into local country life while learning about authentic methods of making wine.

If you are traveling on a budget, there are many wineries in Kakheti to visit on your own. Many of them offer to participate in Rtveli festival too.

Tbilisi – For Tbilisoba Festival

Tbilisi in autumn

One of the reasons to visit Tbilisi in autumn is the colorful holiday Tbilisoba, dedicated to the harvest. The main events take place in the beginning of October in Rike Park near Old Tbilisi and the Abanotubani area.

During the celebration for two days from morning until late evening, you can see performances of folklore ensembles in national costumes and mobile theaters, different fairs and festivals, sports and entertainment events, dance performances and a gala concert with Georgian singers.

There is music everywhere, food stalls, and wine flows like a river. Spending a few days during the Tbilisoba event is a great opportunity to feel the spirit of the country and the temperament of the people.

It will be convenient to stay within walking distance from the main points of the festival: for example, in the hotel Tiflis Palace. And when the sounds of the holiday subside, you can go to explore the most interesting sights of Tbilisi.

Batumi and Black Sea Coast – For Autumn Sun & Beach

best of Georgia

Batumi and the Black Sea Coast of Georgia are famous for their changeable and capricious weather. Therefore, giving one concrete recommendation about Batumi in autumn is not right. Someone will be lucky to have all days sunny, while someone else will need to wrap up in a warm sweater and walk under an umbrella during the whole vacation.

Yet Batumi and coastal towns such as Ureki, Kobuleti, Kvariati, Anaklia, etc. have definitely more advantages in the fall than disadvantages. Here are just some of them:

  • Even if the weather is changeable, for the most part, the temperature is still comfortable enough for sightseeing.
  • In September and the first part of October, Batumi and the rest of the Black Sea coast are warm and sunny. Officially, the beach season on the Black Sea lasts until mid-October. So many tourists who arrive in Batumi at the beginning of the month still manage to swim.
  • A small number of tourists. During this period, there are not so many visitors as in summer, so you will not see crowds on the streets, beaches, or in restaurants.
  • The city and its surroundings in the fall are so beautiful that it is simply breathtaking. September and October are fabulous months to rent a car in Batumi and go on a road trip in Adjara which, by the way, is considered the most picturesque region of the country.

The only downside of the second part of autumn can be bad weather. October and November are considered rainy months, so be sure to bring an umbrella with you.

In addition, do not particularly expect that in the second half of October you will be able to swim in the Black Sea. There is a chance, but it is very small. 

What I like most about the Batumi area and Adjara region is that when leaves start changing their colors in other parts of Georgia, Batumi and the surrounding area stay completely green (like in summer) for a bigger part of fall. The leaves start to turn yellow only towards the end of October. In the mountains of Adjara, most of the trees remain green almost until the beginning of November.

So you can easily transfer in seasons in Georgia within one day.

Racha Region – For Kaleidoscope of Fall Colors

Racha Georgia in autumn

The mountainous region of Racha is one of the quietest corners of Georgia with picturesque surroundings. It has a very different nature than other parts of the Caucasus mountains and offers seclusion away from the hustle and bustle.

Racha has low mountains that are very beautiful in autumn. You can walk in the woods, pick mushrooms and berries, and go on hikes. Hiking trails in Racha are not very famous, this is why they are almost always empty.

There are also many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and mineral springs in this region. And all of them are surrounded by alpine meadows and mountains. 

The best time to see foliage in Racha is in late September and early October. And besides all the things that I have already mentioned, Racha is second after Kakheti when it comes to wine production. So you can combine a fall trip into nature with wine tastings and also participate in Rtveli festival. 

And for the best experience, if you feel comfortable driving, rent a car in Tbilisi and go on a road trip. 

Svaneti – For Hikes, Scenery & Foliage

Svaneti in fall

Svaneti, the alpine region in the north of Georgia, is gorgeous in any season. But more so it is beautiful in fall. Majestic snowy peaks of the mountains, glaciers and waterfalls stand out in a special way with yellow and orange background.

Svaneti region will be interesting not only for people who love nature. It has unique traditions and its own unique culture and cuisine. Until the third week of October, many hiking trails are still accessible and you can go see Chalaadi glacier and Koruldi Lakes.

Golden autumn in Svaneti starts in the beginning of October and depending on the year it may last for the entire month. This is the best time for seclusion and leisurely walks while the weather is still nice and there are very few tourists. And in the evenings, when the temperature drops, wrap up in a blanket by the fireplace with a glass of wine.

Borjomi – For Autumn Retreats, Colors & Spa

autumn in Borjomi

In September-October, Borjomi is still excellent as a balneological and mountain climatic resort. In September it is warm during the day and pleasantly cool in the evening. The autumn air becomes clearer somewhere in October, the mountains begin to turn yellow, and the sky turns blue. During the first two months of fall, this part of Georgia is especially bright. 

November, although it starts seeing more rain and early snow, is still a good month to visit too. Because this is the right time to soak in a hot sulfuric spring.

One of my favorite places in Borjomi for complete zen still stays Crowne Plaza with its spa center. It just has a great ratio of price-quality and provides excellent opportunities for relaxation of mind and body. Likani Health & Spa Center from time to time offers yoga retreats and various detox programs.  

In September and at least until mid-October, I recommend you go hiking in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. The heights there are relatively low and snow starts falling only closer to the end of autumn. 

Bakhmaro – For Silence & Undiscovered Georgia

Visiting Georgia in October

Bakhmaro is a tiny village in Guria region of Georgia, where there was once a popular mountain climatic resort which with time has fallen into decay. There is a lack of proper living conditions and no usual infrastructure. Yet, Bakhamro is very popular among locals for its air with healing properties, untouched nature, and mesmerizing views.

Unlike other resorts in the Alpine zone, Bakhmaro has sea air even though it is located high in the mountains. Why is that? Because the western side of Bakhmaro is open, and air masses from the Black Sea calmly reach the area. From there, you can also see the sea if it is not covered by clouds that are floating not only above the heads but also under the feet.

Georgian people say that Bakhmaro is a place where you can get above the clouds. But you should consider going there only if you are ready for some challenges and looking for a unique adventure while in Georgia.

The best option would be to go there with a guide on a private visit or a group tour, or if you feel comfortable about renting 4WD and driving off-road.

Vashlovani National Park – for Surreal Views

Georgia in autumn

September and October are the right time to visit the Vashlovani National Park (in summer it is very hot there, above 45C degrees), located in the southeast of Kakheti.

You won’t find there any foliage but autumn is the best season to see totally surreal landscapes that look as if they are not on earth but on another planet.

Vashlovani is a real semi-desert, which is very different from all other Georgia landscapes. Low sandstone mountains, dwarf trees, roads that run along the beds of dried up rivers – you’ll find all of it in this national park. Nature there reminded me a lot of a few parks in Nevada and Utah that I visited on a road trip from Los Angeles. It is a very interesting and unique place!

Other Places That Are Great For Fall Travel in Georgia


Kazbegi is open year-round and at any time of the year, it attracts visitors with the glorious nature of the Caucasus. However, autumn in Kazbegi comes quickly and leaves quickly too and there is frequent fog and overcast. Not everyone is lucky to catch Kazbek in sunny and clear weather in autumn. But those who do, get to see the most beautiful scenery in the country.

For the most fulfilling experience, hire a car and drive the Georgian Military Road, the most picturesque route in Georgia. It runs from Tbilisi to the foot of Mount Kazbek and in autumn, stunning landscapes await you along the way.

And then for the night, stay either in the fanciest Kazbegi accommodation Rooms Hotel with the most mesmerizing views or Hotel Inside Kazbegi as a more budget option.

Until the beginning of November, Juta the alpine village is still accessible too where fall hiking offers beautiful foliage sceneries.  

hiking in Juta
cafe in Juta

Cave Cities Such as David Gareji, Vardzia, Uplistikhe

Autumn (together with spring) is the best season to visit cave cities in Georgia. These ancient temples and monasteries are located in a region that becomes too hot in summer.

When visiting in the fall, you no longer need to come in the early morning or in the evening to stay away from heat. Come during the day and spend as much time as you want knowing that you won’t melt.

Of course, the list of places to visit in Georgia in fall does not end here. You can literally travel in all directions and enjoy every region because the weather is truly fantastic. However, remember that autumn every year is different both in weather and in sensations. It can be warmer or cooler, drier or have more rain. Yet, it is still really the best season to visit Georgia (alright, okay, all other seasons are very nice too). 

So is it worth going to Georgia in autumn? Definitely yes! This is a special time that gives its own, unlike anything else, landscapes, feelings, impressions and adventures. Autumn in Georgia is no better and no worse than summer, it is just completely different.

Autumn in Georgia country
Georgia in autumn

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    1. Thank you Sara for stopping by to write this comment!
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