Georgia Black Sea coast

Guide to Georgia Black Sea Coast – Lovely Seaside Resorts, Coastal Towns & Best Beaches in Georgia

For many travelers visiting Georgia, the most attractive part of the country is not Tbilisi or the Caucasus Mountains but its rather long coastline. And that is not surprising. Georgia Black Sea Coast has a big choice of beaches, coastal cities, smaller towns, and villages that have their own, unique and inimitable elements of recreation.

Some of Georgia Black Sea beaches are wonderful for a vacation, romantic getaway, or weekend break. Others serve as a nice spot where to stop just for a few hours or to spend a day. 

The Black Sea, in spite of the fact that it washes the entire shore in the same way, has different physical properties, including temperature. It also has quite different beaches and surroundings. And that’s what I wanted to talk about today and cover in this article.

I have been everywhere along the Black Sea coast in Georgia. For the most part, I visited this part of the country either on one of my favorite Georgia road trips or when renting a car in Batumi just to cruise around. And to my astonishment, I saw quite a few nice beaches and resorts. 

In fact, to tell you the truth, as someone who lives in Turkey for part of the year and has access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I will admit that beaches in Georgia country have their own interesting features that are interesting to a traveler. And I talk about them below.

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What is the Black Sea in Georgia Like?

Georgia Black Sea coast

The bottom of Black Sea beaches in Georgia is mostly rocky of various pebbles. The water is clean and transparent and the entrance is comfortable, gentle and not sharp.

Tourists with children will feel quite comfortable almost everywhere on the Georgia coast. To me, compared to many Turkey beaches, water in the Black Sea in Georgia seemed not so comfortable, although not cold too. But I have never seen “fragrant” algae in it, as on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

In the morning in Batumi and other bigger resort towns, the beaches are more or less clean. In the afternoon, when the main part of tourists comes, you may come across unpleasant finds in the form of pieces of paper, bottles, packs of cigarettes and other rubbish. Despite the trash cans everywhere, not everyone knows what they are meant for, unfortunately. So you will see trash to some extent.

Sunbeds and beach umbrellas anywhere on the coast don’t cost more than 1 EUR.

Sea water off the coast of Georgia during the summer season can reach pleasant +27C degrees (according to weather forecasts). However in reality, the temperature usually fluctuates somewhere around the comfortable +25C.

Periodically, there are cold currents in the Black Sea and it gets stormy. But in summer that doesn’t happen often.

The warmest sea is in August when the water has already warmed up enough and there is no stuffiness. But many people insist that the best time to visit the Georgia Black Sea is during the velvet season in the second part of September and the first week or two of October. 

In winter, the Black sea in Georgia does not freeze. The water temperature rarely drops below +10С degrees.

Best Coastal Cities & Towns on Georgia Black Sea Coast


Batumi coast

Of course, the main and largest Georgia seaside city was going to make a list. Batumi is a modern tourist center with rich cultural and historical potential and a wide range of entertainment.

On its coastline, which is 7 km long, you can find many pebble beaches, fancy resorts and budget guesthouses, a water park, dolphinarium, jet skis rentals, and excellent infrastructure. All of that allows both young people and families with children to have a fabulous time.

If you have never been to Batumi, it would be best to start exploring Georgia black sea coast with this destination. It is ideal for those who want to spend their days in the city being able to plunge into the clear waters of the Black Sea and sunbathe on the pebble beach.

The beach, which stretches for the entire city coast, has a relatively clean sea with quite warm water. The number of people on the beaches is not very large even at the peak of the tourist season. Thus, there are always free places and finding a spot is never a problem.

For tourists interested in sightseeing, there is a lot to see in Batumi. The city itself is very modern and beautiful. You can spend at least 2-3 days just exploring it.

Of the disadvantages of a beach holiday in Batumi, I would like to note large pebbles on the bottom of the sea. It is not convenient to go into the water and lie on towels. You may want to swim in special water shoes and rent sun loungers.

Highlights of Batumi

Batumi Georgia

Everyone will find entertainment to their liking in Batumi. From cafes, restaurants, and dolphinarium to parks, biking trails, and shopping centers. Also in the city, you can take an excursion to nearby attractions and go to the Adjarian highlands.

Among the city highlights are the Argo cable car, Piazza square, local churches and temples, seafront, singing fountains, Theater square, and Europe square.

Batumi is also famous for music festivals, so you can plan your trip in that way when you can visit an event and buy a ticket to a concert of your favorite musician. If visiting for the festival, it is better to book accommodation in advance, especially during the high summer season.

In terms of expenses, Batumi is an expensive city by Georgian standards. Food prices are even higher there than in Tbilisi restaurants. Budget travelers can save on food by buying khachapuri and other pastries as well as getting hot food from cheaper supermarkets like Willmart.

NOTE: Batumi is almost the only seaside resort in Georgia that looks like a modern, beautiful, and interesting city. Other coastal cities and towns in Georgia look more like large villages and, apart from the beach, have little to offer. 

Green Cape (Mtsvane Kontskhi)

black sea coast in Georgia
Georgia black sea

Georgia seaside resort town of Cape Verde has been known as a resort for over 100 years for its main attraction Botanical Garden with thousands of different unique plants. The second name is Mtsvane-Kontskhi. 

Hundreds of tourists come to the Botanical Garden in Green Cape during the day, but almost no one stays for longer in the village itself. However, Mtsvane Kontskhi has several hotels and the private sector. Although for shopping and entertainment you will have to go to Batumi or neighboring Makhinjauri. There are almost no shops in Mtsvane Kontskhi and the beach is poorly equipped.

Although the beach is wild, it is a wonderfully quiet and clean place that meets the mountains. Green Cape is suitable for those who prefer a secluded vacation.

There are about 10 guesthouses and hotels not far from the botanical garden where prices for rooms start from €13. Many people also come to camp in the botanical garden which besides walking paths and excursions offers a place for tents.

Prices for camping start from 15 GEL (€4) per person per day, so for a long stay it is better to choose the private sector. But staying for a couple of nights among the greenery, in the heart of the Botanical Garden is an interesting experience.


best beaches in Georgia country

Another small seaside resort town, which is located only 5-10 minutes drive from Batumi. Previously, Makhinjauri was an urban-type settlement, but in 2013 it became part of the city of Batumi because from the capital of Adjara to the suburbs the distance is only 6 kilometers. Therefore, many tourists choose Makhinjauri for staying but not noisy Batumi. It is easy to get to the city by regular marshrutka vans or taxis, which is what most people use.

Even a small amount of entertainment on the beach and just a few attractions in the village doesn’t matter much since Batumi city is a short trip away. This seaside village is perfect for those who appreciate peace and quiet and the photos of Makhinjauri confirm this.

The village is small, conveniently located between two capes, with a fairly spacious beach and a huge number of accommodations for every taste. Many hotels have a stunning location on a hill, so the rooms offer very beautiful views.

Accommodation prices are very different, you can find both a budget hotel or guesthouse in the depths of the village and an elite complex on the shore. It is easy to find the best option because of the high competition.

If you want to have a quiet getaway, but at the same time be close to Batumi, then choose Makhinjauri. Room rates start from €12-13 per night and a pebble beach with clear sea is very close.

Do you want to live closer to Batumi? Choose the southern part of the village. Do you like solitude and silence? Then head north.

Take a look at the guest house Nino 100 meters from the Black Sea coast or White Guest House. The first one is famous for true Georgian hospitality and the comfort in the rooms. And the second guest house with the cleanest rooms is hidden in greenery only a few minutes walk to the beach.


Georgia Black Sea coast

Chakvi is the next small Georgia seaside village where tourists come for a clear sea and fresh mountain air. In fact, in Chakvi the smell of eucalyptus soars everywhere since the eucalyptus grove is near. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. And eucalyptus groves have a beneficial effect on the body.

Holidays at this village are suitable for those who want to recharge for a day or two. The private sector is well developed there, so you can easily find a decent hotel or guesthouse with meals. The seawater, unlike the beach, is clean and transparent.

Chakvi is called the Georgian tea capital, as its surroundings abound with vast tea plantations. In addition to them and eucalyptuses, on its territory, you can see groves of bamboo and Japanese mandarin. From the village, it is easy to get to the famous tourist attractions such as the Botanical Garden and the Mtirala National Park.

Chakvi beach is small and not very clean but the water is transparent. The beach is pebbly, but at the edge, the stones turn into sand. Being 6 km long it allows you to find a quiet free place even during the summer season.

Among the disadvantages of staying in Chakvi is infrastructure (which is not developed at all) where part of the beach is abandoned. Tourists don’t have any options to spend their time interestingly. There is also no organized garbage collection, so you’ll see cigarette butts and other household rubbish lying around.


Tsikhisdziri is a small Adjarian village, which is not so common among tourists. In fact, it is the pearl of the Georgia Black Sea coast that offers a relaxing holiday away from crowds and traffic noise.

There are not many hotels in Tsikhisdziri. The most popular is the modern, fancy, fashionable hotel Castello Mare Wellness at the foot of the cliff. Near it you can find a wild beach with clear water.

If you are looking for a nice Black Sea resort in Georgia that has an infinity pool and good spa, then opt for Tsikhisdziri.


Kobuleti beach

Kobuleti is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Georgia for young people, located 20 kilometers from Batumi. It is there where you’ll find a large number of clubs and restaurants.

If you are looking for a relaxing family vacation, then this resort is not for you. Despite the well-developed beach infrastructure and rather the big size of the town, you will not find interesting places or activities on the beach. And there is really nothing to do in Kobuleti town itself. During the day you can ride a jet ski, but in the evening hit the disco floor.

Another reason to spend time in Kobuleti is the opportunity to have healing treatments. This town is known for the treatment of diseases of the heart and musculoskeletal system.

Among the hotels that offer treatments some of the best are Pearl of Sea Hotel & Spa and Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa

Prices for accommodation and meals are lower than in Batumi, yet it is difficult to say that a stay there will be on a budget. Prices in ordinary very basic hotels start from 100 GEL (€27) for a standard room. Higher class hotels cost 350 GEL (€96) on average.

When it comes to the beach, it is very nice in Kobuleti. It is a 12 km long beach with both coarse and smaller pebbles mixed with black magnetic sand. In the high season, it attracts a huge number of tourists, both local and from other countries. Although it never gets as crowded as Batumi beach. The sea water is crystal clear. Descending into the water is comfortable, the slope is not very steep.

There is a pedestrian area for walking along the beach along the coastline and many cafes and restaurants on the shore during the summer.

Ureki & Magnetiti

Shekvetili and Ureki beaches
Ureki beach

Ureki and Magnetiti are Georgia Black Sea health resorts that differ from others in that way that they have sandy beaches with medicinal properties. Those who want to improve their health as well as spend time on sandy beaches should choose one of these two villages.

The healing properties of the beaches help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, osteochondrosis, complications after fractures, neurological diseases and respiratory tract disorders.

There you can find a large number of hotels and guest houses that offer comfortable stays. Ureki has a relatively inexpensive private sector. And there is also a sanatorium on the coast for people of all ages.

The water in the sea sometimes becomes turbid due to the sand, but at the same time it remains warm, and the descent is smooth and comfortable.

During the season, many people always visit, so make sure you book in advance. And also keep in mind that prices on magnitude sands are higher than in other Black sea villages.

For more information about what to expect from these resorts, see my post about Ureki and magnetic sand.


beaches in Georgia

Shekvetili is a small resort village located near Ureki. Its sandy beach stretches for about 3 kilometers but it has much less magnetite than Ureki and Magnetiti. Nonetheless, it also boasts sanatoriums, hotels and guest houses where prices start at €15 per room. Very often, the price may even include three meals a day.

The infrastructure of Shekvetili is not very developed, but there is a lovely pine forest next to it, so the air of the village is healing.

The beach is still under development with constant construction work underway in some areas next to it. Renting an umbrella or sunbed is possible. Asphalt is laid only on the central streets, so other roads turn into solid mud during the rain.

At present time Shekvetili has only several shops and one mini market but for fruits and vegetables, you’d need to go to neighboring Ureki or Kobuleti.

There are no bars or discos in the resort yet, so it is a great place for a quiet, relaxing family vacation.


Grigoleti is the next seaside village on the Georgia Black sea coast after Ureki. It is not the most famous one but is also known for beaches with black sand healing properties and pine groves nearby.

Grigoleti is considered one of the smallest seaside resorts in Georgia. It will appeal to those who want solitude and complete detachment from the world because the resort’s infrastructure is not rich.

The sea water temperature in summer can reach +30C degrees. It is comfortable to enter the sea since the descent is gentle and shallow.

Housing prices are among the lowest, which is why some call it the cheapest Georgia Black Sea resort. This is a great place for families with children who are on a very tight budget.

IMPORTANT: When going to the sea, take water and towel with you. You will not have the opportunity to buy them anywhere there.


Poti is not the most popular resort in Georgia, but many lovers of untouched nature choose to come there since they can find deserted beaches and forests that are among the most peaceful and quiet places on the Black Sea coast.

The city of Poti is often called the sea gate of Georgia due to the numerous merchant ships moored in orderly rows at the berth of its port. Unfortunately, the strategic position played a key role in the fact that the city practically didn’t save any significant historical sights.

But Poti was built on the site of Phasis, one of the most ancient Greek colonies. And until this day, it still has a different atmosphere – the sleepy life of a small town from time to time is interrupted by the grinding of port cranes, and the smell of the sea mixes up with the aromas of coffee from lovely restaurants. There you can not only walk along the streets but visit several good beaches and the picturesque Paliastomi Lake nearby.

Hotel prices in Poti start at €20 per night and offer rather comfortable living conditions.


Anaklia beach in Georgia

Anaklia is one of the relatively new Black Sea resorts in Georgia. It is a small village on the border with Abkhazia with a few pretty nice quality hotels and modern architecture.

Anaklia is still developing and not many people know about it, so tourists rarely come there. But it is a nice green village with two types of beaches – sandy beaches on the left bank and pebble beaches on the right. The entrance to the sea is rather shallow, therefore it is suitable for families with small children.

Anaklia has the warmest climate among all Georgia seaside resorts with the water having the most comfortable temperature. Thanks to the climate, there is little rain but lots of subtropical greens all around which makes it the number one place to visit on the Black Sea of Georgia in autumn.

In Anaklia you’ll find a few nice hotels and the private sector is also available for booking. Vacation prices are lower than in Batumi or Kobuleti and other Georgian beaches.

Like Anaklia Resort by Pratap’s Signature that offers the same level as the finest hotels in Batumi, yet at a fraction of the cost.

NOTE: To increase the flow of tourists, many discos, bars, restaurants and other entertainment establishments have been built in Anaklia. You’ll also find there a water park on the shore with a variety of slides, swimming pools, sun loungers, and changing rooms.

Gonio & Kvariati

Kvariati beach view

These two villages are located near the city of Batumi in the south closer to the border with turkey. Even though they are very close to Batumi, none of them has anything in common with the city, except for the beach. People go to this part of the seaside mainly for clean sea water which by the way is much cleaner than in Batumi.

Gonio is a relatively uncrowded resort that attracts older people who want to enjoy the sea away from the city noise.

Kvariati has crystal clear water, pebbles and fresh air. It is there where the only diving center on the territory of Adjara is located. Kvariati is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city with practically no entertainment.

Additionally, unlike Gonio, Kvariati village is located along the coastline on a mountain slope. So there is an option to book a room with a unique sea view from the window.

Prices start at €20 per room, although food and accommodation cost 50% more than in Batumi. If you are planning a vacation in one of the villages, then you need to book accommodation in advance.

NOTE: In Gonio, the descent into the water is much steeper than in Kvariati. Therefore, families with children should go swimming in the southern part of Gonio, closer to Kvariati.

One more thing to remember – it is unrealistic to find a natural shade on the beach. The best bet is to rent a gazebo, hammock, umbrella, or to come with your own. Renting an umbrella costs a little less than 1 EUR. There are also showers and changing cabins on the beach.


Black Sea coast beaches

Sarpi is a small seaside village bordering Turkey. It is believed that Sarpi is the cleanest Black Sea resort in Georgia. Therefore, prices for many services are unreasonably high.

The village is located next to a busy highway, which is full of trucks and cars on the way to/from Turkey. There is also a border post near the beach, which together with the high number of cars, creates a lot of noise and leaves exhaust gas from cars.

The beach is small but well-maintained and the sea water is warm and clean. Sarpi coastline is made up of large rocks and fully equipped with all the necessary amenities for a relaxing stay. The entrance to the water is not very steep.

However, if you are planning a vacation with small children, it is better to consider other beaches in Georgia. Sarpi has too large pebbles in some areas and the number of cars can be quite overwhelming. You’ll also need to cross a busy highway several times a day.

Apart from the typical beach activities, Sarpi also has two cliffs equipped for diving if that’s your type of fun.

Georgia Black Sea Beaches – Best & Worst Beaches in Georgia

Georgia black sea coast

In total, Georgia owns about 100 km of the Black Sea coast – from Abkhazia to Turkey. And there is a wide selection of beaches to choose from.

Choosing the best beach for you will depend on what you are looking for – for the cleanest sandy coast, rocky beach with fancy hotels or the opportunity to dive and see the beauty of Georgia’s underwater world.

All Georgian beaches are municipal which means they are free. Most of them are pebbly. But there are also sandy beaches in Ureki, Anaklia, Shekvetili, near the villages of Maltakva and Grigoleti.

Not all beaches are nice and good for vacation. Based on reviews of others and my personal opinion (I visited all beaches on the Black Sea coast of Georgia), I’d love to mention the best beaches good for swimming and relaxation as well as the worst ones that do not meet travelers’ needs. So here are:

The best beaches in Georgia on the Black Sea coast:

  • Beach in Sarpi – famous for its perfectly clear sea and convenient entry into the water. The water is warmer than in Batumi and there are fewer people.
  • Magnetiti & Ureki beach – healing sands and pine forest nearby.
  • Beach in Batumi – excellent infrastructure and beautiful clean beach.
  • Beach in Mtsvane Kontskhi – great for divers and surfers. It almost always has big waves, sees few people, and the depth starts quite quickly. There is also a wooden deck to make it easier to reach the sea over the pebbles. 
  • Kvariati beach – it is loved for its silence, developed infrastructure, and affordable prices in restaurants. The coast and the sea are clean and you won’t see any merchants on the beach. There is a diving center where you can get training and dive to the sunken ships.
  • Gonio beach – the beach is covered with large rounded pebbles and surrounded by a beautiful seaside boulevard. In Gonio you’ll find sun loungers, changing cabins, restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. The entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth increases gradually, and the shallow water warms up perfectly in the sun. 
  • Kobuleti beach – is protected by mountains, so it is always warm in Kobuleti. You can rent there sun loungers and umbrellas, rent a jet ski, ride a catamaran, and a banana boat.

Not so nice beaches along Georgia Black Sea coast:

  • Maltakva – 3 km south of the city of Poti, you’ll find this long wide beach covered with fine gray sand. Because of the port in Poti, the water is dirty. The entrance to the sea is shallow, but the wind often raises large waves, and a lot of debris is thrown onto the shore.
  • Grigoleti – it will appeal to those who’d love to hit a wild beach on the black magnetic sand with pines along the coast. However, there are no sun loungers and parasols on Grigoleti and there are few shops and catering establishments in the village.
  • Chakvi beach – it doesn’t have good beach infrastructure and evening entertainment. The sea is cleaner than in Batumi, but the beach is dirtier than most other beaches on the Black coast. There are big waves good for surfing but ot swimming. Additionally, apart from small restaurants serving Georgian cuisine, there is almost nothing there. 

Best Black Sea Resorts in Georgia 

Black Sea resorts in Georgia country

Finding the best Black Sea hotels in Georgia can be a bit tricky. You either need to already know the specific name or go to Booking and sort by price and manually look for unique options that have the best reviews.

I thought to make this task easier and write a post about cool interesting Georgia Black Sea resorts that I know about from my Georgian friends and that I found on Instagram over the period of many months. All of them are considered quite awesome in Georgia and all of them offer extravagant stays.

However, they are far from being cheap. You have to be ready to splurge a bit to experience the uniqueness of each place.

If you are planning a wedding in Georgia, spending your honeymoon here or just looking for a romantic place for a getaway, then this post will be a ready-made solution. Save it for future reference as I update it periodically.

Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili

It is undeniably the number one Black Sea resort of its kind in Georgia with exceptional amenities and world-class service. There is no point in praising this hotel. You’ll find more than a thousand (!) reviews with an average rating of 9.4 that speak for themselves.

This resort has its own aqua park and mini-aquarium, luxury spa, tennis courts and outdoor seawater pool, built into the terrace overlooking the Black Sea.

It is a posh place to stay with children or on a romantic getaway in Georgia. Make sure to book in advance.

Check photos and availability on Booking.

Kobuleti Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa

This luxury complex has a private beach, full-service spa, outdoor pool, and 2 restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the sea. It is located on the first line in Kobuleti with the beach being only 1 minute walk.

Come to relax with sun loungers and parasols or cool off with a drink at the beach bar. Spend time with the family playing mini-golf or in the pool and restaurant with a children’s menu.

It is an incredibly romantic resort on the Black Sea beach only 1 km away from the Kobuleti nature reserve and 10 km from the Guria park. The Petra Fortress is 10 km away, and the Black Sea Arena is 15 km away.

Check reviews and availability on Booking.

Paragraph Resort Shekvetili
Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili, Autograph Collection. Photo credit: Booking

Euphoria Batumi

Euphoria hotel is the newest of 5-star resorts in Batumi. It is located in a quiet and peaceful area of the city, opposite the new boulevard, 200 meters from the sea.

The main feature of this hotel is the number of rooms with sea or mountain views, a terrace on the higher floor and a private beach.

Guests can enjoy a meal in the restaurant or have a drink in the cozy bar. Those who love to gamble will find an Eclipse Casino on the territory, which offers 37 gaming tables, including American Roll, Blackjack, Punto Cards, and 7 types of poker.

Check prices and availability on Booking.

Radisson Blu Batumi

This Batumi hotel is located in close proximity to the famous tower of the Georgian alphabet, Miracle Park and the Ferris wheel. At the same time, it is only a 5-minute walk from the sea.

The original glass facade makes it stand out from the rest of the hotels, especially at night, thanks to the illumination that emphasizes its unusual shapes.

The French windows offer colorful sea views from most of the rooms. And there is a bar on the roof offering views as well.

Radisson Blu hotel has a private beach area with a free shuttle service, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa and sauna, and a wellness center offering preventive treatment. It also offers its own version of nightlife such as a casino and nightclub.

Check photos and availability on Booking.

Castello Mare Wellness

This lovely hotel on the cliff in the vicinity of Batumi is a quiet, private resort on the Black Sea coast, surrounded by beautiful pristine nature.

It’s worth visiting it at least for the sunset – it’s just that gorgeous there. Well, also for the SPA center, saunas, jacuzzi, outdoor panoramic pool with heated seawater, and elevator to a quiet, secluded beach.

Check prices and availability on Booking.

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