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Renting a Car in Georgia: Everything You Need to Know

When I decided to rent a car in Georgia for the first time in 2019, many people were telling me not to do it. They were saying that Georgia was notorious for its aggressive drivers, roads were bad and there was no driving culture.

But as I wanted to get out of Tbilisi and go to places that couldn’t be reached by public transportation, I knew there was no other way. I needed to rent a car and give it a try on my own. So I did. I rented it. 

Then I needed to rent another car and another one another time. Together with Mark, we rented more than 10 cars in 2019 while living in Tbilisi. Recently, we returned to Georgia to do some business and travel more around the country. And we are renting cars again.

But guess what? I still hear some people tell me the same exact thing – drivers are reckless and driving is bad. However, the most interesting part – these comments come from people who don’t have much driving experience or simply those who don’t feel comfortable driving here. This is why they try to convince me not to drive too.

But I am so glad I rented my first (and twenty-first) car in Georgia as it turned out to be easier than I thought and what others told me. Yes, the stereotype of Georgian drivers is pretty much correct but they are not more reckless than drivers in Turkey, Ukraine, or Montenegro for example. And believe it or not, but they are even not as aggressive as many drivers in New York, Miami or LA.

You know, normally when I read (or hear) opinions of others who say that Georgians are known for an aggressive driving style, I immediately want to ask back – aggressive driving compared to what? To a town like Ulvik in Norway or Provo in Utah?

Well, yeah. But if I have to compare its driving style to Vietnam or even Italy (I drove in both of these countries), I’ll tell you right away drivers in Georgia are very much relaxed. So it all depends.

I personally don’t want to call them aggressive. I call them different. But it is not difficult to adjust to their driving style and feel comfortable on the road.

So in this post, I want to share some basic things to know about renting a car in Georgia in order to make your experience painless and convenient. I rented cars from different providers and know which one is the best. Also, I share a few tips about driving in Georgia to help you understand what to expect and how quickly to adapt to that.

So let’s begin.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link (at no extra cost to you).

Is It a Good Idea to Rent a Car in Georgia? 

renting a car in Georgia

When It Comes to Safety & Comfort

Renting a car in any country around the world comes with a bit of risk, but so does getting on a public bus or train. In Georgia, it is much riskier to get on a marshrutka which is second after train popular type of public transportation. You shouldn’t be discouraged from renting a car just because it is a foreign country.

In a few of my previous posts about the Tbilisi to Kazbegi transportation guide and Georgia Military Highway road trip, I have mentioned that the public transport system of Georgia is still developing. It’s actually quite outdated and poor. Trains run along one line and there are not many buses. Minibusses (or marshrutka taxis) go from one point to another as they wish, without clear rules and schedules. 

As a matter of fact, I will never ever recommend anyone to travel in Georgia by marshrutka. Especially via the mountain roads. Marshrutka drivers don’t follow any rules, create tons of dangerous situations and often get into accidents. They don’t care about the basic comfort of passengers (make sharp turns, rapidly stop, most don’t have ACs), how can they think about safety?

I was riding in marshrutka in Georgia two times and both rides were so incredibly nerve-wracking. When driving a car around Georgia, I also witnessed many times how marshrutka drivers were speeding, crossing a solid line, and using a phone. Last week, one of my friends got into an accident while being in marshrutka on the way from Kazbegi to Tbilisi and she stated that it was solely the driver’s fault. Those accidents involving marshrutkas are very common.

So no, thank you, no marshrutka rides. In a country like Georgia, I feel much safer behind the wheel of a rented car when I can be in control of my own life. 

When it comes to roads, they are just getting better with every new day. First of all, the government is investing money in roads all over the country. And second, by the Road & Belt Initiative, China is building its own highway that connects all major cities and towns that are situated on the Silk Road.

There are some areas where it is not recommended to self-drive (like Tusheti or Khevsureti region). To get there it would be much safer and easier to join an organized tour or hire a driver. Yet, before you get to those regions, there are still hundreds of other places where you can drive on your own, either in a small sedan car or 4WD.

When we travel abroad, especially with the car, we prefer to stay connected with reliable simcards. I recommend you do the same.

Pre-Order Your Simcard for Georgia

When It Comes to Activities & Places to Visit

Georgia is not a large country. Imagine it as only half of the Georgia state. But it has so much to offer and experience in terms of natural beauty. Spectacular Caucasus villages and glaciers, deep blue lakes, pebbly and sandy beaches, rich green forests, and even rainforests. Add to that the historical factor, quirky wineries, and hospitality of Georgian people like nowhere else. 

If you look on a map, you’ll see that there are only a few large cities in Georgia. While renting a car isn’t necessary anywhere in Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi (they are meant for walking and public transport is great), you’ll definitely want to have it to venture outside cities and see off the path spots in the countryside. And there is a ton to see.

With a rental car, you can go on incredible road trips and drive to beautiful churches and monasteries that are positioned on the higher ground. Hiring a car in Georgia is definitely giving you more freedom, flexibility and enables you to see much more. 

Renting a Car in Georgia – Standard Car vs SUV

rent a car in Georgia country

It all depends on where you want to go and how comfortable you’ll feel driving a specific car. Georgia is a mountainous country. Driving a small car with a small engine volume (1.0-1.4 liters) can significantly complicate trips only to some sights. This is particularly relevant if more than two people are traveling and there is luggage in a car.

As I mentioned above, there are now a lot of roads in great condition. In warm spring, summer, and early fall (from April to October) you can drive to most of the famous attractions in a small standard car. Some of the places where you can drive in a sedan car are:

  • Mtskheta, Jvari, Georgian Military Road, Stepantsminda and Gergeti Trinity Church
  • Kakheti and Alazani Valley (Telavi, Signagi and anywhere nearby)
  • Gori and Uplistsikhe, Borjomi, Bakuriani, Akhaltsikhe, Vardzia, Sairme
  • Racha, Kutaisi and surrounding caves, Martvili canyons, and Okatse canyon
  • Batumi, its surroundings (national parks Mtirala, Machakhela, waterfalls) and anywhere on the Black Sea coast
  • Road to Mestia (Svaneti) through Zugdidi or through Kurzu, Mukhuri, and Jvari.
  • From Stepantsminda to Juta in summer only when the weather is dry, it is safe to go by a small sedan car.

In winter, you can go to all these places in a sedan car too with the only exception – the mountains. Driving to Military Highway to Kazbegi or to Svaneti will require you to have 4WD.

In rain and ice, some sections of unpaved roads are washed away.

Also, you’d need to hire SUV to conquer not the most popular places on broken dirt roads with deep holes. And such places are:

  • In the Kazbegi region to the Gveleti waterfalls or from Stepantsminda to Juta in bad weather or outside the summer season.
  • From Ananuri to Telavi (Kakheti) directly through Tianeti.
  • In Svaneti: from Mestia to Ushguli, Tetnuldi, to the Koruldi lakes.
  • In South Georgia: from Akhaltsikhe directly to Batumi through the Goderdzi pass, from Tbilisi to Vardzia along the southern road (through Tsalka and Poku. You could technically drive there in a small car too but some sections of asphalt have large holes. Not everyone will be comfortable.)
  • From Sairme to Abastumani through the Zekarsky Pass.

You are NOT allowed to drive a rented car outside Georgia and to these regions:

!!! Ushguli-Lentekhi – a mountain road without asphalt with many steep, dangerous slopes.

!!! Prohibited travel in the regions of Tusheti, Omalo, and Upper Khevsureti.

!!! Occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Georgia Car Hire: Manual vs Automatic

This is really up to you and what you are more comfortable with. However, the good news is that Georgia is the cheapest country in Europe to rent an automatic car.

Most rental cars in Georgia are automatic, manual transmission will cost more. Anywhere else in Europe it is usually the other way around. 

If you are traveling in Georgia in winter, it is more convenient to rent a car that has an option of both transmissions. Getting out of the snow with a manual transmission is much easier.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Car in Georgia?

renting a car and driving in Georgia

The minimum driver’s age in Georgia is 23 years olds. The maximum is 70.

Rental car contracts also state that a minimum of 3 years of experience is required. But many smaller companies overlook this or require at least 1 year of experience.  

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car in Georgia?

In summer, something like Toyota Prius starts from $23 per day. Then this price can drop to $17 per day if rented for a week or longer. This is not a bad deal for the high season. 

SUVs start at $45 per day and around $34 if rented for a week or longer.

In the low season, prices can drop down to $10 per day.

Documents You Need For a Car Rental 

No matter in which city you decide to rent a car in Georgia, either in Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi, you’ll need a minimum number of documents. And they are:


Driver’s license from your country of residence, with a surname and name written in English. Keep in mind that you do NOT need to have an international driver’s license. If you have one, that’s totally fine but no one in Georgia actually cares for it.

– The driver must be at least 21 years old (although some companies may require the age of 23 or 25 years old, so make sure to check that). However, if the company where you want to hire a car requires the driver to be 23 or 25 years old and you are younger, you can still rent a car but for an extra payment.

– You should hold your license for 2-3 years before renting a car in Georgia. American citizens, traveling to Georgia, who have recently renewed their license should not forget to take their previous license with them. Because the new license shows only the issue date but not the day when you got your first license.

Where to Hire a Car in Tbilisi & Georgia in General

car rental in Georgia country

There are two different ways how to hire a car in Georgia. First – to rent it from a local supplier and second – from a big international company.

Renting from an international company means you can rent a car in Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi (usually at the airport). When renting from a local supplier, besides big cities you have an option to rent anywhere else in the country (literally), including small towns and villages. Also, when booking through a local company, you can pick up a car at the airport, in one of the local offices around the city, or have a car delivered to your address. 

Tbilisi as the capital and the largest city in Georgia offers the most number of cars in the country. However, you can easily rent it in Batumi and Kutaisi too.

I rented cars many times and did it through different aggregators. And in the end, I came to the conclusion that:

The best site to book your car at is LocalRent. It works best in this region, specifically in Georgia and Armenia. And here are the main reasons why I think they are the best pick:

First of all, LocalRent has the largest selection of cars and a convenient, thought-out reservation system. Second, more than 80% of their cars come without any deposit. Third, they have the lowest prices. And fourth, the service is always outstanding.

Since LocalRent aggregator works only with local companies, it has a lot of advantages such as:

  1. You always get an actual car model that you see in their system, not a class of a car.
  2. Usually, the price includes insurance and you don’t need to worry about any extra fees (that many international companies like to come up with). You also don’t need to leave a deposit which means if there is a fine or any damage, the rental car company will take care of that.
  3. You can hire a car anywhere in Georgia. Rent is available not only in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi but anywhere else. Or rent a car in Tbilisi and drop it off in Batumi or Telavi, or vice versa.
  4. There are 3 options for a pick-up/drop-off – airport, office in the city or delivery to your location. 
  5. Free cancellation. 

WHAT TO KNOW: Some local companies do not have an option to charge a card. In that case, you’d need to have cash ready. 


Other Places to Rent a Car in Georgia

If you still don’t feel like renting from a local company and if you are used to international companies instead, then you have an option to rent a car in Tbilisi (Batumi, Kutaisi) airport.

And for that, the best way to do it is through aggregators such as DiscoverCars or RentalCars. What we usually do, we always search for deals on these two sources, compare prices and then book the cheapest one. 

Almost always these companies let you cancel the reservation up to 28 hours before the pickup or even up to pick up time. You can monitor prices from time to time and if there is any better deal, just cancel the first rental and book a new car. 

However, renting a car from a big name company has some drawbacks. International companies often have a higher cost of rent and deposit (maybe 40-80% higher than that of local ones). 

Also, when booking through them, you book not a specific car but a car class. This means that if you have booked, for example, Opel Astra, in the end, you may receive Ford Focus. And in Georgia, chances are high that you’ll get the smallest and oldest car of this class. So be aware of that.

In any case, you should compare prices and see what works best for you.

Compare Prices On:


Renting a Car in Kutaisi – What to Know

Car rental in Kutaisi is not the most popular service in the city, as car rental centers are concentrated mainly in Tbilisi. I know that Kutaisi airport has a good connection with many cities in Europe, so a lot of travelers will fly there.

If you want to rent a car in Kutaisi, you should know that you’ll pay more but that difference is not significant. On average, cars in Kutaisi are $10-$15 more expensive (per day) than the ones in Tbilisi. With this price, you get the same quality of the car as in the capital.

But make sure to think about the car in advance. During the high summer season, it may be difficult to book it on the spot since there are not many cars available. 

Car rental in Kutaisi is possible only if you have an international license, are at least 21 years old, and have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience. Local companies, as many of those in Tbilisi, accept payment only in cash and work during business hours only. If you need to rent a car outside business hours, you’ll need to pay extra (between $40-$50) for that service. 

Georgia road trip

roads in Georgia
By the way, I wanted to share these photos to show you what roads are like in Georgia. This one is in Kakheti on the way to Akhalsopeli.
quality of roads in Georgia
And this is Georgia Military Highway between Almasiani and Goristsikhe

Renting a Car in Batumi – Tips

This beautiful and cozy city during the summer season gets too busy. The number of tourists (local and foreign) is too high but the number of rental companies is smaller than in Tbilisi. Therefore, it may be more challenging to book a good car cheaply there, especially if you are checking the availability one or two days before the trip. 

In regards to prices, they don’t differ much from prices in Tbilisi no matter what the season is. Although during any other time outside summer, you can find the right option at a price even cheaper than in Tbilisi.

Renting a car in Batumi for 1-2 days with short notice during the summer will be much more expensive since the minimum rental period for most distributors is 3 days and the price per day, in that case, is cheaper.

Things to Do Before Picking Up Your Rented Car

If you have already rented a car and soon will be on the way to the office to pick it up, make sure you do the following:

1) In order not to have any questions during the drop-off, I advise you to make your own photos (optional videos) as a precaution. Even if an agent marks everything on the contract in front of you, still feel free to walk around the car slowly and check for any dents or scratches on your own.

Don’t miss the wheels. Sometimes there may be bumps and small bulges on the tires. They occur due to off-road driving and can burst open causing a loss of control and potentially accident.

2) If you are renting the most budget car (which also will be the oldest), make sure everything works. The seat belt, headlights, high beams, etc. should be in order.

3) Check if you got all the documents. You should have a registration card (that looks like ID), contract and insurance papers.

Car Rental Insurance in Georgia

Speaking about insurance.

When renting a car from an international company (through DiscoverCars or RentalCars), you always have Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance but you always leave a deposit (sometimes up to $1000) that works as a deductible before the insurance coverage. Another option is to purchase full coverage at the time of pick-up in the rental office and pay for it up to $25 per day. In this case, you don’t leave any deposit at all. 

An alternative to that is the full excess coverage from an aggregator that you can purchase at the time of the booking. This coverage reimburses your deposit in case you lose it. But understand this insurance is not for your vehicle but for your deposit. In case of an accident, you’ll need to submit a damage report from a rental company to receive your reimbursement. 

A LocalRent aggregator offers a much better deal. Most of their cars have a special type of insurance – SuperCDW (which covers all the damages above deductibles) and either requires a small deposit or doesn’t require any deposit at all. Cars with this insurance cost more than without it (obviously) but the final price is still much lower than when you book a car and purchase full coverage from an international company. 

You can simply put a checkmark against SuperCDW insurance in the search box (in filters) and it will show you all the cars with this coverage.

This is one of the reasons why we personally prefer to rent a car through the LocalRent aggregator.

Do you need any additional insurance in Georgia on top of the one mentioned above? Well, that is really up to you. How confident you feel behind the wheel and how much of a piece of mind you want to have. 

If you are from the US, check with your credit card company if it provides rental car deposit coverage. Some do and provide complimentary excess coverages. In case of damages, you will still lose the deposit and will need to get the proper documentation from the rental company, but you will get your deposit back in case of proper documentation.

Driving in Georgia – a Few Things to Consider

rent a car in Georgia country
Georgia car hire

Some people like to criticize Georgian roads and the terrible driving style of the Georgians. Others (like me) understand that in any new country they need to adapt to the style of local driving. It usually takes 1-2, a maximum of 3 days.

And to help you adapt quicker, I want to highlight a few peculiarities that you need to know about driving in Georgia:

A lot of Beeping

When driving anywhere in Georgia, you’ll encounter a lot of beeping during any time of the day.

For Georgians, using a car horn is a way to talk, not to try to accuse you of something. It is part of a culture to honk no matter what’s the deal. But when beeping, Georgian drivers don’t get angry. Again, it’s just the way to communicate something. 

It can be very annoying and distracting but if you know what each beep means, I hope you’ll be able to look at it from a different perspective. Also, you can do the same “talk” to Georgians when driving a car:

  • A short beep is always a greeting or warning.
  • Double beep means: “Hey, pay attention!” Before any maneuver, drivers will warn you in this way. For example, if someone is overtaking you or getting ahead, they’ll beep to let you know they are doing it. Not to show you their superiority, but to warn they are near. In the mountains on a serpentine road, when visibility is bad and someone is taking over in the opposite lane, they’ll beep to let others know. 
  • Long beep – yeah, here he disagrees with you. At this time of disagreement, the driver may also swear and be super emotional. But he will not jump out of the car to sort things out. Georgians are very emotional for sure but not out of their mind. 

At the beginning of my driving experience in Georgia, I was getting so pissed when hearing others beep at me. But then I just relaxed figuring it’s actually pretty convenient. It makes me more aware of my surroundings on the road.

Headlight Flashing  

Headlight flashing is also very common on Georgian roads. When another driver blinks from a distance (usually when approaching an intersection), he/she lets you know to take the first step.

When someone flashes headlights behind you, they usually ask you to let them pass.

If a Georgian suddenly stops in front of you and turns on the emergency light, most likely he/she lets pedestrians pass (who cross the street wherever they want!).

And if on a country road an incoming car blinks at you, they usually notify you about a cop ahead (or accident).  

NOTE: A Georgian driver can stop anywhere and anytime in the middle of the road. If he met a relative or friend – he’ll stop to talk on the road, a few times we even saw it on the roundabout!

Also, some people for some reason like to drive very close to other cars. If you encounter that type of driver on the road next to you, if possible let him pass.

Parking in Georgia

Tbilisi Vake neighborhood

Parking in Georgia is easy and for the most part free. There are some paid parking lots in the center of Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi and you can often see a valet parking attendant in tourist spots. Paid parking is usually between 2-3 GEL, not more.

We personally never use paid parking since there is always ample street parking available too.

It may seem that parking in Tbilisi or Batumi is hard since there are always so many cars around. But in reality, there is never a problem finding a spot next to your accommodation. With the only exception of Old Town.

In Tbilisi Old Town it is better to rent an apartment with a parking space included in the price (and it should say so on the description that they provide free parking). With narrow streets (particularly in summer), it may be difficult to find a place.

In all other cities and towns, feel free to park wherever you see the space (unless there is a parking restriction sign). No one will run out and start cursing that you parked in someone else’s yard. Also, do not worry, it won’t be towed or moved.

Traffic Rules, Laws & Fines in Georgia

Traffic rules in Georgia are pretty simple:

– Speed. On the highway, speed is usually 110 km/h, in the city or town 50-60 km/h, outside the city or town 90 km/h. There are signs on Georgia roads (asphalt roads) pretty much anywhere, so you won’t have difficulty knowing what speed is on a particular stretch of the road.

Cameras are installed in cities and along the highway. There is a fine of the equivalent of €15 for exceeding the speed limit over 15 km and €45 for 40 km.

– The penalty for driving without a belt is €21.

Throwing garbage out of the window will cost €76.

Talking on the phone while driving is illegal and the fine is €8.

– The legal limit for alcohol in the blood is 0.3 ppm. Fine for drunk driving is €300 plus a suspended license.

Driving with a child in a car. A child is allowed to ride on the front seat from 12 years old. Children under 3 years old can ride in the back seat on the lap of a passenger over 16 years old or in a car seat/booster. The fine for incorrect transportation of children is €10.

Fuel Prices, Fuel Policy & Gas Stations – What to Know

renting a car in Tbilisi
A road from Tbilisi to Vardzia (through Borjomi) is in great condition. You don’t need to rent a jeep unless you plan to return via Ninotsminda, Poka, and Tsalka.

For some reason, in Georgia managers of the rental companies recommend filling the tank with fuel at reputable gas stations. And among reputable they imply Lukoil, Rompetrol, Socar, Gulf or any big gas station of the international standard. They say that small gas stations mix gas with adding ferrocenes or liquefied gas.

Is it true or not? I don’t know. That was definitely true in the 90s in most countries of the former USSR. But I am not sure about today.

We personally fill up a tank everywhere if the gas station looks nice. If there are only one or two pump stations with peeling paint or moss overgrown on it, we pass. In other cases, the difference is only in the price. I like Gulf gas stations as they also have more or less decent toilets.

When renting your car, ask the person who transfers the vehicle to you which gas stations and gasoline you should choose. Sometimes it should be only premium 95 and other times gasoline type doesn’t matter.

In most places, you can pay by card but it is worth asking before filling up. On a few occasions, we encountered the situation when a credit card machine wasn’t working and we had to run around trying to find a bank to withdraw cash.

In all gas stations around Georgia you don’t fill up a car yourself, it is done by the station worker. Some might wash your windows hoping to receive a tip. But tips are not mandatory. 

Average fuel prices in Georgia for 2021:

  • Gasoline AI 95 – 2.91 lari (€0.7)
  • Gasoline AI 92 – 2.71 lari (€0.65)
  • Diesel – 2.8 lari (€0.67)
  • Gas – 1.5 lari (€0.36)

NOTE: In most cases, when hiring a car, the fuel policy is empty-to-empty. I recommend you calculate fuel consumption accordingly as no one will refund the money upon return for the gas left in the tank.

Should You Rent a Car With a Driver or On Your Own?

driving off road in Svaneti
On some roads, like this one in Svaneti, only experienced drivers should drive. We personally hiked there on a trail along this road. If you don’t know the condition of the road where you plan to go, find out about it in advance! You don’t want to have any surprises later.

Some travelers say that hiring a car with a driver is a much better alternative to renting it on your own. The cost of such a hire is only slightly more than rent and gas alone. 

Yet, to an extent. Being your own driver means you are the only one who controls the situation and determines the driving style and speed. Also, when you are driving, you can detour from the main route or pause for a few days in a new place.

Hiring a car with a driver is an optimal choice for day trips. But definitely not for long road trips or travel to the opposite side of the country (unless it is a transfer). 

However, if you are not comfortable driving, there is always an option to join a group tour or hire a car with a driver. When renting a car with a driver just keep in mind that drivers and are not guides.

So think about it. While having a driver sounds like traveling in style, in reality renting your own car in Georgia may be more comfortable. And, it gives more freedom.  

Final Word – So Should You Rent a Car in Georgia Or Not?

Of course, everything depends on what type of driver you are and how comfortable you feel behind the wheel. If you haven’t traveled much and Georgia is the first country outside the Western World, then you probably shouldn’t rent a car right away. Ride in a taxi or in a rented car with a driver, get a feel of driving culture and your surroundings, and then rent a car to go not far from Tbilisi.

On the other hand, if you have various experiences driving in different countries and weather conditions or if you come from a place where driving is hard, you won’t have any problem adjusting to driving in Georgia. And that means – definitely, you should rent a car to explore this beautiful country on your own terms.

While traveling around Georgia is possible by marshrutka, taxi, and in some cases train, it is not always comfortable and easy. If you want to explore smaller towns and villages and drive around the mountains, you need a car.

Also, if you love the sense of adventure and freedom, you do want to rent a car as well. Having a vehicle will provide a perfect opportunity to discover as much as you want to at your own pace and avoid crowds. 

More Tips For Visiting Georgia

Best Places to Visit in Georgia For First Time Visitors 

Best Georgia Road Trips to Take With a Small Sedan Car

This is it for now. Do you have any questions about the Georgia rental car process or possibly about driving in Georgia? Don’t be afraid to ask me anything in the comments below! 

In this post you'll learn about the process of renting a car in Georgia: how to rent a car in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi, best companies to rent from, how much the rent costs, documents to have, rules to follow and more #georgiacaucasus #caucasustravel #tbilisitravel #georgiatravel
Renting a car and driving in Georgia country

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  1. thank you for the great info, i found it very helpful

    I would like to rent a car in Tbilisi and return it in Yerevan. Do you have any suggestions on what companies provide this service or other helpful tips?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Most international big car hire chains offer one way rentals throughout the year if you prefer to drive on your own. I don’t know the price but they are pretty straightforward with the rental process and have offices in both cities. Check them out!

  2. Hi,

    I would like to ask how easy is to rent the car in Georgia with car seats for kids. We have 3 and 7 year olds. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ivana, it’s very easy if you rent it through LocalRent. During the booking, choose the child seat option from add-ons. Price may vary depending on the company but seats are available for sure.

  3. You do an amazing job in covering all the details.
    Thank you very much – You are incredibly helpful.
    Much love.

  4. Hi Anya,
    Unfortunately localrent does’t allow you to drive to kutaisi and Mestia. Do you know of any other local options? Can I drive in the summer to Mestia with a normal Sedan (2 people) or do I need another sort of car?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Kristof, I am surprised to hear that to be honest but if a company refused to give a car that’s because it was solely a decision of the supplier, not localrent’s policy. Since localrent works with local companies, most likely that one particular local company (that you tried to rent a car from) doesn’t want to release a vehicle for some reason and makes up a story about not allowing to drive to Kutaisi and Mestia.

      What I can suggest doing is to contact localrent customer service directly, tell them the details of you being rejected a car and ask them to find you another type of vehicle through another supplier.
      There should be no problem with renting a car to drive to both of these destinations. Asphalt roads in both directions are in excellent condition and you can easily drive a small economy car to Svaneti and Kutaisi. We personally drove Toyota Prius from Tbilisi to Kutaisi and to Svaneti many times and they officially allowed it.
      The only thing that I may think of is if the supplier thought that you were going to drive from Kutaisi directly to Svaneti (there is no road there, parts of it are wild and dangerous) then this can be the reason why he rejected the car. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be the case.
      Did you tell them in the message when booking a car that you were going to drive from Kutaisi to Svaneti? How did you find out about not being allowed to drive to Kutaisi and Mestia?
      In any case, it doesn’t sound right and I highly recommend you get in touch with localren’t customer service. They are very quick with responses and do their best to accommodate each customer!
      If you also have questions you’d like to ask me, don’t hesitate to write here!

  5. Hi Anya,
    I am looking to rent a car in georgia for 8 days. When I browsed through the localrent website I couldnt find even a single new model car. All the cars were old. How can I know if the car is in good condition or not as am travelling with 4 kids including an infant.

    1. Hi Maryam,
      There are quite a few new cars available for rent in Tbilisi, final availability depends on the dates of travel.
      To check what is on offer, you need to press ‘filters’ on the right side next to rental dates, then find ‘Year of manufacture’ among all features. There are even a few cars there on the list made in 2021, including Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser, Nissan Pathfinder, and Lexus LX 450.
      If you don’t find what you need or would like to make sure the car is in excellent condition, do not hesitate to contact customer service! These guys are always so fast to respond and help you select the right vehicle for your family!

  6. Hii Anya,

    Thank you so much for describing each and every point, we are planning to visit next month, i am definitely going to rent a car during my visit,

    God bless you 🙂

  7. hello from athens. i dont have credit card, can i rent a car without credit card? they need a deposit for the rent?

    1. Hi Giorgos, without a credit card you can’t rent cars from big companies so use LocalRent. This company works with small rental companies in Georgia and many of them rent out vehicles without a credit card. Although You still may need to verify that with a supplier after you made a booking. Every time we were renting a car through them, we didn’t need to provide our CC

  8. Hi Anya. Do you know if it’s possible to cross borders with a car rented in Georgia? We love to drive and often in Europe will rent a car and drive to multiple countries. We were thinking Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Of course there is always extra insurance required, but that’s normal. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi David, Sorry I’m getting back to you a little late. Hope it can still help you. Or perhaps somebody else can benefit from it.

      From what I know most companies do not allow border-crossing. But I’ve recently had experience with this one company which allows border-crossing without any problems. It wouldn’t even cost extra for the car itself, only a one-time fee for the insurance. The company is small and has less than 50 cars for rent but they really try to go above and beyond to meet all the needs of the customer.

      They are a new company and are currently expanding their car fleet. So not all cars are shown on the website. So if you don’t see that the car you want is available, I would suggest getting in touch with them anyway. The guy who was helping me is Nika, he speaks very good English and provides excellent customer service.

      I hope this helps. Safe travels.

  9. I like that you also mentioned that the terrain of the local area should also be considered when getting an auto rental. I might need one soon because my sister will be visiting me next weeks. I will have to pick her up at the airport for that.

  10. So in general – is it more or less “common eastern-european” driving style in Georgia?
    If yes, that means I am no worried at all about renting a car there 😉

    1. If I could compare, I’d say that driving in Georgia is somewhere between the driving style in Ukraine and Romania but with a bit of a hot Georgian temperament and imprudent driving manners in Tbilisi.

  11. Hi Anya, thanks for detailed info and after reading it confirmed my plan to rent a car is great! Planning in autumn, to drive from Tbilisi to Batumi and along the way stop at some of the places like Myskheta, Gori, Kutaisi before Batumi. Is that good? (Or vice versa, by train to Batumi the drive back to Tbilisi) Is it just possible for me to drop my car in Batumi and return to Tbilisi by train (hoping to see different scenes and experience).

    1. Hi Callie, first of all let me tell you that driving from Tbilisi to Batumi in autumn is a great choice because you’ll witness a beautiful foliage season. And all those places you mentioned for a stop are also worth your time. But keep in mind that you’d want to stretch out this trip for at least 2 days with an overnight stay somewhere along the route as all cities (Mtskheta, Gori, and Kutaisi) have a lot to offer. Plus, there is much more to see along the Black Sea coast if you’d like to include this part of Georgia in your itinerary as well.

      In regards to your question about the dropoff, yes it is absolutely possible to pick up a car in Tbilisi and drop it off in Batumi (or vice versa). There is a fee for this service but it doesn’t cost much. The lowest prices for such a rental are from Localrent. In my experience, DiscoverCars and similar aggregators usually charge more for different pickup and drop-off locations.

  12. Hello Anya – Thank you for such an informative, well-balanced and clear page full of avluable information!

    One question: even though accommodation providers in Abastumani assure me that the unpaved road from Sairme is in good condition and OK even for a regular sedan vehicle to drive (slowly), we would choose to rent an SUV/4WD vehicle just to relax and enjoy the journey. However, all the providers that LocalRent works with are restricted by LocalRent’s insurance policy that prohibits driving on this route (and a number of others). I wonder if you know of any car rental companies in/around Kutaisi that would allow an SUV rental to drive that road?

    Thanks! Jason

    1. Hi Jason, I drove that road in Toyota Prius and it was okay indeed but I would not go back in the same type of a car. 4WD would work just excellent.

      This is true that many (if not most) providers on Localrent do not allow driving on off roads but not necessarily because roads are that bad but because many tourists dry carefree and damage cars badly. I heard this from many providers.
      There is one guy I can recommend, his name is Sergey, you can reach him on this number 995595657272 on whatsapp. He is pretty laid-back and allows to take his cars on many roads. He speaks Russian very well and some English, so it is better to write him on whatsapp so he can translate if needed.

      But the main thing I’ll tell you – most of these providers who are on localrent make a final decision on where to allow to drive after seeing you in person. As they say that where you come from and what your driving experience is ‘will define how good of a driver you are’. For example, my husband and I (who are from Ukraine) have no problem of renting a car in Georgia to drive on off roads (although two times we paid for extra insurance on spot when picking up the car) because providers know that we are used to rough driving conditions and come from the country were roads were (and some still are) pretty bad.

      On the contrary, if you come from a country where driving is made easy, they will be afraid to give you a car to drive anywhere off-road, some won’t even allow to drive to Svaneti saying that roads are twisty and bad (however, there is a very good asphalt road on the entire stretch). So many times it is kind of a “where your Driver’s License comes from” is a factor.

      Try to contact Sergei and see if he has anything available. His car fleet is very small but perhaps you’ll get lucky! You can mention that I gave you his contact as we had a very good experience with him and we rented a car from him to go to Roshka (which is a very challenging off-road and not allowed for driving in a rental car on localrent), so maybe he’ll have one vehicle for you as well!

  13. this is soooo helpful. thankyou very much for being a kind soul. it’d be great if you reply to few of my queries.

    for some reasons i have to travel from kutaisi to tbilisi late night. like I’ll start my journey around 10 or 11 pm. is it safe? are there street lights and/or reflectors on intercity roads? fuel stations on the way are open 24/7?

    thanks a lot for giving such useful info.

    1. Hi Wasif, the road is safe. It used to close for the night, but not anymore. Lights are absent only on some stretches of the road as well as signage but it doesn’t affect driving.

      To be honest, we drove that distance on many occasions specifically at night to avoid traffic, so if you go you’ll definitely deal with fewer cars on the road and get to Tbilisi sooner than during the day. As for the gas stations, there is only one which is open 24 hours and that is GM gas services, it is located closer to Tbilisi near Gori, but other stations will be closed, so you may want to rent a car with a full tank.

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